Kosovo - It's Kosov-O ❗

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
  • With love from Serbia!!

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  • Mr. Dejolli
    Mr. Dejolli 22 days ago


  • Julio César
    Julio César 2 months ago

    Kosovo is Serbia. Fuck America terrorists

  • Beli chelsea Fc
    Beli chelsea Fc 3 months ago

    kosovo is republic

  • toli gashi
    toli gashi 4 months ago

    Pusite kurac shkavelli

  • OB3J YT
    OB3J YT 4 months ago

    Familien e Shkieve jau qifsha me gjith Graham e me krejt qa keni Po ju far e flliqt ishit kan bre zoti ju vraft

  • miranda 1
    miranda 1 4 months ago +2


  • Life Lover
    Life Lover 5 months ago

    You should go and make a video in Novi Pazar. Or Bujanovac. Hurry up, soon they will ask for independence too.

  • teemii
    teemii 5 months ago


  • Shqiptar
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  • Dit Cara
    Dit Cara 6 months ago

    Mama faka u got fucked in 1999

  • Ivan Radovanović
    Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago

    Поздрав за целу екипу!Косово је срце Србије!

  • Iphgene brawl stars
    Iphgene brawl stars 6 months ago

    Ich sehe nur Dummheit.

  • Predrag Bubalo
    Predrag Bubalo 6 months ago +1

    Thanks Graham!

  • The Truth
    The Truth 6 months ago

    Attack Slovenia - lose
    Attack Croatia - lose
    Attack Bosnia - lose
    Attack Kosova - lose
    Montenegro separates
    What a great fuckin country haha. And now that you ain’t got shit and NATO took care of you, you’re butthurt, poor bastards.

  • R U S L A N
    R U S L A N 6 months ago +2

    Косово это Сербия!!!!

  • Eduard Zimmermann
    Eduard Zimmermann 6 months ago +1

    Never forget reçak massacer and sbrenica! Thank you nato thank you usa Germany England

  • user17648373727
    user17648373727 6 months ago +2

    It’s Kosova because in Albanian it is Kosova and not Kosovo it’s like we say Peja but serbs and Montenegrins say Peć. So since most of the people in Kosovo are Albanians and the majority of the people speak and understand Albanian it should be in Albanian. I understand if they say that in their own language but The real name of Kosovo is Republika e Kosovës and for Albania it is Shqipëria.

    • user17648373727
      user17648373727 4 months ago

      Ivan Radovanović then why we call it Republika Kosoves in albanian or Kosova? Because it’s albanian land and the name should be said as in albanian and not serbian

    • Ivan Radovanović
      Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago

      Very wrong my friend, you can find name Kosovo all over the Slavs country's, Google it;)And try to Google "ancient Albania " so you can learn from where you people came from;)should Turks wood try to Make they own Republic in Germany ,there 3milion Turks over there!?greetz from Belgrade

  • Dit Cara
    Dit Cara 6 months ago +1


  • Dit Cara
    Dit Cara 6 months ago

    Kosova is Albanian u mother fuckers

  • Alba1970
    Alba1970 6 months ago

    Kosovo will always be Serbian land ... greeting from Ala-Pa (Scotland)

  • Juris S.
    Juris S. 6 months ago +2

    Huge Respect to you Graham! I wish that millions of british and american and rest of the world people start watching your videos and subscribe!

  • E AA
    E AA 6 months ago


  • Charles Cather
    Charles Cather 6 months ago +1

    Hey, Graham I’m from Canada and was wondering if I could meet up with you sometime. I’m at the moment visiting my buddies in Belgrade, but my question is how safe is to visit Kosovo or at least some parts of it? I’m gonna be in Belgrade for another week or so and I’m having awesome time. Lots of grilled food and lots of Serbian specialties, nice people and excellent hospitality which make me think to move over here. Let me know if you’re interested in meeting up with me and my Serbian buddies. Thanks.

  • Nolii
    Nolii 6 months ago +3

    Why all you talk about is kosovo?😂

  • Lilia Gambrill
    Lilia Gambrill 6 months ago

    Лексусу нижайший поклон!

  • Александр Тимофеев

    Откуда там Алексей?? ))))

  • Ervin Haxhiaj
    Ervin Haxhiaj 6 months ago

    Blue is for milk...🍷🍾

  • Emiliano Zapata
    Emiliano Zapata 6 months ago +1

    Hoce nasu zemlju? E pa dobice je,puna usta ce je dobiti,dok se ne ugusi u njoj,i ne zakrklja u smrtnom ropcu.

