Amy Winehouse Greatest Hits Full Album | Amy Winehouse Best Songs

  • Published on Aug 4, 2018
  • Amy Winehouse Greatest Hits Full Album | Amy Winehouse Best Songs
    Amy Winehouse Greatest Hits Full Album | Amy Winehouse Best Songs
    Amy Winehouse Greatest Hits Full Album | Amy Winehouse Best Songs
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  • Diva Channel
    Diva Channel  11 months ago +33

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    • Hugo Donato
      Hugo Donato Month ago +2

      @Russ Jalichandra

    • Karoline Lane
      Karoline Lane Month ago

      Russ Jalichandra jjjjyyrgh.
      O ljjj
      Yuri não tem nada a o

    • Russ Jalichandra
      Russ Jalichandra 2 months ago

      For some reason, there a Vietnamese song at the end, at 1.05.30. Why ?????

  • Gros sylvette
    Gros sylvette 2 days ago

    avoir une voix comme celle ci un petit bijoux , un look d'enfer , une personnalité , de belles musiques, et partir dans les méandres de la drogue que c'est dommage , vous aviez ce petit quelque chose que l'on trouve que très rarement et qui a fait de vous une chanteuse d'exception …!

  • carmen antonia
    carmen antonia 9 days ago

    amo amy forever

  • erika caulier
    erika caulier 13 days ago

    Excellente voix!

  • Tammy L Davis
    Tammy L Davis 13 days ago +1


  • Galinka saltanova
    Galinka saltanova 15 days ago


  • Mohammed Oullemine
    Mohammed Oullemine 17 days ago

    what is the name of the last song in this video plz (1:05:29) ? 😍😍😍

  • Bill Waters
    Bill Waters 18 days ago

    Wow Never listened to her before..

  • AA El H
    AA El H 20 days ago +2

    So sad she left at very young age.

    LARISSA MACEDO 21 day ago

    eu aqui escutando um som maravilhoso, ai aparece auelas malditas propagandas de musica sertaneja com letras ridículas de quem certamente escreveu enquanto estava com uma diarréia!

  • Breton fh
    Breton fh 22 days ago

    Merci pour ce partage .

  • Sergej Töpfer
    Sergej Töpfer 23 days ago

    Как сказать пошёл нах ...уй...не обидев...не важно .слушай блюз..

  • Marcio Lima
    Marcio Lima 24 days ago +1

    *Triste saber que essa bela e talentosa cantora não está mais entre nós! As drogas acabaram e infelizmente vão continuar a destruir várias famílias, lamentável!*

  • Gina Baker
    Gina Baker 25 days ago

    Sorry, but I feel she is overrated...she's really not that good. I've listened to several of her recordings and live performances, and now believe her only claim to fame is her public antics and drug abuse. Sad...

    • Gina Baker
      Gina Baker 9 days ago

      Also, you got me curious now...can you point me to some specific songs where she shows off her range? Thx!

    • Gina Baker
      Gina Baker 10 days ago

      @God's Finest I respect & appreciate your opinion. You should do the same...smh

    • God's Finest
      God's Finest 18 days ago +1

      U mist not be a singer...smh Her voice ks so powerful! She she has a wide range and can hit different octives with such ease! More soul in her than youd ever have in 1000 yous. So what she struggled with addiction, don't judge her on that chapter of her life, she had jjst begun to write her book! I'd really lkve to heqr u sing one of her songs! Exactly!!! Shes one of my favorite artist and I'll forever sing her acoustic version of Valerie in tribute!!! R.I.P QUEEN!!

  • Jairo Candia Almanza
    Jairo Candia Almanza 25 days ago

    Siempre te admiraremos Amy!

  • Claudia Pecol
    Claudia Pecol 25 days ago


  • Fabiano Nogueira
    Fabiano Nogueira 26 days ago +1

    Canta muito, uma voz de da inveja

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 26 days ago +1

    a sadful ending at a young age !

  • maria antonia Camacho
    maria antonia Camacho 26 days ago

    perfeita, pena que os bons morrem cedo.

  • Socairnone
    Socairnone 27 days ago +1

    good example for young people.... have everything and blow it all for drugs.. what fkn waster

  • Brandon Gomez
    Brandon Gomez 28 days ago

    de donde es la vercion de back to black ?

