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Colin Cowherd lists 7 best QBs in NFL, reiterates Manning would be a great owner | NFL | THE HERD

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd discusses NFL on the show today. Hear who he believes are the 7 best QBs in the NFL and why he still believes Peyton Manning would be a better owner than a GM.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Colin Cowherd lists 7 best QBs in NFL, reiterates Manning would be a great owner | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Who are your Top 5 NFL QBs?

    • IFB Gaming
      IFB Gaming 3 hours ago

      Nathan Peterman,
      Jimmy Garropolo
      Ryan Fitzpatrick
      Brock Oswieler
      Sam Bradford

    • Gabe M
      Gabe M Day ago


    • DynasticLilD3
      DynasticLilD3 2 days ago

      Wentz, Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson and Luck, in that order.

    • Ramone DeCurta
      Ramone DeCurta 5 days ago

      Michael Murphy : Wilson did throw for 3,448 yards and 35 TD’s in 2018 (in a run-heavy offense that gave him the fewest attempts in the league), and 3,983 yards and 34 TD’s in 2017. He leads the league in TD’s over that span.
      He also threw for just 7 INT’s in 2018.
      His 100.3 career passer rating remains second only to Aaron Rodgers (103)! Drew Brees is a distant third at 97.

  • FarFetched
    FarFetched 6 hours ago

    The fact that people truly believe that Mahomes, Rothlisberger, and Luck are better than Wilson is mind boggling

  • Quis 1on1
    Quis 1on1 Day ago +2

    My top 5
    1. Brady
    2. Bress
    3. Rodgers
    4. Luck
    5. Wilson

    • Quis 1on1
      Quis 1on1 11 hours ago

      @Adam Shepherd I agree Mahomes knocking on that door. This year it show if he a top 5 to me.

    • Adam Shepherd
      Adam Shepherd 11 hours ago

      I agree, number 6 would be Mahomes

  • roger shakey
    roger shakey Day ago

    First time i agree with Colin. Peyton is a baller he talked Al Bundy of a roof. And he had 3 or 4 td's in 1 game.

  • Blaine Ardeneaux
    Blaine Ardeneaux 2 days ago

    What about Stafford can’t see him outside of top 20

  • BassasaurusRex
    BassasaurusRex 3 days ago

    Luck is a sure thing first ballot hall of famer? Um, not just yet. I’d also want to see a LOT more from Mahomes before making him a first ballot Hall of Fame QB.

  • legnv
    legnv 5 days ago +1

    1). Brady
    2). Brees
    3). Rodgers
    4). Wilson
    5). Mahomes

  • Reid Murray
    Reid Murray 6 days ago +1

    Right now, Rivers>Rothlisberger.

  • Willam Dickinson
    Willam Dickinson 6 days ago +2

    One thing I always agree with Colin about is that Wilson is way underrated.

  • Rohnin
    Rohnin 8 days ago +2

    1. Rodgers 2. Rodgers 3. Rodgers 4. Rodgers 5. Rodgers

    • Ramone DeCurta
      Ramone DeCurta 5 days ago

      Rohnin : He sh*t the bed in 2018, and he’s actually on the slide.

  • Cezanne Omar
    Cezanne Omar 8 days ago +1

    Stafford needs to be in this list somewhere!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 9 days ago +2

    "Andrew Luck and Patrick Mahomes are first ballot HoFers"

    I think that's enough Colin for one day

  • vincent sitto
    vincent sitto 9 days ago +1

    lol but couple years back when lions started season undefeated you literally said Matthew Stafford was ahead of Aaron Rodgers. Your so in the moment you always make the most outrageous statements ever like mahomes first ballot already? Yikes man press the brakes a little

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 10 days ago

    Personally i feel P. Manning is the best QB. But im just using a lil common sense.....that's not based on SB rings or how many times he's lost to Brady.....i mean Bill B. He loses to defense(or the PTB)...not the opposing QB.

  • Ramona LaPlante
    Ramona LaPlante 10 days ago

    And once again, Phillip Rivers gets shut out!!

  • CarpetShelf
    CarpetShelf 12 days ago

    “They will probably win more games in the next 10 years then the last five.”

