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A History on AGP: The Accelerated Graphics Port

  • Published on Jul 11, 2020
  • In this video we're taking a brief look at the origin and specifications of the AGP slot, and why it was brought to market for a window of time.
    Intro Animation By Ken Gruca Jr - Inquire at kjgruca@gmail.com!
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Comments • 154

  • Tanasen
    Tanasen 2 years ago +42

    During the lockdown I finally built myself a very fast AGP WindowsXP system and I'm loving it. Specs of my "Ultimate AGP PC": Pentium Dual Core E5800, 2x1GB Kingston DDR-400 cl3, Asrock 775i65G Rev.2.03, Sapphire Radeon HD3850 512MB GDDR3 AGP, SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum, Transcend 32GB SSD, WD Velociraptor 250GB, Corsair CX430, Chieftec Dragon.

    • Abolfazl Lalimi
      Abolfazl Lalimi Month ago

      @Stepside1986 yep, i learned that later on. Now im thinkin of upgrading it fully to ddr3. Any budget options u can give me? With upgrades later on? Or ddr4 boards with later upgrades? What to do with the old board?

    • Stepside1986
      Stepside1986 Month ago +1

      @Abolfazl Lalimi The video card doesn't depend on the type of memory on the motherboard. You could have DDR3 motherboard and GDDR5 video card for example.

    • Tanasen
      Tanasen Year ago +1

      @Abolfazl Lalimi You can put all the latest agp cards including HD3850 and HD4670. What cpu do you have and what is the revision of your board? The rev.4.9/3.0 support up to the Core 2 Extreme X6800, but the E6700/6600 are good choices too.

    • Abolfazl Lalimi
      Abolfazl Lalimi Year ago

      Im after upgrading my pc agp card. But im a bit confused. Would be happy if someone helps. Umm, my motherboard is a ddr1, but it has agp 8x 1.5v slot. So i was watching what i can use on this setup to make an improvment. Well all 512mb agp cards have a ddr2 next to them. And i was searching google much this week to find some info on it but no results. My motherboard is Ga-8i865pe775-g-rh. U can check out. Any help would really b appreciated.

    • Staz
      Staz Year ago +1

      @Tanasen It only works with 65nm chips as i tried with a Pentium E5800 (Like yours) and a C2Q q9550 (Both are of the wolfdale architecture) but i managed to get a Xeon X3230 working in it with a custom microcode update i found on the internet. It's one of the best CPUs you can put into it, and considering i only paid 11 euro for it i'm pretty happy about it :)
      Next upgrade will be 8 gigs of DDR2, and some big hard drives. I'm planning to make it into a NAS since it has Gigabit ethernet on board

  • MrChromed
    MrChromed 2 years ago +12

    I still don't understand why this channel has so fewer subs. The information, footage, edition and narrative are underrated. I've been watching these videos for more than a year and yet I still see the subs count grow quite slowly. Keep up the good work! Someday, RU-clip's algorithm will do some justice.

    • diecast jam
      diecast jam 24 days ago

      ...don't understand why this channel has so fewer subs. The fact he couldn't be arsed to show any AGP cards or do any testing maybe?

    • Ondřej Matějka
      Ondřej Matějka Year ago

      Because 30 years old boomers probably have more important things to do than watching hardware from their childhood on youtube. :-D

  • Ashley98
    Ashley98 2 years ago +5

    AGP - Awesome Graphics Port
    Great video enjoyed. New rig looking nice 😎

  • TheXev
    TheXev 2 years ago +18

    10:04 I still have one of my 939Dual-SATA2, but it just stopped booting one day so I bought another one... then that one did the same thing eventually. I remember upgrading from a GeForce 6200 to a GeForce 8800GT back in the day as a result of that motherboard... what an upgrade!

    • V Power
      V Power 2 years ago +1

      I had a 939Dual-Sata2. It was great. I had an Athlon 64 3200+ on it, afterwards an Opteron 165. Also my 6600GT AGP, upgraded to 7900GS PCI-e. All on the same board!

    • Cutting-Edge Retro
      Cutting-Edge Retro 2 years ago

      @Martin Gamero Prieto You say Asrock is crap, but the funny thing is some of the most desirable retro motherboards to get are old Asrock boards. Their designed might not have captured the attention compared to DFI's fluro UV. But they had very solid designed and are also some of the best for early 2000's XP era retro machines. Especially those rare native 8x AGP & 16X PCIe combo boards.

