The Real Reason Why These Actors Left Grey's Anatomy

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • With all the turnover, have you ever wondered the real reason why these actors left Grey's Anatomy? It all started in 2005, centering around the polarizing character, Meredith Grey, a star who has stayed with the ABC network since the show’s inception. Grey’s Anatomy has been blasted for its notoriety for killing characters, leaving only four of the original actors, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, and Meredith Grey to star in Grey's Anatomy Season 15. Though medical mayhem and doctor drama might seem to be the reason for the character turnover, some speculated behind-the-scenes scandal might also be at fault. Through its cast of OB/GYNs, surgeons, doctors, and nurses, Grey’s Anatomy makes for a pretty intricate plot line. It’s no wonder this medical drama has created some notorious fallouts for past cast members.
    Isiah Washington couldn’t seem to avoid drama with co-star Patrick Dempsey. After rumors circulated of a homophobic slur used by Washington, the next season of Grey’s Anatomy would be seen without him. The fallout from that led to TR Knight leaving Grey's.
    Even Brooke Smith, who played Dr. Erica Hahn was let go. While many speculated it was on behalf of her being part of the LGBT community, series creator Shonda Rhymes stated they simply couldn’t write for her character anymore. Even Katherine Heigl’s departure from the show was shocking to some, though Rimes would later reveal on Oprah that her resignation was far from surprising. Despite its low retention of actors, Grey’s Anatomy has been applauded for it’s ethnically diverse cast, something that sets the series apart from most others.
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    Kate Walsh | 1:09
    T.R. Knight | 2:03
    Katherine Heigl | 2:45
    Sandra Oh | 3:38
    Patrick Dempsey | 4:18
    Chyler Leigh | 5:04
    Kim Raver | 5:38
    Eric Dane | 6:19
    Sara Ramirez | 6:54
    Jason George | 7:34
    Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew | 8:17
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  • Alexi Baez
    Alexi Baez 23 hours ago

    Show should've been cancelled 10 years ago.

  • Arianna Silva
    Arianna Silva Day ago

    Could it say how they left and when that would be nice.

  • Selina Davis
    Selina Davis Day ago

    Ellen Pompeo....must feel BAAAAAAD

  • Selina Davis
    Selina Davis Day ago

    But Isaiah did come back to give cristina her job....

  • LiveLoveLaugh102310

    I'm still mad over Sarah Drew

  • Kim K
    Kim K Day ago +1

    It's bc they couldn't learn how to play cards

  • Thornmarch
    Thornmarch 2 days ago

    They did talk baout how Heigal repeated missed casting and shootings, and Patrick's affair. lol

  • Cristolbal Gascon
    Cristolbal Gascon 2 days ago


  • Batata Mama
    Batata Mama 3 days ago

    This show needs to be cancelled... more doctors die than patients and the amount of affairs is just pathetic........ even so.... why do I continue to watch it?!

  • Fernando Layton
    Fernando Layton 3 days ago

    All the feels all over again!! Curled up in a ball crying!!

  • Td Is Cool
    Td Is Cool 4 days ago +4

    when shonda said she was gonna go in a different direction with callie my brain said “SPIN-OFF WITH CALLIE AND ARIZONA IN NY!!!”

  • Karolina Illa
    Karolina Illa 4 days ago +1

    i still hope izzie will come and mix some things in alex's life. I dont like jo... :x

    • Melanin Dripping wit sauce Mo
      Melanin Dripping wit sauce Mo 19 hours ago

      Karolina Illa yeah I understand where your coming from I just like Jo because she seems to make Alex happy (And he's one of my fav characters.)And Izzie just kind of got on my nerves in the time before she left.

    • Karolina Illa
      Karolina Illa 20 hours ago

      +Melanin Dripping wit sauce Moeverybody has their own opinion. This "Izzie left Alex" scenario was pushed by real life events, they had to get rid of Heigl... I just loved them. And i love how much Izzie helped Alex with Ava... And i just dont like Jo.

    • Melanin Dripping wit sauce Mo
      Melanin Dripping wit sauce Mo Day ago +1

      Izzie was terrible I hated her in the episodes before she left she crushed Alex Jo is waaaay better for him

  • Liliana Serrano Gonzalez

    En español por favor..!!!

  • Christa Kwon
    Christa Kwon 5 days ago

    Yeah, but Dr. BURKE came back when Sandra went for a job... I forget where, but he did have a cameo...

