What Trump Wants In A Chief Of Staff

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • Is anyone interested in replacing John Kelly as Trump's White House chief of staff? Anyone? Anyone at all? Please?
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  • homosapien named sebastian

    Anyone who wishes for an impeachment needs to rethink. If that happens, Mike Pence will become president. Trump is an idiot, Mike Pence is evil. There is a big difference.

  • Pablo garcia
    Pablo garcia 3 months ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he gave Kanye the job lol

  • farfett_il-lejl
    farfett_il-lejl 3 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the move Stephen does at the end of the video?

  • J&L
    J&L 3 months ago

    I'm worried for Steve. What is he going to do when trump is out of office next year? The president pretty much writes Steve's jokes for him.

  • Fire*Minx
    Fire*Minx 3 months ago

    But if they really wanted to work in White House... their family would just have to toe the line. Shame to use their family as a scapegoat.

  • The Nerdy One
    The Nerdy One 3 months ago

    I don't drink. I have never had a drink in my life. But if Trump were impeached AND convicted I would probably imbibe just a little on his last day in office.

  • Amari Boxill
    Amari Boxill 3 months ago

    He should hire Kanye.

  • Leia Sadi
    Leia Sadi 3 months ago

    Ehen poor Donnie goes down Im gonna be on the roof, clogging with remorse...

  • Jay Sar
    Jay Sar 3 months ago

    To keep it real he needs to hire Tony Montana.

  • Cheryl Mcwilliams
    Cheryl Mcwilliams 4 months ago

    The reason Trump does all these crazy things are, one he is crazy, two, he needs to stay in the lime light. Oh, just to have one week with no Trump news would be so wonderful. Im going to quit watching for one week.

  • Mark Reierstad
    Mark Reierstad 4 months ago

    Even hardcore evangelicals like Santorum have the common sense to steer clear of this ass clown. Of course, I never heard of rats jumping ON a sinking ship...

  • Sup Dude
    Sup Dude 4 months ago

    MeHarmony!!! Lmao 😂 omg this is hilarious 😂

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 4 months ago

    I thought Trump had gut feelings, not ideas.

  • Raghav Singh
    Raghav Singh 4 months ago

    Due to trump I guarantee america has 100 times more enemies than anybody else...

  • Don Moore
    Don Moore 4 months ago

    Um - please vote in 2020. Please? We have to kick this piece of shee-it out of our house.

  • MementoX1013
    MementoX1013 4 months ago

    Stephen dancing has an inexorable ability to make me smile.

  • Noel Ryan
    Noel Ryan 4 months ago

    In medieval Europe, a Troubadour was a wandering minstrel who sang the praises of others. In modern America, a TRUMPADOUR is a POTUS who sings his own praises incessantly.

  • Noah Vale
    Noah Vale 4 months ago +1

    Trump wants somebody to polish his helmet !

  • Bill Adams
    Bill Adams 4 months ago

    The funniest man on TV!
    Colbert, not Trump.

  • Seetiyan
    Seetiyan 4 months ago

    I'd be so *enraged* that I'd be doing the worm and backflips in the street.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 4 months ago

    I know you think nobody can get to you colbert but you're sadly mistaken.

  • Nuno Henrique Fangueiro


  • Carmen George Weddings
    Carmen George Weddings 4 months ago

    Counting the days until the end of Trump's presidency.

  • Roberto Jacobo
    Roberto Jacobo 4 months ago

    Money Gottin,,,,goven,,,,,TAKEN

  • Joseph Nordenbrock
    Joseph Nordenbrock 4 months ago

    People who talk all the way through the movie keeping the seat warm will still say to their friends "I saw that movie and the plot sucked." I've been paying attention to this horror show for three years and I can explain why the main character can't remember his lines. He's uneducated and still gets a barely passing grade. I didn't hire him with MY vote.

  • Robert Nett
    Robert Nett 4 months ago

    Imagine a time, when all this is over. Trump is not longer in office, another, more competent president has taken over - one way or another (yes, I know, a WW2 draft poster with Uncle Sam on it is more competent than Trump... the bar is really low at the moment...).
    I mean yes, it will be better, international relationships will get better over time, maybe we are even able to tackle some global issues together and all that...
    But Late Night Shows will become soooo boring then....

  • I Created An Account For This

    I hereby submit my application for Chief of Staff. I have a great phone.

  • jde1757
    jde1757 4 months ago

    "I think the people would revolt if that happened."
    Well, Trump supporters are already revolting.

  • austininc457
    austininc457 4 months ago

    This person (Trump) has made it very dangerous for American citizens to safely travel anywhere around the world. And every citizen should be very concerned about that fact.