    Well duh

  • Sakib Sarwar
    Sakib Sarwar 13 days ago +1

    Luck first ballot Hall of Famer😂

  • TrickyRed
    TrickyRed 13 days ago

    well I guess he just loves hating on Dak

  • Matty Star
    Matty Star 13 days ago

    did colin actually compliment baker

  • augustus caeser
    augustus caeser 14 days ago

    I love how baker Mayfield doesn't make the list of "guys you can totally see having a 5000 yard season" and then we hear "I mean I fully expect he will have a 5000 yard season" when he is mentioned. I don't even disagree with his ranking just love that little note

  • Jahchuwa 65
    Jahchuwa 65 14 days ago

    Mahomes??? One year and a stack team. We'll see the true Mahomes this coming year

  • Adam Racette
    Adam Racette 15 days ago

    sleeping on stafford is unreal

  • Kirk Vandegrift
    Kirk Vandegrift 15 days ago

    did you forget that seattle spanked his #1 offense?

  • Carter Thompson
    Carter Thompson 16 days ago


  • Smith John
    Smith John 16 days ago

    6:29 no runningback yet they had the most rushing yards?

  • Titus Meraz
    Titus Meraz 17 days ago +1

    7:24 never forget

  • Donavan Weaver
    Donavan Weaver 17 days ago

    Matt Ryan?

  • spider G
    spider G 19 days ago +1

    1)TB12 2)Brees 3)Arod 4)Maholmes 5) Wilson

  • MrBearloc1
    MrBearloc1 19 days ago +2

    Everybody saying Philip Rivers isn't a 1st ballot HOF, I can't wait to hear crickets when Rivers strolls into Canton wearing a top hat and twirling a cane. Go check his stats! They're better than Roethlisberger's.

    • greg
      greg 16 days ago

      and his team was pretty useless for many years

  • EveryDay
    EveryDay 19 days ago

    Philip Rivers is not a first round hall of famer? BRUH!?!?!??!

  • Mannmade
    Mannmade 19 days ago

    I stop listening to this idiot years ago when it comes to judging talent.

  • Angel Zapien
    Angel Zapien 19 days ago +2

    Watch Rivers win a ring

  • Eminentend
    Eminentend 19 days ago

    Brady Rodgers Brees Mahomes Wilson Ryan Luck

  • luck4duhwin
    luck4duhwin 20 days ago +1

    Without hunt and hill, mahomes will look more human next year. He wont look bad, But he wont have 30 touchdown screen passes either.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 20 days ago

    Oh boy a list of the top 7 QB's in the NFL from the most over opinionated clueless windbag in the sports media, thank you RU-clip for suggesting this to me just so I could leave this comment.

  • Ra Galvez
    Ra Galvez 21 day ago +1

    Im all in on Mahomes but cmon first ballot?? He's been in the league 2 years pump the breaks collin.
    Consistency and health are big factors on a HOF QBs he still needs to prove both of them.

  • YB 2909
    YB 2909 21 day ago

    Matt Ryan over luck and mahomes and big Ben

  • Damon Johnson
    Damon Johnson 21 day ago

    Aaron 1 Super Bowl Rodger is overrated

  • Winnie30
    Winnie30 22 days ago

    Where’s Phil

  • Jacob Gordon
    Jacob Gordon 23 days ago

    Tommy Maddox ,Tim couch, Kelly holcomb, drew Bledsoe, n colt McCoy BOOM!

    • Ramone DeCurta
      Ramone DeCurta 5 days ago

      Jacob Gordon : Drew Bledsoe shouldn’t be in your list. He actually had a good career. He wasn’t a bust, unlike the others you’ve listed.

  • Nonstop Gamer
    Nonstop Gamer 23 days ago

    Really? Philip Rivers is better than Big Ben

  • VHADified
    VHADified 23 days ago

    Bowlen has been out of the Broncos decision making since 2013, Elway and Ellis asked PFM to take a paycut not Bowlen.

  • Rory Shipowick
    Rory Shipowick 24 days ago

    Russel Wilson is not hall of fame level, he’s not a consistent passer, his coordinator knows this

    • Neonwhite A.
      Neonwhite A. 22 days ago

      Rory Shipowick um... do you watch football?

  • ted crooks
    ted crooks 24 days ago

    derek carr thinks hes the best he really does lmao!!!!

  • ted crooks
    ted crooks 24 days ago

    Derek Carr is very upset he wants to go to the octagon over this when hes not playing x box smh lmao

  • God_Laughs _At_Atheists

    If I was going to the Super Bowl, no way would I play P. Mahomes over A. Rodgers.

