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Ikuhisa Minowa (Japan) vs Zuluzinho (Brazil) | KNOCKOUT, MMA Fight HD

  • Published on Jan 21, 2022
  • Professional brave japanese middleweight MMA fighter Ikuhisa Minowa with nickname "Minowaman" against brazilian heavyweight atlete with huge forms Wagner da Conceicao Martins with nickname "Zuluzinho". Fight took place in Osaka, Japan on December 31, 2007. Full MMA fight video with knockout in HD.
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    Ikuhisa Minowa (Japan) vs Zuluzinho (Brazil) | KNOCKOUT, MMA Fight HD

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  • Scotty :
    Scotty :  +378

    Big guy put the work in, and it payed off. I thought the smaller guy was going to win

  • edmur delcolli

    O japonês foi muito corajoso de enfrentar um oponente bem maior que ele .

  • Charles Harper

    The big man proved himself more than a king size lump of flesh. Actually a fighter, not just an overpowering weight. A good fight on both sides. Thank you! 👍🥊🥊🏅

  • Cleilson
    Cleilson  +30

    O pai do Zuluzinho é uma lenda das lutas.

  • Axhole5
    Axhole5  +22

    Holy balls! Big man had stamina and just pounded away!

  • Eniomar Pinto

    Parabéns Zuluzinho, representou muito bem o Brasil.

  • nerak dubya
    nerak dubya 28 days ago +28

    I hope the "normal" size guy was paid well! What a dangerous fight for him!❤

  • caçula tubi de tudo um pouco

    Essa luta vai ser um esterminio kkkkk e um clássico 🤪

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    Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints!

  • Dave Man

    so basically the little guy went in there to just get a pummeling. he ran around and then the big guy jumped on him. that's basically sums up the whole thing.

  • Вячеслав Твердохлебов


  • Сергей Монасевич

    Когда к тебе приходят 250кг приходится думать головой, а не играть мышцами. Пришлось много терпеть и проявить дух самурая, а мог вытянуть. Мог измотать и утомить, будь резче в смене направления и даже в подколах соперника.

  • Minami Vehicles

    Ikuhisa played well. Best wishes next time. This was not a match. There was too much difference in weight of both players.

  • Ricardo Aparecido De Faria Aparecido

    Parabéns zuluzinho Brazilllll

  • Jairo Amaral
    Jairo Amaral 21 day ago +1

    Grande Zuluzinho !

  • Jon Brewer

    This fight is surreal. It's like watching the Japanese version of the little train that could, but couldn't. Who set up this mountain vs. Mighty mouse match?

  • Dice Krispy
    Dice Krispy 21 day ago +34

    An accurate reenactment of me fighting my older brother when I was 10

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 21 day ago +4

    Minowa wasted a lot of his energy and endurance to fight when all he did was run around the ring trying to avoid any contact with Zuluzinho. It's hard to call this a good fight when one wants to engage while the other is trying to run away.

  • Zakaria Mustafa

    I would surrender after looking at this Brazilian guy!

  • hrep14
    hrep14  +6

    Poor guy knew he was too under weight for his opponent from the start. This was a pretty big mismatch in weight class.