    • Chandler Maillard
      Chandler Maillard 2 years ago +1

      @Martin Gamero Prieto Bummer that ASUS is pretty sub par now. I'm legitimately stunned at how awful a lot of their VRM designs are these days.

    • Martin Gamero Prieto
      Martin Gamero Prieto 2 years ago

      I had the same problem and I read it is about the bios. Anyway, Asrock is crap :/. I bought an asus high end with 775, and I am so happy.

  • Mongocom
    Mongocom 2 years ago +40

    underrated channel

    • Bartek Pękala
      Bartek Pękala Year ago +1

      very much, yes

    • RmC
      RmC Year ago

      Totally love he's content

    • p0mf!
      p0mf! Year ago

      channel account created 2006

    • Topzaum
      Topzaum 2 years ago

      For sure, it deserves at least an extra zero on the sub count

  • Pongi San
    Pongi San 2 years ago +4

    Man had I seen this just a week sooner I would of noticed the TNT2 Ultra I picked up was keyed for 3.3v slots only and not realised my blunder until trying to install it in a 865P based board.

  • Kevin Jennings
    Kevin Jennings 2 years ago +6

    Very nice overview of the tried-and-true AGP bus. I have been tinkering with many motherboards with that slot over the years, very recently putting together a machine with a MSI 694D Pro...implementation of the early 4x slots didn't always pan out like they were supposed to. I'm finding that the early VIA chipsets supporting SMP (this is a dual PIII motherboard) are a great migraine trigger! They were notoriously bad for not running their 4x AGP at 4x. As time goes on, it is also getting harder to find archived forums that detailed the struggles of those that toiled on these machines in that era.
    Anyways, I've always appreciated your well written scripts loaded with such good information. (Also, looks like you might have a nice 5950 Ultra on the shelf!)

  • Infinity2z3r0
    Infinity2z3r0 2 years ago +5

    Wow I lived thru that era and didn't even realize there was extra danger for AGP cards not 100% inserted!
    Bullet dodged 😰

  • Retro Amateur
    Retro Amateur 2 years ago +4

    ooooooh boy. Painful story that agp, with a bit of a happy ending. When we got our first modern PC(for the time), AGP was almost out the door. My 6800GT barely lasted a year. Nvidia's 7xxx series rolled out and it was PCI express only. I could not upgrade my PC. Even my mobos socket was a dead end as there were no dual core CPUs for it. Fortunately Ati released AGP versions of the HD3650 and HD3850. I got the 3850 and it gave my system some more life. I could play mass effect when the PC port hit store shelves and it liven up the frame rate on Oblivion and F.E.A.R

  • RedWingBlackBird
    RedWingBlackBird 2 years ago +2

    I remember my friend Brad, introducing me to AGP, and 3D graphics. He would use futuremark demos, or some other demo, IDK. "Watch, as the plane flies up at you" look at the highlights!, all that jazz. That was in 1998. What I remember most, going to his house, to play a game, made by activision, Battlezone. That was on a Matrox Millenium G200.

  • jm03
    jm03 2 years ago +5

    The power pins on the apple cards were for the 24v for the ADC connector.

  • Tom Gjonaj
    Tom Gjonaj 2 years ago +2

    Love the videos, keep them coming

  • brego129
    brego129 2 years ago +3

    Love your vids Pixel Pipes. Looking forward to that comparison. ;)

  • Choralone422
    Choralone422 2 years ago +5

    AGP was good but it wasn't all roses all the time. I remember having a fair amount of issues when AGP 4x was released with certain video cards & certain chipsets. There were times when you had to go back to AGP 2x and/or disable fast writes in order to keep things stable.
    PCI-E IMO is probably the best interface to come along since the original ISA slots!

    • Andres Marra
      Andres Marra Year ago

      @PixelPipes yeah! Only Intel had the real circuit plans to produce this technology while Via,Ali,SIS did reverse engineering to try do something similar.. speed and stability weren't they highlights but you could at least try with a video card/chipset combination drivers to get the best results

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  2 years ago +1

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that an issue primarily with VIA chipsets of the time?

  • Roger
    Roger 2 years ago +2

    Marvelous review, thank you !

  • Andres Ramirez
    Andres Ramirez 26 days ago +1

    Muy buena explicación, muy completa que ni siquiera en mi propio idioma había encontrado, felicitaciones 👌

  • Sopota
    Sopota 2 years ago +5

    I still remember the legendary BSODs caused by badly coded AGP drivers. Good times.

