Researchers figured out how to dramatically extend WiFi range

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • Don't expect to stream movies at those distances, though.
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Comments • 38

  • TheRCvie
    TheRCvie Month ago

    So some IT geeks got something to work by turning it of and on again?

  • ricky v
    ricky v Month ago +2

    This is cool. I don’t do smart devices but if I did I see the benefits. (:

  • inkoo
    inkoo Month ago

    Great for NSA to keep track of you and your neighbors..

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal Month ago

    the technology only improves long range connectivity not the actually ability of any device to transmit a functional amount of data over a longer distance.

  • cameron20020
    cameron20020 Month ago

    good for iot. Think non-safety critical condition monitoring.

  • gus bisbal
    gus bisbal Month ago +8

    Biggest clip bait title I have seen from these guys yet!

    • I agree with you.
      I agree with you. Month ago

      Seriously. How awful. I don’t give a shit about one bit per second.

  • Aji Setiawan
    Aji Setiawan Month ago

    How many people here got deafen by this video?

  • Brighty McBrightface
    Brighty McBrightface Month ago +2

    so, they "keyed the mic" ... ok ... they've got an expensive short range morse code key ... : )

  • Adhecard
    Adhecard Month ago

    Tease title

  • bioroid09
    bioroid09 Month ago +1

    I can't wait to gain special powers when all routers start sending out random bursts of wifi signals.

    • Axodus
      Axodus Month ago

      you'll be waiting for the rest of your life because radio/wi-fi waves aren't ionizing.

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm Month ago +2

    Last few years....Routers cost up 200%...but range up 5%....bleh! AX yada yada....poopy

  • dlarun
    dlarun Month ago +8

    "Can be enabled by a software update"
    Yeeeah... let's be real

  • Kevin Morrison
    Kevin Morrison Month ago +9

    So then the title to this video is click bait! Since he clearly said it wont let you connect any further away from the router and yet the title clearly says dramatically extend range! Screw you Engadget!

    • Overbite Games
      Overbite Games Month ago +1

      @vooo00000000000000000000000000000000ooov we found out how to dramatically extend WiFi range is the title.
      I found out how to dramatically increase your lifespan!
      Content: Be born later and you'll die later.

    • vooo00000000000000000000000000000000ooov
      vooo00000000000000000000000000000000ooov Month ago

      2:12 "we present the novel protocol ONPC, which extends the range of WiFi using standard Wifi." did you even watch the video?

  • Michael Yater
    Michael Yater Month ago +2

    That's actually similar to how I have my third band configured. My smart devices are on 1 band with a cycling low power mode it keep them connected and can send and receive commands but nothing else it's bandwidth locked too the lowest setting the router will allow.

  • Jimmy Eklund
    Jimmy Eklund Month ago +2

    This is a clear violation of law/rule for over the air transmition?

  • Shannon Love
    Shannon Love Month ago +1

    It's "paw-khan" not "pee-khan" or worse "pee-can".
    The word is Choctaw in origin with French spelling and pronunciation.
    Yes, I'm a Pecan Nerd as well.

  • Shannon Love
    Shannon Love Month ago

    Great, now more of my neighbors will stepping on my signal.

  • Batman /Conqueror/
    Batman /Conqueror/ Month ago +8

    So it's almost like 0G but for everyone?

  • Stuff
    Stuff Month ago +1

    I love peecan pie

  • Justin Gathright
    Justin Gathright Month ago

    👍!👍! Thanks for the know!

  • Siyah Amca
    Siyah Amca Month ago

    well let's see

  • Miles Josephson
    Miles Josephson Month ago

    I have siblings that go to BYU!!!

  • Czeslaw K.
    Czeslaw K. Month ago +2

    Humanity really is gonna destroy itself.

    • Axodus
      Axodus Month ago

      @Czeslaw K.
      Are you some higher being or are you making a wild assumption based on a click-baity wi-fi video.

    • TheSonicZero
      TheSonicZero Month ago +3

      Not before I destroy your anus

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor Month ago +1

    The outro song was fire

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      Czeslaw K. Month ago +3

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    • spartan876
      spartan876 Month ago +3

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