2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S-Model 4MATIC Wagon Review

  • Published on Jul 3, 2014
  • Illogical... and AWESOME!
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Comments • 86

  • David Hull
    David Hull 10 months ago

    These needs punched in the voice box

  • Joe Ludicrous
    Joe Ludicrous Year ago

    What an excellent intro lmao. Like and sub :)

  • TheFunkyfeel
    TheFunkyfeel Year ago

    Super Functional Family Machine..lol

  • PhillieG
    PhillieG Year ago

    Clicked on the video and saw Craig - I automatically hit the thumbs up

  • Resilian Cargo
    Resilian Cargo 3 years ago

    The Mercedes E55 AMG is actually faster than the 07 E63 because of the supercharched 5.5 liter V8. The natural aspirated V8 is slower in the start...

  • Milo Jasper
    Milo Jasper 3 years ago +1

    This and the RS6 Avant are my favorite cars.

  • lambotama
    lambotama 3 years ago +5

    the notion that this car makes no sense is ridiculous. that car makes more sense than almost any other car. speed, comfort, and utility. makes perfect sense to me

  • Daniel Alexander
    Daniel Alexander 3 years ago

    I have to watch this on mute =( this host is horrendous

  • 7cycles
    7cycles 4 years ago +1

    This guy is terrible. Should stick with dungeons and dragons. However, as the reviewer points out, this wagon is the perfect blend of sport performance and life's needs.

  • KatiePhongh
    KatiePhongh 4 years ago +1

    Great review, and the nerdy guy is sorta cute.

  • Guillaume Laplanche
    Guillaume Laplanche 4 years ago

    annoying voice.

  • SmartDrug
    SmartDrug 4 years ago +1

    Could do without the minute of dubsteb next time, thanks!

    • Skye13
      Skye13 4 years ago

      I enjoyed it, tbh.

    • Hennadii Kovryzhenko
      Hennadii Kovryzhenko 4 years ago

      Yeah, I also think that they sould substitute it with like a 5 minutes of dubstep.

  • Greg0617
    Greg0617 4 years ago +13

    This was without question one of the best car reviews I've ever seen. Haters gonna hate, but this guy clearly knows his stuff, and he's funny by poking fun at himself and other things in the process.. I think all the major automotive journalists could learn something from them!

    xZENxSAMURAIx 4 years ago

    Anyone else find this guy's voice to be insanely obnoxious?

  • Khoi Văn
    Khoi Văn 4 years ago


  • Paul Sandhu
    Paul Sandhu 5 years ago

    this guy is really good

  • NPC1862862152-2
    NPC1862862152-2 5 years ago +4

    I love the car but this guy makes me want to punch a turkey in the dick.

  • Anish Ahuja
    Anish Ahuja 5 years ago

    This car just kills the audi rs6 avant in performance, comfort, safety, ride, handling and looks. Those optic fibre led taillights and those front leds with ils. Yes even the m5 competition package.

  • Anish Ahuja
    Anish Ahuja 5 years ago

    This car just kills the audi rs6 avant in performance, comfort, safety, ride, handling and looks. Those optic fibre led taillights and those front leds with ils. Yes even the m5 competition package.

  • Ichi DaKilla
    Ichi DaKilla 5 years ago

    whats with the gay porno music?

    • JET997u
      JET997u Year ago

      Been watching a fair bit of that, have you?

  • Noel Jacobs
    Noel Jacobs 5 years ago


  • sobewisdom
    sobewisdom 5 years ago

    withered torso

  • vidsbfree4me
    vidsbfree4me 5 years ago

    #Incognito to Supercars and the Police!

  • TheGbizaille
    TheGbizaille 5 years ago

    Doesn't worth the money, just rent it for a month to play with it, there's no you can enjoy this shit, maybe in Germany but not in the US

    • Rick2010100
      Rick2010100 4 years ago +1

      The car is invented for German Autobahn V, in the US i woul ddrive a M350 CDI, bcs. the turbo Diesel engine has much torque at low RPM and speed and drives like a V8 but with teh fuel efficency of a Prius. You also dident feel the bumps and potholes. The car in teh video has also verry sporty rims and tyres wich i would not choose for US road conditions.

  • David Sotelo
    David Sotelo 5 years ago

    This guy is awesome!

  • SoCalFreelance
    SoCalFreelance 5 years ago

    Executive protection can out maneuver would be kidnappers

  • Narakou
    Narakou 5 years ago

    He had me intrigued the whole review, but he killed me with that Dudgeons and Dragons thing.

  • CarTech
    CarTech 5 years ago

    Awesome quality video guys! Motortrend tested this to be 3.4s 0-60mph

  • Niavim -
    Niavim - 5 years ago

    This guys is a beast, honestly, is review are so much funnier while being informatve, a concept that alllllll others cant seems to grasp.