  • Granit Elezaj
    Granit Elezaj 6 months ago


  • Granit Elezaj
    Granit Elezaj 6 months ago +1

    Kosovo is Albaniaaaaa🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Ненад Јовановић

    Тако је царе, Косово и Метохија.

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 6 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 ode i Škotska i Wales pa čete imati jos šta snimati...posla nikad dosta

  • Elma Queen
    Elma Queen 6 months ago

    Fuck all serbians ahahhaahha he is serb and russian ahahhahahaha serbia and russia pay you to do these videos bitch

  • Aleksandar Tomić
    Aleksandar Tomić 6 months ago +1

    Kosovo serbia

  • Sudija Sudija
    Sudija Sudija 6 months ago +2


  • Бојан Bojan Бабовић Babović

    Srpkinjica Jedna Mala - One Little Serbian Girl is the name of the song.
    Entire Balkan is tied to KОСОВО !
    Covered with SERBIAN bones.
    Wherever our bones are, IT IS SERBIA !
    When you cut yourself off from Ancestors, you basically kill core identity of particular group of people, living them in mud and low vibrations of existence... Which is being done to Serbs for 100+ years. Ancestors are there to guide you, to keep you on your Path to Truth and Light, which are main principles of Serbian existence, along with Freedom... Ancestors are your bond to higher echelons of Spirit world, to Angels and Archangels... With them and FASTING you remain ALIVE in God, God-like...
    According to documents from 1860s of some demographic researchers, there was 7 000 000 of Serbs in entire Balkan, with highest birth rate in Europe at that time... There was very small difference in numbers in comparison with Brits, for example... Only in today's ''Croatia'' there was about 1 700 000 ORTHODOX SERBS... Today, there is 7 000 000 of so-called ''Serbs'' still and number is rapidly shrinking... Why so-called??? Because, today's ''Serbs'' are going to sell the Ancestors and all the concepts, millennia of history, faith, culture and fighting for just cause... for not so big a fee...
    Today's Serbs are result of this *Kafka's Process* that we were under for centuries... We are still being punished for ever freeing ourselves from the clutches of savage and primitive Turks, not to speak of heroic battles, struggle and VICTORY in ww1 with breaking of Thessaloniki front line and heroic General Draža Mihailović and his CHETNIKS who were the first to fight Hitler in ww2...
    Serbs are not allowed to have the only thing that we strive for: FREEDOM. Freedom of being ourselves on our own... We never wanted or needed that which isn't ours.

    Who is punishing us? Well, those who don't want FREEDOM for anybody. The English Thalassocratic Seafaring Empire... Rule of the Water and not the Land... They have Flooded the Lands with waters and CURRENCIES, river BANKS and money, the LIQUID asset...
    Who was the number 1 geostrategic ally of English Empire? Turkish Empire... Lawrence of Arabia and that crap... That is why Serbs are being punished and Ottoman Empire being returned to Europe with this new neo-Osmanism... Mossad, MI6, CIA Osmanism... That is why Austro-Hungary and English have created *6 nations* out of Serbs... Frankenstein nations, all with installed computer program to hate Serbs until there is none left...
    Right after our one and only respect-worthy politician of the 20th century Milovan Milovanović have made pact with rest of the Balkan nations to push Turks from our Fatherland once and for all, which was achieved heroically in Balkan Liberation wars 1912-1913, *WITH NO HELP WHATSOEVER!* the English have stated and i will paraphrase it: ''we cannot allow this to happen, they will create an Orthodox Empire in the Balkans, which is going to be disgrace for our civilization...'' We have freed KОСОВО in those wars and English threatened us with war if ever come near ''Albania'' and SKADAR.... Skadar was Serbian capitol for 1000+ years, FYI...
    That is why long-term policy of pushing Serbs as far as possible from the seas have been made, with creating of nations out of groups of people, who never existed before as cohesive ethnic group with one group identity and language, such as ''Albanians''... i prefer to call them Anal-Bananians...
    All such nations are little by little stealing Serbian history, culture and language, because *there is no other in the Balkans!* Do tell, how many versions of English language exist in the world???... You folks can't even understand each other, but it is still being called English all over the planet...
    Do you know that English is just a dialect of Serbian or should i say Slavic languages? With thousands of Serbian words in it... i will give only one and the most beautiful example:
    CHILD - Serbian word ЧЕЉАДЕ ČELJADE... of the same meaning...
    Serbia will be Great or no other...

