Can You Get Smarter?

  • Published on Aug 16, 2016
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  • Naman Kumar
    Naman Kumar 27 days ago

    My father is a smoker but l have never smoke in my life.

  • Bilal Billy Gibbons

    This study did not mention the intelligence of the biological parents in relation to the adoptive parents. Just how similar or different were they?

  • XTRAcRiZp
    XTRAcRiZp Month ago

    Me big smart

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    Fucks sake
    So, my two brain cells won't get any company cause i was too unfortunate to be born from literal fucktards.
    I'm a failed abortion from hell & no wonder why I'm so fucking dumb & slow.. no wonder why everything i created is trash even if it's from the heart.
    I'm a fucking waste

  • ACP
    ACP Month ago

    i watched it but got nothing from it. I hoped for better information.

  • David O'Connor
    David O'Connor Month ago

    thats funny he said that bc i just woke up today thinking
    i think smart me be smart today me b no school today

  • Skye blue16
    Skye blue16 2 months ago

    wow he was kinda cheeky to dumb ppl lol

  • Odin
    Odin 2 months ago

    my parents are smart and I’m a failure

  • Niranjan Kulkarni
    Niranjan Kulkarni 2 months ago

    1:40 No, synapses or synapse is the gap or empty space of about 20 nanometers(nm) between the two adjacent neurons. And they are kind of a connection but while defining synapse we have to establish the fact that it is connection and a miniature gap as well.

    *GOD DOESN'T EXIST* 3 months ago

    Physical is easy but being smart is not that easy.

    *GOD DOESN'T EXIST* 3 months ago


  • philsaspiezone
    philsaspiezone 3 months ago

    I had two IQ tests one in 1977 I was measured with an IQ of 137 and I was a kid at the time and sober. 11 years later I was taking ethosuximide and carbamazepine and done an IQ test and scored 110. I felt intoxicated that day so that may have been a factor that being you shouldn't be on drugs whilst doing IQ tests. So I have two IQs.

  • Pigbaby Fed
    Pigbaby Fed 3 months ago

    I am smart but I'm going to kill myself, then all my smartness are going to fade away.

  • Wade Guidry
    Wade Guidry 3 months ago

    Ll Cool J is the worlds coolest man. He's that kind of guy......

  • Maui Edgar
    Maui Edgar 4 months ago +1

    To all of the people “subtly” bragging about their IQ’s, here’s your cookie.

  • Adam Skjervold
    Adam Skjervold 4 months ago

    Thoughty out here wearing a dress shirt and jacket with a tie but no pants

  • TigerAudioInc
    TigerAudioInc 4 months ago

    How come you say "42 here"?

  • Desperado
    Desperado 4 months ago +2

    So the 2 smarts are street smarts and book smarts. Makes sense.
    Also alot IQ tests are bs as they are based on pure knowledge rather then how smart you are i.e problem solving etc, meaning that if you dont have the necessary knowledge i.e formula for a math problem; you fail.

  • Josh Wurtz
    Josh Wurtz 4 months ago

    so i should tape wired to my scalp and plug it in to the wall?

  • Marek Šajner
    Marek Šajner 5 months ago

    5:20 is very untrue

  • Staycalm2010
    Staycalm2010 5 months ago

    Wel th@t me sheep dip wythout an ipadl

  • PvtSchlock
    PvtSchlock 5 months ago

    OMG I couldn't believe it! LL Cool J is basically a watermelon with bear paws! I thought I wouldn't hear someone on youtube infer that an American black man was "a watermelon"! Holy Moses please don't try to riff like that if you travel to the U.S. :)

  • mathy906
    mathy906 5 months ago

    That intro was sooo sir sic haha

  • Sue McQueen
    Sue McQueen 5 months ago

    ok, 2016.. so at the time, this wasnt true.. but i recently replaced the sofa ive been sleeping on for the last 20 years for a new (used) sofa.. and rewatching things is not a bad thing, since im quite fucking sure i saw this video when it was first released.. and i still fucking enjoy it.

  • Leonardo Sohler
    Leonardo Sohler 6 months ago

    @thoughty2 how about CRISPR? if it were to be rolled out as a legal means to changing DNA, wouldn't that be a possibility to make changes to our brain that inhibit us from achieving a desired state of intelligence?

  • Mike G
    Mike G 6 months ago

    I can, but you can't....sorry about that.

  • Lemurai
    Lemurai 6 months ago

    Kim Kardashian: Thoty...

  • FB Kensar HD
    FB Kensar HD 6 months ago

    Hey Thoughty2,
    Can you please give me some information about that suit, I quite like it.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Buya
    Buya 6 months ago

    Very interesting. What was carefully sidestepped however, was the long history of the relationship between psychological "explanations" of intelligence and racism; in a phrase "scientific racism."

