Russia And Poland Engage In Twitter Battle Over Who Started WWII

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • The Russian Embassy in South Africa revisited an 80-year-old conflict with Poland on Tuesday, with a tweet.
    It was a denial of responsibility for the 1939 invasion of Poland, which started World War II.
    The tweet came as the Polish Embassy in South Africa commemorated the anniversary of the USSR's invasion.
    But Russian embassy in South Africa didn't let Poland's tweet go without a denial.
    Germany invaded Poland from the west, the USSR invaded from the east, and the two carved up Polish territory between them.
    However, Business Insider reports the USSR did not formally declare war.
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  • Mariusz Borowski
    Mariusz Borowski Month ago

    So nowadays russians can create a new, improved"history" on Twitter...

  • Vengeful Revenge of the blue November

    Russia had everything and anything to do with the invasion of Poland. They weren't going to let their Nazi Masters have all the fun!
    so they felt compelled to jump in and finish of the Polish Army that was holding its own. Then again later do nothing when the Polish people fought back.
    I guess that's what that Baltic deal was all about... After the Great Red Army had its ass kicked by the Japanese then again later in the winter War... They figured the only way they were going to win something was to Ally themselves with Nazi Germany.

    Of course later they got to claim victory against they're treacherous partners in crime after Germany's economy and war production Market was completely wiped out... I cannot speak for the Russia of today, but the Russia of the 1940s was simply helping to clean up its own mess! EOS