    • IgoByaGo
      IgoByaGo 2 years ago +1

      I remember it took years to get a good VIA driver to run at AGP 4x.

    • madmax2069
      madmax2069 2 years ago +1

      That's driver's in general regardless if it was a PCI, AGP, and PCIe cards, chipset driver's or what have you. Badly written driver's will cause a BSOD.

    • Santiago Ibarra
      Santiago Ibarra 2 years ago +1

      ....FX 5200 i hate you....

  • V Power
    V Power 2 years ago +2

    I had a 939Dual-Sata2. It was great. I had an Athlon 64 3200+ on it, afterwards an Opteron 165. Also my 6600GT AGP, upgraded to 7900GS PCI-e. All on the same board!

  • Skyplonk
    Skyplonk 2 years ago +1

    Love your videos! Thank you!

  • DylValentine
    DylValentine 2 years ago +6

    The last AGP card I owned was the Radeon x800 Pro. It was available in both AGP 8 and PCIe. I was upgrading from an AGP 4 Ti4200. I still own both cards.

    • DylValentine
      DylValentine 2 years ago

      Cpt Spank it was a seriously powerful card. It even ran Far Cry pretty good many years after the card came out.

    • Lemontang
      Lemontang 2 years ago +1

      The Ti4200 was my favorite card. I remember back in the day modding the heck out of that card pushing it running on par to a Ti4600.

    • wishus knight
      wishus knight 2 years ago +3

      I bought an Asrock 939 dual sata 2 so I could keep using my 9700pro AIW. And later upgraded to a 7950GT nvidia

  • kaltblut
    kaltblut 2 years ago +2

    PCI could also do two graphics cards simmultaneously.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 2 years ago +4

    My best agp card ever was a 7800gs. I used a ati 9550 for a LONG time on an old secondary machine, I played a LOT of Call of Duty 4 on it.

    • Krisztian5HUN
      Krisztian5HUN 2 years ago

      my best was the Sapphire Radeon 1950 Pro 256MB, that was a shader monster @the time,

  • muttBunch
    muttBunch Year ago

    I actually had a motherboard from DFI back in the early 2000s that had 2 AGP slots but of course only one could be used at a time. Think I just now figured out why after watching this amazing video ❤️

  • PROSTO4Tabal
    PROSTO4Tabal 2 years ago +21

    AGP? that is the best gaming era! from Riva 128 to ATI Radeon HD 4670, that is 3D GAMES from 1997-2008. 11 years of good old PC gaming. Thank you

    • Ana Sevi
      Ana Sevi Year ago

      speaking of old ATI, the Radeon 9200 128mb mac edition was the only pci graphics card I've found that ran at PCI 66mhz, granted just on the blue and white powermac G3 and the earliest revisions of the powermac G4, but still.. they had a specific pci slot seperate from the rest just for videocards, and they ran at 66mhz whereas the rest ran at the usual 33mhz. Guess apple wanted the majority of agp benefits for late 1990s gaming without the licence fee.
      Back then apple was competing against pc okay in gaming, so it actually mattered then too.
      Also the extra long agp slot apple used was so the monitor received power through their ADC [proprietary DVI] port, their obsession with deleting cables is nothing new.

    • sunnohh
      sunnohh 2 years ago +1

      Tbf, agp was dead by may 2005, shit I built someone a pci express computer in May 2004

    • Wowitsshit
      Wowitsshit 2 years ago +2

      yes was best era for me as well, every now and then i go back and play a game in that era that i hadn't played before, just finished playing through kotor 1.

  • MajorOutage
    MajorOutage 2 years ago +2

    I still have my 6800GS. One of the last great native AGP cards made.

  • Big T's Tech Corner
    Big T's Tech Corner 2 years ago +6

    I've been interested in testing AGP vs PCIe but it's really difficult.
    The best case scenario is using the asrock 4core dual but even then you're limiting the PCIe version of the card to PCIe 1.1 at 4x lane... I feel that's an unfair comparison

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 years ago

      @PixelPipes Ah, need more oomph (forgot about that video too, thanks for reminding me). Only other solution for single motherboard test setup is to get an alivedual-esata2 and pair it with a Phenom ii x4 Deneb, but they seem to be insanely rare. Otherwise you may have to use 2 different motherboards with a core 2 platform. Good luck if you decide to go for it, it'd be pretty interesting to see how it unfolds.