  • Teo Strong
    Teo Strong 24 days ago +2

    Baker mayfield over mayfield

    IMJG PLAYZ 24 days ago +1

    Matt Ryan and Phillip Rivers get no respect. They should be hall of famers.

    • Neonwhite A.
      Neonwhite A. 22 days ago

      IMJG PLAYZ river maybe Ryan absolutely not

  • Robert Mullet
    Robert Mullet 24 days ago

    Wow Colin paid baker a compliment

  • Mr707rockSTAR
    Mr707rockSTAR 24 days ago

    Matt Ryan...??

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster 24 days ago

    Where was Stafford lol

  • Christopher Ferachi
    Christopher Ferachi 24 days ago

    Matt Ryan is a HOF, get over it dude..

  • Rogue Tide
    Rogue Tide 24 days ago +1

    Mahomes is a first ballot hall of famer after playing one season!? Calm down lol.
    And why is derek carr on the list? He sucks, sorry.
    And I don’t think watson or goff belong in the lists either considering both of them didn’t perform well in the postseason.

  • spider G
    spider G 25 days ago +6

    I think Phillip rivers is possibly a first ballot hall of famer. Class act status.

    • spider G
      spider G 9 hours ago

      AJ A i agree AJ but if T.O. can be inducted while acting like a fool then I think Rivers can be inducted with a very solid career and being a model player and teammate. I think it balances out. Plus, rivers isn’t done.

    • AJ A
      AJ A 9 hours ago

      spider G great player, not enough
      Go acolades

  • Joe O'Sullivan
    Joe O'Sullivan 25 days ago

    If Rivers gets a ring he switches positions with Big Ben... and I'm a Steelers fan

  • Im a Packers Fan
    Im a Packers Fan 25 days ago

    Horrible take with the Manning thing

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man 25 days ago

    Based on talent i think Carson Wentz should be mentioned among them, but can he stay healthy tho?

    • Neonwhite A.
      Neonwhite A. 22 days ago

      Sand Man definitely talented one of my favorite QBs but HOF talented ?? I guess we will find out

    • Sand Man
      Sand Man 22 days ago

      @Neonwhite A. There is actually no way we can deny his talent, he played an MVP level season with a great Eagles team but what is more surprising is that he put up even better numbers the next season after the knee injuries while having a bad back. Lol

    • Neonwhite A.
      Neonwhite A. 22 days ago

      Wentz is so difficult to know what he is right now, he played on a fantastic eagles team his mvp year and then kinda fell off after getting hurt, he’ll probably be a lot better this year it’s just hard to rank him highly

  • Anthony Isgro
    Anthony Isgro 25 days ago

    Colin, how do you already put Patrick Mahomes in the First Ballot HOF when he's had one season? Really????

  • beascott
    beascott 25 days ago

    Cowherd is a tool

  • David Hennessey
    David Hennessey 25 days ago +1

    Baker Mayfield is def in the top 7 list. He might even be #3 on the list behind Brady and Mahomes. Baker started way fewer games and as a rookie almost threw for the same yardage as Brees.

  • Zalis116
    Zalis116 25 days ago

    Jets fans should temper their optimism on the Gase+Darnold pairing. Gase's system in Miami produced quarterbacks who were statistically sound (in terms of completions/efficiency), but whose play didn't translate to broader success and wins on the field.

    "The problem is easy to summarize: Gase's system threatens to choke out Darnold's potential by ordering him to throw too many too-short passes. [...] The discrepancy between advanced metrics like DVOA and QBR and basic stats is telling. Something made the raw passing stats for Dolphins quarterbacks look half decent for the last three years, even when those quarterbacks were playing poorly and limiting the offense. That "something" was Gase's love of the short pass in long-yardage situations."

    So basically, get ready to see 23-year-old Sam Darnold throw 7-yard passes on 3rd and 11 like he's 33-year-old Joe Flacco.

  • Chris L
    Chris L 25 days ago

    Andrew Luck, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson are NOT 1st ballot HOFers... Not yet at least, but to say they are undisputed 1st ballot HOFers is ridiculous.

  • david duck
    david duck 25 days ago +1

    I want Bill Hader to do a sketch playing Colin, where he gets beat up by the Browns mascot Chomps.

