Judges Want Laine Hardy Back on American Idol 2019 | Idols Global

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Subscribe for more Idols Global ▶︎ bit.ly/IdolsGlobal_YT Ashton Gill sings "Broken Halos" by Chris Stapleton, along with former American Idol contestant Laine Hardy on the guitar, in her American Idol audition. Laine sings "The Weight" by The Band, and Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie convince him to also take a ticket to Hollywood!
    What did you think of the auditions?? Let u know in the comments below...
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Comments • 592

  • Isaac Tingley
    Isaac Tingley 49 minutes ago

    I felt so bad for the actual audition. He stole the thunder!!!
    But he’s good!!

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna Day ago

    Any time wants to teach me guitar; or set me up with a nurse; he’s more than welcome to do that?

  • HSN
    HSN Day ago

    5:30 just think about the reaction of judges, isn't that just something so cool

  • Joseph Thom
    Joseph Thom Day ago +8

    Ashton: *Quickly realizes it was a mistake bringing Laine*

  • Owen Collins
    Owen Collins 2 days ago

    funny thing is the 2.5m views were here for laine and it wasn’t even his audition

  • Zoom joe
    Zoom joe 4 days ago

    Y’all just ruined that poor girls soul lol was supposed to be her moment

  • Jb Tavermin
    Jb Tavermin 5 days ago

    Oh Laine! I was allured

  • Cate the GREATEST
    Cate the GREATEST 5 days ago +5

    Can we just imagine if they didn’t take him back, he wouldn’t have got This far. He literally Won like WOWWWW

  • David Saw
    David Saw 6 days ago

    Laine got set up.

  • Kevin McGann
    Kevin McGann 6 days ago

    Ashton is stunningly beautiful!!

  • Frankie JRlll
    Frankie JRlll 7 days ago +11

    The hell with that I would have asked her out in a heartbeat.

  • spacko453
    spacko453 7 days ago

    Best part of this is Lionel getting snubbed on the fist bump, then acting like every adult 40+

  • Catherine Byrne
    Catherine Byrne 8 days ago

    Girl hopping

  • Richard Rosillo
    Richard Rosillo 8 days ago +1

    At the end tho im a really going 😂😂😂

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna 8 days ago

    Yeah man..you’re dad was a wise man..never take someone with you on a job interview?! It can only mean a bad outcome for a great opportunity for you. Ashton Gill has a pretty voice;and the looks to go along with it..she should try again?! Or just do what Haley Klinkhammer did..take it to RU-clip; and let the opportunity come to you.

  • dedmoney1
    dedmoney1 8 days ago

    Looking at it again.... This look so set up.....😒

  • Austin Castle
    Austin Castle 8 days ago

    What is the song called lain was playing so the second song?

  • Frost Podcast
    Frost Podcast 9 days ago

    They kinda threw her under the bus didnt they?

  • MOvalle
    MOvalle 9 days ago

    Why did American Idol take down their video of this Laine Hardy audition? AIdol audition videos for Wade, Jeremiah, Alejandro and Walker are all still up on RU-clip.

  • Viral Nuh
    Viral Nuh 10 days ago +2

    Oh my Laine♥️

  • Lyricallynn
    Lyricallynn 12 days ago

    Was this all staged?

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 12 days ago +10

    i love this guy.. but damn, when i think about American Idol, I only think about Alejandra Aranda..

  • lee hollebon
    lee hollebon 12 days ago

    This was completely set up this audition who agrees with me

  • Ashley Alston
    Ashley Alston 13 days ago

    Love Laine But I still think Alejandro was obviously the winner

  • musicalman1995
    musicalman1995 13 days ago

    This is super staged

  • joe vargas
    joe vargas 13 days ago +16

    Hes a generous person. That's what am talking about. AMEN TO BOY.

  • Sam Jinping
    Sam Jinping 14 days ago +31

    "Am I really going?"
    And the rest is history. 😇

  • nguyen925
    nguyen925 14 days ago +37

    "Am I really going?" Was the best part of the clip, his genuine reaction 🤪

  • richard abney
    richard abney 15 days ago

    he should of won 2018

  • lee evans
    lee evans 15 days ago +6

    Its tv, that was more staged than front desk assembly room

  • Benji Byte
    Benji Byte 16 days ago +3

    Judges in joy when justice is served.. what a justice it was..