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  2 years ago

      @John Smith Had it, used it, reviewed it in a video. It doesn't support enough CPU power. You'd be surprised how far the 16-pipe generation of cards can scale in performance.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 years ago

      ​@PixelPipes Get an 939Dual-sata2 and do 6800 GT native AGP vs native PCI-E, or X800 native AGP vs native PCI-E; it's the only native AGP vs native PCI-E I can think of, however. Later generations used bridge chips like mad.

    • Tom 2404
      Tom 2404 2 years ago

      @wishus knight the 939Dual with AM2 card is a good one. But good luck finding that upgrade card. Also ther is an ASRock board called AliveDual-eSATA2, a native AM2 motherboard with PCI-E 16x and AGP 8x. According to ASRock it has a solution with 2 chipsets using a ULi M1695 and an nForce 3 250 Ultra limiting the bus speed of the Phenom processors. Another problem I see is that most more powerful AGP cards use a bridge chip, so that might influence performance as well.

    • wishus knight
      wishus knight 2 years ago +3

      Asrock 939 dual sata 2. its native 1.1 at 16 lanes. And with the AM2 adapter and bios hack you can use a phenom 1 quad.

  • Nuno Fernandes
    Nuno Fernandes 2 years ago +6

    8:01"...and could in theory run without a complete insertion."
    True, but a full insertion gives more satisfying results.

  • Bruce Lucas
    Bruce Lucas 2 years ago +1

    I still remember using an Intel 740 "starfighter" 8mb card. Had to hold the heatsink on a few times during intense cs1.6 matches when people went nuts with smoke grenades. Smoke made the gpu work HARD. played shogo Mad with some settings tweaks and tachyon the fringe. I was surprised that the gpu never killed itseft when the heatsink fell off. It was thermal glued on. I'm curious to see if the 740 performance would be better with a fast ddr2 system when using dma.

  • JonnyBoyUltra161
    JonnyBoyUltra161 2 years ago +1

    Awesome video. I will be looking forward to the PCIe vs AGP video in the future.

  • Ivan
    Ivan 2 years ago +1

    I had love/hate relationship with AGP. The cheap Socket 7 mobos (like Acorp) with non-Intel chipsets had various issues with that interface, often resulting in graphics artifacts in 3D games, so I had to turn off most of the advanced AGP features and downgrade it to simply a high-speed PCI, after spending countless hours in swapping drivers and flipping BIOS/Registry settings.
    My last AGP mobo was Abit KV8-Pro and it is where I first managed to get my GeForce 6600GT to play hardware-accelerated HD video (max 720p at that time), thankfully to the proper implementation of the last AGP specs, incl. FastWrites , that allowed direct transfer of data to the GPU.
    Honestly, I had a relief after upgrading to PCI-E and leaving the fragile and fragmented AGP standard for good.

  • Til Tenki
    Til Tenki Year ago

    Nice Video! Every single information well looked up! Nice!

  • McCuneWindandSolar
    McCuneWindandSolar 11 months ago

    The AGP didn't last long. I remember the different types of AGP Then once the PCI-x come out it was as if they deleted it all together while the PCI still hung on. I may be wrong I think there was a mother board that had both AGP and PCI-x on it but they didn't last long.

  • jskyg68
    jskyg68 Year ago

    I had an ATI x1950 pro agp it was the newest card available that still supported agp. great card btw

  • Sergeant Rho
    Sergeant Rho Year ago +1

    how i like these videos from the golden age of computers!

  • Wadmodder Schalton
    Wadmodder Schalton Year ago +2

    Windows 10 version 1607 dropped support for AGP videocards back in 2016, making Windows 10 1511 the final Windows release to support AGP.

  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines 11 months ago

    There was also AMR. I think it was audio and modem riser. I am not sure when it was completely phased out but I know that I never owned a PC that has it anyhow. It is one of those odd things that was short lived.

  • For Sure
    For Sure Year ago

    My first PC had AGP.. my first 3d graphic card was PCI..well, not really because it came with a matrox g400 which was a pretty decent graphic card with 3d acceleration for its time and it was agp... so i went backwards....the voodo banshee killed the matrox though....