  • Are We Not Men?
    Are We Not Men? 4 months ago

    Every day I am more convinced that Mary Anne Trump smoked and drank alot during the fall/winter/spring of 1945/46.

  • .
    . 4 months ago

    I absolutely love that Stephen is so flamboyant and breaks into dance at any given moment!

  • irene gewinner
    irene gewinner 4 months ago

    Just composed my laughter....silly wabbit!

  • Morgiana Branch
    Morgiana Branch 4 months ago

    Lol why is the news & some Democrats trying to push for impeachment? Don't they know that the next in line Vice President Pence is faaaaar worse. Trump is prideful and thus his loyalty shifts all the time depending on whose in the room praising him. Pence, on the other hand, has grounded consistent morals. He is and always repeats that he is “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order”. With Trump you at least have a gambling chance for change cause dude is so hella unpredictable. Pence, however, has always been Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBT and will definitely bring us back a decade if not more. >.>" As much as people dislike Trump (including myself) I'd rather ride things out with him in charge then start wearing a turtleneck in the summer cause it's illegal to tempt man with my shoulders.

  • Albert Bremner
    Albert Bremner 4 months ago

    lolol stop

  • V W
    V W 4 months ago

    Whataboutism 🤦

  • Linda Martin
    Linda Martin 4 months ago

    I love when Stephen does the caravan dance!!!!

  • Susan Umbach
    Susan Umbach 4 months ago

    If there.was dancing in the streets for that, I may just cross the border and join in that party...or at least start one of my own here in Canada.

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 4 months ago

    is it me or does it look like Colbert has two different colored hands?

  • Audra Maxwell
    Audra Maxwell 4 months ago

    Trump says he doesn't drink but he is on drugs though? Sniiiif..

  • Shawn Bennett
    Shawn Bennett 4 months ago

    Revolt in JOY!!

  • Bonnie Robinson
    Bonnie Robinson 4 months ago

    10 to 12 people? Sad.

  • Roberto A Fernández R
    Roberto A Fernández R 4 months ago

    Google idiot, please

  • Sco Bos
    Sco Bos 4 months ago

    You stole that spin from CAPTAIN SPAULDING, THE AFRICAN EXPLORER!!

  • mrsrunningmommy
    mrsrunningmommy 4 months ago

    People would be buying cereal without I D.😱

  • iAlien
    iAlien 4 months ago

    Only he and his trumptards are revolting.

  • McKenzie Hedrick
    McKenzie Hedrick 4 months ago

    “Protest dancing!” 😂😂😂

  • ramayaruk
    ramayaruk 4 months ago

    That dance is pretty sweet

  • Fanty Morfa
    Fanty Morfa 4 months ago

    The thing is.....Pres. Trump did not fire Kelly. Kelly is retiring.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 4 months ago

    It's Obama's economy, stupid!

  • Diego Silerio
    Diego Silerio 4 months ago

    It's funny because as a narcissist, he's in total love with himself.

  • Mike kirock
    Mike kirock 4 months ago

    "They will take to the streets...... grinning with rage". LOL Such good writers on TLS.

  • Josh Guyette
    Josh Guyette 4 months ago

    4:00 Not funny, actually scary... The crazy's that follow him fell emboldened right now.

  • Miller Scott
    Miller Scott 4 months ago

    Wanna see dancin as Trump goes down

  • Michael Pasto
    Michael Pasto 4 months ago

    What a moron mockingbird all he can do is talk about trump all the time get over it... nobody watches your bull anyways!

  • Smellmy Finger
    Smellmy Finger 4 months ago

    I miss the funny Stephen Colbert.
    So sad he died of cancer in 2014 and was replaced by a meatbot.
    This clone is defective, destroy it, try again.

  • Log6578
    Log6578 4 months ago +1

    Trump: "oh look look flying pig!!!"
    Reporter: "where sir?"
    Trump: (inner thaught) they will not ask about my crimes now;)

  • Aria Horan
    Aria Horan 4 months ago +1

    "I can't accept the offer because of a family situation" = "my wife will leave me if I accept the offer"

  • Strange Quark
    Strange Quark 4 months ago

    gaetz predicts *kushner will be* the next chief of staff...

  • joey77
    joey77 4 months ago

    Stephen Colbert doing that dance is my favorite thing in 2018

  • Rara Zap
    Rara Zap 4 months ago


  • Darkaiso
    Darkaiso 4 months ago

    Who cares about the 30 insane people in the country that will revolt if the orange orangutan in chief is impeached, the rest of the global population will celebrate! What a glorious day that will be.

  • Pausen Think
    Pausen Think 4 months ago

    Trump doesn't have "ideas." He has whims, impulses, and tantrums.

  • Johnnyboy
    Johnnyboy 4 months ago

    “The people would revolt “ is code to his base.
    Inciting violence is a crime isn’t it?

