My first vlog in Korea! (Itaewon, Myungdong, and more!!!)

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
  • My continuous double chin pisses me off like why not just crawl off of my skin you hoe.
    Editing this took way too long :( but it was fun
    If you're reading this right now comment your favourite vine.
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  • TerryTV
    TerryTV Year ago +240

    Hongdae is my city

  • iNfiReS mAn!!! yea
    iNfiReS mAn!!! yea 3 months ago

    7:16 when u realise who they are talking shit about

  • Bts RiseOfDawn
    Bts RiseOfDawn 4 months ago


  • 여자귀여워
    여자귀여워 6 months ago

    Your really beautiful....

  • 여자귀여워
    여자귀여워 6 months ago

    I was tricked.....I thought you lived in America...

  • jinugg edits
    jinugg edits 6 months ago

    I like how u make your Vlog funny!♡ pls make more hehe

  • lilarmy •
    lilarmy • 9 months ago

    i like you. i’m going to sub to you.

  • Cat
    Cat Year ago

    cute guy falls asleep on a girls shoulder in the subway - iS tHaT a K-DrAMa iM sMELliNg ?

  • emma nall
    emma nall Year ago

    Korean streetwear is so aesthetic I wish I could get some but I’m in America smh

  • I'm soft for Hwang Hyunjin``

    *I wAnt a ChUrcH giRL, ThaT gO to cHuRCh, aNd ReEaD yUr biiEbLEee*

    Yeah I read the description ;-;
    Now I shall leave *;-; intensifies*

  • Lemmon Official
    Lemmon Official Year ago

    Gurl, wear anything you want! You’re beautiful and you can go on and slay

  • Micheal Tate
    Micheal Tate Year ago

    My fav vine is "Stop it,Get some help"

  • Radya Khan
    Radya Khan Year ago

    I'm not gonna lie but u do remind me of AKMU's Suhyun bc u look like her so much

  • subodh sanwal
    subodh sanwal Year ago

    Gr8 now i want to eat that shrimp😂😭😭💜

  • Ida Saugmann
    Ida Saugmann Year ago

    What camera do you use??

  • tine tine
    tine tine Year ago

    Where are you from?

  • natasja rinnah
    natasja rinnah Year ago

    hUUUUUUpH i love u

  • I Disappointment
    I Disappointment Year ago

    What camera do you use???

  • sprinkleofjasmine

    Korean stores have such cute clothes. I would love if they made like a "korean" shop full of cute Korean clothes near me.

  • lauren 예지 .・ ゚ ゚・

    i just rewatched your video..... and i realize that you live in the same complex as my cousin!! i recognized it in the beginning hah

  • Vpo
    Vpo Year ago

    Ohh I really like the clothing in the stores! Here in France the clothing is either too hot or too cold and it always has wierd prints and stuff if it fits. I like how in those stores there's a lot of different things but they keep the simpleness :3 I wanna buy all those tops tbh

  • Alex Nidou
    Alex Nidou Year ago


  • Grace Foster-Christie

    You're definitely cool enough to wear those clothes. You'd look awesome.

  • Win Wu
    Win Wu Year ago

    WANNA ONE KANG DANIEL 💜🖤💛💚💙💖💗💖💝💔💘💓💞💟

  • twinkle_tae
    twinkle_tae Year ago

    I saw that cat mascot in Korea and it was biting its hand. It was so cold lmao

  • jesusyeet ūwū
    jesusyeet ūwū Year ago

    So this is what it’s like to be funny

    *cant relate*

  • xo jiminly
    xo jiminly Year ago

    Watching this made me really want to go to korea for bts merch, other kpop stuff merch, food and makeup.😢😢

  • drama youtube
    drama youtube Year ago

    2:41 did i just hear twice singing only 너 I C A N T B R E A T H

  • Nehir _
    Nehir _ Year ago

    You look more chinese than korean tbh. ☺❤

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 Year ago

      순민 i didn't argue that different races look the same. I just think it's ridicilous how you feel the need to tell someone what nationality they rather look like, when both share all features and standarts of beauty and most genes

    • Nehir _
      Nehir _ Year ago

      ルーナ oh boy , you need help. Often people can guess where they can come from. Chinese people have different nose form than koreans or westerns. You can also guess from which continent a person can come from. Like an asian guy , you can tell it because of his eyes (westerns doesn't have eyes like asians do). I am not racist. I think everybody is beautiful wether they look more western or asian. If you want to talk more and more about this I guess you need mental help because this isnt a topic to fight with.
      My english grammar is bad I know (it's my 4th language)

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 Year ago

      순민 so you want to tell me that every country has a specific type of people? Borderline racist. Especially when she isn’t, which is rude of you.

    • Nehir _
      Nehir _ Year ago

      ルーナ who tf are you ? And yes I can. That wasn't a hate comment tbh. I just said she looks more chinese than korean ok?

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 Year ago

      Do you think you can distinguish german and dutch people aswell?

  • Whutbitch
    Whutbitch Year ago

    "I would buy that, but I'm poor"
    Same girl. Same.