  • Sabrina 19
    Sabrina 19 5 days ago

    Soooo who is left????

  • Hayley’s Comet
    Hayley’s Comet 5 days ago

    I still don’t understand why Sarah drew was kicked off. Bullshit. She was a great character.

  • Rynn21
    Rynn21 6 days ago +3

    George’s character completely went downhill. The last two seasons weren’t in any way reflective of his personality.

  • Mr E.
    Mr E. 6 days ago +16

    Another Reason is That The Show is 20 YEARS OLD.

  • Michelle Szymanski
    Michelle Szymanski 6 days ago

    And I heard that Dane left , because Lexie and Mark were soulmates and he couldn't live without her

  • Michelle Szymanski
    Michelle Szymanski 6 days ago +1

    I heard Dempsey was killed of , because he slept with the staff and chyler left , because she wanted time with her family as well

    DEKHO 6 days ago

    so basically all people I liked chossed themselves to stop

  • Cristina yang
    Cristina yang 6 days ago

    Everyone happily just walked off the set cuz it was "their time".. Shonda is a Narcissistic racist.

  • MakeItHungrish
    MakeItHungrish 6 days ago +3

    Derek's death was by far the most painful ep of greys ever but his character would never have left Meredith, and if he had we'd all be hating on the show.

    • xXxTen17 GLO
      xXxTen17 GLO 4 days ago +1

      nah I hated him i was glad he died I hope he’s dead forever irl too he was shit

  • BloodKills
    BloodKills 6 days ago +2

    Patrick Dempsy: It's hard to keep the storylines intriguing after 10 years

    One Piece: Hold my beer

  • Holly Hale
    Holly Hale 6 days ago

    Shonda Rhimes is complete garbage! The new episodes are redicilous! The show is disgusting now!

  • Logi  Mejia Batista
    Logi Mejia Batista 7 days ago

    What!!!!, I haven’t watch the whole serie, what!! Mcdreamy die!! Whaaaaaaaaatt?

  • Irving Malcolm Cáceres

    And that is my only criticism about this show that it is obvious that they don't want to have anything to do with some actors and they need a reason so they don't show up anymore. That makes the Grey's Anatomy universe less beliavable.

  • Tymia Zanai
    Tymia Zanai 8 days ago

    yall missed Stephanie

  • Afreen Patel
    Afreen Patel 8 days ago +9

    i HATED Izzie sooo much I'm glad she left

  • Angela Mariano
    Angela Mariano 8 days ago +1

    i am currently watching season 4 and now im sad because almost all of the original characters are gone for the next seasons...

  • Mackenzie Rush
    Mackenzie Rush 8 days ago

    I cried so much when Lexie died

  • Abigail j
    Abigail j 8 days ago

    So like everyone left of their own free will except for Burke, Kepler, and Arizona

  • Brittney Benavidez
    Brittney Benavidez 8 days ago +1

    And yet teddy back 🙄

  • April
    April 9 days ago +1

    Is Station 19 worth watching?

    • Liisa Shangheta
      Liisa Shangheta 7 days ago

      Yes, I love it. I like the drama and the characters. However, don't watch it if your mind is inflexible.

  • STAN
    STAN 9 days ago

    I really miss April...

  • Janet Carter
    Janet Carter 9 days ago +2

    I quit watching this TV show years ago, good decision! More time with my Heavenly Father God!

  • Princess Rosado
    Princess Rosado 10 days ago

    tbh I think after all the OG cast left they should’ve ended it their, it’s just not the same without them, though I’m not finished I can sense it won’t be the same.

  • Pankaj Makwana
    Pankaj Makwana 10 days ago

    Old characters made the show what it is today. I miss all old characters I am watching 15th season I feel like souls are missing from the show. Christina was still holding show after she left nothing much intresting left in show no matter what story they bring until they dont have strong actors it wont justify it.

  • Justin Bigras
    Justin Bigras 10 days ago +1

    Idk how I'm going to feel about s15 without Kepner and Arizona.. so many changes.. it's not the same show anymore.. 😔

  • cowboy kid
    cowboy kid 11 days ago +37

    The show sucks after they killed off all the best characters

  • Laura M
    Laura M 12 days ago +3

    It's become so SJW lefty now.can be frustrating to watch sometimes

  • x._nyaa
    x._nyaa 12 days ago +2

    Lexi and mark were one of the saddest deaths but I liked the way they left together. Dericks death still upsets me I was crying so much.

