Historic Lakers-Pistons rivalry through the eyes of Chauncey Billups | NBA on ESPN

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Chauncey Billups details how the historic rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Detroit Pistons came to be and how it sets the stage for future matchups between the two franchises.
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Comments • 129

  • Shino Pe
    Shino Pe 4 months ago

    shes so hot

  • Big O
    Big O 6 months ago

    The rivalry has been dead since billups last title.

  • Paula Archuleta
    Paula Archuleta 7 months ago

    Lol- the ONLY rivalry the Lakers have are the Celtics!

  • Lionel Sheja
    Lionel Sheja 7 months ago

    Adrien Dantley was traded for McGuire.

  • Marco Ramirez
    Marco Ramirez 7 months ago +7

    Piston end both lakers dynasty's 😭😭

  • the award winning sports channel

    I love the lakers

  • Tulley Novielli
    Tulley Novielli 7 months ago

    I like that as well lol

  • Tulley Novielli
    Tulley Novielli 7 months ago

    Awesome video LA LAKERS

  • Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson 7 months ago

    I was to young to remember rivalry but I know it was a good one

  • Molly Qerim Rose
    Molly Qerim Rose 7 months ago +1

    The Lakers are still better than the pistons

  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj 7 months ago +1

    I love the lakers

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B 7 months ago

    I hated the pistons but I love when I laid that punch on bill laimbeer

  • McNetDeck
    McNetDeck 7 months ago +1

    I would finger Michelle's butthole

  • wrightterence680
    wrightterence680 7 months ago +3

    This is a great rivalry and rivalries don't exist in the NBA anymore

  • Dion R
    Dion R 7 months ago +2

    Bill Laimbeer represents how basketball is SUPPOSED to be played!

  • Trymex
    Trymex 7 months ago

    Lakers v Celtics was definitely more iconic
    From Wilt vs Bill in the 60’s to Magic vs Larry in the 80’s
    From Kobe vs KG in the early 2000’s to LeBron vs Kyrie now

  • Chris Diggs
    Chris Diggs 7 months ago +1

    Too bad y’all didn’t get the win last night 😜 let’s go Lakers!!

    • Chris Diggs
      Chris Diggs 7 months ago

      That1 PistonsFAN yeah I feel ya, I remember when I was in high school in the 90s there is a bunch of kids who were bulls fans even though we lived in LA County. I hated that because I stayed a Laker fan even when we sucked

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 7 months ago +1

      Chris Diggs oh ok I’m sorry I just see to many bandwagons out there for the lakers..

    • Chris Diggs
      Chris Diggs 7 months ago

      That1 PistonsFAN I’ve been a Lakers fan since I was a kid

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 7 months ago

      Too bad I ain’t a bandwagon

  • Toeasy 11
    Toeasy 11 7 months ago +2

    Chausey look smacked

  • Russell Stewart
    Russell Stewart 7 months ago +1

    We got to get better if we want to get to the playoffs and win a championship go pistons😊😁

  • Xalpha23
    Xalpha23 7 months ago +2

    Billups was only 10-12 years old when these teams were rivals. Not exactly an account that should be held in high regard.

  • owner owner
    owner owner 7 months ago

    First Take Full Recap Commercial Free
    1/10/19 Watch Video

  • Michael Dailey
    Michael Dailey 7 months ago

    Whoaaa he really kissed him tho SUUUUUUS!!

  • SuperiorWare
    SuperiorWare 7 months ago +5

    After that the pistons did what? Lakers cotinued to goto playoffs after that. Lakers ran the nba from 2000- 2010 facts.

    • da_jeezuss
      da_jeezuss 7 months ago +4

      6 consecutive eastern conference finals. They were the team to beat in the eastern conference for over half a decade. 🤣facts🤣

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 7 months ago

      The pistons just turned into a bad team in 2008..

    • I stay getting hoed
      I stay getting hoed 7 months ago

      @superiorware lakers never won a title whenever they had to face detroit in the finals

  • Dirt McGert313
    Dirt McGert313 7 months ago +21

    Wasn’t Detroit’s starting lineup a starting lineup for the all star game?

    • son goku
      son goku 7 months ago

      @Jason Menso google is the key .