  • Vitalis Wilhelm
    Vitalis Wilhelm 29 days ago

    RU-clip is not fun anymore because of all that shit advertising

  • Vitalis Wilhelm
    Vitalis Wilhelm 29 days ago

    RU-clip is not fun anymore because of all that shit advertising

  • Riding Mower
    Riding Mower Month ago

    Sad life story, this gal, meth and life do not go together like a horse and carriage. Curios, do you have licensing rights to profit from her music ? or are you robbing her estate of income ?

  • Elena Ilyina
    Elena Ilyina Month ago

    Жаль девку классная ...

  • Belorizontino da gema

    Descraça das Drogas....... ufa me livrei a tempo;;;

  • Heidrun S
    Heidrun S Month ago

    Sorry, but what the f are these ads in the middle of the songs? How disrespectful!

  • James LaCasse
    James LaCasse Month ago


  • Alejandra Medina Marquez

    Que voz!! Arte para todos, con Frank Sinatra Amy hubiera quedado fabulosa. Amy Winehouse RIP

  • Твоя Подружка


  • NoneyaBizziness
    NoneyaBizziness Month ago


  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez Month ago

    minuto 33

  • gil lehrer
    gil lehrer Month ago

    This woman has only become famous in my country after her suicide (a person who deliberately takes so many drugs is a suicide)!

  • leif clausen
    leif clausen Month ago +2

    Amy miss you , thanks for the experience too much gurl R.I.P you live on *************

  • Roziño Patkay
    Roziño Patkay Month ago +1


  • amr hamdy
    amr hamdy Month ago

    a sadful ending at a young age !

  • beppe licciardiello

    ti amo e ti adorerò per sempre

  • Silvia Weiss
    Silvia Weiss Month ago

    make money or destroy the video? u just did it

  • Clifton Jamison
    Clifton Jamison Month ago +4

    World class music,and sure miss hearing something new from AW, but thank goodness
    she left a beautiful anthology of musical gems. RIP Amy........

  • Ana Popescu
    Ana Popescu Month ago


    MARIA GARCIA VEGA Month ago +8

    Una autentica diva, maravillosa voz grande, muy grande Amy, una pena lo que llegan a hacer las malas compañías. gracia Amy por tu preciosa voz

  • Rosalba Duran
    Rosalba Duran Month ago

    me fascina como cantaba esa mujer, lastima que haya muerto por problemas de droga y ahalcol

  • Patrizia Bonini
    Patrizia Bonini Month ago

    Another consorte?

  • Hugo Donato
    Hugo Donato Month ago +1

    quien es la voz en el ultimo tema?

    • Hugo Donato
      Hugo Donato Month ago +1

      ya esta

  • Tony Sharpe
    Tony Sharpe Month ago

    So what if any had no hits only with us for any had a great day iiiiy up t llp still a grate talant fu

  • Choo Momma
    Choo Momma Month ago

    God this sounds shit!

  • gökmen özel
    gökmen özel Month ago

    miau miau miau

  • Raúl Conde López
    Raúl Conde López Month ago

    ¡ qué gran cantante! Una voz negra genial. ¡ qué lástima tu pérdida !,aunque te tengamos grabada, hubieras dado mucho más y eso, ya no tiene remedio

  • Missgeburt B. M. 2'3


  • Kings 91
    Kings 91 Month ago

    Where can I find this version of Back to Black? , please!

  • jé mallek
    jé mallek Month ago

    Quelle puissance , quelle personnalité. Je suis fan. (L)

  • Nina Jastrzębska
    Nina Jastrzębska Month ago +1

    Kocham ten głos...Wielka strata...

  • czibiczibi2
    czibiczibi2 Month ago +4

    Great collection, but is the title and author of last song?

  • Bertille Lbv
    Bertille Lbv Month ago +1


  • black fire
    black fire Month ago +12

    We still love ,never forgot you...NEVER!!

  • Fausto Mendes
    Fausto Mendes Month ago

    Vai tomar no cu, propaganda. Com todo respeito.

  • Ely Moscoso
    Ely Moscoso Month ago


  • Sneaks feets
    Sneaks feets Month ago

    great song

  • møđøx 4004w
    møđøx 4004w Month ago +2

    Lástima que ya no estés para escucharte y verte en vivo pero bueno,te sigo escuchando eternamente....

