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5 TON “Auralite” Amethyst Geode Cluster @


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  • Tweedle
    Tweedle 2 months ago +2

    OH MY LORD!!!! That is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ROCKS I have EVER seen in my life!!!
    At first I thought you were looking into a cave (or the person filming was ??? 🤷‍♂️ ) but then when the camera kept coming out more and more my jaw dropped!!! LITERALLY!!! But to see that 'MOUNTAINOUS PYRAMIDS" twinkling and sparkling all over and in such a uniform pattern across most of the surface.... I wanna say this was formed in an INSTANT (in geologic time) from one hell of a 'lighting' bolt!!!! Can you even call a crack of electricity THAT BIG AND POWERFUL 'lightning' anymore??? And it must have stay8 connected for quite a while and with a steady, constant amount of power for the plasma to pull all that rock into that spikes all; across it!!!
    I joined your channel for THIS EXACT REASON!!!! After watching the videos on 'See the Pattern' I just can't help but see the disaster cycle everywhere in the Earth's Geography!! And a geode of this magnificence belongs in an Electric Universe Museum!!! OMG!!! I think I found my calling!!! I want to build this museum!!! .... Now.... hrmmm... I guess I should start asking google how to start a museum, huh? LOL
    THANK YOU!!! This is just WONDERFUL!

  • Akshay's Crystal Hunt
    Akshay's Crystal Hunt Month ago +3

    OH MY GOD! This is an absolute stunner..

  • The Gnostic Chef
    The Gnostic Chef 2 months ago +1

    Wow , this is the 200k rock ?

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 months ago

      Details are there

    • The Gnostic Chef
      The Gnostic Chef 2 months ago

      @Electric Universe Eyes truly amazing , where is the rock sourced from ?

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 months ago +1

      Value is subjective. It’s currently on eBay for $184K. This crystal ranges from $300-$1000 per kilo. Even at the low end, that would add to 1.3M, which is what the geologist that helped discover and define the crystal was speculating it was worth.

  • Yori Tama Turangga
    Yori Tama Turangga 6 days ago

    America dan Brazil sangat berlimpah batuan mulia ...mangkanya jangan mahal mahal kalau jual batu 🤭😁

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  5 days ago +1

      While you are correct that amethyst is found in Brazil & America, this specific type of amethyst crystal is only found in Canada.

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