Craig Morgan Brings Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson And Eva Mendes To Tears With Emotional Performance

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Craig Morgan chokes back tears during an emotional performance of his song, "The Father, My Son And The Holy Ghost," a tribute to his late son who passed away three years ago. The touching tribute brings Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Eva Mendes to tears as well.
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  • T CWD
    T CWD 20 hours ago +1

    I am with you Craig! I lost my son from an undetected heart condition, had a massive heart attack just after his 18th bday, 12wks before graduating HS!! Over 350 kids attended his outdoor country service, lined up to sign his casket. I don't know how I didn't fall to the grass as I accepted his Diploma in front of his school on that football field!! It's all a blur, and left such an empty place in my heart. He saved 3 of his best buddies, as their parents took their boys in for a checkup and all 3 are on heart meds!! Wow, I'll never understand why MY son! But when I go home to the Father, MY son and the Holy Ghost I WILL understand. THANK GOD and God Bless you and your family!

  • Lee Johnstone
    Lee Johnstone 21 hour ago

    Tears in my eyes

  • jerry staten
    jerry staten 21 hour ago

    He should have performed, best dam song I've heard in years

  • gary murray
    gary murray Day ago

    If you don't cry for this man's pain your not a real man

  • Marquis Jefferson

    Lights are shining bright
    It's always downtown on the road
    I have friends that come from outta town
    Asking me to go
    They say, "There's so much going on
    Why don't you come along and show us around?"
    I tell them Karen's not feeling well
    So I probably shouldn't go out
    Besides I've gotta fix a list of things
    I need to do around the house
    Then I hang up the phone
    Turn the radio back on, and sit back down
    I know my boy ain't here but he ain't gone
    In the mornings I wake up, give her a kiss, head to the kitchen
    Pour a cup of wake-me-up and try to rouse up some ambition
    Go outside, sit by myself but I ain't alone
    I've got the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost
    I've been beat up
    I been pushed and shoved
    But never ever really knocked down
    Between mom and dad, Uncle Sam and friends
    I somehow always pulled out
    But the pain of this was more
    Than I'd ever felt before, yeah I was broke
    I cried and cried and cried
    Until I passed out on the floor
    Then I prayed and prayed and prayed
    Till I thought I couldn't pray anymore
    And minute by minute, day by day
    My God, He gave me hope
    I know my boy ain't here but he ain't gone
    In the mornings I wake up, give her a kiss, head to the kitchen
    Pour a cup of wake-me-up and try to rouse up some ambition
    Go outside, sit by myself but I ain't alone
    See, I've got the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost
    I hope, I love, I pray, I cry
    I heal a little more each day inside
    I won't completely heal till I go home
    In the mornings I wake up, give her a kiss, head to the kitchen
    Pour a cup of wake-me-up and try to rouse up some ambition
    Go outside, sit by myself but I ain't alone
    I've got the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost
    One day I'll wake up and I'll be home
    With the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost

  • Randy Amerine
    Randy Amerine 2 days ago

    All of us who have lost children, we will never forget you. This song helps put it all in perspective! They may not be here with us, BUT THEY AREN'T GONE!!! One day i will see both of my babies again. Stay strong, cling to God, remember you are never alone!

    • Randy Amerine
      Randy Amerine 2 days ago

      I won't completely heal until i get home. This man knows and feels it! And thank you so much for belting it out at the end through the tears. There's strength and hope through all of this.

  • kiki khairini
    kiki khairini 2 days ago

    my throat hurts.....can't stop crying :"(

  • Kirk Frandsen
    Kirk Frandsen 2 days ago

    Wow. I don't know this man, but damn do I love him. Thank you for sharing your witness with us.

  • Kirk Frandsen
    Kirk Frandsen 2 days ago

    He ain't gone!!!! The chills are real.

  • Willie Whitaker
    Willie Whitaker 2 days ago

    Wow you can feel the pain and love in this song!

  • Melissa Andrade
    Melissa Andrade 2 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! ❤❤

  • Rachel Hobbs
    Rachel Hobbs 2 days ago +1

    My goodness gracious. This sweet sweet man. WOW. ❤💔

  • B J C
    B J C 2 days ago

    Love you Kelly from the first time I saw you on American idol thank you

  • itsurgirl janna
    itsurgirl janna 2 days ago +1

    So proud he made it as long as he did, he stayed so strong. It was a beautiful song!!! I cried my self!
    Just wonder why they didn't let him perform on CMA

  • Billie Perdue
    Billie Perdue 2 days ago +1

    296 thumbs down.. ???? Who hurt you people?? I can't stop crying everytime it plays.

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 2 days ago

    Who cares. KELLY IS A NASTY LIBTARD WHO HATES GOD AND CHRISTMAS. SHE CAN F OFF sorry for his loss. He needs to stay away from her.

  • Denise Hutchinson
    Denise Hutchinson 2 days ago

    I love you Craig ❤️

  • Liz King
    Liz King 3 days ago

    Don't EVER stop!!! Love U Kelly!

  • Estrella Navarrete Garibay

    I wish I could LOVE this, a million times. That last line chocked me up, in a mess!! God bless you!!!!