  • Yanhan Wen
    Yanhan Wen 5 years ago

    nice intro. nice editing

  • chonyi
    chonyi 5 years ago

    This guy does great review! I know this is weird... And is probably gonna be very unpopular... But I really want this guy to dress up as Heinrich Himmler when ever he does a German car review using a German accent and some random German words... I know I can't be the only one.... Lol

  • Joe Morello
    Joe Morello 5 years ago

    Awesome review, funny too! : )

  • Ferdinand Arcinue
    Ferdinand Arcinue 5 years ago +1

    Love this guy's reviews... detailed and informative with a touch of slapstick. As for the MB, impressive, but you could send a kid to college for that kind of money! Realistically, I'd like to see a diesel c-class estate offered in the US.

  • Gordon Ho
    Gordon Ho 5 years ago


  • 925boosting
    925boosting 5 years ago

    That's a breast but the RS6 still looks more aggressive.

  • LaoK8710
    LaoK8710 5 years ago

    well, I know it is different , but for the money I will get a Panamera GTS

  • Mr ChaosTech
    Mr ChaosTech 5 years ago

    This guy drives the car like a girl which makes it so boring

  • Bahamuttiamat
    Bahamuttiamat 5 years ago

    I will say this; that car, for sure is pushing over 600hp. Easily.

  • CanadianCyclist
    CanadianCyclist 5 years ago

    what a machine...

  • Tave
    Tave 5 years ago +2

    What a beast of a car. Amazing

  • David Chiu
    David Chiu 5 years ago +47

    I really like this guys reviews

    • Shahul Usman
      Shahul Usman 4 years ago


    • | Little fucker.
      | Little fucker. 4 years ago

      @Bati Tsogtsaikhan And most of the votes are from Noobs. I know.

    • David Chiu
      David Chiu 5 years ago +3

      @Bati Tsogtsaikhan Thats true my friend. People nowadays like really dumb and retarded stuff. like if you posted a vid about ur friend eating shit in public youd probably earn 1milion likes.... but if your actually talented and makes a vid like this which takes time, effort and knowledge people will find it boring or uninteresting..... sign

    • Awk Sweat
      Awk Sweat 5 years ago +7

      @AutoGuide.com I just wish more people would sub and pay attention to reviews like this. People imitating jackass gets 500,000 views the day of upload.

    • AutoGuide.com
      AutoGuide.com  5 years ago +1

      @Bati Tsogtsaikhan Why does it disappoint you? It JUST went live.

  • Paul Sandhu
    Paul Sandhu 5 years ago +1

    superb review

  • Yepp
    Yepp 5 years ago

    Reason? Because it can be a wolf in sheep's clothing when you're at stop light with a Camaro wanting to race.

  • Danes of our Lives
    Danes of our Lives 5 years ago

    What an amazing car!
    I got a bit annoyed with the guy who reviewed it
    Why try to be funny all the time a joke okay nice don't get me wrong overall all the info you want you get but he he can't please everyone 😉

    K3NT1NUUM 5 years ago

    The car: I'd be crazy to buy one but damn if this isn't a nice car.
    The reviewer: Great reviewer, this dude is well-poised and doesn't get boring.

  • pimpninja1985
    pimpninja1985 5 years ago +7


  • minnie saab
    minnie saab 5 years ago +1

    love your videos !!!!!

  • Celso Rodriguez
    Celso Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Great review, i drove the E55 w 469hp years ago...OMG fast.

  • Iceberg 47
    Iceberg 47 5 years ago

    Why the wub-wubstep?

  • Clovis The First
    Clovis The First 5 years ago +6

    i dont get why people are so shocked. in 2009 cadillac had a wagon that put out over 560 HP, it ran with the 458 and corvette z06.... this is just natural progression of performance wagons.

    • Johan Littorin
      Johan Littorin 4 years ago

      @taveeeee Yeah, nothing new. E class AMG estates have been around for a long time. Just like Audis RS estates. Even BMW had M5 as a estate before.

    • Tave
      Tave 5 years ago +2

      @clovis myers @klaxorcyvr The Audi RS6 was introdouced in 2002 so basically nothing new here. Except that Mercs have not had AWD (for long) in their AMG series cars, or have they?

    • Clovis The First
      Clovis The First 5 years ago

      @klaxorcyvr what im saying is people freaked out over the cts v wagon.... and now there doing it again. the performance margin is not dramatically different either.

    • klaxorcyvr
      klaxorcyvr 5 years ago +5

      I think it' the Perfomance and Quality and nothing comes close to a Mercedes Benz!

  • Skyler91
    Skyler91 5 years ago

    This is a f**king beast! xD

  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez 5 years ago

    This car is kinda idiotic. Putting a twin turbo with 577 bhp on a wagon lol

  • Ivan Vojt
    Ivan Vojt 5 years ago

    Cough, Cough, Tesla, Cough.

  • grabir01
    grabir01 5 years ago +5

    Total maintenance nightmare.

