Your Brain on LSD and Acid

  • Published on May 4, 2017
  • What happens to your brain and body when you drop acid?
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    Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
    Written by: Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit, & Gregory Brown
    Illustrated: by: Max Simmons
    Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
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Comments • 7 831

  • OnTheStarFloor 1
    OnTheStarFloor 1 18 hours ago

    i cried of pure happiness, for the first time ever, when i tried lsd the first time. As long as you’re in a good mindset it’s perfectly safe. Trip safe :)

  • Devin '-'
    Devin '-' Day ago +1

    I’m on it rn

  • Cole Danisment
    Cole Danisment Day ago

    Im on acid rn

  • Jara Tocoolforyou
    Jara Tocoolforyou 2 days ago

    Hi I watched this last week and am back am tripping hard😭meow

  • Ethan Brooks
    Ethan Brooks 2 days ago

    I don’t think you know the consequences with taking lsd.

  • YoungDC 9
    YoungDC 9 2 days ago +1

    Bro I saw the craziest shit a cat was driving a car and then I realized the car was a balloon

  • DasPikachu
    DasPikachu 2 days ago

    You definitely should talk about the downsides and risks too when you make such a video.

  • LEGO Yoda
    LEGO Yoda 3 days ago

    I swear my first acid trip was the best time ever

  • Lilac Seas
    Lilac Seas 3 days ago

    The drawings 😂

  • lactosis- -undefined

    I think the town that had it in their grain supply was some of the first we know of to find out the property's. Way before 1943 or whatever bs your spouting.

  • M11W
    M11W 3 days ago

    im taking 250 ug for my first acid/ lsd trip

  • Cody Cassadore
    Cody Cassadore 4 days ago

    If you never tried weed you ain't ready for an lsd trip

  • DJ Flame
    DJ Flame 5 days ago

    But like, how did it become a sticker?

  • Hannah Jenkins
    Hannah Jenkins 6 days ago

    That title is retarded that’s like saying your brain on weed and cannabis😂

  • Michael Guirguis
    Michael Guirguis 6 days ago +4

    CONSPIRACY: these drugs are illegal because we might think differently and see the world in a different way and actually know everything... 🤯

  • Abraham Magana
    Abraham Magana 6 days ago

    I will wait until I'm in retirement to try this drug.

  • Gurkan Dincer
    Gurkan Dincer 7 days ago

    2:06 you mean syd barrett?

  • amber husband
    amber husband 7 days ago

    Acid scares me

  • eternaldeathwish
    eternaldeathwish 7 days ago

    365 days later

  • samantha martinez
    samantha martinez 7 days ago

    one of my smartest teachers told the class that the person that made the DNA sign as a double helix was high on LSD when he made it

  • John Dee
    John Dee 8 days ago

    When it comes to drugs I have one rule, if the substance occurs naturally, go for it, just educate yourself first.

  • Infinite 8
    Infinite 8 9 days ago

    I had something like hppd from weed. I was high for 3 days and I was scared wondering when it would stop

  • Secksy Venus
    Secksy Venus 10 days ago

    My vision flipped on acid

  • I like Youtube
    I like Youtube 10 days ago

    Everyone on it rn smh

  • osyrys AKA kasketkid
    osyrys AKA kasketkid 10 days ago

    LSD is great. Don't believe the lies they tell you. Try it yourself

  • Léo St Pierre
    Léo St Pierre 11 days ago

    that mom asking what her kid is is the worst example ever 😂 3:00

  • Mikita Baby
    Mikita Baby 11 days ago

    this is a lie

  • im insaiyan
    im insaiyan 11 days ago

    Im on LSD RN 😂

  • Hugo Morton
    Hugo Morton 12 days ago +1

    Took lsd yesterday best trip I’ve ever had

  • Victoria Reynaga
    Victoria Reynaga 12 days ago +5

    the peace signs were missing the line in the middle 0:34

    ☮️ lmao

  • Hunter Warren
    Hunter Warren 12 days ago

    Cool story. Have you ever tried dmt

  • Chagan EGM
    Chagan EGM 12 days ago

    You kinda exaggerated the drug lol

  • richie pooh
    richie pooh 12 days ago

    In other words this is some good shit

  • regen
    regen 13 days ago

    Im tripping

  • Paige Olberding
    Paige Olberding 13 days ago

    i will say this: if you plan to “trip”, make sure to have plenty of snacks, trusted people/environment to make you non-paranoid, and a sober friend to drive you around at some point (this makes for a great experience)

    • Paige Olberding
      Paige Olberding 13 days ago

      Pony Lifestyle you’ll get a little bit of munchies so just having food there and not having to worry about going out to get stuff will help, just kind of a good way to have it just in case

    • Pony Lifestyle
      Pony Lifestyle 13 days ago

      Why snacks?