  • jennifer wellman
    jennifer wellman 12 days ago

    I thought Katherine Heigl was disingenuous, I mean, have you heard from her since?

  • Malika Parker
    Malika Parker 13 days ago

    I shouldn’t have watched this because I’m still catching up 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Amaris Aquino
    Amaris Aquino 14 days ago +3

    i LOVE greys anatomy but it’s just not the same anymore and i genuinely miss the old greys

  • Eric Reyes
    Eric Reyes 18 days ago

    Lies. Chyler and Eric were let go because of the budget they couldn't afford to pay them. Patrick got canned cuz he couldn't keep his dick in his pants on set. And Jessica and Sarah were let go once again because of budgets since Ellen's who got away from her and she demanded her salary double they couldn't afford to keep them.

  • imonluamen Suzie
    imonluamen Suzie 18 days ago

    Jessica capshaw and Sarah drew leaving the show was a creative decision by the producers.....Really? Please, I don't buy that.

  • Kittycatastrify 123
    Kittycatastrify 123 18 days ago

    I’m watching this while on season 9 because People have spoiled who leaves XD

    I was devastated yesterday when I watched the episode when Lexie died

  • Jesse Miller
    Jesse Miller 19 days ago +5

    If Cristina yang came back to the show, poor Owen wouldn’t know what to do.

  • juani boludos
    juani boludos 19 days ago +4

    Still hurts when I remember Derek and Lexie, and I really miss Addison

  • Chianti
    Chianti 20 days ago

    I miss geogre!!

  • Damola Kayode
    Damola Kayode 21 day ago +6

    I can't be the only one that continued watching Grey's anatomy because of that 'Hi, I'm Addison Shepherd and you must be the woman screwing my husband'

  • Aniyah Stoltz-Nevel
    Aniyah Stoltz-Nevel 21 day ago +5

    I cried so much when Derek and Mark died..... Especially Derek😭😭

  • Aniyah Stoltz-Nevel
    Aniyah Stoltz-Nevel 21 day ago +1

    One of my favorite characters was Arizona and I was so sad that she left the show as well as Christina and April and Mark, Greys Anatomy is my favorite show to watch and I am currently re watching all of the seasons because I have nothing better to watch, I thank Shonda so much for making this amazing show!!

  • Brandon Goldstein
    Brandon Goldstein 24 days ago

    What about steph?

  • nakeisha
    nakeisha 24 days ago

    i miss the old greys :(

  • Nana Banana
    Nana Banana 25 days ago +8

    Wow.... Sacrificing Arizona and April for Meredith..... I love Meredith, but Arizona and April were the spunk of the show. Now, there's absolutely zero spunk. Bring them back... Maggie just isn't cutting it for me.

  • Future Surgeon
    Future Surgeon 25 days ago

    I miss mark and Lexi 😭

  • Dane Weaver
    Dane Weaver 27 days ago +2

    Lexie was my all time FAVORITE character and when she died, I died too 😂😂👏

  • Monae R.
    Monae R. 28 days ago

    What's said is that I didn't realize April or Arizona were even missing. I'm glad they're both gone, I don't miss them.

  • Emma R
    Emma R 29 days ago +4

    Wait, so Callie might come back? Life might be good again🤣

  • Michelle Avila
    Michelle Avila Month ago +2

    Kepner noo :((

  • Gabriella Basi
    Gabriella Basi Month ago

    This is in the movie

  • 907 Teine
    907 Teine Month ago +1

    Dr Christina Yang please come back

  • Liel Gusianov
    Liel Gusianov Month ago

    I love the show so much. But their decisions about the actros who die are really terrible. They took the best and most beloved actors and threw them in the trash. If I could go to the director, I would ask her what the hell are you doing ??!!

  • Tyler Coleman
    Tyler Coleman Month ago +2

    I miss Christina so much 😭😭

  • lilly foley
    lilly foley Month ago +4

    I have only cried on one episode and that was season 13 episode 8 when Meredith had to tell Zola Derek died

  • Addie'sOutlet
    Addie'sOutlet Month ago +2

    jeez I didn't cry when and one dyed but I cryer when Alex almost went to jail. Lol

  • White owl Stop motion studio

    Wait there is going to be a season 15 or what

  • Precious Baby Doll
    Precious Baby Doll Month ago

    Seems like all the actors who are no longer on the show has made the show extremely boring.