  • fadingbeleifs
    fadingbeleifs 2 years ago

    I know it's hard man, but personally, it would be nice to see you putting out more in-depth content more often, and delving into modern hardware some as well.. in hopes of attracting more people to your channel.
    I greatly appreciate your work, and the effort you go to to make the content that you do, and I wish you the best! I hope your channel grows!

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  2 years ago +1

      Thanks for the kind words! At this point I have no plans to cover modern hardware unless I have a specific retro-inspired (and graphics-related) angle for it. I wish I could put out more content than I do, but I only have so much free time.

  • Terminator 7250
    Terminator 7250 2 years ago +2

    That was a real tease at the end. Looking forward to that comparison video.....

  • Misterrorschach
    Misterrorschach 2 years ago +3

    I’ve always wondered if they ever made non video card agp cards. Like an agp ssd, or amd agp lan card or usb card.

    • wishus knight
      wishus knight 2 years ago +2

      There was agp scsi.

    • DylValentine
      DylValentine 2 years ago +3

      Nah back then SSDs didn’t exist and lan cards were only 100 mbps anyway. USB 2.0 was somewhere around 60mbps. So the PCI slots were good enough.

  • Ali Can Sariaslan
    Ali Can Sariaslan Month ago

    I miss AGP so much... l wish it'd have lasted longer 🏴‍☠️

  • AetiusPraetorian
    AetiusPraetorian 2 years ago +2

    My last AGP card was a PNY XLR8 6800GS. By using Riva Tuner I was able to unlock the pixel and vertex pipelines from 12/5 to 16/6 same as the 6800GT. Fun times back then!

    • MajorOutage
      MajorOutage 2 years ago +1

      Mine was only unlockable to 12/6.

  • dave4shmups
    dave4shmups 2 years ago +1

    Excellent video!

  • Thunder Kat
    Thunder Kat Year ago

    The missing pin on the GPUs sure was reserve for future RGB lights

  • Saptadeep Nath
    Saptadeep Nath 2 years ago +5

    Shall be waiting for the benchmarks

  • Grumpy Wolf Gaming
    Grumpy Wolf Gaming 22 days ago

    I always wondered why AGP died, my last agp card was a fx5500, and my first pci-e card was a 6600gt.

  • Dimarzio
    Dimarzio 2 years ago

    Another Great Presentation.

  • Species0001
    Species0001 2 years ago

    My retro pc is rocking an Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 Rev. 2.0 board with a C2D E8500 and a Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 AGP graphics card. It is a fun little machine.

  • Tom 2404
    Tom 2404 2 years ago +3

    7:10 I have an apple version of the Radeon X800xt, but no Mac to use it with. When I first saw it I thought it was just standard AGP pro.

  • Michael Perugini
    Michael Perugini Year ago

    Can you possibly do a more in depth look at AGP history , more specifically how it made its way onto socket 7 becoming a socket 7/AGP (NON SUPER 7) and that did not make it a super socket 7 board and how AMDs design of Super Socket 7 helped AGP gain a foot hold. why a Chipsets like SiS5598 is a generic integrated graphics controller and not AGP, though it was thought to be the first AGP chipset - I believe the SiS5592 was SiS first AGP , who was the first manufacture to use AGP (FIC PA-2012?) who was the first Super Socket 7 with AGP to market.

  • Matthew Day
    Matthew Day 2 years ago +1

    The other side of the "universal" coin was AGP cards that had both key slots, and would fit (but not always work) in 3.3V boards as well as 1.5V - the compatibility of some older chipsets being hit or miss

    • Wowitsshit
      Wowitsshit 2 years ago

      yes and those 1.5V boards with good chip set are too expensive to get one ebay now, people want to use AGP 3dfx cards in them! lol

  • topkek
    topkek 2 years ago

    You should put out more videos m8.

  • Wowitsshit
    Wowitsshit 2 years ago +4

    Best decision I made for my retro winXP 32-bit machine was to just ebay all the old AGP crap and instead use my phenom ii x4 machine with HD 7950 as my winXP 32-machine; it has PCI slot for xi-fi fatality for dat EAX also. Running all those games up to year 2009 maxxed out with 4xAA in HD at super high FPS is nice!