  • Ott Gavras
    Ott Gavras 3 days ago


  • Nancy Doney
    Nancy Doney 3 days ago +1

    To me anyone who does not like this song all I can say they must not have kids or do not believe in our lord jesus christ I am crying as I am listening to this I have 4 daughters and I really dont think I could bounce back if something happen to them but then I think I have the lord jesus christ in my heart so I know he would get me through it

  • Derek Russell
    Derek Russell 3 days ago

    Anyone else want to help me find 294 people ?

  • Barbara Shepherd
    Barbara Shepherd 4 days ago

    I don’t know if it is just me but I don’t feel like Kelly is cut out for this show. It seems like she is Trying to hard. I think she’s a sweetheart though. I really did like Steve Harvey

  • Moriah Orsten
    Moriah Orsten 4 days ago

    I have never heard a song before that no matter how many times I listen to it, I cry. 😭 It breaks my heart but also I feel like it heals me at the same time. ♥️

  • Shawn Kostelic
    Shawn Kostelic 4 days ago

    How dose someone wright that???? but thank you for doing so

  • Jeff Brooks
    Jeff Brooks 5 days ago

    Damn... that was beautiful

  • Geraldine Witcher
    Geraldine Witcher 5 days ago

    God bless you Mr Morgan the pain on your face is more than i can take .i too lost a daughter.she was only one month was 33 years ago.but it still feels so raw .iam praying for you.much love to you and your will see your boy again

  • Michelle Raphael
    Michelle Raphael 5 days ago

    Speechless..crying.. prayers for this man and his family ❤️

  • black hat
    black hat 5 days ago

    His emotions rippled to those who lost a loved one. But this song has the holy spirit in it. My condolences to you.

  • just a random very intelligent drake

    If you're atheist and dislike the religious tones of the song, or you're ultra religious and think the song is blasphemous in replacing jesus with Craig's son then congratulations you missed the entire fucking point of the song because you're being a biased asshole. Get some empathy.

  • n Pipes
    n Pipes 5 days ago +39

    Shame on the CMA for not letting him perform this last night

    • Tina Thomas
      Tina Thomas Day ago

      n Pipes I won’t watch them anymore after that.

    • Wendy Westerman
      Wendy Westerman 3 days ago

      I missed the awards was he supposed to perform

  • Meers
    Meers 5 days ago

    that last line man.... wow...

  • Susan M
    Susan M 5 days ago

    Beautifully sad tribute to a son from a great father!

  • sheila golding
    sheila golding 6 days ago +1

    I don’t understand why Kelly Clarkson thought something was so funny, have some class

  • Schweddy
    Schweddy 6 days ago

    Probably one of the most under rated country singers of our time. My girlfriend and I were just talking about how much we love his music. He is in my heavy rotation on Spotify. She said a lot of his stuff makes her cry and I said it's probably because the majority of his songs are about the average Joe and we can relate... But this one.... WOW! I can feel the pain in his voice and you can see it on his face. And my girlfriend wasn't the only one crying at this song. I watched him sing this at the Grand Ole Opry and it was just as powerful and emotional....No parent should have to bury a child.... God Bless you Craig Morgan, your family is in our prayers.

  • LilithMoon29
    LilithMoon29 6 days ago

    Makes me cry Everytime.. hits home.. it's a loss you never getting over!!

  • K. Caroline Jones
    K. Caroline Jones 6 days ago

    That look at Blake at the if Craig is saying, “was it ok?” And Kelly straight up sobbing when she went to hug him after. If this song doesn’t make you at LEAST choke up a little, I just don’t know what to say. I am a parent, and she is my only child. I have always said to her and to others, “if anything happens to her before I’m life is over. I won’t be able to remain on this Earth.” To which she responds now (she’s 21)...”Mama if you ever hurt yourself like that I won’t ever forgive you.” Still I thought “well I guess you’ll have to be mad at me!” because I know I’d feel dead inside and just want to be with her. Craig Morgan and this song gave me hope, faith and grace. He gave me the strength to tell her not to worry, and that if (God forbid) I lost her first, that I’d try to go on. I don’t know HOW, but I’d try.

  • Michael Breedlove
    Michael Breedlove 6 days ago

    Such an emotional performance god bless you Craig Morgan

  • Rene' Beavers
    Rene' Beavers 6 days ago

    this song touched my husband and I for we too have lost our son. our saving grace is to know he is with the. Lord and we will one day see him again. I pray for those who have lost their children and those who do not know where their children are thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful song

  • elyssa d
    elyssa d 6 days ago

    The way he sang that last line made me bawl. Something about the way he sang the last “my son,” made me burst into tears...

  • America 101
    America 101 6 days ago


  • Mia Boostrom
    Mia Boostrom 6 days ago

    Just wow. This is one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever witnessed. This is where real music stems. Real emotion, real heartbreak, and raw true talent.