  • Kenneth Tarlow
    Kenneth Tarlow 25 days ago

    I don't understand the love for Jimmy G. He won 7 in a row 2 different teams, never was a full time starter. last year he went 1-2 and went down for the season. When he started for the Pats he wnt put after the second game, Brady was out for 4. 2017 He played an away, last game of the season, and won 30-17, but it was against the second team(the Rams had already won the division and played their second team). further he threw 2 or three interceptions against a second team. In fact he throws alot of interceptions. I don't know but I think the 49ers got taken, they probably would be better off if they had taken Rosen, they could have gotten Rosen this year for cheap as a backup.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 25 days ago

    Rodgers trash, thank you for your time

  • Ray
    Ray 25 days ago

    5000 yards for Mayfield in his second year with a head coach with no experience? Lol. Possible but very unlikely

  • FilthyManatee
    FilthyManatee 25 days ago

    Mahomes is a talent, but he should be in the second list, not the first. At least until he has played a few seasons as a starter.

  • Kevin Kaatz
    Kevin Kaatz 25 days ago

    I like that Colin appreciates Carr

  • Ryan Nunn
    Ryan Nunn 25 days ago

    He thinks Andrew Luck is a first ballot Hall of Famer lmao

  • nintendofan50
    nintendofan50 25 days ago

    Really don’t get Colin’s obsession with Darnold

  • Cringe Central
    Cringe Central 25 days ago

    You guys are too far on the Mahomes bandwagon, you need to acknowledge that he has some of the best help offensively in the nfl, Elite TE, Elite Reciever, Elite rb for half the year and the backup was still solid. He’s good don’t get me wrong but it’s way too early to try to proclaim he’s top 3.

  • Thomas More
    Thomas More 25 days ago +1

    1. Aaron Rodgers;
    2. Tom Brady;
    3. Russell Wilson;
    4. Patrick Mahomes; and
    5. Everyone else.

    • War Eagle
      War Eagle 22 days ago

      Brees is better than Mahomes

    • Thomas More
      Thomas More 25 days ago

      John Shepherd
      I’ve updated this and put TB second, because you’re right about his leadership, and he can still throw lasers when needed. I just don’t think he’s as good as Rodgers as a whole, even though, yes, TB’s greatest strength is AR’s weakness.
      AR makes ridiculous things happen when his receivers can’t make separation and the defense knows MM’s high school playbook better than their own.

    • John Shepherd
      John Shepherd 25 days ago

      A great QB makes his teammates play better. Rogers doesn't have the leadership skills to do that.

    • Thomas More
      Thomas More 25 days ago

      John Shepherd
      Too complicated to parse out who in the Patriots’ organization most contributes to their institutional success. Fact is, they don’t need to rely solely on Brady like the Packers typically do with Rodgers.
      Rodgers has had terrible teams (including the organization) with less talent who don’t do well when they leave GB.

    • John Shepherd
      John Shepherd 25 days ago

      Rogers isn't on the same planet as Brady. There is more to greatness at the QB position than throwing the ball. There is leadership and Rogers isn't a leader. Brady not only took what was probably the weakest Pats team to the playoffs he won it all. Rogers has failed to win an NFC championship with far more talented teams.

  • brantley tinnin
    brantley tinnin 25 days ago

    This may be the first time I have totally agreed with everything he's said.

  • Jesus Cuevas
    Jesus Cuevas 25 days ago


    • Jesus Cuevas
      Jesus Cuevas 25 days ago

      Lil L ur trippin bruh, Brady washed , Wilson luck and mahomes the future😴😴😴😴

    • Lil L
      Lil L 25 days ago

      Your list must be starting at the bottom and going to the top

  • Mirza Dzomba
    Mirza Dzomba 26 days ago

    Andrew Luck is definitely not a first ballot Hall of Fame QB at this point. Are you kidding me? He has some good stats but some underwhelming, too (like interceptions). He has never been to the SB, and when he came closest, the Patriots wiped the floor with his team. He will need a streak of successful seasons to elevate his prospects for the Hall of Fame.

  • Lil 1
    Lil 1 26 days ago

    Cowherd with an actually good,educated opinion.What is this madness?

