Timber | A Chill Mix

  • Published on Jan 2, 2016
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    'Timber' is a new chill mix for 2016. It includes some of the best chill, acoustic, and indie tracks from 2015, ranging from Oh Wonder, EDEN, and Stephen. Enjoy :)
    Track List Below...
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  • LookAtSmores
    LookAtSmores 3 years ago +32028

    Make sure to like it so that people can find the tracks with ease!
    0:00 Vallis Alps - Young
    5:15 Oh Wonder - Without You
    8:57 Lauv - Come Back Home
    12:17 The Eden Project - Times Like These
    17:00 Stephen - Fly Down
    20:06 Matt Woods -In The Dark
    23:43 Cape Cub - Keep Me In Mind
    26:56 Anders - I Wish (You Were Mine)
    30:17 Ghost Loft - So High
    32:56 Tom Redwood - I’ve Fallen For You
    35:57 Hollow Coves - The Woods
    39:52 Harrison Storm - Be Yourself
    43:40 Nick Leng - Inside Your Mind (feat. Carmody)
    47:55 Stonefox - Arrow
    52:55 Gallant - Weight In Gold
    55:42 Tenru - The Way She Moves
    58:54 Blackbear - Weak When Ur Around (Acoustic)
    There you are, folks :)

  • Сънни Тъпака

    Not chill with all the fucking adds

  • Sigmetツ
    Sigmetツ 4 days ago

    Fuck pub

  • Vector07
    Vector07 4 days ago

    so chill

  • gotdibz
    gotdibz 4 days ago

    Time forever favors the young

  • Prix HI
    Prix HI 4 days ago +1

    Thank you, bro! For awesome Mix.

  • Fabius Maximus
    Fabius Maximus 6 days ago

    always theese sad depression music , horrible

  • Lang mack
    Lang mack 7 days ago +5

    fu*k i love this chill mix

  • isamee
    isamee 7 days ago

    18:10 ~~~ !!!

  • Panda 1518
    Panda 1518 10 days ago


  • pumkin1234
    pumkin1234 11 days ago +1

    please make more of these

  • frank da Tank
    frank da Tank 12 days ago +1

    Stupid ads...

  • Camba Curioso
    Camba Curioso 12 days ago

    Amanezco escuchando esto es tan perfecto

  • Aleksandra Piróg
    Aleksandra Piróg 12 days ago +2

    I absolutely adore this mix! ♡

  • Anyone Can Cook
    Anyone Can Cook 13 days ago +2

    35:57 is my favorite of course! I've known this song for years!!

  • G Rover
    G Rover 13 days ago +3

    It's a trap! So much ads that it is actually impossible to chill out..i would call it a scam

    • Thegamecheats
      Thegamecheats 10 days ago

      ​@G Rover If you actually find a way to block youtube ads on mobile please let me know.

    • G Rover
      G Rover 12 days ago

      ​@deejaynomad it's a little bit trickier to make it work on mobile but it's the only solution i guess

    • deejaynomad
      deejaynomad 13 days ago

      use adblocker XD

  • christian paradinas navarro


  • Bao Bao
    Bao Bao 15 days ago

    Ayyo fuck you bitchs

  • gumikebbap
    gumikebbap 16 days ago

    5:15 Such a copy of "Young, wild and free" instrumental

  • Артем Троянов

    Good music

  • Роман Вобликов

    I thing first song is like from space !!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Oscar Ritzén
    Oscar Ritzén 18 days ago +2

    Is it allowed to use this music in a video im making or how is the copyright on this ?