  • Phi Salaymang
    Phi Salaymang 17 days ago +31

    I’d be happy that my friend won but also salty cause he wasn’t even trying to be on the show lol

  • uzair zaman
    uzair zaman 22 days ago +13

    3:50 the moment Katy Perry changed this mans destiny

  • uzair zaman
    uzair zaman 22 days ago +6

    are people really gonna overlook the fact that Lionel Richie almost got left hanging at 1:19 ?

  • قوڵپەی ئـاگرین

    he scare to going hollywod
    he know whats going on he have a talent dont give a F about F amouse

    MIKECNW 23 days ago

    I saw an interview with Laine and he mentioned the reason why he played for Ashton was because she was uncomfortable playing guitar herself.
    If it were me I would have told her to tough it out.

    You know how to play guitar then play it.

    Too bad there are still a lot of women out there who don't play instruments even if they know how to play.

  • Harshadeep Das
    Harshadeep Das 24 days ago

    which song is it wt laine sang

  • Harshadeep Das
    Harshadeep Das 24 days ago

    which song is it

  • Zaki Beats
    Zaki Beats 25 days ago +11

    I love how at the end he asks “Am I really goin?”

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna 28 days ago

    Well I don’t have merch; but maybe I can get Katy’s attention if I challenge her in a sing off sometime? Maybe I can get close to beating her talent; or get close to her for a while? I’m a charming attractive man; with song poem writing abilities..but I’m sure I can be a good husband and lover too?

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna 28 days ago

    Well, if I can’t get Ashton Gill interested in me; then maybe there’s another older nurse out there like Ashton that can sing like her; and we can write songs together; and get married one day? Louisiana got something out there? Wished Clute Texas did?

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna 28 days ago +13

    I love that Lane is a people person and nice guy...but...I don’t think he deserved to win American Idol? The one that should’ve won was Alejandro Arandas.

    KITANA CAMPBELL 29 days ago

    Hes got a Cute Voice😍😍😍

  • peace Venz
    peace Venz Month ago +2

    That moment where he took the right decision, opportunity don't always comes like this but he did and it changed his life. 👍👍GG Laine

  • RagShots
    RagShots Month ago +11

    The moment when america knew Laine Hardy was gonna win american idol.

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna Month ago

    And I’m just 6 hours down the road from miss Ashton Gill practically? South a Texas has some musical talent as well..singing and writing talent as well? Song poems are my life right now.

  • Jesse Reyna
    Jesse Reyna Month ago +1

    I need a new nurse in my life? Especially, since I’ve never had one before? And maybe I’m a bit older; but I’m nice and can sing as well?

  • guitarsword1
    guitarsword1 Month ago +2

    That was great. “Am I really goin’? “

  • DEMMY {NotLovotaNotMoore}

    Alejandro should’ve win

  • Angela Geier
    Angela Geier Month ago +6

    His "Am I really going" at the end was really cute. It made me giggle.

  • Harry_Echiverri
    Harry_Echiverri Month ago

    That dude stole the audition hahahh!

  • Joanne Jaworski
    Joanne Jaworski Month ago +1

    It's amazing how one decision can change your life! That ONE choice impacted his entire future!!!

  • Plazmir
    Plazmir Month ago

    She looks like Princess Fiona

  • Nico H
    Nico H Month ago

    What song did laine sing here?

  • Austin Sims
    Austin Sims Month ago +12

    this show has been on air for 20 years and ive never once seen the judges literally beg for someone to take a hollywood ticket

  • Dovid Tzvi Admoni
    Dovid Tzvi Admoni Month ago

    “ Am I really going? “ 🤣😂

  • Marc Fredo
    Marc Fredo Month ago

    1:20 awkward moment

  • JTSX1
    JTSX1 Month ago

    18 and already needing veneers? Damn

  • Ian G14
    Ian G14 Month ago +143

    why Katie Perry talkin like she has a southern accent

    • Nikumi Rok
      Nikumi Rok 22 hours ago

      Bcoz she is southerner

    • badastig
      badastig 10 days ago +1

      @Emma R-H thought it was funny

    • Hannah Jordan
      Hannah Jordan 14 days ago +4

      her families from where I live and they are country as hell

    • Emma R-H
      Emma R-H Month ago +5

      I was wondering the same thing, that was cringe worthy. #JustBeYourself

    • SamChawngthu
      SamChawngthu Month ago +4

      Was laughin so hard

  • Tonya Scarlett
    Tonya Scarlett Month ago

    He is so beautiful