    • Cutting-Edge Retro
      Cutting-Edge Retro 2 years ago +1

      i give you 1 internet point for using a Phenom II for it ;)

    • Wowitsshit
      Wowitsshit 2 years ago

      @MajorOutage yes, i know what you mean, you're good with up to HD 4000 series, I have a laptop also that had a HD 4570 and it can play omikron the nomad soul, gothic and red faction on windows 10 no problem, but my desktop XP machine can't do this. lol

    • MajorOutage
      MajorOutage 2 years ago +1

      I have a spare AM3 rig I am going to put together for XP gaming goodness. Athlon II X3 and GeForce 430.
      I don't want to pick a graphics card that is *too new* because the whole reason I decided to build this is because new systems don't have proper support for older DirectX calls in the silicon anymore.

    • Wowitsshit
      Wowitsshit 2 years ago

      @PixelPipes yeah i think i'll make a quick video to show off my cool winXP 32-bit machine and upload it.

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  2 years ago +2

      This is an underrated approach.

  • Retro PC Scotland
    Retro PC Scotland 2 years ago +1

    I've got one of those weird Asrock boards with an "AGI" Slot that looks and acts like an AGP Slot which is of course a bloody hacked pci slot so you never get the full benefit from a good agp card.

    • wishus knight
      wishus knight 2 years ago

      It isn't so bad, they only reduce performance by about 60%... plenty for windows solitaire.

  • Bat of Gotham
    Bat of Gotham 10 months ago

    You look like Cal Tjader my top favourite jazz vibraphone artist and I'm also a computer freak. You have a great channel and here goes the subscribe too.

  • sedrosken
    sedrosken Year ago +1

    I hate to nitpick but you’re pretty fundamentally wrong about VLB, and PCI being just a condensation thereof. VLB could be *said* to be a 32-bit extension of your standard ISA bus, but that’d be a dramatic oversimplification - it piggybacked on ISA to be assigned IRQs and DMA channels and such but a proper 32-bit extension to ISA would be EISA, a standard notably supported primarily by Compaq as an effort to avoid licensing the micro-channel bus from IBM’s PS/2 line, which was supposed to be the “next generation” PC bus.
    VLB mapped devices directly into the memory address space of the 486 processor. This is why it was considered so hacky and kludgey even for the time - it made exactly zero effort to future-proof itself. As newer CPUs came out that had different memory maps, VLB would have to be translated - often to PCI, in the case of early Socket 4 Pentium machines. PCI was a solution to offer the theoretical throughput of VLB (I say theoretical because you’d never, ever, *ever* get those speeds over VLB) and then some with the later revisions but in a platform agnostic way. This is why you saw PowerPC Macintosh machines and DEC Alpha workstations implementing it as well. To call it a condensation of VLB is kind of insulting it - it works completely differently.
    Other than that I have exactly zero complaints! Excellent video!

  • M. V. Shooting
    M. V. Shooting 2 years ago

    I will never forget my mistake: getting a Radeon HD 3850 AGP… for a Pentium 4 machine. Then got stuck with the card and had to “upgrade” to a newer system with an AGP slot. This was in 2009. Oof.

    • M. V. Shooting
      M. V. Shooting 2 years ago +1

      @armorgeddon I was just a teenager and didn't research too much. I thought that I would be fine with just upgrading the GPU instead of getting a new computer with PCIe (considering the cost as well). Boy, I was wrong.

    • armorgeddon
      armorgeddon 2 years ago

      LOL, did you just do no research prior or did some local seller scam you?

  • Abdulaziz Alserhani
    Abdulaziz Alserhani 2 years ago

    1:47 PCI is not the VLB bus condensed, PCI and VLB buses are not the same thing at all

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh 2 years ago +3

    "Nothing personal"
    -PCI Express

  • David Wei
    David Wei Year ago

    Actually EISA have that staggered pin before Slot-1 CPU did ..

  • Nevyn42
    Nevyn42 2 years ago +1

    Here’s a trivia question: what was the original name for AGP?
    Hint: it had to be changed because of trademark infringement.

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  2 years ago


    • Nevyn42
      Nevyn42 2 years ago +1

      PixelPipes AGP was initially: GAP (Graphics Attach Port). A certain retailer had already trademarked GAP.
      Intel did work closely with ATI on defining AGP.
      One of the reasons ATI surged in market share in the mid 90’s was because of the integrated 3D with AGP2x support (RagePro)

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  2 years ago

      I give up, what was it?

  • Samir Habib
    Samir Habib 2 years ago +1

    Thanks Nathan! That’s was interesting)

  • LowSpecActionSquad
    LowSpecActionSquad 2 years ago

    He's back!