    • grabir01
      grabir01 4 years ago

      I agree, but at only 57, 000 miles, My S500 needed new rear suspension load leveling version.. It took weeks, thousands of dollars, had to have the S500 towed to another Mercedes Dealer who said they could do it and costing thousands more and on and on and on.. Do you want to know more? I did notice in the post you provided this guy took his Lexus to a non Lexus Dealer.. Although I did see a Toyota banner.. Not that it means much.. Also.. I only see one Lexus in his shop as well.. lol.. Also.. At 67,000 my S420 had the tail shaft bearing go which ruined the seal and made a mess big time, Cost for repair was over 3000 dollars !! Back to my S500.. Crank Trigger bad , left the car stranded in the Garage and had it towed to Mercedes.. Closing aid bad, cost for repair was in the thousands and was never repaired. Mercedes even flew some German Engineers in from Mercedes NYC to repair it and could not !! Do you want me to go on? S500 blower motor making noise. Cost to replace 2000 dollars... Stereo Amp in Trunk bad.. Cost.. thousands.. Do you really want me to go on? When the Mercedes was in the Shop, they gave us a Loaner.. A Mercedes C230 Kompressor !! What a POS that was !! We have S Class, and they give you a C Class? WTF ? Lets see... With only 67,000 miles, the Clear Coat begins to peel on the trunk and top. Wheels shudder at 42mph no matter what !! Told by Mercedes that Problem was corrected in 1997 Version S420.. WTF? Germans making these cars for over 100 years and they screw up the handling of an S Class? What ? Want to talk about the computer glitches? Constant, I mean Constant Computer errors.. Call Mercedes, they talk you through the buttons on the steering wheel to push in order to reset computer so you can read the Odometer and mileage reading .. WTF ? Have you ever heard of such Shit? Over Engineering night mare !! The Latest car we had was the S500 with AMG Pack.. Wheels and handling AMG stuff.. Cool looking car, fast as heck too.. But the damn computer needed reset all the time !! It has these tire pressure electronic things that read pressure. When it becomes unbalanced, 1 tire weighted against the other 3, it would alarm !! Computer read out fredking out again and again.. Help !! Can not enjoy driving the car with all this shit going on. Call Mercedes.. How do we reset this damn thing? They talk you thought it.. Reset.. Life is good.. NOT Back again.. Try Nitrogen .. Say what? o yes.. Nitrogen should fix the problem... SAy what? How do we get all the air out and put in pure Nitrogen? WTF? And on and on and on and on and on.. IF we could have spent what they are asking this Lexus guy to spend and the problems would be solved,... We would have done it !! This is what I can tell you.. We rid ourselves of Mercedes.. Since then.. We have owned 3 Lexus cars... LS430, RX350, ES300.. Never ever have any problems with them.. None!! Not ever.. Period... They do eat batteries.. Every 3-5 years you have to replace the battery... If you park the car and expect to be gone for more than 3 weeks with out driving, discon the battery, or it will be dead when you get back... Other than that, that is the only Problem.. As for this Guy with the Newer LS460... You found one guy and I must say, dubious at best... But.. For every one guy with such a problem with a Lexus, I will find you 100 with a Mercedes that will pale his problems... Axiomatic.

    • grabir01
      grabir01 4 years ago

      let me get this straight.. This person buys a used Lexus just to find out he needs repairs costing 15,000 quid. After he buys it lol... Too funny !!

    • grabir01
      grabir01 4 years ago


    • grabir01
      grabir01 4 years ago

      Better than you doing it sitting in the Mercedes repair shop waiting room with old women.. lol

    • grabir01
      grabir01 4 years ago

      All expensive junk . Let everyone know how these cars work out for you in a few years of ownership.

  • David Cabrera
    David Cabrera 5 years ago

    EXELENT!! No hay en español? jajaja.....

  • ACiD_ ReinX
    ACiD_ ReinX 5 years ago +1

    Perfect for the family =D

  • Randall Collins
    Randall Collins 5 years ago +2

    A vehicle like this is pretty crazy, but when taken from a performance perspective (which is why it's pricey), it does make sense, so to speak. To get this kind of performance and luxury from similar marquees like Porsche, BMW, and other utilitarian offerings from Mercedes/AMG, it could be argued that this über-wagon is a relatively good "value". Sure, I can think of the SRT version of the Dodge Grand Cherokee as offering similar performance for a lot less but no one would ever cross shop that with the AMG.
    I guess buying the AMG wagon is insane. And that's a good thing! Great video.

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams 5 years ago +2

    was excited to see this review until I saw this asshole hosting it

  • Onoff314
    Onoff314 5 years ago

    Cheap as chips, less than an E350 in Australia

  • ProWilson999
    ProWilson999 5 years ago

    @M3rkP1xl they did

  • NickT717
    NickT717 5 years ago +1

    I very much enjoy your humor

  • Pauly_Newman
    Pauly_Newman 5 years ago +10

    did the eyes just move?

    • Harsimran Bhatti
      Harsimran Bhatti 2 years ago +1

      Pauly_Newman Yup, they turn with the steering wheel