Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shares Exclusive Veep Bloopers of Her and Tony Hale

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus chats about her Mark Twain Prize acceptance speech prep, reveals how sad the Veep cast was filming the series finale and shows never-before-seen bloopers from the HBO series.
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    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shares Exclusive Veep Bloopers of Her and Tony Hale
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 179

  • SimmonsFamily
    SimmonsFamily 2 days ago

    Can’t stand the fact that he constantly interrupts her!

  • Rob C
    Rob C 5 days ago

    beautiful as ever

  • Doug M
    Doug M 10 days ago

    Jimmy loves everyone!

  • John Santiago
    John Santiago 13 days ago

    Jonah Ryan 2020

  • ali ali
    ali ali 15 days ago

    Ellin Beines ❤️

  • Michael G
    Michael G 19 days ago

    I have always adored Julia.

  • PG - E
    PG - E 19 days ago +1

    “I brought it as a gift. Merry Christmas.” 😂😂😂😂

  • Trollika Devi
    Trollika Devi 21 day ago

    But theressomething 'different' about her now. The way she speaks ...idk. Did any one notice that? She seems high and distracted. Usually shes veryfocused.

  • Cody Murphy
    Cody Murphy 22 days ago +64

    I am just pretending Jimmy Fallon isn't in this video.

  • Chris Zealotes
    Chris Zealotes 23 days ago

    I wanted to love VEEP......but....high school humour. House of Cards meets Animal House.

  • tommo91
    tommo91 25 days ago +1

    I'm 28 and all my life I've said she is the perfect woman. Elaine on Seinfeld. Jerry askin about a guy she was seeing "and what is his stance on abortion?". Every role, every character, I adore her.

  • the rooster
    the rooster 25 days ago

    Her and her hair sniffing buddy Joey are two examples of whats wrong with the socially retarded

  • Jenny's Road
    Jenny's Road 25 days ago

    I can't wait for the entire series to be available on blu ray. Between Selena, Gary and Ben's one liners, I die laughing every episode.

  • Yeisy Diaz
    Yeisy Diaz 25 days ago

    I love how Jimmy called "DUDE"

  • Elaine Benes
    Elaine Benes 26 days ago

    I think I'd love the bloopers more than the show... If that's possible. The best show ever.

  • Mark Holtze
    Mark Holtze 28 days ago

    Love her, she's SO good at what she does. SO good.

  • shai.loves.tacos
    shai.loves.tacos Month ago

    omg the breathing at 5:50 😂😂😂😂😂

  • shai.loves.tacos
    shai.loves.tacos Month ago +2

    omg those bloopers were hilarious ! 😂 i have searched high & low for Veep bloopers but i can only find one video 🙃 hopefully they release more bloopers soon !

  • kermitー
    kermitー Month ago +2

    i want more bloopers.

  • Risa's Kluttered Kitchen

    tony Hale is hysterical. I love him in everything he does.

  • xTheOxx
    xTheOxx Month ago

    The nosebleed/bathroom scene a few seasons ago was kind of a usable blooper reel in itself.

  • James Bradford
    James Bradford Month ago +1

    "Thats like 100 people."
    "More like 150 people."
    (counts people in image.)
    43, ya'll.

  • WHereTHeWIldTHingsAReNOt

    One of the sexiest women in Hollywood... I'm 25.

  • baltsfan
    baltsfan Month ago

    She is the best! Funny! Beautiful! Great personality! Strong woman!

  • mingbroadway
    mingbroadway Month ago

    love julia and shell always be elaine

  • NAT
    NAT Month ago

    I love VEEP so much 😭😭😭

  • Marcus Lock
    Marcus Lock Month ago

    Veep is a national treasure that should be cherished

  • sef man
    sef man Month ago

    That dance is now a part of history. Lol

  • Mastema
    Mastema Month ago

    the scene was far more amusing than those bloopers. no wonder they haven't shared them ... fantastic show though.

  • Degenerate Nation
    Degenerate Nation Month ago

    Who gives a fuck

  • Samantha Levy
    Samantha Levy Month ago

    Can this series NOT end🥺

  • Wayne Farrell Media

    She is so beautiful.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Month ago

    I hope Armando Iannucci was able to fly over and join in the celebration of the show he created. What a brilliant man.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Month ago +13

    In case you were wondering who Julia was talking about when she mentioned Tim Simons aka Jonah Ryan, it's understandable. He's much better known as Jolly Green Jizzface, 12 Years a Slave to Jerking Off, Jonad, Teenage Mutant Ninja Asshole, Tinkerballs, and my personal favourite, Supercalifragilisticexpialidickcheese.

