The secret life of the snow leopard - Newsnight

  • Published on Dec 10, 2015
  • Newsnight films the elusive snow leopard in Mongolia, its conflict with nomadic herders, and the fight to protect it
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  • lupuscanis
    lupuscanis 6 months ago


  • lupuscanis
    lupuscanis 6 months ago

    Энэ гэмт хэрэгтэн, тэд үүнийг шударга ёс, ирвэсийг алах ёстой, энэ монголчууд

  • lupuscanis
    lupuscanis 6 months ago

    Diese Verbrecher sollten sie vor Gericht stellen, die Morde an Leoparden, diese Mongolen sollten sie verrecken

  • lupuscanis
    lupuscanis 6 months ago

    this criminals, they ought to be take to justice, this morders of leopard, this mongols they should verrecken

  • Scott Mendez
    Scott Mendez 10 months ago

    They should make collars for their sheep, and the snow leopards. If the snow leopards comes into proximity of the sheep, the sheep collar will detect, and send an electric shock zap to the leopards to make them scram. No human tracking needed until another leopard wants to play with a tranquilizer gun.

  • bartakin
    bartakin 11 months ago


  • gargi das
    gargi das Year ago

    I have heard,so many times,also felt-realizes that You ,are very fond of wildlife,nature,So I suddenly decided to say You something!!Hi!!It's Me,Good night,My Hmmhmm,nononono,My love with This snow leopard,I am really find attached,My interest also here!I want to say,You something😍....... smiling,thank You ,My Moon,that I have been seen You,smiling!So am I.I think,You know so many things about,snow leopard!!Still listen if You are unaware,or love it ,the facts& love,Please listen My Moon❤️,The snow leopard:&The snow leopard,found commonly in the Himalayas,they can't Roar.Panthera uncia,Length:1---1.3m(3%-3%),weight:25_75 kym,(55---165 I b),They found in central,southern@easturn Asia),The endangered Snow leopard Has a thick tail, that's around the same length of as it's body.This gives the cat balance when climbing mountains slopes&hunting for prey such as wild sheep.In brief!!You like it! Extremely extremely extremely extremely love you,My Moon,Please come back to me! please,cant live without You,Cant breathe without You,True it is!! Sleep sound,with the Best of Your dreams☺️, Please always be in My heart,My Moon,always with Me! around Me,i Don't want to miss You,You are the best Blessing of God,even happened towards me.Yes it is.My friend,M... called me,i said to call back to Her,now going to talk to Her!Never bye bye💝...

  • dharanish kumar
    dharanish kumar Year ago +1

    Her leg is wounded due to the trap. These people surely dont know the importance of wildlife. And the things you can learn from it. When it eats your live stock it means that you are paying tax for occupying its area. Similarly to the income tax paid to the government. Everywhere you have to pay tax. No one owns anything.

  • Noa Baak
    Noa Baak Year ago

    This is a human side of story. Uninterested. Show me the Leopard.

  • fbstec
    fbstec Year ago +1

    These stupid idiots should be indicted for purposely harming Endangered snow leopard !

  • Camille Aranchado

    this people are shit. !!

    SONAMECZEK Year ago

    WWF Mongolia Need lot of work to do. Hope you'll succeed and all the best.

  • AW7
    AW7 Year ago +2

    Humans sometimes can be the worst being on planet.

    • Horgnerbueb
      Horgnerbueb Year ago

      Not sometimes. They are at all time!

  • marcel wallat
    marcel wallat Year ago

    we ve got these animals as gift, to proof to our creator (s) that we are able to care for them. Once again we fucked it up..

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Year ago +3

    The shepherds need livestock guardian dogs. Not traps. Those poor beautiful big cats 💔💔💔

  • Celeste Rumore
    Celeste Rumore Year ago +3

    those horrible people!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaurav Garg
    Gaurav Garg Year ago

    Salo jeene dooooooooo

  • Ninja _
    Ninja _ Year ago

    what kind of anger you say the author. cats are killed to eat or take away on a tree. what you see is the affairs of the hands of wolves

  • Senoy Mathew
    Senoy Mathew 2 years ago +8

    Time will come all humans will suffer without forest, wild life and rain due to increasing population

  • William Sanchez
    William Sanchez 2 years ago +2

    Snow Cat are very pretty and nice color .

  • Zabbir Mazumder
    Zabbir Mazumder 2 years ago +5

    Every living being has equal rights to live & survive whether it is human or animal. Respect animals they have soul too. We humans are just increasing our population & killing animals.

  • donjon bro
    donjon bro 2 years ago +2

    This guy is more intelligent than american republic morons who doest believe in climate change what a world?????

  • Janet Cox
    Janet Cox 2 years ago +15

    They have to respect the animals...why are they protecting their herds but not the Snow Leopard?? Do they like animals or not??? You have to survive together. If you have an old or sick sheep, release it to the snow leopard. I am sure one sheep lasts them a long time before they have to hunt again. This is awful. There is no need for it....why doesnt the camera man remove the traps? I certainly would. At least spring they are not dangerous. Why should the Snow Leopard suffer because of their herd? They are trespassing into the home of the Snow Leopard, not the other way round.

  • ali abdo
    ali abdo 3 years ago +9

    this is really sad to see! just leave them alone they have souls just like humans

  • Eshaaf Khan
    Eshaaf Khan 3 years ago +8

    its mesrible.trapping them giving pain isnt good at all

  • MoYzes2891
    MoYzes2891 4 years ago +1


    DJLENNON 4 years ago +5

    This is the real impact of climate change. Human beings can adapt, short term(unless we make conditions so inhospitable it is impossible). These animals have evolved over millions of years for specific conditions that we are now destroying in the space of 200 or so years. They don't stand a chance unless real action is taken.