• Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • My last night in Manila Philippines and I really wanted to try out one of the local popular night market for some night time eats. One of my local friends suggested Central Mercado a wonderfully vibrant night market in the heart of Manila.
    The night market first of all, smelled incredible. From the roasted meat skewers to the refreshing local drinks, there was something for everyone at this night market.
    Having filled up on great eats at this night market, I proceeded to a local restaurant that many locals recommended for a taste of Dinuguan which is essentially pork blood stew with organ meat inside.
    0:01 Mercato Centrale
    11:05 Sarsa Kitchen

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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +885

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to note that because the edit of the videos is done after a trip. I am sadly no longer in the Philippines. To keep up with where I am currently, make sure to follow my Instagram: and Thank you!!!! 😘

    • Uri
      Uri Month ago

      +elaine salud yeah as i said 'dont bother zubuchon coz it is not comparable to cnt, alejos and etc' :)

    • elaine salud
      elaine salud Month ago

      +Uri zubuchon seems so commercialized tbh🙄 if you're a real cebuano you know where the good lechons are. 😁

    • elaine salud
      elaine salud Month ago

      The best lechon is in Cebu. you should have eaten the lechon in cebu if you want crocodile lechon that is in Palawan.

    • Minatozaki Sana
      Minatozaki Sana Month ago

      Nc videos bro love it

    • Omar Julio
      Omar Julio Month ago

      Some people think your Filipino is that true

  • Rainier Esguerra

    Thank you. ☺👍

  • kevin caballero
    kevin caballero 2 days ago

    damn everything is expensive. visit davao soon,our night market is cheaper

  • lionhearted1969
    lionhearted1969 3 days ago

    Cebu lechon is the only lechon variety in the world where it doesn't need the help of flavor enhancers such as sauce. Cebu lechon stands on its own. It's an insult to a dish if it still needs something to find its flavor.

  • lionhearted1969
    lionhearted1969 3 days ago

    How would you know the answer whether Pampanga lechon is better than Cebu lechon if you haven't tried Cebu lechon yet? You can try Cebu lechon at many restaurants in Manila or branches of Cebu-based lechon specialty restaurants like Zubuchon and Rico's Lechon.

  • LON3 F3NR1S
    LON3 F3NR1S 4 days ago

    I honestly thought that was Obama on the thumb for a sec😂

  • jan chirston bautista

    Chicharon bulaklak is different from crispy chicken skins

  • PTM45 smi
    PTM45 smi 7 days ago

    Asian vampire. That is badass. ROFL!

  • jah DC
    jah DC 10 days ago

    “Only Asian vampires will eat blood over rice.” 😂😂😂

  • Sammy D
    Sammy D 14 days ago

    Hi where in Manila is this located at?

  • Jurnii Razo
    Jurnii Razo 14 days ago

    Walang kabusugan to hahaha

  • Tin Andreou-Thompson
    Tin Andreou-Thompson 15 days ago

    Where is this night market in Manila? Does anyone know?

  • Nicolai Diez
    Nicolai Diez 15 days ago

    We called that chicharon bulaklak, pig inerds

  • AkoSi Matthew
    AkoSi Matthew 15 days ago +1

    9:55 chismosa 😂😂

  • John Andrew Senorin
    John Andrew Senorin 15 days ago

    Can't believe how you manage to eat all those food.

  • TheK8leen
    TheK8leen 17 days ago

    The mushroomy lookin’ intestines isn’t from chicken but from pig. Its flowery lookin so its actually called chicharon bulaklak (literaly flower cracklin). A cracklin out of pigs mesentery.

    BANANA BRAVE 17 days ago

    he maybe skipped a 1 day meal

  • The Collado Family
    The Collado Family 18 days ago +1

    Glad you enjoyed Filipino foodstuffs.. very happy that you encourage some to taste our food. And you made it look so good and happy to eat it. Now I'm hungry myself just watching you.

  • Phinky Pilapil
    Phinky Pilapil 19 days ago


  • Aimee Buzeta
    Aimee Buzeta 19 days ago +2

    "I could eat this whole box easily by myself"
    ikr!!! I feel you!!! hahahhaha

  • justabug
    justabug 20 days ago

    Thanks for the video, mate.

  • boobearcha
    boobearcha 20 days ago +3

    okay but i really thought he's Jackie Chan lol

  • Cheska Noronha
    Cheska Noronha 22 days ago

    Where do you put all the food hahahaha love your vids

  • Rigid Palad
    Rigid Palad 22 days ago

    everything's good hahaha nice video :D

  • Marvz Barrameda
    Marvz Barrameda 22 days ago

    wow yummy!!!

  • Sez Bautista
    Sez Bautista 23 days ago

    Oh my god i love how much you find our street foods amazing!!!