    • V B
      V B 5 days ago


  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Month ago +1

    I don't have the kind of celebrity love that some people have. I'm a bit anti-celeb culture without being anti-celeb. To put it another way, you won't find a People in my house or TMZ in my history.
    But, as with Olivia Colman's Oscar win a couple weeks back, I got a tiny bit excited as I clicked this. Having just rewatched all 9 seasons of Seinfeld over the last month, and eagerly anticipating the return of Veep, I can't lie: I love JLD. Funny as all get out.
    Plus, I know I must be a fan because when Julia got a little audience response in explaining her Mark Twain speech I thought, "How come they haven't watched it yet? _I_ watched it as soon as it was uploaded!" Tragic.

  • Christina Lynn
    Christina Lynn Month ago +1

    "Nine West! Whatever it takes!" Sounded kinda like a dig but I'm sure she didn't mean it that way

  • Mitchell Matthews
    Mitchell Matthews Month ago

    Julia please live forever 😍😍😍

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba Month ago

      Yes, if all the good people could live forever, that would be great.

  • Connor Donovan
    Connor Donovan Month ago

    she still talks with her hands. also, im more attracted to her now....

  • Bismark Barraza
    Bismark Barraza Month ago +5

    This woman is a World Treasure that the world needs to preserve. *Seinfeld... The New Adventures of Old Christine... Veep* I mean, come on! All powerhouse and legendary roles! We must be thankful for her talent.

    • Bismark Barraza
      Bismark Barraza Month ago

      +Vicki Stine oh, God... Yes! She was so, so good there!

    • Vicki Stine
      Vicki Stine Month ago +1

      Don’t forget Saturday Night Live!

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat Month ago +3

    Just an amazing human being...so full of light XD

  • c oaf
    c oaf Month ago +3

    She's 58 years old and she looks absolutely fantastic!!! Not to mention charming as ever!

  • Sandra Wadden
    Sandra Wadden Month ago

    I love Julia ❤ So glad you had her on.

  • BrownieLocks Jerry
    BrownieLocks Jerry Month ago

    Love her!!! Please stay around forever ❤️❤️❤️

  • Charo D.
    Charo D. Month ago


  • Victor Cabanelas
    Victor Cabanelas Month ago +1

    Man, I'm going to miss Veep so much...

  • Nathaniel Preston
    Nathaniel Preston Month ago +1

    She 's not aging that much because she's still so gorgeous and beautiful.

  • HorseMuse
    HorseMuse Month ago

    She nailed the comedy in her Mark Train Speech! So funny event! All the speeches...

  • Kristina Brooker
    Kristina Brooker Month ago

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  • lola brini
    lola brini Month ago

    old people start to look like turtles as they age.

  • Jacob Niemeier
    Jacob Niemeier Month ago

    going back to Mark Twain show to see what shoes she got...

  • Olagonin Chancer
    Olagonin Chancer Month ago +1

    Wow, she looks OLD. That cancer kicked her ass. Glad she's still around though.

    • batgurrl
      batgurrl Month ago +1

      Olagonin Chancer you are out of your mind she looks great

  • Brandy Workman
    Brandy Workman Month ago +13

    New adventures of old Christine is the best.

  • gerardnll2
    gerardnll2 Month ago +1

    She has done something with her face, sad, she doesn’t look just older.

  • Mn Nn
    Mn Nn Month ago

    Love her

  • Luke Starkiller
    Luke Starkiller Month ago +3

    Wait, I thought she was blind?

  • KEVA
    KEVA Month ago

    omg I love her!

  • Sharon M
    Sharon M Month ago

    they need to release bloopers!!!

  • Runsheng He
    Runsheng He Month ago

    She may be the funniest.

    • batgurrl
      batgurrl Month ago

      Runsheng He she IS the funniest

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn Month ago +2

    I like to hear the actors enjoy the material so much.

  • Kayla Donn Richardson
    Kayla Donn Richardson Month ago +6

    Subtle shade at Nine West?

  • Glenn Sharp
    Glenn Sharp Month ago +1

    Nothing sexier than a lady with a sense of humor. Nothing!

  • luhole
    luhole Month ago

    DEAR GOD GIVE US MORE VEEP BLOOPERS! Why are you torturing us?!

  • Julie Wuerslin
    Julie Wuerslin Month ago

    If Tulsi Gabbard and Julia Louis Dreyfus aren’t the same person, then they should definitely run for office together.

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan Month ago +5


  • Patricia de Pastors
    Patricia de Pastors Month ago +5

    I looooove Julia Louis-Dreyfus❤️
    Can't wait for Veep and her next Emmy!

