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'Serious injuries' after gas explosion at service station in Ireland

  • Published on Oct 6, 2022
  • There are reports of serious injuries after what is believed to have been a gas explosion at a service station in Ireland.
    Ambulance crews, a Coast Guard helicopter and Coast Guard team are among those at the Applegreen service station on the outskirts of Creeslough, Co Donegal.
    Councillor John O'Donnell told Sky News: "It's a very serious incident. I know there have been serious injuries, and it's just a very sad incident."
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Comments • 303

  • Doreen Hollywood
    Doreen Hollywood Month ago +48

    Sorry to hear about this tragedy. Sending love from Scotland to all the families and friends of the injured

    • Atheist2Islam
      Atheist2Islam Month ago +7

      ​@double slit strange and rude comment

    • Bonzolo 23
      Bonzolo 23 Month ago +6

      @double slit did she say it was going to?

    • double slit
      double slit Month ago

      That's not gonna bring back the dead...deal with it

  • allan thorpe
    allan thorpe Month ago +16

    Such a terrible tragedy, Our thoughts and prayers are with our Irish cousins 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇨🇮

    • Darz K.
      Darz K. Month ago +2

      ..and those of The Ivory Coast?!

  • Chris Barrett
    Chris Barrett Month ago +80

    Scary stuff. Best wishes to all affected and injured.

  • Louise Nolan Hehir
    Louise Nolan Hehir Month ago +9

    I went there 3 months ago, everyone there was so nice, such a shame 😔

  • Kevin Sullivan
    Kevin Sullivan Month ago +51

    Prayers and thoughts with all those affected by this explosion

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      I drank the milk in your fridge.

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke Month ago

      Meaningless nonsense for attention via likes from meaningless strangers.

  • Gerald Findon
    Gerald Findon Month ago +26

    7 dead and many missing, rest in Peace to all those poor souls . Love from Co' Armagh 🇮🇪

    • KeN
      KeN Month ago +2

      @David Edwards why would they

    • David Edwards
      David Edwards Month ago +1

      @xl Kougat lx not the time for what? telling the truth.

    • xl Kougat lx
      xl Kougat lx Month ago +3

      @David Edwards not the time

    • David Edwards
      David Edwards Month ago

      It's a wonder they didn't blame it on brexit.

    • KeN
      KeN Month ago +1

      Pure tragic

  • SassySam
    SassySam Month ago +34

    People have lost their lives and yet some in the comments think it’s ok to write pathetic nonsense!
    Condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and a speedy recovery to those who are injured.

    • Caithimhjoe 21
      Caithimhjoe 21 14 days ago

      Yea, but i see the Government are being ever so generous now, eh. Makes ye wonder.... They cause the tragedy and then show themselves as a caring government.

    • allan thorpe
      allan thorpe Month ago +4

      These mouthy cowards hide behind a screen they have no guts just contempt. RIP to all the dead here, very sad 🇬🇧🇨🇮

    • double slit
      double slit Month ago


    • paul o
      paul o Month ago


    • Harry
      Harry Month ago +4

      'God' ain't goin help here mate

  • E Clark
    E Clark Month ago +39

    Shocking Speedy recovery to all the injured Best wishes to them Their family and friends

  • Oisín Butler
    Oisín Butler Month ago +46

    R.I.P to those who died

  • descendingforth
    descendingforth Month ago +24

    This is absolutely tragic!

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      I drank the milk in your fridge.

  • Haris J
    Haris J Month ago +6

    shocking.recovery to all injured and best wishes to all them families and friends.

  • Staffy
    Staffy Month ago +2

    So very sorry for the families....

  • james bradshaw
    james bradshaw Month ago +46

    I pray that nobody was killed and that the injured make quick recovery back to good health

    • JA123
      JA123 Month ago

      @Augmented Thunder Time and a place for those comments.

    • brilafable
      brilafable Month ago


    • Augmented Thunder
      Augmented Thunder Month ago +1

      @J.C Gallagher Praying is no help. Stop talking to yourself and grow up.