  • Wallaby
    Wallaby 18 days ago

    too many ads

  • Benjamin Wallis
    Benjamin Wallis 19 days ago

    Study Time

  • Synthenist
    Synthenist 19 days ago

    I got depression after this

  • star anise
    star anise 20 days ago

    These adds are anything but chill

  • Javier P Salazar
    Javier P Salazar 20 days ago

    Dez sounds so gay...and so, I really like it ...so maybe I'm so........cool

  • dNip
    dNip 20 days ago

    isto é uma merda

  • Geo Weir
    Geo Weir 22 days ago +5

    Thanking you for some off your play list great chilling peace of mind love and happiness to all

  • SilentShadow
    SilentShadow 22 days ago +3

    Me:There is no chill mix that can relax you in 1 second
    Also me clicks on this mix:ZZZZZZZZZ

  • Skull Nt Skll
    Skull Nt Skll 24 days ago +3

    Oh yeah, i ned sonething like this to relax my brain, smoke some weed at study, thanks 🚴🏻‍♂️😌🚬

  • kelsey mcclain
    kelsey mcclain 27 days ago

    I still fell asleep to this every night

  • Julio César Gómez
    Julio César Gómez 28 days ago

    Está increíble éste mix hermano, GRACIAS!

  • rage boi
    rage boi Month ago +5

    Idk why but the first song really REALLY reminds me of the game Spore...
    just me?
    Ok cool

    • ZerdyCzech
      ZerdyCzech 29 days ago

      when i was a kid i love the game but my parents didnt want to buy it to me bcs in my country it cas pretty expensive and i was like 7 and i remember watching a ton of videos of spore and i absolutely loved it

  • Johan Ohlund
    Johan Ohlund Month ago

    Finding myself listening to this mix while reading a book in Chinese

  • * A G U S T i N *
    * A G U S T i N * Month ago


  • Fluffii Cactus
    Fluffii Cactus Month ago

    iss goiNG DOWN-

  • The Monte Phone
    The Monte Phone Month ago

    Can not chill w commercials.

  • Nassim Mekhalfa
    Nassim Mekhalfa Month ago +1

    why are the songs so sad man wtf

  • L E L A S
    L E L A S Month ago

    Pinches propagandas de youtube 😒😤

  • 9th Street Artworks

    Shitty track blending,

  • DaDuckyDe
    DaDuckyDe Month ago +7

    should've been called " Trail mix "

  • pricce said
    pricce said Month ago

    Finnally i dont have to close youtube on tv when som1 comes in if u know wut i mean

    AS KE VLOGS Month ago

    How we can use this music in our video?

  • ImJordiPower
    ImJordiPower Month ago +7

    This is perfect background Music for gaming ( Not pvp )

    • Mr Mapache
      Mr Mapache Month ago

      games like the snake :v thats exactly what im doing

    • Jussi
      Jussi Month ago +1

      Waiting for those lazy sunday mornings/afternoons farming and grinding classic World of Warcraft \,,/

  • Dark Zonko
    Dark Zonko Month ago


  • Mundi Odium
    Mundi Odium Month ago +1

    is this the so-called genre "Indietronica"?

  • Saumya S
    Saumya S Month ago +3

    My frnd recommended this to me for studying ..it helps ! Thnks ;)

  • Chill Melody
    Chill Melody Month ago

    good tracks !

  • Tiziano Candotti
    Tiziano Candotti Month ago

    Too many commercials man. Expecially on this kind of video.

  • Andrew Richardson
    Andrew Richardson Month ago

    Hi. Just wondering where you find these songs and how you avoid copyright issues

  • obxey
    obxey Month ago

    6th grade memories (:

  • Slowed Songs
    Slowed Songs Month ago

    wow this brings back so many memories

  • Porky
    Porky Month ago +1

    this the best music to play when you playing minecraft !

  • Slender Kitty playz

    Is this copyright

  • David Mckesey
    David Mckesey Month ago

    oh wonder. love it!

  • Dota Chris
    Dota Chris Month ago

    minute 23 song name pls

  • Night Walker
    Night Walker Month ago +1


  • Sulaja Suji
    Sulaja Suji Month ago

    32:50 what is that songe

  • いっそ'
    いっそ' Month ago