  • T BZ
    T BZ Month ago +1

    Her Mark Twain speech is arguably one the best entertainment award speeches ever made. Highly recommend watching this ru-clip.com/video/Nfe2MoPDdkM/video.html

  • moggfree
    moggfree Month ago

    Never before ever seen blooper, sure. I've seen the last scene blooper before that's for sure.

  • brin Joness
    brin Joness Month ago

    And anytime you drink an imported fruit juice or buy a petroleum product that was shipped in small caskets you can be safe in the knowledge there was a good chance you added to her inheritance.

    • Matt Stryker
      Matt Stryker 25 days ago

      Is that a dig? She's earned a fortune from her career (200 mil) because she's a brilliant actress and comedienne.

  • Joey S
    Joey S Month ago

    She's infectious!

  • Niki Ekan
    Niki Ekan Month ago

    it's tina fey

    TheGAMESHARQ Month ago +4

    She kind of has a Molly Shannon thing going on

  • Josie Park
    Josie Park Month ago +6

    "I'm sitting next to a circus act" 😂😆

  • Josie Park
    Josie Park Month ago +5

    Can't believe Veep is in it's final season, hope they do a reboot after 15/20 years.

  • grabdebu sahani
    grabdebu sahani Month ago +1

    She is amazing!!

  • Monserrat Ilagor
    Monserrat Ilagor Month ago +3

    I love this lady!!

  • The Canadian Prick
    The Canadian Prick Month ago +7

    Does she not age like wtf

    MASK DEUCE Month ago +2

    Its Christine!

  • KNO
    KNO Month ago

    Why do Bernie haters all look the same? She looks exactly like neera tanden lmao

  • Gabriella Wendy
    Gabriella Wendy Month ago +25

    Yes Julia and Tony's dynamic in VEEP is one of the funniest I've ever seen. Hilarious AF!

  • Santino Williams
    Santino Williams Month ago +6

    Big admirer of Julia and her work and always will be she is so hot and sexy and I mean that in a good way Brad👍

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Month ago +3

    She's so hot

  • Kevin VanNess
    Kevin VanNess Month ago +10

    5:21 - 6:09 That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

  • Roni Roshni
    Roni Roshni Month ago +4

    Why so less views 🤔

  • Ehh
    Ehh Month ago

    She literally looks like that exact women Who wants a new camera and says the Screen is bad but the waiter was telling her to fuck off. The woman talks to the blue shirt guy

  • Drip Bayless
    Drip Bayless Month ago +19

    God that women looks ageless 😍😍

  • ThexBorg
    ThexBorg Month ago +6

    She an amazing woman! Remember when she started back in National Lampoons Vacation 🤩😂

    POLO COSTANZA Month ago +14

    Did Jimmy just call Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "dude". That ain't it chief.

  • Connor Malbeuf
    Connor Malbeuf Month ago +9


  • Gunung Merapiapi
    Gunung Merapiapi Month ago +24

    Julia featured Tony Hale&her husband in her Mark Twain Speech, it was HILARIOUS

  • Scorpio Dynasty X
    Scorpio Dynasty X Month ago +5

    JLD aging like fine wine 😍😍😍

  • Cheder Chad
    Cheder Chad Month ago +4


  • Loretta Avery
    Loretta Avery Month ago +4

    why am i laughing in the club right now

    • Seth Taylor
      Seth Taylor Month ago

      Loretta Avery because the club is a joke?😂

  • Karthik Venkatesan
    Karthik Venkatesan Month ago +10

    From Seinfeld to this she looks same :)

  • Daniel Salinas
    Daniel Salinas Month ago +44

    Beautiful, intelligent, funny as hell AND a survivor. Real life wonder woman.

  • han36solo
    han36solo Month ago +9

    She looks gorgeous!

  • tytytytyty
    tytytytyty Month ago +33

    Omg Jimmy, let the woman speak!

  • monkey face
    monkey face Month ago +20

    I'm happy that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is better now. love this lady. she's awesome.

  • Puber T. Snatches
    Puber T. Snatches Month ago +2

    so damn sexy

  • shru1014
    shru1014 Month ago +84

    Best show ever. Sad it's ending.

    • batgurrl
      batgurrl Month ago +2

      shru1014 since it has been on it’s the only comedy that made me laugh out loud. Great show. She is hysterically funny. She was my hero as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld but she is genius on Veep

  • Marcos Carmona
    Marcos Carmona Month ago +136

    Julia “let me tell you something” Louis-Dreyfus

    • V B
      V B 5 days ago

      +Joanna Feliciano Fuck off

    • Bob Sacamano
      Bob Sacamano 22 days ago

      No no it's Julia "lemtelyousomthin" Louis-Dreyfus

    • Joanna Feliciano
      Joanna Feliciano Month ago

      Marcos Carmona I can’t unhear it