    • J.C Gallagher
      J.C Gallagher Month ago +2

      @Augmented Thunder And your brilliant comment is a great help. Grow up.

    • james bradshaw
      james bradshaw Month ago

      @Thomas McInerney Very sorry to hear this sad news, We offer our prayers to all the people caught up in this tragedy

  • fatimah Rafiq
    fatimah Rafiq Month ago +5

    oh my god hope that they are ok

    • Sir Klopp
      Sir Klopp Month ago +3

      Sadly 3 people have died and more are trapped in the rubble

  • The Highway Cowboy
    The Highway Cowboy Month ago +3

    9 confirmed fatalities now. My thoughts and prayers to all affected ❤️

  • Michael D.
    Michael D. Month ago +2

    Rest in peace ❤

  • Mick Dunne Night owls paranormal  mod

    How awful so sad 😞

  • Andrew Pepper
    Andrew Pepper Month ago +3

    Whatever the cause of this and the circumstances surrounding it - which I'm sure people will be only too happy to comment on whether they know anything or not - my sympathies to those who lost one of the people killed

  • Dawn Finch
    Dawn Finch Month ago

    My thoughts with all affected 🙏🙏

  • Nikki O'Shea
    Nikki O'Shea Month ago +14

    Hope no one is injured 🙏💜

    • Bethany
      Bethany Month ago +4

      10 people died

    • Harry
      Harry Month ago

      @J.C Gallagher ok well they're not injured they dead.. still all good

    • J.C Gallagher
      J.C Gallagher Month ago +2

      @Harry 9 confirmed dead. So I'd say it's not "all good".

    • MrJoecool9999
      MrJoecool9999 Month ago +2

      7 confirmed dead this morning

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago +1

      @Harry not all good, 3 dead and most likely a few more unfortunately

  • Mick Dunne Night owls paranormal  mod

    RIP 🙏 to the 3 people who passed away my deepest condolences 🙏 to their family's and friends at is horrifically tragic 😥 time

  • The Report 60
    The Report 60 Month ago +6

    Tragic. I hope everyone gets well soon. Isn't there any video?

  • The_Diamondback_Turtle
    The_Diamondback_Turtle Month ago +13

    mad to think I went into that Apple green just 2 weeks ago, scary stuff

    • The_Diamondback_Turtle
      The_Diamondback_Turtle Month ago +1

      @Nobody special I know while expensive

    • Nobody special
      Nobody special Month ago +3

      I bet the price of petrol blew your mind, so your not completely unscathed, my prayers are with your wallet and thoughts with your energy bills 😔

  • TCBC moto
    TCBC moto Month ago +2

    God rest them terrible sad !! God help there poor families 🙏

  • Valerie Bowden
    Valerie Bowden Month ago +1

    My ❤goes out to all affected please God let all be safe Valerie Bowden. Bless

  • Brandon Bread
    Brandon Bread Month ago +5

    To think there was probably a guy at that apple green 15 minutes before it happened, and he or she had left, they will have a story to tell for life

    • maniac records
      maniac records Month ago +2

      I was in the store the day before staying over in the town, left about 4 hours before it happened

  • 2sluts
    2sluts Month ago +6

    This won't be the last disaster at applegreen service stations. They have absolutely no regard for health and safety

    • Black Flies Splatter
      Black Flies Splatter Month ago +2

      Even if that's true (applegreen and no regard for health and safety) it wasn't anything to do with them or their forecourt. It was the apartment above with a suspected gas leak.

  • Mudabbir Khan
    Mudabbir Khan Month ago +12

    May the almighty keep all safe

  • Angelo B Koljenovic

    Hoping people are okay

  • Mr Coiganable
    Mr Coiganable Month ago +10

    Get well soon x

  • max factor
    max factor Month ago


  • Matthew Bowler
    Matthew Bowler Month ago +3

    I hope everyone is OK 🆗

    • jaiden
      jaiden Month ago +1

      10 dead

    • Michael Kinnear
      Michael Kinnear Month ago +2

      Sadly 10 people now been confirmed dead with search and rescue status has turned to search and recovery as the emergency teams at the scene aren't hopeful for any more survivors. Unfortunately the death toll is expected to rise as the day goes on.

