Top Tech Gadgets Under Rs.150 - you can buy from Paytm

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Tech under 150 | Top Tech | paytm | paytmmall | gadgets under 150 | New 2019 | Cool tech | cheap tech india | budget gadgets | Tech Essentials | Budget Tech | Wireless bluetooth headset | USB LED Bulb | Travel Screw Driver Kit | Rechargeable Travel fan | Prank Electric Shock Chewing Gum | USB WIfi Dongle | Zebronics Trust Travel Mouse | Apple style earpods clone | Mini Selfie Stick | 2 in 1 OTG card reader | Digital Time watch / band | Dhoni, Raina and Jadeja action figures
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    In this video I bring in 11 cool tech gadgets / products under Rs. 150 that are interesting and that you can buy from paytm mall
    Wireless bluetooth headset :
    USB LED Bulb :
    Travel Screw Driver Kit :
    Rechargeable Travel fan :
    Prank Electric Shock Chewing Gum :
    USB WIfi Dongle :
    Zebronics Trust Travel Mouse :
    Apple style earpods clone :
    Mini Selfie Stick :
    2 in 1 OTG card reader :
    Digital Time watch / band :
    Chennai Super Kings Action Figures - Dhoni, Raina and Jadeja : ( use coupon TECHSHAN100 - for Rs.100 off ) - This is not part of the tech under price category
    Please do ask if any queries about these cool tech / top tech under 150 and I will answer them
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  • Clyde Rosario
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