  • Πολυχρόνης Μαγκαφάς

    No Amy after 1:05:29 until the end ... just some sad 新 字 体...

  • Lys Castro
    Lys Castro Month ago +2

    De las mejores voces británicas, más bien del mundo,una pérdida fatal tu muerte Amy :(

  • Borehamwood Travelodge
    Borehamwood Travelodge 2 months ago +4

    huge talent, huge lost to music....RIP...

  • GuerreroEvelyn
    GuerreroEvelyn 2 months ago

    Le doy deslike solo por poner publicidad en medio de las canciones... Hay que ser muy pelotud@

  • Isis Rodriguez
    Isis Rodriguez 2 months ago +2

    Perfecta :)

  • anna
    anna 2 months ago

    beautiful voice

  • Juanjo Tormo
    Juanjo Tormo 2 months ago +1

    Saturdaynight listen !!!

  • Charlie Hunt
    Charlie Hunt 2 months ago +25

    She was so talented I wish 💕❤️🌺she was still with us. 😰

    • Vicki Finch
      Vicki Finch 24 days ago

      Charlie Hunt Thanks to her recordings she will be forever with us

  • H Max
    H Max 2 months ago +5

    seems like she came back from the 40" and 50's.. Hearing her sing makes me think I am listening to some old recording from way back then.

  • Leitor de comentários inúteis

    I smoke.. And dont go to rehab.

    PABLO BARBERO 2 months ago +4

    Qué genia, cuánto talento por favor!!!!

  • Lauran Jones
    Lauran Jones 2 months ago +26

    She was such a beautiful talent!!😍 Goes to show you never know what someone is going through no matter the money or position of life. 🤔So it's just respectful to just be nice!🙃

  • Renan Rangel
    Renan Rangel 2 months ago +1

    quem canta a ultima musica?

  • Yavuz YILDIRIM
    Yavuz YILDIRIM 2 months ago +1

    1.You Know I'm No Good 00:00
    2.Back to Black 04:05
    3.Valerie 06:50
    4.Tears Dry On Their Own 11:32
    5.Fuck Me Pumps 14:36
    6.You Sent Me Flying 18:06
    7.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 24:46
    8.Wake Up Alone 28:30
    9.Take The Box 32:07
    10.Mr. Magic 36:13
    11.He Can Only Hold Her 40:22
    12.You're Wondering Now 43:01
    13.Monkey Man 46:40
    14.Me & Mr.Jones 49:02
    15.Hey Little Rich Girl 52:19
    16.Just Friends 55:21
    17.Cupid 58:26
    18.I Heard Love Is Blind 01:01:27
    19.Best Friends 01:04:15
    20.Some Unholy War 01:07:11

      GUADALUPE RUIZ 26 days ago

      Por favorque alguien me diga como se llama la ultima cancion
      que aparece en este albun,no es de Emy gracias.

  • C Joe
    C Joe 2 months ago

    what? Amy winehouse has hits?

  • Stefano Licciardi
    Stefano Licciardi 2 months ago

    senti il tuo Core battere piu forte x AMY

  • Cleane Sabino
    Cleane Sabino 2 months ago +6

    👏👏👏👏maravilhosa, esteja com Deus!

  • Anzeige machen
    Anzeige machen 2 months ago

    WAssollmansagen....mmeeehhrr geehhhtt nnnniiiccchhhtt!!!Love

    LONGSILVER HAMMER 2 months ago

    VIRGO on certain degree of there birth chart are Destructive, behave Strange , lot of skeleton in there closet , child molesters , homosexual . OR Die in a strange , violent Death . 1- Queen Freddie Mercury 2- Amy Winehouse 3- Michael Jackson 4- Paul Walker 5-Charlie Sheen .

  • Luis Yannotti
    Luis Yannotti 2 months ago


  • AnarKix eRektUs
    AnarKix eRektUs 2 months ago +2


  • Fredocuisto Recettes faciles et rapides

    just love

  • luis felipe victoria
    luis felipe victoria 2 months ago

    Amy !! Como pudiste abandonarnos? qué egoísta, nos endulzas y luego nos cortas de manera fría. Como una galleta sumergida en un vaso de leche.😔

  • erick ruelas
    erick ruelas 2 months ago

    Last song sucks....