    • Denise Roper
      Denise Roper Month ago +2

      Reports of three people losing their lives. RIP

    • Axel roulston
      Axel roulston Month ago +2

      emmm no

  • gill owens
    gill owens Month ago +3

    That is horrible

  • Conor Ryan
    Conor Ryan Month ago +6

    Luckily the pumps weren't blown up and a fire or it would have been alot worse

    • Dark Quintet
      Dark Quintet Month ago

      Ahh right, so we can still get petrol then. Brilliant

  • T-REX
    T-REX Month ago +3


  • Goblue
    Goblue Month ago +1

    Everything is going wrong

  • Silver Blood
    Silver Blood Month ago

    Condolences to all. Im not sure why but I find the thumbnail with the garage slogan just dark humor in this situation...

  • Absolute Muppet
    Absolute Muppet Month ago +3

    at least 3 dead so far and more trapped.

  • MrJoecool9999
    MrJoecool9999 Month ago +2

    Gardai confirm 7 now dead so far - on RTE at 8:00am this morning - only 7 miles from me - very sad....!

  • SB
    SB Month ago

    Good job ❤

  • Penny Dreadful
    Penny Dreadful Month ago +2

    Very sorry for loss of life but think we will see more of this as people try fiddle the gas meters due to extortionate bills .
    Hope I’m wrong !

  • Aoife D
    Aoife D Month ago +4

    At least 3 dead😥

    • Aoife D
      Aoife D Month ago

      @jaiden Yes I saw that, it's just horrific

    • jaiden
      jaiden Month ago

      10 now

  • bijoy
    bijoy Month ago +3


  • Norman Russell
    Norman Russell Month ago

    There are several safety features at petrol stations, so what caused it?

    • siogbeagbideach
      siogbeagbideach Month ago +1

      It's said to be a gas explosion, occured in the apartment behind the petrol station

    • Dark Quintet
      Dark Quintet Month ago +1

      Rumours rampant it was a foul fart that set it off

  • Speer! - Spear!
    Speer! - Spear! Month ago +2

    I watched day before yesterday Stephen King's Christine. In this horror movie a self driving red Plymouth is on fire after crashing a gasoline station.

    • Dark Quintet
      Dark Quintet Month ago

      Well there ye have, close investigation...fkn car done it. Probably couldn't take having that thing stuck in it again ... NO means no!

  • Kerrie Coll
    Kerrie Coll Month ago

    I'm sorry Terrible what happened love thoes from Donegal

  • I’m not invisible!

    Russia's fault!

  • Mr Blonde
    Mr Blonde Month ago

    Brings back memories of my time there in the late 80/90/00’s I hope it’s not kicking off again

    • Harley
      Harley Month ago

      Behave - Moron

    • Black Flies Splatter
      Black Flies Splatter Month ago +1

      @The FIRST milk There's a whole island of Britain across the sea. I heard even the royal family live there and all the British PMs past and present. Maybe take your Britishness that way 🤔

    • Bethany
      Bethany Month ago

      It's not it was a gas explosion from upstairs, plus it's letterkenny usually it's from places much closer to the border

    • Dark Quintet
      Dark Quintet Month ago

      @Henry Daly ohh fk him

    • The FIRST milk
      The FIRST milk Month ago +1

      @Virmana yus

  • Boris
    Boris Month ago

    That would never happen in the town of Chillingbourne.

  • out of the trash
    out of the trash Month ago +5

    Loads of gas explosions at residentia and commercial properties lately! Oh and even some under the sea!

  • mrvideouploads1
    mrvideouploads1 Month ago +2

    terror attack?

  • FaBB10 (FawfulSpoon24)
    FaBB10 (FawfulSpoon24) Month ago +10

    I somehow feel that this is the wefs fault.

    • Vera Li
      Vera Li Month ago +1

      @mydogeatspuke Maybe they are too well medicated, their brain cells I think are fried. Lord have mercy on the souls that have died.