  • Daenerys ma Bij
    Daenerys ma Bij 24 days ago

    i would've wanted you to eat kwek kwek (quail eggs) with vinegar, dip it, eat the egg and drink the vinegar ;)

  • knight knives
    knight knives 24 days ago

    i wanna go here pero sabi nila minsan wala sila at hindi updated yun fb page nila

  • Lolita Garcia
    Lolita Garcia 24 days ago

    its Awsome food in the phil..very yummy ..

  • Mardocs Marcial
    Mardocs Marcial 24 days ago

    Welcome to the philippines man!😊

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 24 days ago

    1:03 yung sosyal na isaw. "EYESAW" "CHICKEN INTESTAYN"

  • Charlie Chuckleberry
    Charlie Chuckleberry 25 days ago

    Just a warning to any American Tourists. The ghetto food in Philippines is not for you. Most Philipinoes have a stronger immunity system from their DNA or by just living there. The small city ghetto street food areas do not follow sanitation laws at all (you will get food poisoning). Cebu is better than Manila by a long shot (However, both cities have strong enforcement on safe food, due to their reliance on tourists in these two cities). I ate at Cebu and the street food there is literally 10x better quality, price and tastier than what you could get in the average American high price restaurant.

  • Judy Mills
    Judy Mills 25 days ago


  • Cee Emm
    Cee Emm 25 days ago

    Where is he?

  • kiwitooo
    kiwitooo 25 days ago

    well those are cheap

  • Burst Fire
    Burst Fire 26 days ago

    san po yang night market na yan sa maynila ? makapunta nga mamaya hahaha

  • mimi mimi
    mimi mimi 26 days ago

    Your channel is better than the ones on the television

    RENALYN GUERRERO 27 days ago

    I'm so curious why most foreigners who are trying filipino food with rice use a fork to eat it? Because we always prepare it with spoon hahahahahaha!!!

  • Sugakookies
    Sugakookies 27 days ago

    I think I'm the only filipino who doesn't like chicken and pork intestines (also dinuguan/blood stew) HAHAHA

    • kathleen fernandez
      kathleen fernandez 26 days ago

      yoongi on a seesaw when I was young, I used to eat chicken & pork intestines but now I don’t like it that much. And also dinuguan

  • Debbie Cuaycong
    Debbie Cuaycong 28 days ago +1

    u look like Jackie Chan

  • Apple Farne
    Apple Farne 28 days ago +1

    That blood stew (dinuguan) goes perfectly with rice cake (puto) too. Thank u for the love for our food.♥️♥️♥️

  • ickochi
    ickochi 28 days ago

    Wish i could afford to go home in the philippines and eat my homeland’s cuisines like you did.

  • Al Dig
    Al Dig 29 days ago

    Legend has it he's still chewing till now

  • Cher Ami
    Cher Ami 29 days ago

    If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines and is planning to also try the street food there, If you’re a foreigner and used to eating clean food and drinking pure water I would just warn you that you could get an upset stomach or digestion issues the first time since you’re most likely not used to the food in the streets that’s not as clean as what you normally eat at home, the locals have a stronger immune system and are completely fine to the food since they grew up eating it everyday and Im also filipino but every time I go for a vacation every few years I do still get an upset stomach at first but then just build up slowly Im not saying that the food is dirty but compared to some countries it’s not as clean but I still love filipino street food💕

  • Heavenlyskyway
    Heavenlyskyway 29 days ago

    It's pleasure to have you in the Philippines Jackie Chan pls don't kiss Filipino @ss when you dislike the food.

  • edgar allan Villegas
    edgar allan Villegas 29 days ago

    The black drink was gulaman

  • u ɐ ʎ ɹ q
    u ɐ ʎ ɹ q 29 days ago

    you need to try blood skewers.

  • cecilia
    cecilia Month ago

    Wow, aaaahhhhmazing. But with all that food is there a bathroom closer ???? ASAP LOL!!

  • Cherry Ann Cafranca

    Im starving watching ur videos😆 i really love streetfoods espe. Isaw "chicken intesten" 😂😂😂

  • kurizu kor
    kurizu kor Month ago

    He thought chicharon bulaklak is chicken intestine,,,

  • Fili_pinay
    Fili_pinay Month ago

    Craving these street foods.

  • khaliena Alrashoo
    khaliena Alrashoo Month ago

    Almost salivating while watching you eating Mike!!!!
    Filipino's foods are really underrated!!!!

  • John Rodriguez
    John Rodriguez Month ago

    Came here to search where the street food around here, its been 17 long yrs. Thanks for the info and video.
    Btw u look like Jackie Chan hahaha, u speak better english than he does though.

  • Christelle Gutierrez


  • Dummy Dumbdumb
    Dummy Dumbdumb Month ago +1

    He looks like he was about to pass out from drunkenness before having his second sago-gulaman 😂😂😂..

  • Verdeflor Tin
    Verdeflor Tin Month ago

    Omg im hungry right now😊😊😊 watching those yummy Filipino foods😙😙😙i missed it!MABUHAY!!!💓💓💓

  • Florence LANGREO
    Florence LANGREO Month ago

    Location of that night food Market please?

