girls trip to big bear: tik toks, starbucks, and gingerbread houses! vlogmas day 4

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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  • Sloane Riley
    Sloane Riley Month ago

    Where's Ashley?

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown Month ago

    so what’s alishas tik tok

  • vals dalley
    vals dalley Month ago +1

    ive been busy all december so i havent watched vlogmas so now that its break i am binging

  • Ashley B
    Ashley B Month ago


  • Ashley B
    Ashley B Month ago


  • Becca Marie
    Becca Marie Month ago +1

    so funny how after they did the dance remi said , “harder 👏🏼dance , harder 👏🏼dance.” 😭

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Month ago

    I feel like Alisha every summer when I go to Missouri

  • Cidney Moore
    Cidney Moore Month ago

    Alisha, what’s your tiktok?

  • mariiahrobinson _
    mariiahrobinson _ Month ago

    Alsiha i have those same sweats. u got them from walmart didnt u

  • Crystal and Cory
    Crystal and Cory Month ago

    Smaller youtuber here! I have been a big fan of Alishas for years now, and she has given me the motivation to really commit to my RU-clip channel, especially after our twins were born! Please check us out if you enjoy mom/family vlogs! -Crystal

  • Rae
    Rae Month ago

    I love how much their friend group extends like they’re just all in a cabin together having fun and chillin! ❤️

  • Katie Jean
    Katie Jean Month ago

    Okay but how do I find this home to rent🤣

  • lucky patch
    lucky patch Month ago


  • Vanessa Lin
    Vanessa Lin Month ago +1

    No ads yayy:)

  • Evangeline Broussard

    alisha is lowkey a QUEENN in these vlogmas intros

  • Nessa Kate
    Nessa Kate Month ago

    hands down favorite intro so far haha

  • Elisha Bun
    Elisha Bun Month ago

    You see all snow in the US and when you look at Australia it's all smokey, hot and bush fires

  • Peyton Wright
    Peyton Wright Month ago

    the intro is a mood thoooo

  • sribika senthilkumar

    That entrance!!!

  • o o
    o o Month ago

    I LOVE YOU ❤️

  • o o
    o o Month ago

    I LOVE YOU ❤️

  • Megan .S
    Megan .S Month ago

    And another fail for blogmas Starbucks

  • Megan .S
    Megan .S Month ago

    Omg. Now I want in-n-out!

  • Shelby
    Shelby Month ago

    alisha is literally the queen of intros


    Love short vlogs

  • Loopy Unicorn
    Loopy Unicorn Month ago

    i forgot who’s vlog it was, but i heard that sbux order and as a sbux barista, it gave me a panic attack 😬😬😬😭😭

  • Paige Metcalf
    Paige Metcalf Month ago

    I built a gingerbread house in school in 2nd or 1st grade but I don't think I ever ate it😂 They gave us like massive gingerbread cookies and candy😂

  • Paige Metcalf
    Paige Metcalf Month ago

    It must have snowed a LOTTT over there😂 Also ily😍✌

  • anjana luchun
    anjana luchun Month ago

    Rip the ginger bread 😂😂

  • Gabriela Anna
    Gabriela Anna Month ago

    Love the intro!! My favorite time of vlogmas is to watch the big bear trip!! Love you guys so much!!

  • Brenna Nelson
    Brenna Nelson Month ago

    I was eating while watching this intro but somehow I was hungry 😂

  • Mayzie Reyes
    Mayzie Reyes Month ago

    Alisha:I might even put creamer in there
    Alisha:I know
    Lmao 😂

  • Callyn Psiloyenis
    Callyn Psiloyenis Month ago +1

    I love watching your videos
    You always make me smile!❤️😀😁🧡💛

  • eveslifestyle
    eveslifestyle Month ago

    Living for the differnt intros so Alisha😍

  • Rebecca Santos
    Rebecca Santos Month ago

    I just have a question did Alisha spit out the burger in the intro ??

  • MizzGabriellaTV
    MizzGabriellaTV Month ago

    I love the love!!!!!!!

  • TheKnown Dana
    TheKnown Dana Month ago

    i hadnt watched her in suchhhh a long time

  • Stefanie Fileva
    Stefanie Fileva Month ago

    This intro reminds me of INSATIABLE lol am i the only 0ne

  • Vlogs and Blogs!!!
    Vlogs and Blogs!!! Month ago

    Yo the intro tho

  • reyna phan
    reyna phan Month ago

    awww this reminds me of your old old vlogs where you wouldn't start with a montage

  • camryn elliott
    camryn elliott Month ago

    Tell Teala to hit the woah

  • Michelle Raven
    Michelle Raven Month ago

    The carpet in the movie room looks like the movie carpet from the OG sims

  • Ariana Colon
    Ariana Colon Month ago

    my fav intro yet hahaha

  • SonnySketch
    SonnySketch Month ago

    These intros are SO extra but i love it. and I loved your behind the scenes about the intros, my bf even watched it with me haha

  • Eden Jones
    Eden Jones Month ago

    the big bears vlogs are literally my favorite vlogs every year

  • Jaime III Panes
    Jaime III Panes Month ago +21

    When alisha showed sierra’s and team ginger house and tiffany’s team gingerhouse but didnt show Mia’s team gingerhouse in focus. I really think theyre not okay.

  • Diane McAdams
    Diane McAdams Month ago


  • Lauren Harris
    Lauren Harris Month ago

    Aww. Remis Hollister ad showed up on your video. Love supportive friends!

  • Singing K
    Singing K Month ago

    “I’m a noob.”
    Alisha’s new catch frase! 😂

  • Lucie Selburg
    Lucie Selburg Month ago

    Omg awkward movie room?

  • Sofi Marie
    Sofi Marie Month ago +1

    I love how here it’s super snowy but I’m in Michigan and there’s not a single flake and this place is normally super snowy in December

  • Not your average Goalie

    Who else spent two hours on tik tok to find her account......and never found it.....😔😣

  • Cookie Jar Productions

    This has been my favourite motherforking intro
    Queens eat in and out too

  • Ava Rechichi
    Ava Rechichi Month ago

    Does Alisha have tik tok?

  • noneofyourbusiness okay

    Omg teala doing a tik tok😂

  • Nicki Mitrani
    Nicki Mitrani Month ago

    sitting on a throne eating in n out? Queen.

  • SaraSahlie Marcato
    SaraSahlie Marcato Month ago +1

    Uhh ya by far the best intro I’ve literally ever seen not even gonna lie

  • hannah
    hannah Month ago

    The intro is such a mood 🙇🏻‍♀️😂

  • Ab Mo
    Ab Mo Month ago

    I love the intros!!! So excited to watch every single day!!

  • Sily_Girl_ 405
    Sily_Girl_ 405 Month ago +1

    The intro is everything i am like🤣🤣😂😂👌👌👌💪💪