    • Gordon Strong
      Gordon Strong Month ago

      The wef is pretty much to blame for everything now according to the intellectual titans that post on sky news comment sections

    • Mike Gillivee
      Mike Gillivee Month ago +1

      It was

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke Month ago +9

      I somehow feel far more people who use social media should be medicated.

    • S a
      S a Month ago +2

      it was actually your fault

  • Kamperem po Irlandii
    Kamperem po Irlandii Month ago +3

    I was on a trip to county Donegal when we saw a woman smoking at a dispenser at a Moville gas station. When we pointed out that smoking is not allowed here, she just looked at us as if we were crazy and continued to smoke her cigarette. When we told the station clerk about the incident, he said there was nothing he could do ... the customer is always right what's going on?

    • brilafable
      brilafable Month ago

      Shut up u absolute disgusting excuse for a human being ... from moville🇮🇪rip

    • Bethany
      Bethany Month ago +5

      It didn't come from the petrol but the apartment upstairs

    • Sir Klopp
      Sir Klopp Month ago +4

      This had nothing to do with petrol

  • George Coleman
    George Coleman Month ago +7

    Wow what the hell

  • Daniel Larkin
    Daniel Larkin Month ago +4

    "gas explosion"🧐 sounds a wee bit
    S U S

    • Dark Quintet
      Dark Quintet Month ago

      Followed by explosive diarhea

    • maria Dowler
      maria Dowler Month ago +2

      yep, never heard of a gas explosion before !!

  • mydogeatspuke
    mydogeatspuke Month ago +28

    We have reports of a gas explosion, here's someone from the scene. What happened?
    wElL bAsIcAlLy ThErE wAs A gAs ExPlOsIoN.
    Excellent reporting from the scene. Stellar journalism.

    • Caithimhjoe 21
      Caithimhjoe 21 14 days ago

      That sort of information will never be the truth either!

    • MD
      MD Month ago

      @Ciaran McCormack and how exactly would a county councillor know what happened? The scene is destroyed and he didn't see it happen. Without security camera footage which probably isn't available yet he has no way of knowing. The impatience of people now is incredible.

    • C
      C Month ago +1

      Does he have to explain to people what a gas explosion is? It's not as if the have many details regarding the specific case.

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke Month ago +2

      @Karl Fleming and confirming that the reported explosion was in fact an explosion. They did that too. Very important.

    • Karl Fleming
      Karl Fleming Month ago +4

      @Ciaran McCormack This video was uploaded not long after the incident. That sort of information isn't available yet. The priority at the time was making the area safe and looking for/extracting survivors

  • AR #18
    AR #18 Month ago +1

    Liz truss will try and blame putin for this

    • calador
      calador Month ago

      Your pathetic loser of a PM has nothing to do with this so why would she be 'blaming' anyone 🤡

  • Chip butty time
    Chip butty time Month ago +1

    It'll be Harrods next 😂

  • Connor Young
    Connor Young Month ago +4

    If anyone in UK is struggling to get fuel let me know because my mate Jerry can

  • Spooks Spooks
    Spooks Spooks Month ago


  • Ciaran McCormack
    Ciaran McCormack Month ago +5

    What caused the explosion

  • St3v3i F13m1ng
    St3v3i F13m1ng Month ago +4

    Old Joe at the gas pipes again??

  • Susan Barker
    Susan Barker Month ago +2

    Trouble is I can't understand accent

  • Daire Patrick Kirwan

    It was Russian saboteurs

  • michael johnson
    michael johnson Month ago +6

    I think something very dodgy as taken place

  • Jan Nowak
    Jan Nowak Month ago

    "Gas explosion", yeah, sure 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Merritt
    Nathan Merritt Month ago +2

    The the gentleman on the phone accent is identical to the Northern Irish one.

    • calador
      calador Month ago

      It's a typical ulster accent 🙄

    • Nightman
      Nightman Month ago +1

      Donegal is the most northern county of course.

    • Vera Li
      Vera Li Month ago +1

      @John Macaroni Good on ya john

    • John Macaroni
      John Macaroni Month ago +4

      It's a Ulster accent.

