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  • Published on Dec 27, 2018
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Comments • 803

  • RooRoo Countdown
    RooRoo Countdown 7 hours ago

    The first On is just asking for diabetes

  • #Crazy Phsyco Barqadle
    #Crazy Phsyco Barqadle 15 hours ago

    I love tasty they make such tasty stuff

  • 418
    418 21 hour ago +2

    Mom can I buy oreos?
    We have oreos at home
    Oreos at home: *double stuffed cookies*

  • Saki Nakajima
    Saki Nakajima Day ago

    this is my weakness!

  • Shira Asulin
    Shira Asulin Day ago

    Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bryan Tkh
    Bryan Tkh Day ago +2

    This is how many times my stomach growled

  • Nour Abouhasna
    Nour Abouhasna 3 days ago

    I have a youtube name its called nour abouhasna go sub and like

  • Ré Romero
    Ré Romero 4 days ago

    Anyone know the music?

  • Jess Kai
    Jess Kai 4 days ago

    Here eating a regular chocolate chip.

  • Boda Cious
    Boda Cious 5 days ago +1

    You know Tasty is going to make your mouth water.

  • Ciara Smith
    Ciara Smith 6 days ago


  • KirbyGotenksabsorbed
    KirbyGotenksabsorbed 6 days ago +1

    For anyone wondering, the song is "Funk Soul Brother" by Pedder / Ziapour / Ziapour. Since apparently they don't know how to credit their musicians properly.

  • kittygomrow
    kittygomrow 8 days ago +2

    did he just

    WISK CREAM CHESE?!?!?!? wot

  • Tony Payson
    Tony Payson 8 days ago

    Hands up, who else got diabetes watching this?

  • Áďa Far.
    Áďa Far. 9 days ago

    All of these recipes are just so so sweet.. I would also never mix brownie with cookies.. It just doesn’t work together..

  • Boris
    Boris 9 days ago

    SUper lol
    it so tasty and i am gopnna try IT

  • Freya Ross
    Freya Ross 10 days ago

    It wouldn't be tasty without oreos or as the say sandwich cookies/double stuffed cookies. 🤣

  • Freya Ross
    Freya Ross 10 days ago

    This is all I have been watching since I have been ill.

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  • Haydn Lowe
    Haydn Lowe 13 days ago

    who just watches to get hungry

  • Mariah Bender
    Mariah Bender 14 days ago

    These videos are so satisfying.

  • Cute Kitty
    Cute Kitty 15 days ago

    Pause it at 8:18 exactly, triforce tattoo!

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie 15 days ago

    Can you use Nutella/chocolate cream instead of peanut butter as well?

  • Alexis Heath
    Alexis Heath 21 day ago

    show me how to make these deserts

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 22 days ago

    The first recipe is 90% fuck actually trying to make it from scratch just get store bought brownie mix and cookie dough

  • NH4 Ci
    NH4 Ci 24 days ago

    I don't get why are people obsessed with these kinds of desserts. It doesn't always have to be a sickly chocolate, marshmallow, oreo and caramel overdose. A good dessert has a right balance if flavours while these are just pure diabetes. Ever heard of fruit?

  • Neldam Neldan
    Neldam Neldan 26 days ago

    Neapolitan Swiss Roll looks more like a German Roll

  • Rhonda Branson
    Rhonda Branson Month ago +1

    Why did I click on this video???

  • Atul Vinayak
    Atul Vinayak Month ago


  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali Month ago


  • Lachlan Dyhrberg
    Lachlan Dyhrberg Month ago

    stop tourchuring me

  • abi win
    abi win Month ago


  • FunForSameer
    FunForSameer Month ago +1

    Why isn't my girlfriend in this video?

  • potato gaming 112
    potato gaming 112 Month ago

    My brownie exploded in the oven 😑always me! (No joke)

  • TheLastGame
    TheLastGame Month ago

    maybe tasty does not wanna make us think were stupid since the double stuffed cookies already say oreos

  • pinecone wolf
    pinecone wolf Month ago

    Love the music and the desserts

  • Sun Junyang
    Sun Junyang Month ago +1

    I will make this of the every year end,december 31 beacuse this video so us how to cook year end foods.

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard Month ago

    Not a good time to be high risk now for me

  • Tasha Juli
    Tasha Juli Month ago

    Do you like cheesecake? Now, you can have it with brownies and 37 servings of cookies!!!

  • توته توته
    توته توته Month ago

    I gained 10,000 calori es by just watching this

    DEVEN VLOGS 2 months ago

    welcome to tasty!

  • Lightning Davesh
    Lightning Davesh 2 months ago

    Well that’s diabetes in a taco shell

  • newell___________ e
    newell___________ e 2 months ago

    Dip banana into banana then press post. That’s all it takes

  • G2K
    G2K 2 months ago

    try this out! so easy and so so good!

  • Carly Taylor
    Carly Taylor 2 months ago

    This video is death by chocolate

  • Kimmy Clarke
    Kimmy Clarke 2 months ago

    But in the first one HOW is the brownie not burnt or wayyyy over cooked yet?!

  • madelyn suppa
    madelyn suppa 2 months ago

    These look amazing

  • XxfrancesxX _
    XxfrancesxX _ 2 months ago

    Kids: i want this mum and dad :dad runs away to get it :mums: unhealthy:kids: fuck you mum

  • V
    V 2 months ago

    Yes, chocolate dipped ice looks appetizing

  • Lauren Hellmuellee
    Lauren Hellmuellee 2 months ago

    I shidded

  • D Oakley
    D Oakley 2 months ago


  • Jelle Riedstra
    Jelle Riedstra 2 months ago

    Help anyone, what's meant by the ''two boxes'' of the brownie mix in the first recipe? And how can you make it by yourself? How much is that?

  • Alisha Plymouthe
    Alisha Plymouthe 2 months ago

    I'm sad you let all the chocolate get away 😞 8:50

  • Fidox z
    Fidox z 2 months ago +1


  • Frosty Flamer
    Frosty Flamer 2 months ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay should review these foods

  • Sara r
    Sara r 2 months ago


  • Mah Noor
    Mah Noor 2 months ago

    Plz... Try this very tasty recipe..!!!

  • D& A12
    D& A12 2 months ago

    My mum made the cookie dough Oreo thing holy shit it is absolutely delicious

  • Anouk Plooijer
    Anouk Plooijer 3 months ago

    Y’all made me hungry

  • Vladimír Petija
    Vladimír Petija 3 months ago

    Ohow yehes!