Nick Saban calls out reporter over Jalen Hurts question | ESPN


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  • Kenny Black
    Kenny Black 2 месяца назад

    I am very fortunate, I live in the Saban era of Alabama football and I love it, more so wonderful that I am a true UGA fan and we now have a man who learned under Nick Saban...our time is coming

  • Kenny Black
    Kenny Black 2 месяца назад

    I love Nick Saban

  • Crewmax42
    Crewmax42 5 месяцев назад

    I don't see a problem with his response. Maybe there are special rules for this interviewer I am not aware of.

  • Richard Wells
    Richard Wells Год назад

    Let's go Alabama Alabama is the best

  • Derrick Williamson
    Derrick Williamson Год назад

    dude your lying I saw those games in 47 years old and you can't tell me that

  • King Kool
    King Kool Год назад

    Translation: Fuck everyone, Jalen fucking wins games at the end of the day and he has room to get better. Do you have room to get better? Or are you stuck being mediocre?

  • Frederick Guerin
    Frederick Guerin Год назад

    Hurt is not horrible, but TUA is much better

    • Jamel Gallagher
      Jamel Gallagher 5 месяцев назад

      Athletic wise jalen is phenomenal but passing wise he is horrible, he has had 2 years to develop a passing game and still looks as bad as he did when he first started.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown Год назад

    Satan is just like belacheat spys and don't really care that is players are thugs non American

  • bamadeadhead
    bamadeadhead Год назад +2

    “Calls out reporter” or “Calmly states their intentions??”

  • Derrick Williamson
    Derrick Williamson Год назад

    why is it when ever someone tells the truth about you bums who can't beat the first and the only thing y'all do is pull the race card . you tell me when you've ever saw a qb only pass the ball 8 times in the first half .! never and the reason they did that is because they would rather have a guy that's Hawaiian then a brother from the states . its funny to me that when you pussies who can't beat us at shit when called on you're bullshit the only thing you know how to do is do the same thing you say that we do and that's pull the race card ! you really are sorry . smh lol

    • Chief 91
      Chief 91 10 месяцев назад

      Derrick Williamson when someone says race card. We know how they really feel. (Stop being a racist) Tua and Jalen are the same color. The NFL has never liked black quarterbacks. Old white people used to not hold it in. They woulxd tell black kids they were too dumb to play the position. Most still believe it.

  • james boyd
    james boyd Год назад

    I think nick saban done the right thing for the team nothing personal

  • james boyd
    james boyd Год назад +6

    Glad Bama won

  • Derrick Williamson
    Derrick Williamson Год назад +1

    did you see the way they only let hurts throw the ball 8 times but they are saying that he struggled . they purposely did that to bring this dude in because they didn't want two diffrent black QB's from the best two teams in the country to win back to back championships period . that's what that is . instead of of a sking why they pulled him in the first place they go to that question to imply he had a bad game . this is bullshit at its finest

    • David Michael
      David Michael Год назад +2

      Your not just a racist, your an ignorant racist.Hurts won in 15, Watson in 16. So what your saying has already happened.Tua is Hawaiian & he & Hurts won. That's just in case you start The White Man rants.

    • bamadeadhead
      bamadeadhead Год назад +1

      OMG dude seriously with this RACIST shit? Why did HE RECRUIT them? Stfu man COME ON

    • Corey Mason
      Corey Mason Год назад +3

      Derrick Williamson what the hell are u saying?.....first off THIS CLIP is waaay before the championship game ....but i'll address your comment... Jalen was pulled because there is NO WAY they would have beaten Gerogia without an effective DOWNFIELD passing game...which Tua is MUCH better at ...its not even close ...a lot of shit in society and sports is race related..... but nothing about this is race related

    • john jeffries
      john jeffries Год назад +6

      Derrick Williamson This has to be the dumbest comment i’ve ever read in my entire life, shut up with your racist bullshit.

  • Gene Paulk
    Gene Paulk Год назад +1

    Nick just tell this idiot to shut the hell up you are in charge !!!!! 🐘 Roll Tide Roll 🐘

  • Noah Price
    Noah Price Год назад


  • CandyLover500 islit
    CandyLover500 islit Год назад +17

    "Haters going to hate but they ain't never gonna be great"- Anonymous. People keep hating on Jalen Hurts cause they realize they're never be as good as him!

