All Game of Thrones Season 8 Deleted Scenes

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
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  • Doxil vik
    Doxil vik Day ago

    They should delete all the scenes. Ending like trash

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 5 days ago

    what i will never understand is dany fans, she has been power hungry, and crzy since season 1, and she has been chasing after something she doesnt even want or would enjoy or be good at it, she is exactly like her ancestors, and the baratheons, conquerors, not rulers, she doesnt like poltics, she is a free spirit, she likes roaming the world, not sitting in one place, and she doesnt have the patience for other people opinions, and lets rememeber what she has already done, she sacrificed her only child for blood magic, she walked into a funeral pile knowing she be ok with dragons eggs, she brought back the white walkers because she used dark magic to bring back dragons to kill people, she calls the dragons she hatched her children, who she uses as military weapons to kill people, and the promises she gives to the dothraki, they can steal, rape and kill anyone if they follow her

  • WhyOWhy
    WhyOWhy 7 days ago +1

    I like how the Northerns react to the “Queen”

  • Ankit Senger
    Ankit Senger 9 days ago

    I always wonder what happens to little sam?

  • Patrick McWhorter
    Patrick McWhorter 9 days ago

    They should have left in that Greyworm and Missandei stuff, it makes Danny's sudden sense of isolation seem less contrived.

  • Night shade
    Night shade 12 days ago

    Looking for deleted fight scenes because the finale was underwhelming tbh. Its like they just ran out of film.

  • nataliexdormer
    nataliexdormer 12 days ago

    Is people just eager regarding finding flaws, or are we being brainwashed by all these influencers saying it’s brutally awful? I.. actually liked most of the season, and as crazy as it seems I was rooting for Daenerys to light them upppp!

  • Monique
    Monique 13 days ago

    Guys I think they released the deleted footage as season 8 🤣

  • youkohieifan
    youkohieifan 15 days ago +1

    That first scene just makes me so frustrated. The north not caring at all about the one person that came when they called for help

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise 19 days ago +1

    So the people protecting bran left him to explore? ....okay.

  • frnknstndrgqn
    frnknstndrgqn 21 day ago +1

    Northerner Spits at dany's feet"
    Drogon appears out of nowhere eats the dude.
    That would be a reason to smile jon.

  • borghese84
    borghese84 22 days ago

    acutally those are quite some decent scenes to be honest. I also liked GOT for exactly those ordinary scenes that helped to build Characters' personality and overall build up tension. The problem is that season8 should be simply deleted and remade in at least 3 more seasons. Already S7 was a downturn but here things went to shite

  • Achin Kumar
    Achin Kumar 22 days ago

    Can anyone tell who was she ?? 2:40

  • Mushroomstamp
    Mushroomstamp 23 days ago

    Season 8 should be a deleted scene

  • Sofia Sousa
    Sofia Sousa 24 days ago

    Bran as king is worse than Dany going crazy. He wins the throne because he knew that Jon was the heir, told it to a few selected people to cause Dany to go paranoid, he knew what she was going to do, never said that she was going to burn everyone, and admitted he wanted to be a king. Was he a villain? And as soon as he dies, there’s no house “Raven” so they would all be at war again.

  • Violet Ice
    Violet Ice 25 days ago

    Some of these aren’t deleted, I watched them on tv when the show was airing

  • I hope my profile pic gives you nightmares

    Dont mind me, I’m just here for the bitter Dany fans!

  • Tj Anderson
    Tj Anderson 26 days ago

    Dope but only a small fraction of the deleted scenes. Hope they released em all on the Blu-ray

  • Love Me
    Love Me 27 days ago +2

    Some said Sansa was hiding behind a rock while Daeny was on the dragon , and they only talked about Sansa. They didn't said a shitty missandie was also hiding , Sansa and Tyrion rescue her and killed those whites . Dumb and Dumber want to give us these shit we saw , the one who hating on a fictional character or Sophie herself should blame D&D .

  • Ian Nava
    Ian Nava 29 days ago

    I miss GoT 😭😞

  • Ireallyshouldntbehere ltd

    Too late trying to entice us and remind us of GOT via these deleted scenes. The Witcher hath arrived and it is superior to this shit show. Thank you B&W!

  • molls8898
    molls8898 Month ago +1

    really? They decided to cut the part where sansa and tyrion saved lives?

  • Ameeruddin Syed
    Ameeruddin Syed Month ago

    This is like digging a grave after months... stinking...

  • the ford
    the ford Month ago +3

    I can't believe those mfs decide to give us another scene that proves Daenerys has a good heart after what they have done.

  • saad idrissi
    saad idrissi Month ago +1

    the whole season need to be deleted

  • Neha Verma
    Neha Verma Month ago

    And I thought they couldn't have shown anything worse than season 8. Now I am proven wrong.
    That filthy Northener is spitting at Jon and Dany's feet and Jon is grinning as if he kissed his feet. {Oscar-worthy writing (sarcasm)}

  • Lycan Whisper
    Lycan Whisper Month ago

    They do deleted scenes so ppl will buy the dvd collection. I will NOT be one of those ppl.