  • Jackie Strawberry

    I laughed at that clothing scene transition in the first minute of the video lmao. Out of nowhere she started talking after 5 seconds of clothes🤣 she is like wtf should i show them, oh here are some ordinary clothes... i love how you dont give a fuck about shits you do girl 😂🙈 seriously i love you 😍

  • 이지혜
    이지혜 Year ago

    I miss korea so much ahhh I miss my family and my friends :((

  • May Neo
    May Neo Year ago

    what camera are you usinggg ?

  • Li
    Li Year ago

    Lol which camera do u have?

  • YouTube Lover
    YouTube Lover Year ago

    Love your vlogs you should definitely do more 💕

  • FirstMinister
    FirstMinister Year ago

    Make more vlogs pls

  • amohamoud
    amohamoud Year ago +1

    hoya singing in the background is making me emotional wow

  • Yan
    Yan Year ago

    The subway story tho😂😂

  • sweet cloud
    sweet cloud Year ago

    i really love your personality omg

  • bbea-y
    bbea-y Year ago

    What type of camera did you use?? ALSO awesome video! I hope you make more vlogs in the future

  • Kaylie Tiaokhiao
    Kaylie Tiaokhiao Year ago

    I Love this girl she is amazing and so pretty I want you to be my sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • softjoonie
    softjoonie Year ago

    Chammy istg your such an amazing human 👏😂

  • s. kpopthing
    s. kpopthing Year ago

    i really like your videos but you said the f work to much times like my mom got mad at me sad

  • ryoski
    ryoski Year ago


  • jessica s.
    jessica s. Year ago

    hey chammy what was the last store you went to with all the kpop merch ? btw love your videos 💕

  • Kyla Consebido
    Kyla Consebido Year ago

    I like your videos 💖💖👌

  • Kyla Consebido
    Kyla Consebido Year ago


  • hobis hairline
    hobis hairline Year ago

    What was that first cut scene of a shop? What was the shop name? 😂

    AIVIE TANG Year ago

    This is so random but ur smile is so cute and I’m not a creep lol

  • love maze
    love maze Year ago

    “Date with myself” mood 24/7

  • Ella Raye
    Ella Raye Year ago

    WHO want lazanyaaaa?

  • Alice Lee
    Alice Lee Year ago

    i love your personality so much oml

  • Luhandre Ludik
    Luhandre Ludik Year ago

    Hey check out my new channel im posting every other dag

  • SpiritedDancer17
    SpiritedDancer17 Year ago +1

    That cotton candy at 7:06 😍😍😍... its so perfect and beautiful and the pastel colors make it pop! I need that so badly uaughh just my hearteu 😩

  • SpiritedDancer17
    SpiritedDancer17 Year ago +1

    Those light up bear 🐻🐼 lamps at 6:53 😍😍😍😭

  • SpiritedDancer17
    SpiritedDancer17 Year ago +8

    6:46 DNA 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜

  • SpiritedDancer17
    SpiritedDancer17 Year ago +1

    At 2:58 I thought it was Suga on the packaging at first 😂😭
    Dang though, Asian men in turtlenecks are so frickin hot 😭😍

  • SpiritedDancer17
    SpiritedDancer17 Year ago +1

    What kind of camera do you use? I like that isn’t not super bulky and the quality is very nice!

  • SpiritedDancer17
    SpiritedDancer17 Year ago

    Ohh my gosh at 0:58 I thought you said “I have transitioned into a total terrorist mindset” .... phew I’m really glad it was me mishearing what you said 😳😬😅

  • Ilhan
    Ilhan Year ago

    when you walked passed that store I couldn't stop laughing omg

  • Norma Cholula
    Norma Cholula Year ago

    Love the vlogs

  • MYsTiC Cheese
    MYsTiC Cheese Year ago

    What skin care do you use 😍😍

  • Jason Dean
    Jason Dean Year ago

    Bts is playing everywhere, like, oh my god. Yes please im sick of jb!

  • Odette Vasithi
    Odette Vasithi Year ago

    I honestly love your personality😂 I would like to be friends with you:)

  • gothkcs
    gothkcs Year ago +2

    8:23 My Army Sense is throbbing
    *Army Sense has Spotted a Jungkook poster behind*

  • gothkcs
    gothkcs Year ago

    It somehow reminded me of some of Turkey’s cities

  • Alexa Yang
    Alexa Yang Year ago +1

    you're so funny lmao, this is my favorite vlog ever

  • Capt. Dix
    Capt. Dix Year ago

    Are you using a camera or?

  • nanaswey
    nanaswey Year ago

    “Did I just meet my husband?...yes”
    Me: can I be invited to the wedding?

  • min sugay
    min sugay Year ago

    Isn't it weird that she's my soulmate?

  • stan loona
    stan loona Year ago

    Oof I just found your Channel today and I already love it

  • Athan Yatar
    Athan Yatar Year ago +2

    HEYYYYYY I KNOW THIS GIRL. She is the best vlogger out there. Logan Paul is trash. Porojin out here tryna take his spot.

  • Singing Panda
    Singing Panda Year ago

    Omg I think your secretly in a drama XD

  • jeondelisa
    jeondelisa Year ago

    Aahh you legit seem like you're a vlogger with a 1 year+ experience. I'm excited for more vlogs, if you do them again.

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago

    Your vids are great.