'Loving' Co-Stars Ruth Negga & Joel Edgerton Play 'First, Best, Last, Worst' | THR


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  • Master
    Master Месяц назад

    Her eyes look gigantic (in the best way) in the Breakfast on Pluto frame.

  • fla la
    fla la 10 месяцев назад +5

    These two are on fire ✨🎆🎇✨

  • anadii Mr.
    anadii Mr. Год назад +2

    OMG they are adorable in real life I love them! They should dating💔.

  • CaryandBabe CaryandBabe
    CaryandBabe CaryandBabe Год назад +3

    You two have a family!!

  • PiazzaGurl
    PiazzaGurl Год назад +4

    Loving was such a great beautiful Movie!! These two were great together.

  • julia
    julia Год назад +2

    holy shit theyre hot

  • black tanner
    black tanner Год назад +11

    *I wonder, if it was a black man trying to marry a white woman, would they have changed the law?*

    • FeelinErie
      FeelinErie 10 месяцев назад

      It was back in the '50s and before that.

    • apple's lover
      apple's lover Год назад

      Is marrying someone has a different skin colour illegal in America?

    • lexi219
      lexi219 Год назад +14

      He probably would have been killed. There was still quite a bit of lynchings of black men that angry white men committed back then, especially if they were around white women. Emmett Till was only 14 when he was killed for supposedly flirting with a white woman only three years before the Lovings got married.

  • Esme -
    Esme - 2 года назад +4

    he was the best part of the great Gatsby

  • Mia7189
    Mia7189 2 года назад +13

    They are such a beautiful couple. I know they're with others in real life, but man, they would make beautiful babies. That said, LOVING is an amazing film. I believe it's on DVD now. Joel was robbed of an Oscar nod.

  • Adesuwa's Two Kobo worth
    Adesuwa's Two Kobo worth 2 года назад +27

    He's so hot. wow!

  • Roisin Dubh
    Roisin Dubh 2 года назад +41

    Ireland is so proud of you Ruth < 3

    GOD DNAΔRNA 2 года назад +1

    Overlooking the fact *Ruth Negga* is a *Cushite* portraying a *she-devil*, *Ruth Negga* is definitely violent just like the *she-devil* she portrayed.

    • Proclivities
      Proclivities Год назад

      You might be the biggest idiotic troll on here

    • Kayleigh Gaffney
      Kayleigh Gaffney 2 года назад +16

      GOD DNAΔRNA wtf .?

  • jmvice41
    jmvice41 2 года назад +1

    This makes want to rewatch her scenes in Agents of SHIELD and rewatch his movie Warrior

    • yohe Music castillo
      yohe Music castillo Год назад +1

      I just wanna say that I like the beauty couple betwen them!

  • mia
    mia 2 года назад +78

    I tried not to.. but I just ship them so much

  • Martha Kajwang'
    Martha Kajwang' 2 года назад +13

    Everyone in the comments stop shipping them LOL she's been dating Dominic Cooper for a while now

  • Allen Younge
    Allen Younge 2 года назад +11

    can they get married

  • bring it on
    bring it on 2 года назад +21

    They so are having an affair.

  • Luz T.B.
    Luz T.B. 2 года назад +47

    1:47 so cute! They have great chemistry
    (I have not yet watched this film)

    • Timothy Allen
      Timothy Allen 8 месяцев назад +1

      "She'll punch you in the stomach, that's fine. But she loves the head or the neck." lol

  • L
    L 2 года назад +47

    imagine their babies they'd make the most gorgeous babies omg

    • Master
      Master Месяц назад

      +Sara J they'd sure as hell look better than the ugly ass kids in the movie

    • Sara J
      Sara J Год назад +7

      L are you dumb? Good looks don't always mean pretty kids. It's up to genetics.

    RANESTORY PICTURES 2 года назад +10

    Great actors but the Loving script was so thin...couldn't have been more than 20 pages of dialog! Pacing was so slow to stretch the lack of dialog. Also too many missed moments... like no conversation with either of their parents about the danger of getting married? I love Ruth Negga's work but both lead characters should have been played by younger actors in the first half of the film. The, passion, fear and uncertainty of such a relationship and illegal marriage would have been more palpable with an 18 year old girl which is how old Mildred Loving was when they married. I so wanted this to be amazing but it wasn't.

    • Sharone Brown
      Sharone Brown Год назад

      bellabana beautiful point

      RANESTORY PICTURES 2 года назад

      First I have to say that I was so looking forward to seeing this film because I am a huge fan of Miss Negga's talent.I know it's a true story and know their story well... And as much as I admire Miss Negga, watching the film I came away with the feeling that the actors should have been younger to capture the essence of youthful yearning and impetuous decisions in that environment. Imagine the scene where a frightened 18 year old pregnant girl was in that jail! Not that it wasn't horrible as it was shot but Ruth Negga is 35 and evokes the different energy that comes with physical and emotional maturity.. I understand the director's choice for not being over dramatic but not including interpersonal scenes like Mildred having a conversation with her parents about her upcoming marriage seemed false. Why have her father ride in the car to the wedding and he says nothing? Really? That would happen?

    • bellabana
      bellabana 2 года назад +15

      RANESTORY PICTURES You really missed the whole point of the film. It's a true story about their real lives & personalities, a love story in fact. The director has said it would have been so easy to over dramatize everything add madeup situations & focus on the court cases & so on. But he chose not to do that as he had archival film from the original documentary about them, Richard Loving was a stoic man & Mildred was shy yet determined & you could see the genuine love between them. That's the film he made, authentic, genuine & thoughtful.

  • Jordan Caldwell
    Jordan Caldwell 2 года назад +12

    The girl from MISFITS

  • sonia polycarpe
    sonia polycarpe 2 года назад +27

    what a beautiful couple

  • mercedes
    mercedes 2 года назад +154

    i want them to get married

    • fla la
      fla la 10 месяцев назад +4

      Sara Anbarestani Ruth Negga & Dominic Cooper just broke up earlier this month!

    • Sara J
      Sara J Год назад +1

      mercedes, she's taken

    • dizzy365
      dizzy365 2 года назад +28

      She has Dominic Cooper though.

  • Maxblind20
    Maxblind20 2 года назад +143

    Ruth Negga is so beautiful.

    • YO YO
      YO YO Год назад +2

      Maxblind20 good Irish lassie

  • Bubby Dd
    Bubby Dd 2 года назад +40

    Joel looks like conan

    • S Lanche
      S Lanche 2 года назад +3

      Bubby Dd .. i noticed that too. He's been on Conan a few times also.. Great actor. Excellent in King Arthur!

  • stephanie brown
    stephanie brown 2 года назад +203

    wow they've got great chemistry....

  • gaelgarseeya
    gaelgarseeya 2 года назад +17

    punch me ruth

  • Sandra Lentz
    Sandra Lentz 2 года назад +37

    I love them. 😊

  • olivia twyst
    olivia twyst 2 года назад +1

    ole girl would get punched the fuck back!!! maakkeee uuupppp!!!!