  • Martin Gamero Prieto
    Martin Gamero Prieto 2 years ago

    AFAIK there are not true cards/mobos AGP 8x compatible. This standard was forgotten for the PCIe. PCIe hit hard and quick, but AGP always resisted the transfer rate.
    For the other hand, I am very surprised by the locking mechanism, I am seeing mobos about years with this but I never thought in this. I always see it as an extra.

    • MajorOutage
      MajorOutage 2 years ago

      Not sure what you mean by "True AGP 8X" since both ATI and nVidia had multiple generations with 8X support.
      They seem to have avoided the voltage reduction from 1.5 to 0.8, but they still ran at 8X.

  • philosoaper
    philosoaper 2 years ago +2

    /me waves his Diamond Viper VLB card with 2MB VRAM from the pre-AGP era

  • FOXanne
    FOXanne 2 years ago +1

    :D new video. I like your video's

  • Joe G
    Joe G 2 years ago

    I remember having an Asus socket 775 motherboard that had AGP and PCI Express

  • tenow
    tenow 2 years ago +1

    So that's how I killed my radeon 9000 pro back in 2004 by not fully inserting it. Now I know dirty little secret of AGP

  • Ricardo Barros
    Ricardo Barros Year ago


  • Cleorina
    Cleorina 2 years ago +5

    I still using my AGP 9550 Pro and 9600XT both from GeCube for my retro gaming...

  • Иван Минин
    Иван Минин 2 years ago +1

    Great vid!!! Waiting for riva128, TNT vs v1, v2

  • Leonardo dePinto
    Leonardo dePinto 2 years ago +1

    Dude i never saw a Molex connector on a gpu

  • intel386DX
    intel386DX Year ago

    You forgot the 32bit EISA have the same principle like AGP those teeth pins :)

    • intel386DX
      intel386DX Year ago +1

      @PixelPipes yes I so thsoe slots in person on server boards, one 486 and pentium Pro ;) BTW it is ISA compatible, unfortunatly as you explained the problem with this teeth design I burned this pro server by removeind standard ISA card from the EISA slot while it was on power :( I was frustrated, becouse the system hanged for who know witch time. I really regret that :((

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  Year ago +1

      Yes, contrary to popular belief, there's a LOT I don't know.
      But since your comment I read the wiki about it, and the story behind it sounds very familiar. So it might be that I did just forget. It certainly wasn't very widespread, and it's interesting that VLB and PCI caught on but EISA didn't.

    • intel386DX
      intel386DX Year ago

      @PixelPipesWoW oh I am surprised that you do not know about that! :)

    • PixelPipes
      PixelPipes  Year ago +1

      forgot? or....was never actually aware until you told me 😅
      That's interesting though! Might be the first instance of that.

  • sam sung
    sam sung 2 years ago

    Thank you

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account Year ago

    Good Stuff

  • HardWare Chronicles
    HardWare Chronicles 2 years ago +4

    When i was using AGP 8x i used a 6800LE (modded to GT+ unlcked pixpelpipes)
    before stepping over to pci-express then i bought a xfx 7900 GT
    i remembering some of the Agp cards could still compete with their pci-express counterparts
    This video is usefull for those that never owned a agp port or even heard of :)

  • Arbiter099
    Arbiter099 2 years ago

    what game is that at 1:55?

  • Caleer
    Caleer 2 years ago +1

    Is it bad my system still has one :p

    • Caleer
      Caleer 2 years ago

      @Shawn's Tech Cave just joking I have a retro p4 system for fun along side my 9900k platform.

  • Martial Apologist
    Martial Apologist 8 months ago

    Alas agp we hardly knew ye.

  • Jonny Z
    Jonny Z Year ago

    What game is in this video?

  • Tomasz Wiśniewski
    Tomasz Wiśniewski 2 years ago +1

    Hi! AGP can run faster than 66MHz, with my Athlon xp 3000+ work with 110MHz(fsb/2), but this a nvidia 7300gt with bridge. Im not tested non bridged cards, but i hear not all of them like thathigh clocks. When testing please try find if oc agp is worth of doing.

  • theenhancer
    theenhancer 2 years ago

    Is there a reason why there was never an AGP 16X?

    • Cutting-Edge Retro
      Cutting-Edge Retro 2 years ago +2

      There was a draft AGP 12x specification, but it never made it past theory before PCIe came along.

    • Matthew Day
      Matthew Day 2 years ago +2

      PCI-E took over before GPU performance would have justified it