  • Hector Mora
    Hector Mora Month ago +3

    When Meridith was crying for losing Lexie that was one of the saddest episodes!! Poor Lexie 😭

  • Tom_brittoo Tom_brittoo

    I miss Cristina and Izzie =´(. Bring them back, please! #bringthemback

  • Jessikm 670
    Jessikm 670 Month ago

    I’m confused, Teddy is still casted!

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool Month ago

    If arizona had to leave so that Meredith could get her salary bump then i’d rather see meredith go. She’s the only lesbian left on the damn show.

  • Jennifer Davidson
    Jennifer Davidson Month ago

    I've watched all of Grey's so far, and I wait for the days that a new episode comes out and I watch it the day it comes out. I even started watching Grey's from the very beginning again when they all came to be interns. And I STILL cry at all the deaths and sad parts.

  • Jordan Co
    Jordan Co Month ago +6

    I’m a simple girl, i see Kate Walsh i click.

  • Kaitlyn Cleary
    Kaitlyn Cleary Month ago

    I want them all to come back.i hate seeing them go. I feel like the hospital had too many casualties. More than the norm. I would love to see a spin with Christina at her new hospital working

    JENINENCE Month ago +11

    I miss a lot of the original cast especially the ones that were killed off 😭

  • Megan Johnston
    Megan Johnston Month ago +20

    I understand why they sent Arizona to New York (to be with Callie and Sofia), but I still don't understand why they took April off the show if she still lives in Seattle and still has a part in the series. She still has a child with Jackson, who's still on the show, and her story with Matthew could've continued, even if it was by way of guest starring, and not being a series regular

  • Sub to me idk why
    Sub to me idk why Month ago +13

    Ok I know they had to kill George and McDreamy off but they really had to kill them like that? It’s just... cruel. And unnecessary.

  • Alyssa Salyer 16
    Alyssa Salyer 16 Month ago

    Thank the lord lexi, April & Arizona left. Couldn’t stand any of them one bit.

  • Elizabeth Fisher
    Elizabeth Fisher Month ago +1

    I stopped watching Greys when they let Isaiah Washington go. Dont get your shorts in a bunch....I didnt like the offensive comment he made on the Red Carpet at the Emmy Awards.....but it just wasnt the same for me. He was MY McDreamy

  • Taylor Nicole
    Taylor Nicole Month ago +63

    I wasn’t sad that Lexie and Sloan left the show it was how they were killed. I feel like their story deserved better

  • Tina Longoria
    Tina Longoria Month ago

    Kim Raver 🤮🤮🤮 hated her

  • Tina Longoria
    Tina Longoria Month ago

    Shonda Rhimes you suck lady! You let the best characters go idiot

  • georgia •
    georgia • Month ago

    Katherine Heigl was also caught being racist to Sandra Oh...

  • hazel molina
    hazel molina Month ago +1

    Every character who left, had me fkn crying

  • Briana A
    Briana A Month ago

    I love greats anatomy but when many of the characters start to leave I think that that’s when the show should come to an end.

  • Densie Juarez
    Densie Juarez Month ago

    Noo Jorge is my fav character

  • G. Ben
    G. Ben Month ago +1


  • Athenas Nova
    Athenas Nova Month ago


  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez Month ago +21

    Little Grey was incredible. The way she left the show was devastating.

  • ๓เรtץ ςгคςкlє™

    I don’t care what anyone says, Christina’s leave was the worst

  • maha andaya
    maha andaya Month ago

    sub to sub nmn po please thank you

  • AhhVáa
    AhhVáa Month ago

    I could not finish the video because the song behind the voice its very annoying

  • Brielle Hopkins
    Brielle Hopkins Month ago

    Dr aultman is still on the show

  • Bad Gyal Riri
    Bad Gyal Riri Month ago +1

    Ii stopped watching after Derek left

  • Kathy Catrinar
    Kathy Catrinar Month ago +4

    I’ve never seen so many main characters leave a show. Makes me wonder what it’s really like. Is Ellen difficult or does shonda seek revenge on people? I don’t get good vibes from this show. There are some shows that you think how much fun it would be to work there, this one looks more like it would be a nightmare.

  • Myrna Olvera
    Myrna Olvera Month ago

    I’m surprised there’s still a show with all the actors and actresses that left.

  • Silverson Costa
    Silverson Costa Month ago

    Eu amo a série ela é apaixonante sou do Brasil 🇧🇷