    • Stuart Corbett
      Stuart Corbett Month ago +3

      So it is

  • s.c13VO1D
    s.c13VO1D Month ago +7

    Apple "Green"
    "Green" park
    Another ritual no doubt about it..
    They live we sleep 💤💤

    • theeggtimer tic tic
      theeggtimer tic tic Month ago +2

      'Apple'. Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve. A new beginning ... The great reset.

    • John Macaroni
      John Macaroni Month ago +2

      Or *Green* apple, green being the colour of Ireland, and also could be The Green Agenda need blowing up.. Green

  • tats'n'neeps
    tats'n'neeps Month ago +3

    Putin's to blame

  • Chantal Therien
    Chantal Therien Month ago +2

    Has anyone seen Phil McCann??

  • BloodandGuts
    BloodandGuts Month ago


  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 Month ago

    Was it Russia?

  • TheClacky100
    TheClacky100 Month ago +12

    What nobody in Ireland has a camera phone? We seem to be able too get video from Ukraine but not Ireland.

    • Molybdomancer
      Molybdomancer Month ago

      @TheClacky100 no they’re not. 7 dead.

    • Peter G
      Peter G Month ago +9

      We’d prefer to help if we can and not whip out a phone

    • TheClacky100
      TheClacky100 Month ago +2

      @Designated Productions fair comment.

    • Designated Productions
      Designated Productions Month ago +16

      The explosion happened in the outskirts of a rural village, and no one could have caught the explosion on camera without prior knowledge of it going to happen. There are videos up of damaged cars being removed from the scene, there's some photos up of it too. Also, they're still searching for people in the debris so filming that would be very disrespectful to the victims.

    • TheClacky100
      TheClacky100 Month ago +3

      @Aoife D sorry but I have a massive distrust of main stream media. Even more so over the last two and a half years.
      Hopefully anyone involved in this is safe and well. 🙏

  • Mick Dunne Night owls paranormal  mod

    This I meant

  • filipo erikssso
    filipo erikssso Month ago +2

    it was poutin

  • RoBo MAc
    RoBo MAc Month ago


  • Julia
    Julia Month ago +8

    The whole entire BOWDEN, the front of the BOWDEN what is he saying??

    • CondorOne
      CondorOne Month ago

      That's wat u fink innit.

    • Shea Hughes
      Shea Hughes Month ago +1

      @Julia Donegal is the softest of the Ulster accents. Listen to a Belfast accent, much different.

    • ClaireK115
      ClaireK115 Month ago +1

      @Julia it's easier to understand in person the phone kinda muddles it slightly.

    • Julia
      Julia Month ago

      That sounds like a tricky accent to navigate if I should ever go there.

    • George Okane
      George Okane Month ago +15

      Clean your ears out dear...

  • Henry Daley
    Henry Daley Month ago +1

    The end is upon all heathen wake the f up will ya!!
    Deuteronomy 32:39
    “See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.”

    • Adrian Pickard
      Adrian Pickard Month ago

      Though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for thou art with me.

  • Rain Man
    Rain Man Month ago +2

    nice reporting, not even an image of the destruction...budget rent a journalists.

  • Shane Gould-martin
    Shane Gould-martin Month ago +1

    Are the lucozades okay?

  • Atheist2Islam
    Atheist2Islam Month ago

    How was it allows for residential homes to be built near this petrol station in the first place??? Surely thats not a smart thing to do.

  • dio rocks
    dio rocks Month ago +4

    this is the problem with our second rate infrastructure and poor governance

    • calador
      calador Month ago

      ​@dio rocks what has 'dirty smelly uk' got to do with a tragedy in another country 🤡

    • dio rocks
      dio rocks Month ago

      @Dazza your right

    • Dazza
      Dazza Month ago +5

      @dio rocks it wasn’t in the Uk .

    • dio rocks
      dio rocks Month ago

      @mydogeatspuke I doubt anyone can afford cigarettes and get gas as it's one or the other in the Dirty smelly UK.

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      @mydogeatspuke I saw your furry costume buddy.