    • Jason Menso
      Jason Menso 7 months ago

      No, they had 4 all-stars. It was the Pistons + Paul Pierce

    • son goku
      son goku 7 months ago +3

      it was on 2006 when 4 of them become all stars at the same time and all of them were reserves

    • son goku
      son goku 7 months ago +4

      would you believe me if i tell you that only Big Ben made the all star team that year?

  • The Fit Gamer
    The Fit Gamer 7 months ago +1


    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 7 months ago

      GruntMasher117 lol you got served sir

    • The Fit Gamer
      The Fit Gamer 7 months ago +1

      @Roman Avila everybody lose I'm not a bandwagoner like you probably are so put your helmet back on and go sit in your corner

    • Roman Avila
      Roman Avila 7 months ago

      Y’all lost last night; chill

  • KGC 25
    KGC 25 7 months ago +39

    1:42 Pistons would’ve 3-peated if it weren’t for that awful foul call SMH

    • JayDon Wil
      JayDon Wil 2 months ago

      @Skip 2 My Lou you sound like the worlds biggest pussy

    • da_jeezuss
      da_jeezuss 7 months ago +1

      @Skip 2 My Lou they were not dirty at all. They played the same way every other contending team did in an era with no flagrant fouls. If you wanted to score in the paint, then you had better be ready to get hurt. Im glad they changed the rules though. Things were totally out of control.

    • David Ellis
      David Ellis 7 months ago +5

      @frederick ifill Laimbeer did not foul Abdul-Jabarr .

    • frederick ifill
      frederick ifill 7 months ago +2

      KGC 25 Facts

    • Skip 2 My Lou
      Skip 2 My Lou 7 months ago +1

      pistons were a dirty ass team. They deserved to lose the way they did. Also the next year when they swept the lakers, the lakers weren't even healthy...

  • OdyGang
    OdyGang 7 months ago +1

    I mean im not even a chauncey fan, they won the chip back in 2004 because it was literally the worst era in terms of talent

    • William Fortson
      William Fortson 7 months ago

      @Trymex exactly bro

    • Trymex
      Trymex 7 months ago +2

      What? KG, Timmy, AI, Kobe, Shaq, T-Mac, Vince Carter, LeBron James, D-Wade like c’mon bruh the 2000’s was oozing with talent

    • Idfwuh Idfwuh
      Idfwuh Idfwuh 7 months ago +1

      Dirty Bubble You must be 2000s baby nobody in the league can fuck with players like Kobe iverson Tracy mcgrady early lebron Steve Nash manu tony Parker young carmelo Tim Duncan Shaq??? Shut the fuck up

    • William Fortson
      William Fortson 7 months ago +1

      You sound dumb af

    • Dirt McGert313
      Dirt McGert313 7 months ago +3

      OdyGang shut the fuck up forever, quit acting like you know what youre talking about because you sound dumb

  • Jason Futrell
    Jason Futrell 7 months ago +2

    The only rivalries of the past decade where LeBron Vs Boston Cavs Warriors Heat Spurs Heat Pacers Warriors Clippers warriors rockets thunder spurs and I guess we can count Phily and Boston for 2 years? I guess raptor Cavs too yea there are rivalries but most of the time they over looked by the media as they usually care about individual players more than teams

    • Kushy
      Kushy 5 months ago

      Boiiiiiiiiiiiiii he think this soft ass era there's rivalries. Only legit one from this era is Lakers vs Celtics. All the others are not rivials at all.

    • TheRedemptionRain
      TheRedemptionRain 7 months ago +2

      Jason Futrell those aren’t rivalries lol

  • Micheal Justus
    Micheal Justus 7 months ago +3

    Another 1 sided rivalry, do you actually think the lakers thought of the pistons as rivals 😂😂

    • Dirt McGert313
      Dirt McGert313 7 months ago

      Samurai Jack i dont think nba teams do that whole smoke shit bcuz its just basketball but when you go back and watch the 3 finals they met in there was a genuine dislike for each other on both sides, whether you wanna call it a rivalry or not thats up to you but the fact remains when they met in the finals the pistons had better teams and shut the lakers up.