  • Johann Acevedo
    Johann Acevedo 26 days ago

    This is what pisses me off! Y’all putting Mahomes after 1 one season! Let’s see what he does without a running game and also maybe without Tyreek Hill

  • Selvan Jones
    Selvan Jones 26 days ago +1

    Andrew Luck is not a hall of famer. He has as many signature wins as Matt Stafford: 0.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 26 days ago

    Who are the Cincinnati Bengals?

  • ants in my eyes johnson

    Matty Ryan has more passing yds than any of those qb's in his first 10 years FOH take bathroom ben off and its a good list

  • VSauce 4
    VSauce 4 26 days ago

    Sam Daronld is Winston 2.0

  • Troy Schuh
    Troy Schuh 26 days ago

    So all year I hear him talk about how Rogers's stats are terrible when he's behind in the 4th quarter then couple that with the fact the pack has missed the playoffs the last few years and magically he's a top 5? Everyone is right about Rivers by the way.

  • john bush
    john bush 26 days ago +2

    I bet Lamar Jackson n the Ravens come crashing down to reality this year, gonna be year 2 Tebow all over again

  • Robbie Mroz
    Robbie Mroz 26 days ago

    Heres the rest for those trying to think about it
    Lamar, Stafford, Trubisky, Cousins, Flacco/Lock, Rosen/Fitzpatrick, Kyler, Allen, Dalton, Dak, Foles, Eli/Jones, Winston/Whoever, Mariota/Tannehill, Colt/Haskins
    Every team either has a franchise QB/seasoned Vet or a young QB they are developing, only questions are Titans, Jags and Bucs

  • J Alford
    J Alford 26 days ago

    Russell Wilson? 1dt Ballot?? Colin you need to eat a Snick3rs sir..

    CARLOS PONCE DE LEON 26 days ago

    Andrew Luck isn’t a first ballot hall of famer
    He doesn’t have a MVP
    He doesn’t have a Super Bowl win or even an appearance
    He is constantly hurt
    And he doesn’t have a single 5,000 yard season
    He is the Philip Rivers of this generation

  • Ortonic
    Ortonic 26 days ago +1

    Cam Newton led his 2-14 team to a 15 win season after just 3 years

  • ChaseKellogg1
    ChaseKellogg1 26 days ago +3

    Rivers > Roethlisberger straight facts

  • james solberg
    james solberg 26 days ago

    7 first ballot hall of fame qbs in the same era? Not gonna happen because they get compared to each other at that point.

  • Gregory Briner
    Gregory Briner 26 days ago

    I think Goff, Mahomes, and Wentz all regress this year, but Mahomes has the most potential if he can still be dynamic and keep the turnovers in control. Father time may be catching up to Brees this year too. And for us Lions fans, notice how our franchise QB isn't in these lists?

  • James Geary
    James Geary 26 days ago

    You don't know if Mahomes can carry a bad team because he's never had too... I mean come one, he had one great MVP season (Newton and Ryan also had one great, MVP season), and people are saying he's elite and that he's a first-ballot hall of fame talent?? Get some chill.

  • William Homonnay
    William Homonnay 26 days ago

    Ben Roethlisberger does not belong in a separate tier from Philip Rivers or Matt Ryan.

  • patriotsfootballplc
    patriotsfootballplc 26 days ago

    The QB play is not any better. They have neutered consistent high level defensive play with rule changes that benefit the offense, QB & WRs especially, so that the level of QB play appears to have improved. That is all. It is for the benefit of hopefully being more entertaining to casual fans and fantasy players.

  • CujoF17
    CujoF17 26 days ago +1

    I can’t wait to see the Jets suck again and Colin keeps making himself look dumb af to say Darnold is good...he ain’t that great😂

  • Tone Desh
    Tone Desh 26 days ago

    All great points, Colin!

  • B LoConte
    B LoConte 26 days ago

    Let's see how Mahomes does this year. Hope he isn't another Cam Newton and Matt Ryan...has a MVP year and doesn't make another pro bowl

  • B LoConte
    B LoConte 26 days ago

    Rogers is not a top 5,in my opinion he is over rated but that's me

  • Zach Arnold
    Zach Arnold 26 days ago +1


  • Tony DeBacco
    Tony DeBacco 26 days ago

    Arron Rogers and Andrew luck shouldn’t even be on the list

  • Justin Kipfinger
    Justin Kipfinger 26 days ago

    Nick foles Colin duh. Lol