  • Michael Scarlino1
    Michael Scarlino1 Month ago +14

    Gas prices are blowing up

  • Dark Quintet
    Dark Quintet Month ago +1

    And in Dublin A case of explosive diarrehea is under investigation. Leo V has been required to call in at nearest Gardai station for mouth swab.

  • Suzanne Haigh
    Suzanne Haigh Month ago

    Suppose the English did this.

  • Abhi 739
    Abhi 739 Month ago +1

    Ireland PM Leo Varadkar is highly incompetent

  • Yesh bezuneh
    Yesh bezuneh Month ago

    DDR y

  • TheEnchiladaKid
    TheEnchiladaKid Month ago +8

    Oh yes a gas explosion, like the ones in the 90s?

    • Molybdomancer
      Molybdomancer Month ago

      Petrol is explosive - not that surprising a petrol station explodes. More surprising this happens less often

    • Peter G
      Peter G Month ago +1

      What has this got to do with the ones in the 90s ?

  • Facts don’t care about your feelings

    And we care why

    • MD
      MD Month ago +3

      Define irony: a person with the username facts don't care about your feelings makes emotive post based upon how he feels....

    • Sir Klopp
      Sir Klopp Month ago

      Facts don't care about your feelings

    • Bob Mcdougall
      Bob Mcdougall Month ago

      We don't

  • Yedder
    Yedder Month ago +17

    United Ireland

  • Sonification
    Sonification Month ago +4

    Russia ?

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke Month ago +3

      I'm sure Zelensky will have some irrefutable evidence that definitely proves it without any doubt at all by not actually showing anything remotely resembling his claims if it was Russia's doing.

    • J C
      J C Month ago +6

      yah, Russian missile. I saw it.

    • S a
      S a Month ago +2

      no i did it

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      The deep state did it.

  • Charles.k Charles.scott.Kelly

    Can sky not get someone that actually has a UK accent.

    • Maria
      Maria Month ago

      Seriously?…stated, and with an American accent in the UK.😂🤪

    • SassySam
      SassySam Month ago +4

      Charles is a sad little man who likes trolling……

    • Fionnbharr Duffy
      Fionnbharr Duffy Month ago +7

      It happened in donegal which is in the republic of ireland, not belfast (which is also in ireland btw) lmao

    • RagnastrifaVII
      RagnastrifaVII Month ago +5

      Don’t feed the troll in times like this.

    • Stephen Finnan
      Stephen Finnan Month ago +5

      @C true 👍 it is real madness🤣😂

  • lucia201189
    lucia201189 Month ago

    Funny how all these emergencies keep happening , dont be dumb enough to fall for it
    They make their emergencies do whatever they like

    • Molybdomancer
      Molybdomancer Month ago +4

      Because nothing ever goes wrong without it being a conspiracy does it (rolling my eyes). Please adjust your tin foil hat

    • MD
      MD Month ago +3

      What? Care to explain this conspiracy theory for me?

  • Dogmeat -In the way-
    Dogmeat -In the way- Month ago +3

    Ar least it's not the RA this time

  • Shane Gould-martin
    Shane Gould-martin Month ago


  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago +1

    P ropaganda

    • Klipk
      Klipk Month ago +1

      yeah, explosions obviously don't exist

  • Mike O'Neill
    Mike O'Neill Month ago +2

    The IRA again?

  • Holly ylloH
    Holly ylloH Month ago

    Now the Irish know how the British felt☮️

    • Therese Kennedy
      Therese Kennedy Month ago +13

      People have died and a community devastated. Keep your pathetic comments to yourself

    • Daniel 1992
      Daniel 1992 Month ago

      what a stupid comment to make

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +3

    ah jaysus Paddy been lighting up the smokes while pumping petrol again?

    • Molybdomancer
      Molybdomancer Month ago +5

      Seven people died. No time for attempts at humour

    • Sir Klopp
      Sir Klopp Month ago +5

      Explosion had nothing to do with the filling stations

  • Matty England
    Matty England Month ago +5

    Distilling Guinness?