  • Taylor Dunigan
    Taylor Dunigan 6 days ago

    That last line had me in tears♥️😢

  • Tom Schwartz
    Tom Schwartz 7 days ago

    I lost my son at 28 years of age and my daughter two years later. Thank you, Craig Morgan, for this incredible tribute to our children gone much too soon but forever loved and never forgotten. Peace.

  • Monique Lehnhardt
    Monique Lehnhardt 7 days ago +1


    JEFF KEFAUVER 7 days ago

    Song sucks and so does the story about how he wrote it ! Maybe GOD should have saved his kid rather than tell him to write a song !!!! Fucking religious bullshit ! Just write the song in memory of your son and leave it at that , but the story just might sell that piece of shit song !!!!

    • just a random very intelligent drake
      just a random very intelligent drake 5 days ago

      How about fuck yourself and your atheistic cynical bullshit. Let the man have his fucking beliefs it's no skin off your edge lord back. This is how he is choosing to cope with the loss of a child and more fucking power to him. It's a beautiful portrait of pain, loss, and the ability to keep going. In closing shut the fuck up about a trauma that you cant fathom.

  • amanda butler
    amanda butler 7 days ago

    today was the first time i heard this song and i just cant stop listening to it this song is amazing sorry for your lose craig morgan and family

  • Wade Greenlee
    Wade Greenlee 7 days ago +2

    Yes, you are with me every day, my angel boy. Always on my mind, but I'm finding some peace. Trying to honor you every day and I think you would be proud of me. Mom and I so miss you, though. It's a long road so send my some of that faith, bud. Love Dad.

  • Random Tube
    Random Tube 7 days ago +8

    His son died in a tubing accident on Kentucky lake In Tennessee. Just for anyone wondering about this tragedy.

  • Quiet Storm
    Quiet Storm 7 days ago

    One word: dang 😫

  • Kathy Bitto
    Kathy Bitto 7 days ago


  • What a Maneuver!
    What a Maneuver! 7 days ago


  • Viketho Sachutso
    Viketho Sachutso 7 days ago

    Kelly is like the elder sister I've always wanted.
    Love you Kelly...

  • Selina Gonzales
    Selina Gonzales 7 days ago

    OMG! What a beautiful song! 🥵😭💕 Crying my heart out.

  • Krazy Angel
    Krazy Angel 8 days ago


  • Wilma McAllister
    Wilma McAllister 8 days ago

    My goodness My heart goes out to the family, but thank God he has given them strength thru this difficult u Craig Morgan God bless u and your family

  • RedneckTravisMusic & More

    I dont like kelly but I had to see this

  • Todd Miller
    Todd Miller 8 days ago

    This song is blasphemy against Jesus. How dare this catholic fool replace The Son of God with his son. To take away from the trinity and add sinful flesh to it is so wicked. I mean what kind of "bible believing Christian", would leave a Baptist church and go to the catholic cult? I know.... an unsaved heretical devil!! Let him be accursed.

    • just a random very intelligent drake
      just a random very intelligent drake 3 days ago

      @Todd Miller todd this guy isnt replacing jesus with his own son and he is no fool. God would welcome this man with open arms and help him deal with his own pain. God is not a vain prick who couldnt handle a little artistic license. So shut up

    • Todd Miller
      Todd Miller 4 days ago

      @hempchimp actually Judas is burning in Hell right now. He's waiting for craig morgan to get there.

    • Todd Miller
      Todd Miller 4 days ago

      @just a random very intelligent drake
      God also felt deep intense pain about the loss of His Son. I wonder how He views this trash song of this fool comparing his son to Jesus Christ? What a slap in the face of Jesus and His Father.

    • Todd Miller
      Todd Miller 4 days ago

      @just a random very intelligent drake The Father, MY SON and the Holy Ghost. Who's title should be where his sons is moron. Craig Morgan is an apostate catholic. Catholics believe in works salvation.
      I'm seeing new believers come to Christ fairly often. Maybe you're just not preaching the Gospel to anyone or maybe you're a catholic too. If you don't hear a huge problem with this, you know not the voice of the Shepard!! Also, I wasn't aware that defending the Son of God who loved me enough to bleed and die on a cross for my sins was being on a high horse! Craig Morgan will burn in hell for his hatred of Jesus.
      Galatians 1:8-9 KJV
      But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
      [9] As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    • hempchimp
      hempchimp 4 days ago

      Judas My Man.
      Long Time, No Hear.
      Where Ya Been All These Years?

  • Jeffrey Tennant Jr
    Jeffrey Tennant Jr 9 days ago

    How in the hell can there possibly be 279 people who disliked this video. Who ever you people are need some serious help. No words can describe the pain that someone goes through losing their child. I don’t know that pain nor do I ever hope to have to bear it. Craig you are one strong man to get through that song until the end. I remember writing a poem for NHS ceremony in high school for my grandmother. She was going to be my honorary member that year and she had just passed two weeks prior to the ceremony. I remember I cried like a little kid. But that was ok because I felt the way that Craig does about his son. I felt like she wasn’t gone even though she’s not here today! Thanks for letting me share that story! RIP Grandma Toots

  • John Decker
    John Decker 9 days ago +2

    God love and bless his family as parent I couldn’t imagine the pain