  • 舞動單車BikeDance
    舞動單車BikeDance 6 months ago

    doctor says my brain is exceptionally hyper and active, i learned everything faster than others outside of school and I was so impatient at school and always got punished...
    the doctor said this is an illness and told my parents to give me medicine to calm my brain when I was small, I got depressed and non active everytime I swallowed a pill... and my parents thought I was obidient after having the pills, but in fact, I hate them, genuinely hate the doctors and the society when I knew that these are all scams that tried to blend me into other ordinaries.
    Just before I stopped having pills, I was the first or second in class, always... then I hate them, I stopped having those evil pills, I started learning other stuffs, I felt much better but my academic score dropped drastically, I didn't care, cuz The SOCIETY IS THE CAUSE, IS THE CRIMINAL.
    I started learning game design much later than the others, I know there's a long way to catch up, but I wont let the society fails me again, I will REVENGE.

    • chima chibi
      chima chibi 6 months ago

      What do you mean by society? You mean Chinese society?

  • Ahsan Rahib
    Ahsan Rahib 6 months ago

    Thoughty2: and um..
    Me: sex?
    Thoughty2: memory.

  • Ahsan Rahib
    Ahsan Rahib 6 months ago

    Thoughty2: and um..
    Me: sex?
    Thoughty2: memory.

  • 1870 Preußen
    1870 Preußen 6 months ago

    0:47 U fukin bit.. he is dead

  • Christopher Ness
    Christopher Ness 6 months ago

    Buford, Wyoming locate between Cheyenne and Laramie also has a population of 1. Originally a railroad center on the Union Pacific railroad, It once had a population of 2,000.

  • Rob Gravelle
    Rob Gravelle 6 months ago

    I reaaaallly need to get smarter. Spent days working on a recursive file parsing stored proc in MySQL. I could literally feel my brain struggling to put the dots together. :-(

  • Randy E
    Randy E 6 months ago

    That's it! I am getting my tens unit and putting one lead on my forehead and the other at top of my neck!! 😁

  • King93766972
    King93766972 6 months ago

    Can you increase your iq

  • Ace, The Reactor
    Ace, The Reactor 6 months ago

    You *CAN* get smarter, morons! It's called raising your IQ! And, before you say anything - it's been Scientifically proven that you can raise your IQ!

  • skaltura
    skaltura 7 months ago

    i hope you expand on this subject

  • Ven0M0us Cobra
    Ven0M0us Cobra 7 months ago

    I pissed on an electric fence, now I'm like Stephen hawking.

  • Jon
    Jon 7 months ago

    Wow, you're gonna kick a disabled guy?

  • Alex Däne
    Alex Däne 7 months ago

    6:33 good joke

  • Calamity Gaming
    Calamity Gaming 7 months ago

    I have a iq of 156

  • EnHiT444
    EnHiT444 7 months ago

    I dont think you answered the title btw

  • California Ghost-Hunters

    Me big smart

  • Guinea Pig Gaming
    Guinea Pig Gaming 7 months ago

    “We think nice, We big smart, We no need school.”

  • ninjxxitty
    ninjxxitty 7 months ago

    ive always had the..presupposition that my ideas are all unoriginal however clever i may feel in the moment. ill think "yeah but surely someone has thought of this before" "there must be a patent for this already" "i bet if i googled the right thing ill find my ideas already laid out by somebody else" and ill just let them go.

  • ninjxxitty
    ninjxxitty 7 months ago

    so is sexuality genetic? and if so. could crispr turn a dude gay??

  • Mr Twister
    Mr Twister 7 months ago

    What he is saying is that people with gold or silver paint on their lips probably aren't that smart.

  • El Fish Knows
    El Fish Knows 7 months ago

    You can just speak with a proper British accent and people will think your intelligent. 🤓

  • Matias Sobarzo
    Matias Sobarzo 7 months ago

    just a moron passing through

  • Mystninja
    Mystninja 7 months ago

    Im in the car park across from you. Don't look.
    Ok have a look now.

  • AnduRo
    AnduRo 7 months ago

    8:08 playing the violin while on a LSD trip or editing skills

  • t 1 01
    t 1 01 7 months ago

    I am wicked smaarrt..

  • Natural human diet
    Natural human diet 8 months ago

    it's just garbage in garbage out
    genetics may be the main factor determining one IQ, but IQ is very poor indicator of abilities, including cognitive ability
    More than i'm worry of negative effects of an IQ on a person self esteem, i'm way more concern with the positive effects of IQ on one self esteem.
    Many useless to humanity dumbass females sluts believe they are somehow geniuses because they score high on stupid IQ test.

  • Natural human diet
    Natural human diet 8 months ago

    I want to be good looking like you

  • There'ssomething Onthewing

    Yes absolutely, most people can increase their IQ by at least 10 points

  • thesoldier
    thesoldier 8 months ago

    are 403 dislikes form leftists?

  • David Beddoe
    David Beddoe 8 months ago