  • Khari Wheeler
    Khari Wheeler Month ago +1

    D&D thought they were the shit.. It was RR all along

  • Archen Forever
    Archen Forever Month ago +2

    **in Aerys' voice** CUT EVERYTHING!! CUT THEM ALL!!! 😂😂😂

  • Crosstongue
    Crosstongue Month ago

    He already took/ acknowledge Daenerys as his Queen in this part right? So, why did he let a soldier spit on her? Does he even have balls?

  • Brocade player
    Brocade player Month ago

    Soo....misande was...pregnant?!?!😧🤯

  • Brocade player
    Brocade player Month ago

    I just wish the scene with dany telling misanede to go fuck her man was kept, that shit was hilarious just look at Emilia Clark's face when she realizes what she said and how she back tracks to pg like game of thrones was ever pg in the first place 🤣

  • Denise Dolge
    Denise Dolge Month ago

    Did anyone also hear little sam saying; „get down?“ ???

  • 90sDoll
    90sDoll Month ago +3

    I wish they added the alyse karstarks death I was really confused on where she went after the battle lol

  • aranelangel
    aranelangel Month ago

    Ahh...Even more examples of how having so many sharp military minds all in one place lead to the worst handling of a battle in the history of the show.

    Thanks for these. I don't intend on ever spending money on this cutting room floor charade. You're doing us all a favor.

  • Flower Xoxo
    Flower Xoxo Month ago

    What did Daenerys said in 7:50?

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

    The entire cut was shit, just like the last season... =S

  • Blaklyon Den Radio
    Blaklyon Den Radio Month ago

    At least now we know what happened to Alice Karstark...

  • Pretty Gurl Rock
    Pretty Gurl Rock Month ago +8

    Northerner: *spits at their feet*
    Jon: *grins stupidly*
    Danny: Ugh, your lucky your good with your tongue that’s the only reason I keep you around.

  • amanda yvonete
    amanda yvonete Month ago

    I have one word to the finale season: SHIT!

  • Dominika Stojková
    Dominika Stojková Month ago

    after these scenes and occasions from series I understand why dany went crazy = despair

    PARAN SOOKASANG Month ago +1

    Doesn’t help to make any sense of the entire season

  • Boqn Dimitrov
    Boqn Dimitrov Month ago

    Да можеше да заличат целият последен сезон..

  • Dri_ Marie
    Dri_ Marie Month ago

    He didn’t get a spoon

  • boulderarms
    boulderarms Month ago

    Still can't see shit. Thank god.

  • ARCtrooperblueleader
    ARCtrooperblueleader Month ago +1

    In response to the Alys Karstark death scene: I'm no military strategist, but when you have no idea how many foes you are facing and your whole purpose is to defend a certain target with a fairly decent position of defense, you do not walk towards your enemy. However, this is The Long Night Episode which has no logic, so I shouldn't expect anything logical to come of it.

  • ARCtrooperblueleader
    ARCtrooperblueleader Month ago +8

    I choose to forget that season eight is a thing.

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker Month ago +6

    I feel like all of season 8 should have been a deleted scene

  • StarDust Stables
    StarDust Stables Month ago +19

    So we've gotten a lot of deleted scenes, when is the actual season coming out?!

  • Alexis Targaryen
    Alexis Targaryen Month ago +2

    it scares me how much I love daenerys

  • Joel Van deimen
    Joel Van deimen Month ago +4

    Emilia Clarke is mighty fine.

  • Alexandre Mazepa
    Alexandre Mazepa Month ago +2

    They should've deleted the entire season

  • Rory Greenbird
    Rory Greenbird Month ago

    LOL Fucking Missandei hides behind baby really? I know shes not a fighter...but damn, they could have had her shield would suit her personality to do so. Yeah its a good thing all of these scenes were cut!

  • Adriana Tomic
    Adriana Tomic Month ago +2

    I am just going to pretend that season 7 and 8 did not happen and the end was the end of season 6 and that GoT was canceled...that would be better for this least for my point of view.

  • Doxil vik
    Doxil vik Month ago

    Game of trash ending! I don’t miss u.

  • HA SH
    HA SH Month ago

    everyone are being unreasonable, you want to destroy all the season because the end was not as we wanted to be? okay it was disappointed no one doubt about that and it could be much much better, but even though, the season actually included lot of great scenes and dialogues, you just judging with your emotions without any sense

  • Mina Martin
    Mina Martin Month ago

    Now i know where Alys Karstark went...

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Month ago +3

    7:13 7:43 I love these two scenes

  • 1995Pie
    1995Pie Month ago

    why did miss sunde (or how ever she is spelled) excuse herself at the feast?

    • Bitter Betty.
      Bitter Betty. Month ago +1

      1995Pie To go and scissor with Grey Worm.

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark Month ago +1

    it's just sick that GoT was just an insane good it's over, and I just dont like it anymore.....the feeling is weird af... but I still have faith that some day...they will redo season 8 in 10 episodes :)