  • Jelena Djakovic
    Jelena Djakovic 2 months ago +1

    Amy, Diva😰🙏🙏🙏

  • Ricky Griffin
    Ricky Griffin 2 months ago +13

    RIP Amy Winehouse. A true talent gone to soon.

  • Vaso Akinidi
    Vaso Akinidi 2 months ago +1


  • hermann reisenberger
    hermann reisenberger 2 months ago

    ewig schade drum . . . .

  • Fábio Oliveira
    Fábio Oliveira 2 months ago +8

    Voz inesquecível!!! 🎶🎶

  • Marina Gudiño Magaña
    Marina Gudiño Magaña 2 months ago +12

    Estupidas drogas acaban con los mejores artistas 😖.

    • undomiel152003
      undomiel152003 29 days ago

      @Vende Humo Este es el mito que hace a tantos estupidos con problemans emocionales convertirse en drogadictos. Las drogas son el sintoma de un problema emocional mental mucho mas produndo, que no tiene nada que ver con el talento con el que nacen estas personas.

    • Vende Humo
      Vende Humo 2 months ago +1

      Si no se drogaran no serìan los mejores artistas...

  • Blitz
    Blitz 2 months ago +23


    • Blitz
      Blitz 2 months ago

      @Dat Meme read the frist comment i made now go and get abit jazz into you..😂

    • Dat Meme
      Dat Meme 2 months ago

      She's definitely an amazing talent, but "The Queen of Jazz"? Maybe you heard of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Sarah Vaughan? Maybe you could call her a princess, because there were actual queens.

    • Lena Mirotes
      Lena Mirotes 2 months ago +1

      No doubt abouit it

  • grupo de expressão global kay

    Não escuto muito ela
    Mas voz marcante
    Do grave ao agudo
    Lembra um pouco a gaga
    Quando ñ canta pop
    Voz forte
    Nos deixou sua voz
    E o exemplo que a bebida destrói uma vida
    Ela veio pra isso
    Pra vc vê
    como um talento pode se perder

  • grupo de expressão global kay

    Ela já dizia diga não
    No no no

  • Ahmed salim awad ben sahaq

    God bless her soul she's gone in heaven.she was incredible singers.every one of us one day will leave this world but good things will remain from each of us in earth god bless all of us?

  • Alessandro Fois
    Alessandro Fois 2 months ago

    La migliore

  • Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink

    She can be compared to famous Jazz singers like Ella Fitzegerald ...Billie Holliday...She was just awesome this artist!!Pitty she died too young......R.I.P......

    • Michał Waw
      Michał Waw Month ago

      I like your face :) You are hot!

  • Victor Cardenas
    Victor Cardenas 2 months ago +3

    Hermosa Mujer

    AWAWA BO 2 months ago +39

    Each time I put her Music on, water poor in my eyes a bit. It hurts very deeply in my soul knowing I'll never get to hear new music from this beautiful talented, one of a kind woman. R.IP LA BELLE.

  • Gastón Matias
    Gastón Matias 2 months ago +9

    wine house death unfortunately

  • Muriel Giry
    Muriel Giry 2 months ago +21

    Que la paix ☮️ la chance te soit rendu et l'amour pour toujours a travers ta musique...

  • Muriel Giry
    Muriel Giry 2 months ago +10

    Un grand merci pour ces si belles musiques et cette voix !!! !! Un ange nous a quitté trop tôt I love you forever ... Kiss !! 🕉️ Que ta musique inspire longtemps des personnes a travers le monde car c'est le but de la musique et te rendre un hommage que tu as largement mériter ... Dommage que la vie soit toujours aussi difficile avec ceux qui comme toi sont remplis de talent et d'amour ..

    • Francois Asselin
      Francois Asselin 2 months ago +1

      Je partage vos sentiments au sujet de cette artiste. Il faut se faire à l'idée qu'effectivement, la vie est souvent difficile pour ceux et celles qui ont le plus à donner. Ou peut-être aussi que c'est la dureté de leur vie qui fait qu'ils ont tant à donner? Parmi les chansons d'Amy, j'ai un faible pour "Valerie", qui me bouleverse. Il y a aussi - ce n'est pas sur cet album, "Body & soul", qu'elle a enregistré avec le gentil Tony Bennett. Elle semble si sereine durant cet instant...