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo 4 months ago

    His dances haha

  • nickrich56
    nickrich56 4 months ago

    Who has had the most Chiefs of staff in their Administration since WW2? Obama - 5, Bush 43 - 2, Clinton - 4, Bush 41 - 3, Reagan - 4, Carter - 3, Ford - 3, Nixon - 3, Johnson - 2, Kennedy -1, Ike - 2, Truman - 1. Trump is looking for his third. Feeling sorry for the poor turd who wins.

    • urskaska
      urskaska 4 months ago

      Obama had 5 in 8 years, Reagan 4 in 8 years, trump is looking for 3rd in 2 years

  • Mardan P.
    Mardan P. 4 months ago

    OF COURSE!!! It's the lies he pulls out of his butt that shine through his skin, turning him orange!

  • Helen Lowe
    Helen Lowe 4 months ago


  • Luis Hernandez Jr
    Luis Hernandez Jr 4 months ago

    Why not ask a illegal inmigrant?... After all they do the work that no american is willing to do...

  • Yes I’m Blessed
    Yes I’m Blessed 4 months ago

    “I found a lie in my butt. Let’s yank it out and see what it’s attached to.” 🤣😂😹 And also.....ew.

  • rgeezee
    rgeezee 4 months ago +1

    That twirl Stephen.... #yaaaassssss !
    You r the coolest ally Doggie.

  • Diana Wann
    Diana Wann 4 months ago +1

    Jared and Ivanka know nothing...

  • Sydul Karim
    Sydul Karim 4 months ago +2

    Who in his right mind would board the Titanic after it hits the iceberg?

  • Flaka Palaka
    Flaka Palaka 4 months ago +1

    hahaha trumpstard are getting butt hurt now im sure 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Guitar Collector 12
    Guitar Collector 12 4 months ago

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!

  • adam lynch
    adam lynch 4 months ago

    Witch hunt

  • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    So in Trump World it must be someone who HATES Chief's of Staff ?
    His EPA HATES The Environment his Head of Education Hates Kids Who aren't rich and in Private Schools .His Head of HUD HATES POOR People living in HUD housing so it makes sense the COS HATES COS's ..............Sean Hannity OR that Lying CUNT "Judge" Jeanene ?

  • Joey Collins
    Joey Collins 4 months ago

    Even if Trump's impeached... Then we have to deal with the barren of the corpse parade who is honestly probably even worse the trump and Hillary... Impeachment is unwise at this point we are stuck with a idiot wait till he's out of office vote for someone else and then once he's a ex president he will likely be charged if found guilty.

  • Joey Collins
    Joey Collins 4 months ago +1

    ... I do have to say Trump's not technically wrong. People are very likely to revolt if he's impeached. I mean very few people... But those people are also typically the most likely to have a arsenal of fire arms... So... Yeah...

  • Jayeeta Das
    Jayeeta Das 4 months ago +1

    Luv Stephen's dancing.. Hilarious

  • Virka Odinenko
    Virka Odinenko 4 months ago +1

    Ha-ha-ha!!! Democrytes are getting rrrreaaalllyyy pissed off now that they lost their American Nation money cow. All those Clintons, Soroses, Rothschilds, Rockefellers - now they are ready to do anything to get their hands on the power again to keep brainwashing the Nation to keep sucking out money. And the Nation gets constantly sodomized by the Democrytes while giving enthusiastic blowjobs to the prostituted media. Way to go, America!

  • Ted Tells no lies
    Ted Tells no lies 4 months ago

    Wow , I can't wait until tomorrow .

  • John Westmacott
    John Westmacott 4 months ago

    I've just read that Piers Morgan is favourite for the post..... Our Loss... Yours Too!

  • Infamous Chief
    Infamous Chief 4 months ago +2

    Hitler actually made the german economy extremely healthy. But people were miserable with the society they lived in.
    I don't care that this sounds really dramatic, just never forget this:
    "I will accept the results of the election IF I win." - Trump 2016

  • Suzaku4489
    Suzaku4489 4 months ago +1

    "It's hard to impeach somebody who hasn't done anything wrong and who's created the greatest economy in the history of our country." You know what? Trump is right, that would be hard.
    Fortunately, Trump has nothing to do with that statement, so he's *totally* available for impeachment.

  • Laura Woodswalker
    Laura Woodswalker 4 months ago

    For a minute I thought he was thinking of hiring Hillary Clinton, since she "got money".