  • Danny Junior
    Danny Junior 13 days ago

    Add me up on snapchat:: frankd3420 for some top shelf lsd,pills,weed and more discreet delivery and ftf too

  • lenny
    lenny 14 days ago

    this is your brain on drugs

  • Aidan McCarty
    Aidan McCarty 14 days ago

    I’m on lsd rn

  • Rohan S Shirodkar
    Rohan S Shirodkar 14 days ago +2

    It’s interesting to see how something so small in quality can make one trip balls

  • Romeo Livingston
    Romeo Livingston 14 days ago

    Haha, I remember first taking LSD with my friends back in 2016, we didn’t know anything about it at the time. Our plug just told us that he had acid and we decided to try it, but being the ignorant people we were, we were taking 250ug tabs, and we TOOK the WHOLE thing. Haha we were tripping so much balls, every second felt like an eternity, we took it a 7pm and ended staying up until 6 am the next morning. Another thing is we were so overwhelmed by it, that we all were on the verge of bad trips and kept pulling each other back into the light. The next morning we were so tired and exhausted, it felt like we went through a mental warfare thing that entire night, still a very good time tho.

  • NotSnorvo
    NotSnorvo 14 days ago

    acid just makes me depressed

  • Jonathan Bjerklöv
    Jonathan Bjerklöv 16 days ago

    LSD didn't work for me, @ 500ug... Is it because I'm on SSRI?

  • jonathan macias
    jonathan macias 16 days ago +5

    I’m 19 and have dropped acid 6ish times and I feel like there might be negative effects. I’ve heard from my friends they get permanent acid tears in their vision or some of my friends that does hella acid is a lil brain dead tbh. My point is, I’m wondering if doing acid too frequently will decrease your cognitive thinking. I ask ppl that have dropped it and their answer is always no, but that’s with everyone that does drugs tbh. I want a real and truthful answer.

  • some_ one
    some_ one 16 days ago +1

    Ight I need some LSD fr

  • Pyrocynical X
    Pyrocynical X 16 days ago +1

    Someone get me LSD in Pakistan!!!

  • moo moo
    moo moo 17 days ago

    People say we only use about 10 percent of our brain so what if this is just opening the doorways for us to use more of our brain we couldn’t otherwise do on our own

  • tatum kate
    tatum kate 17 days ago +3

    i took acid for the first time recently and my face started changing shape and i turned into a monster along w turning purple

  • Rebekah Gizaw
    Rebekah Gizaw 17 days ago +1

    The hallucinations lsd causes can put people into extremely dangerous situations. It caused a young girl to jump to her death on a rocky beach bc it looked like a silky scarf. Another man had to be kept from jumping off an apartment window bc he wanted to use his powers to fly. So many people have committed suicide or crimes this way.

  • Wyatt Rogers
    Wyatt Rogers 17 days ago +2

    Anyone who has tried it knows that it definitely shouldn't be legal lmao

  • J-dayday
    J-dayday 17 days ago

    you know why on LSD your brain is allowed to become smarter? b/c it receives more blood flow than usual. More blood flow = more oxygen supply. So the brain capacity increases with oxygen concentration. Hence humanity including all other life were all smarter in the ancient past when the atmosphere had higher oxygen content.

  • J-dayday
    J-dayday 17 days ago

    you know why on LSD your brain is allowed to become smarter? b/c it receives more blood flow than usual. More blood flow = more oxygen supply. So the brain capacity increases with oxygen concentration. Hence humanity including all other life were all smarter in the ancient past when the atmosphere had higher oxygen content in the atmosphere.

  • Lukas Ritzer
    Lukas Ritzer 17 days ago

    Has anyone not realized that acid is LSD ......

  • Tristian Sanchez
    Tristian Sanchez 18 days ago +1

    So they have a CBD version of LSD lol I never knew that

  • Nada que hacer
    Nada que hacer 18 days ago

    La gente solo ve lo bueno del lsd , no ponen atención a los malos efectos que te causarán

  • Hollistar
    Hollistar 18 days ago +2

    they say LSD ....AND acid as if they’re a different thing 😂

  • Dankeus
    Dankeus 18 days ago

    bruh who on acid rn bahah i’m the big brain

  • Cruz Herrera Channel
    Cruz Herrera Channel 18 days ago +1

    Who else watched this while high on acid?

  • Dxbyyz Dxbyyz
    Dxbyyz Dxbyyz 19 days ago +1

    Please guys don’t mix LSD with WEED... you will fall into a very bad loop hole of a trip, it’s terrifying also make sure you have a baby sitter with you at all times the first time you take LSD.

  • leslie
    leslie 20 days ago

    playing jenga while tripping on acid is some high level shit that i recommend everybody do

    ZHEN VAN RENSBURG 20 days ago

    But where did mankind get LSD? Shrooms are from since forever but where did LSD come from? Sorry if I'm a noob

    • J-dayday
      J-dayday 17 days ago

      timothy leary supposedly. but it could just as well have been aliens