    • El Felizardo
      El Felizardo Month ago

      Florence LANGREO it’s in Bonifacio Global City in Manila

  • Minatozaki Sana
    Minatozaki Sana Month ago


  • Lata bels
    Lata bels Month ago

    🤣🤣 kway kway ( kwek kwek )

  • Manuel Valenciano
    Manuel Valenciano Month ago

    Tulo laway KO 😂 San Mo nilalagay kinakain Mo?😂😂😂

  • Dead Swimmingpool
    Dead Swimmingpool Month ago

    i love that "eye-saw" (Isaw) pronounciation thing.

  • Ambient Kitty
    Ambient Kitty Month ago

    Dude I'm getting full just watching you eat XD How can you eat THAT MUCH FOOD?!

  • AD Designs and Prints

    That's not chicken skin. That's Chicharon Bulaklak. It's from pig intestines

  • Jonalyn Primero
    Jonalyn Primero Month ago

    I envy you! I miss home and the food😋

  • infernuz1231
    infernuz1231 Month ago

    Maaan, those price are freaking expensive. No wonder Manila belongs to the top100 most expensive city to live.

  • Rotom -
    Rotom - Month ago +8

    BTW mikey. Kwek kwek are always eaten with sauce because as you said, it's dry as its own. 💕

  • Curtycuuurt
    Curtycuuurt Month ago


  • Curtycuuurt
    Curtycuuurt Month ago


  • Vloggin' Vlogs
    Vloggin' Vlogs Month ago

    Must be awkward for the employees and filipino crowd seeing a vlogger eating food for no reason haha

  • sanjay bailey
    sanjay bailey Month ago

    The Jamaican flag in the background 13:06

  • Luca Wilson
    Luca Wilson Month ago

    A year ago video

  • Liss Yow
    Liss Yow Month ago

    Eww. I cant eat that. Disgusting

  • Kelly Barachina
    Kelly Barachina Month ago +1

    Well i wished i saw you in person.

  • Kelly Barachina
    Kelly Barachina Month ago

    Glad you loved the food from the PHILIPPINES.

  • Rick B
    Rick B Month ago

    @4:46 It's pork intestine/or whats holding the intestine , made to be a chicharone. Locals call it chicharong bulaklak. Love it but cant eat it right now by my age T_T.

  • Seroma Sixela
    Seroma Sixela Month ago

    "I'm here for some blood", the way he said it was so funny 😂

  • Marc Marquez
    Marc Marquez Month ago

    kalako si jackie chan

  • lil Natz
    lil Natz Month ago

    wonder what happened when he got back to his hotel

  • Lei Gray
    Lei Gray Month ago

    That fish is called oga/ sun dried salted fish

  • Julloyd Lovelace
    Julloyd Lovelace Month ago +9

    Don't watch one of these videos when you're hungry

  • Dom Francisco
    Dom Francisco Month ago

    Man, you ate a lot of food! lol

  • jovell avila
    jovell avila Month ago

    11:27 INC left the conversation

  • Dexter Maglalang Jr.

    try the mix-mix

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    Oh never mind its not srry

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    That thin the stew thing the soup is called lugaw

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    Some lechoeon are stuffed with lemon grass and how to say leacheon is like letchyon

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    The chili is a jallepinio i dont know how to spell that

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    Im filipino tthe jelly are made buko and thats a green coconut there is also a red one they colred it

  • Dianne Villanueva
    Dianne Villanueva Month ago

    You surely consumed a lot of food.😅😅 Wow! I enjoyed watching your vlog!

  • Mmm Nnnn
    Mmm Nnnn Month ago

    I wonder how you stuffed all that food inside your belly, me 1 dish and I'm full already!

  • Shinjie Calica
    Shinjie Calica Month ago +1

    Hey Mikey, Thanks fpr appreciating Filipino Food

  • p g
    p g Month ago

    It's Ash Wednesday and I'm drooling

  • Primo Rivera
    Primo Rivera Month ago

    Isaw = E Sao, not I so.

  • Zachary Jan Cabanes

    I love dinuguan.

  • Oscar Pastores
    Oscar Pastores Month ago

    Love all your mouth-watering videos. But I hate watching them when I’m hungry!

  • Angeline Calugay
    Angeline Calugay Month ago

    Proud to be PINOY!!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • lub ehfhejsj
    lub ehfhejsj Month ago

    "Not able to penitrate it"
    -mikey chen

  • JuniJuin Enero
    JuniJuin Enero Month ago

    It’s i-sa-w not i-sow

  • TheAdventuresofLucah

    That brownish drinks that Mike love the most is called gulaman. And hell yeahhh, it's goooooodddd!!!

  • TheAdventuresofLucah
    TheAdventuresofLucah Month ago +2

    Mike, you should have visited Bacolod for the best inasal😉