  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough 4 months ago

    My my .......
    “First, illegal immigration is wrong,” Chuck Schumer declared, “and a primary
    goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail
    future illegal immigration.” (Senator Chuck Schumer, Speech At The Immigration Law & Policy Conference At Georgetown Law , Washington, D.C., 06/24/09)
    And if you guys can stop with the hatred of your president long enough - you can look at just a few things he has done to improve our country:

    • Jane Dough
      Jane Dough 4 months ago

      +Valerie J. Norse The Dem party are playing you guys just like they have played the blacks for decades. But even a lot of blacks are now waking up - and walking away. So now the Dems have found some new victims.
      You guys need to get your eyes opened - you are being played like a well tuned fiddle.

    • Jane Dough
      Jane Dough 4 months ago

      +Valerie J. Norse And you are missing my point. Your political "leaders" - and their followers - have an unnatural hatred for anything DJT. But to put peoples' safety to the side - so they can continue to try to get DJT out of of office - is the most despicable disgusting thing I've seen govt. officials do probably in the history of our nation.
      Barrack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero is the one who created that whole border procedure - NOT DJT. When DJT became President, he started actually enforcing the law that was already in place. But you guys want to try to pin it all on DJT.
      That 7 year old little girl who died because the man dragged her 2,000 miles in no telling what kind of conditions and weather .......... your party is also trying to blame DJT for that, as well. The blood of that little girl is on whoever (ahem) started and is funding that whole fiasco "caravan" - and on the hands of the male who claims to be her Dad.
      I thank JESUS CHRIST above He didn't let me be a liberal.

    • Valerie J. Norse
      Valerie J. Norse 4 months ago

      +Jane Dough -- You're missing my point. They're NOT against immigration control. They ARE in favor of helping people, instead of just separating them from their children and shipping the children halfway across the country.

    • Jane Dough
      Jane Dough 4 months ago

      +Valerie J. Norse It's not a "demonstration" - it is an actual quote from one who belongs to the party of Democrat - and Liberal - - to show just how hypocritical they truly are.
      You should check out the quotes from Pelosi - Schumer - and others - who were for border immigration control - before they were against it.

    • Valerie J. Norse
      Valerie J. Norse 4 months ago

      Yes. You make the point well that even though Democrats feel we should help desperate and threatened people, we aren't cheering for mass illegal immigration. Thank you for the demonstration.

  • princess étoile
    princess étoile 4 months ago

    MBS 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Poxyclypse
    Poxyclypse 4 months ago

    "Mister President, the people are revolting!"
    "Yeah, I know. They're disgusting, too."

  • Irene Gavenlock
    Irene Gavenlock 4 months ago

    As usual trump lies!

  • Lord Staminus
    Lord Staminus 4 months ago

    I grew up when comedians were social critics. Now they are owned by political parties. Everyone I meet gets news from shows like this. And we still get Trump. Keep dumbing America down boys. It's not Colbert's fault. It's all of you. You uninformed idiots.

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 4 months ago

    I'm up for some 'protest' dancing and 'anti'-impeachment drinks, anyone else?

  • jpdemer5
    jpdemer5 4 months ago

    Stephen is right about one thing: there will be dancing in the streets when the Dipshit resigns.

  • Jef puckett
    Jef puckett 4 months ago

    Chief of staff requirements:👥👬🏃👨‍❤‍💋‍👨🏌✍🚮😓🆘🙉🙊🙈🗣 you are the greatest at everything Mr.President.yes sir.yes sir.yes sir.its all about you and you alone.anything else is a lie.fake news.trump...🤔 your hired!start immediately.

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird 4 months ago +1

    As if anybody would want that job. He's a train wreck!

  • lillallelillalle
    lillallelillalle 4 months ago +1

    Trump should hire the INSANE CLOWN POSSE! 🤡

  • hhhk20
    hhhk20 4 months ago

    The fact that people keep watching this unfunny POS, and his redundant jokes, just proves that "misery loves company."
    TRUMP in 2020🇺🇸 and there is NOTHING you whining libtards can do to stop it!

  • iplayinv3rtd
    iplayinv3rtd 4 months ago

    Bring back the big furry hat!

  • Maybelle anders
    Maybelle anders 4 months ago

    You know what Trump is doing by saying people will revolt if he is impeached? He is actually telling his blind followers to take to the streets in protest to his impeachment if it comes to that. He is inciting protest. HE THINKS SO MUCH OF HIMSELF THAT HE EVEN WANT PEOPLE TO PROTEST NOT OF THEIR OWN ACCORD BUT BY HIM INSTRUCTING THEM TO.

  • Erik S
    Erik S 4 months ago +1

    Here comes Mueller, here comes Mueller, Right down Pennsylvania ave... A Trump Indictment would be the best Christmas present EVER!

  • Gerhard Bertrand
    Gerhard Bertrand 4 months ago

    Buying likes for RU-clip comments in a desperate bid to be noticed... humiliating?