    • Samurai Jack
      Samurai Jack 7 months ago +1

      Dirt McGert313 I think he's talking about the 2004 Finals and present day. The Lakers and pistons weren't rivals or had smoke then or now if we being honest

    • Dirt McGert313
      Dirt McGert313 7 months ago +6

      Micheal Justus 2-1 is one sided?

  • Peezy
    Peezy 7 months ago +7

    2004 was the perfect storm for the Pistons, the Lakers were falling apart at the seams. Karl Malone also got hurt and they were starting Slava Medvedenko. Now, do I think the better team won? I'm not sure. Lakers beat the spurs the series before and the spurs beat the pistons the following year. Pistons were at the right place at the right time. It was a great collective team effort for sure.

    • Dion R
      Dion R 7 months ago +3

      The team that actually *played like a team and acted like a team* won.

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 7 months ago +14

    The late 80's Pistons were the one & only bad boys ! Old school hoops , never to be seen again !

    • da_jeezuss
      da_jeezuss 7 months ago

      Only team with winning playoff records against magic&kareem, bird and jordan. The Bad Boys are right up there with the greatest teams of all time.

    • David Ellis
      David Ellis 7 months ago +1

      @Ivan Cruz Thank You for pointing out my mistake. 😎

    • Dion R
      Dion R 7 months ago +1

      The Bad Boys played during an era when NBA players played like MEN! We need to go back to that style of basketball!

    • Ivan Cruz
      Ivan Cruz 7 months ago +1

      David Ellis scene? 😓

  • **
    ** 7 months ago +21

    Lakers-Celtics ultimate rivalry.

    • Ryan Semrau
      Ryan Semrau 5 months ago +1

      Yeah that’s not what my main man Chauncey was talking about. It is true that they prolly had the best but I do know the bad boys clowned on both of them to end the dynasties. Bad boys forever

    • Every Monday
      Every Monday 7 months ago

      Celtics New York

    • Metro Tmobil
      Metro Tmobil 7 months ago +7

      Y'all bitches always hating on Detroit Detroit vs everybody

  • Mixamaka
    Mixamaka 7 months ago +20

    Kevin Durant ruined the nba.

  • Jan-Michael Vincent
    Jan-Michael Vincent 7 months ago +7

    It used to be a rivalry it's not anymore the Pistons are trash

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 7 months ago

      Steven Lee so are the bulls and lakers.. lmao

    • Snvgs all
      Snvgs all 7 months ago

      In 2017-18 the lakers without lebron were only 4 loses away from a pistons team with Blake and Andre your lebron comment makes no sense 😂

    • I stay getting hoed
      I stay getting hoed 7 months ago

      Steven Lee take lebron away from the lakers and what do you have? A sorry trash lakers team at the bottom of the west. Facts

    • The Jerk
      The Jerk 7 months ago

      They've made the playoffs more recently than the Lakers. The Lakers have been possibly the worst team in the league since around 2014. If they wouldn't have recruited LeBron James with a giant pile of money they would still be terrible.

    • Alexander Adonyae
      Alexander Adonyae 7 months ago

      Im from Detroit and i agree

  • God pigeon
    God pigeon 7 months ago +15

    Every team thinks they have a rivalry with the Lakers

    • Kushy
      Kushy 5 months ago

      @I stay getting hoed Save our franchise???? LMFAO Lakers got 16 rings even if we're on idle mode were still relevant, that's why ya'll hate us Laker fans cause ya'll anit spoiled and your team will never be like the Lakers lmao

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 7 months ago

      God pigeon the pistons and lakers do you moron learn your history...

    • I stay getting hoed
      I stay getting hoed 7 months ago

      God pigeon naw the lakers always think they have a rivalry with all the other teams yall needed lebron to come save yalls franchise

    • Dion R
      Dion R 7 months ago

      When David Stern says his dream Finals is "Lakers vs Lakers", every other team DOES have a rivalry with the Lakers.

    • RajOfColumbus
      RajOfColumbus 7 months ago +1

      @Setting The Hook not much history other than rare finals appearances, I wouldn't call that a rivalry.

  • Rambo Luib
    Rambo Luib 7 months ago +21

    That 04 Pistons team is one of my all time favorite team next to the 90's Bulls.