  • miki muhadri
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    • lazar lazovic
      lazar lazovic 6 months ago

      Xaxa vidis kako je lepa Srbija 🇷🇸

  • brobribrubra wwv
    brobribrubra wwv 6 months ago

    Enjoy ru-clip.com/video/TbbhnMcp0YA/video.html

  • D J
    D J 6 months ago +2


  • Bosnjak Sandzak u srcu i dusi

    From Republic Sandzak
    Love Kosovo Brohters,God bless Albanian and Bosnian.

  • Bosnjak Sandzak u srcu i dusi


  • Алексий Сергеич

    Гриня привет дружище, как относишься к такому блогерству ru-clip.com/video/MqujYrLSv_o/video.html было бы интересно посмотреть вашу беседу с Мишей, или Сашей с Четвёртого измерения ru-clip.com/channel/UCBib7VECdirhhDN4AlS3ueA

  • Mr Berisha
    Mr Berisha 6 months ago

    Why you always hang from albanians dick watch your business and leave us alone otherwise we will find you and you will be done

  • Nummer 1
    Nummer 1 6 months ago +6

    Mrš u picku materina KOSOVA is Independent state

  • Nummer 1
    Nummer 1 6 months ago +6


    • Sasa Babic
      Sasa Babic 5 months ago +1

      Косово и Метохија, неодвојиви дио Србије!!!!!!

    • Nummer 1
      Nummer 1 6 months ago

      Srbija Srbija where who how?😂😂😂😂

    • Srbija Srbija
      Srbija Srbija 6 months ago +5

      🖕🖕🖕 KOSOVO 🇷🇸SRBIJA

  • Ivica Martinoski
    Ivica Martinoski 6 months ago +2

    Graham and Nigel Farage for prime minister of England.

  • Н Е
    Н Е 6 months ago +2

    Грэм, красава! Бог в помощь!🙏🙏🙏

  • Der Albaner
    Der Albaner 6 months ago +5

    Kosova je albania

  • Luka Popovic
    Luka Popovic 6 months ago +9


      КОСОВО ЈЕ АЛБАНИЈА 2 months ago

      Luka Popovic
      Belgrade is rightfully and historically Albanian

    • Luka Popovic
      Luka Popovic 6 months ago +2

      @Mr Berisha Serbia has overcome all the world's empires.You, your sons and grandchildren will surely go to the grave before a just one reasonably normal man thinks that this may happen.Let your jealousy eat your alive loser, Serbia is a sovereign state member of the United Nations. Who are you? Nato project? You will end up as Taliban, you are all the same terrorist sons of a bitch!

    • Mr Berisha
      Mr Berisha 6 months ago +1

      If so Serbia is dead

  • patrikberger15
    patrikberger15 6 months ago +6

    Так Гриша! молодец ты большой)
    Kosovo i Metohija

  • Florim Pepaj
    Florim Pepaj 6 months ago

    !! It's Kosov-A ! ! A must watch RU-clip clip ru-clip.com/video/jnV9YimZrpI/video.html . Don't fall for this Graham Phillips propaganda, he's nothing more than a pathetic individual.

  • drenii009
    drenii009 6 months ago

    Fuck serbia&russia LOVE KOSOVA&ALBANIAN&USA4EVER

  • Олександр Багдасарян

    Лысый пидор

  • Владимир Челпанов

    Косово-Сербия, Крым -Россия!!!!!!

  • Mentor Raçi
    Mentor Raçi 6 months ago

    Trtin ejti najn 😂😂😂

  • Mentor Raçi
    Mentor Raçi 6 months ago +5

    You can only dream of entering Republic of Kosovo again in the next 10 years

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 6 months ago +1

      @Lifecoach MGTOW i said entering for the second time

  • eyeschoper
    eyeschoper 6 months ago +3

    look for Al Qaeda in Bosnia. Alija Izetbegovic gave them Bosnian passports...

  • shpejtim telaku
    shpejtim telaku 6 months ago

    Fuck all serbia

  • shpejtim telaku
    shpejtim telaku 6 months ago +5


  • ΔΜΨR
    ΔΜΨR 6 months ago

    Это же Лексус, еле узнал. Как вы оказались вместе?