    • bamadeadhead
      bamadeadhead Год назад +1

      Lol yeah that’s exactly why “haters” do that

    • CandyLover500 islit
      CandyLover500 islit Год назад +2

      Gabriel Sierralta you're right! He definitely is not a good passer but he runs the ball pretty well! With that being said Tua Tagovailoa saved Alabama big time! Cause they wouldn't had came back if Saban kept Hurts in, Tua Tagovailoa deserved to be the MVP he had a great second half!

    • Gabriel Sierralta
      Gabriel Sierralta Год назад +1

      CandyLover500 islit jaylen hurts is the worst quarterback in the SEC and I've said it for the past two years

  • Joseph Mellen
    Joseph Mellen Год назад +1

    Haters will be haters. Most, if not all couldn't make a pimple on Jalen's little toe. Alabama players are high achievers in the midst of a majority of mediocrity. The haters would make perfect Leftist Democrat haters, if they aren't already.

  • String Bean Rick James Looking Fool

    These last two games he's shown up passing and you guys keep on talking about how bad Hurts is.

  • Duke Moose
    Duke Moose Год назад

    Fresh off of the press for this week, the top five from the USC Moose as follows:1) Oklahoma2) USC3) Penn State4) Michigan5) Clemson

    • Blayze Is My Name
      Blayze Is My Name Год назад

      Top 5 looser list??

    • levi cage
      levi cage Год назад

      Duke Moose do you not give up lol

    • Chris Lane
      Chris Lane Год назад +2

      I see you are a loyal follower of Alabama football. I thought you have seen enough of them last year. Alabama 52 - USC 6.

  • Maya Freeman
    Maya Freeman Год назад +33

    Y'all act like Jalen is terrible quarterback. He isn't and he is improving. So y'all need to get off him. He has time to improve

    • TideFan Yankee
      TideFan Yankee 5 месяцев назад

      That's OK, the Tide won. But let's not act like everyone "knew" for 100% certain that Tua would start. I'm happy for him and what he brings to the team. I want the Tide to win, no matter who starts. Jalen did play in the Louisville game and Coach Saban went off on a reporter who seemed to want him to throw Jalen under the bus and he wouldn't. It's a long season and a lot can almost did last night if you recall when Tua went down for a time.

    • Foolish Demon
      Foolish Demon 5 месяцев назад

      +TideFan Yankee This also didn't age well. Lol

    • TideFan Yankee
      TideFan Yankee 9 месяцев назад

      I think everyone's assessment of the QB competition at Bama are more than a little premature. It's not over, but so many have anointed Tua as the starting QB for this coming season. If you all recall, Jalen didn't start in that first game (when he was a true freshman) against SoCal a couple of seasons ago. But he DID finish it. I'm not taking anything away from Tua, he did an outstanding job at the end of the NC game. Jalen just didn't have "it" on that particular night.....hey, it happens. But to think or believe that Jalen is out, and Tua is automatically in because of one half of football is absurd. Coach Nick Saban will play whomever HE thinks will give him the best chance of winning

    • bamadeadhead
      bamadeadhead Год назад

      Nobody is “ON” him

    • Hussane a.k Bussin
      Hussane a.k Bussin Год назад +2

      Lol he has no time Freshman took it

  • Eddie Banda
    Eddie Banda Год назад

    Hashtag FACTS

  • The_HBK_23
    The_HBK_23 Год назад +1

    Fuck Nick Saban, dude is not looking out for his players long term careers, ie. getting to the NFL.

    • Mikevdog
      Mikevdog Год назад +1

      You get out of school what you put in and Alabama is a good school.

    • Mikevdog
      Mikevdog Год назад

      4% of college players get drafted into the NFL. Are you addressing them only, or the hundreds more who finish school and get regular jobs? It sounds like you are the one ignoring 96% of the players.

    • bamadeadhead
      bamadeadhead Год назад

      Lol!!! What?!??!!! Yes the fuck he does DUMBASS. The ones he thinks can make it.

    • Corey Mason
      Corey Mason Год назад

      The_HBK_23 huh?.....explain THAT is he not??.....especially backs and defensive players!