  • MrGenexxx
    MrGenexxx 7 months ago +74

    We probably never going to see rivalries like that again. Thanks to LeFriend.

    • Skip 2 My Lou
      Skip 2 My Lou 7 months ago

      @J Black ru-clip.com/video/Sw0BPrS66SY/video.html

    • J Black
      J Black 7 months ago

      @Skip 2 My Lou it wasnt cause of silver. The league signed a big deal so they had no choice but to give the players a piece. Silver aint do shit

    • K A
      K A 7 months ago

      Fuck outta here. If this rivalry constitutes as a "great rivalry" then Cavs vs Warriors was absolutely a rivalry! That literally ended last year.

    • Skip 2 My Lou
      Skip 2 My Lou 7 months ago

      @Cletus Spuckler i dont know man... the cavs were up by like 20 before the bench came in game 5. Draymond ain't gonna magically change the outcome of a blowout game cause in the next game, the cavs still blew out the warriors AGAIN *WITH* draymond. Draymond *donkey* green is an idiot and the suspension was well deserved for constantly hitting people in the nuts all playoffs long... Warriors had game 6 and 7 with everybody on their team except bogut. Lebron had NO kyrie and NO kevin love in 2015 and still took warriors 6 games. So if you say warriors were cheated out of winning in 2016 then you have to say the same about the cavs in 2015... And as for durant joining... none of us know what would have happened if warriors lost. Its all hypothetical. But durant said himself that he joined cause he knew how much easier the game would be for him.

  • Edward Kim
    Edward Kim 7 months ago +5

    wow 3 vs 16. What a rivalry......... just makes me laugh.

    • Edward Kim
      Edward Kim 7 months ago

      @Russell C L A M P B R O O K Be happy with 3. Seems like it will stay that way for another 20 to 40 years.

    • Dirt McGert313
      Dirt McGert313 7 months ago

      The Jerk 👎

    • Dirt McGert313
      Dirt McGert313 7 months ago

      GruntMasher117 Detroit Red Wings

    • The Jerk
      The Jerk 7 months ago

      @Dirt McGert313 Sorry to burst your bubble. There is no such thing as the tooth ferry by the way just a shady guy named Danny Ferry.

    • Roman Avila
      Roman Avila 7 months ago

      Russell C L A M P B R O O K where’s the other 13 championships XD gtfoh

  • Carolina Howard
    Carolina Howard 7 months ago +6

    Lakers baby 💋

    • Sovereign
      Sovereign 7 months ago

      @Dion R Fuck you too discount Ted Nugent 🖕 Showtime is back!
      @Carolina Howard You my bae 💜💛 Let's go Lakers!!

    • Dion R
      Dion R 7 months ago +1

      Fuck the Lakers!

  • Hutton Walters
    Hutton Walters 7 months ago


  • Slick Ric
    Slick Ric 7 months ago +7

    Isiah Thomas was a better player than Magic Johnson

    • Mike Watkins Jr
      Mike Watkins Jr 7 months ago

      STATS DONT LIE j stock never won rings can’t say he’s better

    • Dion R
      Dion R 7 months ago

      @STATS DONT LIE Derek Fisher is better than John Stockton

      STATS DONT LIE 7 months ago +2

      I.THOMAS was the 3rd best PG in the LEAGUE after MAGIC and J.STOCK...

    • Ivan Cruz
      Ivan Cruz 7 months ago


    • d b
      d b 7 months ago +4

      JD 1 foh lol. Zeke a dog tho but magic magic

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez 7 months ago

    Third lol

  • Moboluwarin Ayeye
    Moboluwarin Ayeye 7 months ago +14

    zeke was a baddddddddd mmaaannnnn

    • thsu8
      thsu8 7 months ago

      @Mike Watkins Jr like all-time players.

    • Mike Watkins Jr
      Mike Watkins Jr 7 months ago

      thsu8 like all time PGs? I would go further and argue top 5

    • thsu8
      thsu8 7 months ago

      If Isiah and Steph Curry aren't in your all-time Top 8, you don't understand basketball.

  • Gigi Orro
    Gigi Orro 7 months ago +1