    • LeBroughn Finley
      LeBroughn Finley Год назад

      The_HBK_23 yeah they need a training degree like you have. Third degree burn. Proud graduate of tanning bought college.

    GOLDEN STATE GROWER Год назад +8

    Jalen hurts sucks , he will never play a down in the NFL no pocket passer what so ever

    • Mikevdog
      Mikevdog Год назад +1

      The last I checked, he is a college player. Can't he just do that? Lots of players, in fact less than 1 out of 20 ever make it to the NFL.

    • Zach Miller
      Zach Miller Год назад

      GOLDEN STATE RAIDERS I agree he won’t play a down in the NFL as a quarterback, you are RIGHT. I do think that for Jalen, he should do like Braxton Miller did and move around because he could probably play around slot or running back. He doesn’t suck as a player, just as a quarterback because he doesn’t know how to pass in the pocket and also he keeps his eyes locked on one receiver and when Ridley is not open, he always rolled to the right, never the left. He needs to change his position

    • Keith David
      Keith David Год назад

      That's what the said about Russell Wilson too, and look where he is.

    • Don
      Don Год назад +2

      Thanks for proving you're a typical dumbass Raiders fan.

    • Don
      Don Год назад +2

      Hey dumbass, go look up some of your favorite NFL QBs and tell us what they did as true freshmen in college.

  • Grace Greco
    Grace Greco Год назад

    Shit. Get 'em Nick

  • nikon d3200
    nikon d3200 Год назад +12

    I hate media

  • djrand90
    djrand90 Год назад +11

    When Saban rants, is it the same reporter asking the same irritating question each time?

    • bamadeadhead
      bamadeadhead Год назад

      Don lol no buddy that’s everywhere. The nerds like to act like they know football. When they don’t

    • Christian Cunningham
      Christian Cunningham Год назад +1

      lol we got one right here
      Armchair QB extraordinaire

    • One Two
      One Two Год назад +2

      Nah, Don, I expect the number one team in the country to have a decent passing attack. Not throwing behind the line scrimmage for passing. You keep bringing up "sophmore" this dude had all season last year AND the offseason to improve, I haven't seen him improve at all. He's still running the same offense with no new throws. You think that's gonna cut it this season? LOL you're in for a rude awakening.

    • Christian Cunningham
      Christian Cunningham Год назад +2

      so true

    • Don
      Don Год назад +8

      I think they spread the stupid questions around. The local crowd that covers Alabama football is like having a 5 year old in the back seat asking "Are we there yet?" every 5 minutes. They expect a sophomore QB to make every read and every throw like he's Tom Brady AND be able to run for 150 yards like he's a running back. Alabama fans are incredibly spoiled, as are the sportswriters who cover the program.

    BAMAFAN Год назад +20


    • Richard Wells
      Richard Wells Год назад

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  • Boi Barnett
    Boi Barnett Год назад +21

    Jalen hurts sucks

    • Travis Holly
      Travis Holly Год назад

      The Wonder Blunder yes he passed for 50% that because of the passes he threw they were bubble screens and slants who can't complete those passes.

    • bamadeadhead
      bamadeadhead Год назад

      No he doesn’t ASSMUNCHER

    • Travis Holly
      Travis Holly Год назад

      Davis r jalen hurts has no chance of making the NFL as a quarterback.

    • Liquid blue
      Liquid blue Год назад

      Well you do also have to think he's gone through three oc and kiffen is who recruited him. He was doing better with him but he just hasn't improved of lately

    • Davis
      Davis Год назад

      *he is gonna suck if he even sets foot on an nfl field is what he mean to say

  • JMS217
    JMS217 Год назад +42

    a little click bait

    • bamadeadhead
      bamadeadhead Год назад

      No the title was horrible. He calmly told him what’s up. He didn’t call him out. WTH

    • Liquid blue
      Liquid blue Год назад +1

      JMS217 Yeh kinda but I feel like the title was appropriate

  • Star Wizzy
    Star Wizzy Год назад +13

    Lmao this dude get Turnt so quick.

    • Stretch
      Stretch Год назад +6

      Star Wizzy Saban a savage😂😂