Lio Rush vs. Danny Burch: WWE 205 Live, Dec. 6, 2019

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Before he challenges Lio Rush for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, Angel Garza picks Danny Burch to battle The Man of the Hour.
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Comments • 152


    Astounding video, I enjoy it so much . Most Fitting part is 0:55. *I up one dance, Plsss check and comment am I good* 💯 ❣ 💟

  • Abhik Manna
    Abhik Manna Month ago

    Add the colons, Eric young and no way Jose to 205 live ...they will be used here correctly...also let lucha house party to perform both in 205 live and smackdown

  • Mrs.Aiesha Reese-Lines

    I hate lio rush after what he said about Ambrose

  • christophermarang.
    christophermarang. Month ago

    These Velcro straps are annoying my soul.

  • Tobariellum
    Tobariellum Month ago

    Garza has so much charisma. He could be a great star, but it's WWE and you'll never know what will happen.

  • K aweso
    K aweso Month ago

    They should call it wwe cruder weight Championship

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley Month ago +1

    Damn the crowd actually deafened me

  • L Pleikys
    L Pleikys Month ago +1

    Lio's face at 1:37 XDDDD

  • L Pleikys
    L Pleikys Month ago +1

    I thought Danny Burch was nxt ;-;

  • Jordan Alexander
    Jordan Alexander Month ago +2

    Imagine Lio Rush vs Isaiah Swerve Scott at a Takeover that match would be 5 stars

  • ITS Dino
    ITS Dino Month ago +1

    Wow, they're good at acting, all of WWE superstar😆😆

    ERAS3RH3AD Month ago

    That title a toy?

  • Jorge F
    Jorge F Month ago +1

    Lio rush be matrix :O

  • Marquise Alexander
    Marquise Alexander Month ago +1

    NXT! NXT! NXT!

  • Jaden Dallas
    Jaden Dallas Month ago

    It would make more sense of they put 205 on NXT. Crowds after smackdown are dead

  • Robert Gutierrez
    Robert Gutierrez Month ago

    Danny needs to win the cruiser title then Lio can feud with Adam Cole. Bay bay.

  • korni man
    korni man Month ago

    Ima say this again 205 needs a arena like nxt this crowd is really dead it is not enough people to care about wrestlers that are 205 pounds or under maybe saturday night 205 live

  • maggotmusic757
    maggotmusic757 Month ago

    This show is so great I wish more people would watch it. Also, stop calling the belt the NXT Cruiserweight Championship....I know why they did that...but just change it back....

  • Kotal Careless
    Kotal Careless Month ago

    I love these attitude era-like crowds😂😂

  • Ros Lee
    Ros Lee Month ago +9

    Garza’s finisher looks dangerous and ineffective at the same time

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Month ago +3

    Stupid crowd doesn’t deserve 205 live

  • Starring John
    Starring John Month ago +7

    205 Live superstars are severely underrated honestly. Tony Nese, Lio Rush, Angel Garza, etc

  • Dustin Kestner
    Dustin Kestner Month ago

    Garza kinda reminds me of Eddie a bit

  • Unt0uchable Jay
    Unt0uchable Jay Month ago

    I hate Garza

  • eshswam
    eshswam Month ago

    Ali for champion

  • Mng Power
    Mng Power Month ago

    I feel bad how lio rush is just raising his hand to the title

  • Justin 789
    Justin 789 Month ago +5

    The cruiserweights should be at Full sail they will be appreciated more and it’s called the “NXT” cruiserweight championship

  • Ollie Angelethy
    Ollie Angelethy Month ago +1

    N ppl say he wasn't worth the money he was asking for

  • Lance Snead
    Lance Snead Month ago +2

    Lio RUSH indeed. 😮

  • عبدالله جمال

    الي شاف تعليقي لايك

  • Chill JD
    Chill JD Month ago +2

    I was at the Crown Coliseum last night and trust me everyone was blown away when The Fiend came out and beat The Miz , I’ll tell you this his entrance is terrifying.

  • Dorelaxen
    Dorelaxen Month ago +4

    I like Garza's finisher. Very unique.

  • Billy 0
    Billy 0 Month ago +5

    Remember when Lio Rush was a hype man for Bobby Lashley at the start of the year?

  • Christian Daniel Ingcol

    At 0:16 that kick is fake you can watch at slow-motion 0.25x

  • TGA_ Gaming
    TGA_ Gaming Month ago +28

    Honestly they should've just kept these coming out of full sail

  • Haresh Adnani
    Haresh Adnani Month ago

    Rush is destroyd

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Lio You got long way to go Kid

  • Andre Israel
    Andre Israel Month ago +17

    Loudest crowd I've heard all year...

    • Lori Dame
      Lori Dame 19 days ago

      @Michael William Sadly your right people nowdays

    • Kylan Rivera
      Kylan Rivera Month ago

      It’s cuz half the audience left

    • Andre Israel
      Andre Israel Month ago

      @Michael William lmaoooo it be like that

    • Michael William
      Michael William Month ago

      Lol these dudes really couldn't tell u were sarcastic😂😂

    • Andre Israel
      Andre Israel Month ago

      @Robert Charity they do put on some good matches tho 💯

  • Gamer Logic
    Gamer Logic Month ago

    Rush is a talent

  • pseudochef07
    pseudochef07 Month ago +2

    That Danny Burch right was brutal.

  • Smarks Killed Rasslin
    Smarks Killed Rasslin Month ago +1

    These guys need characters then people would care.

    • THATGAMER 4589gaming
      THATGAMER 4589gaming Month ago

      @Smarks Killed Rasslin
      Okay boomer whatever you say which is of course ain't true as usual you have so many excuses every time you comment your life and username sucks. I'm different from the people you compared me too i actually enjoy what they have on these shows i accept it i don't complain 24/7 people like you don't count as a fan your opinions are pure overrated garbage you don't say I'm not people I'm not the one putting out the excuses I'm not the one bashing on a superstar who doesn't have a character or very little character I'm not one being a stupid idiot just get some attention in my life cause I'm not a loser like you now do me a favor and shut up

    • Smarks Killed Rasslin
      Smarks Killed Rasslin Month ago

      @THATGAMER 4589gaming "people do care" you smark cretins dont count as people thank you. Go ruin another TV show.

    • THATGAMER 4589gaming
      THATGAMER 4589gaming Month ago

      Correction to get you and the smarks to care stop spreading your idiotic lies you aren't entertained that's fine but you can't speak for everybody there people that actually do care it's not all about character but idiots like you don't understand that

  • JudeMabuza TV
    JudeMabuza TV Month ago

    To be honest 205 does not need to be live. The dead crowds constantly dampen this show. They are better off doing tapings Full Sail especially now that NXT is live.

    SAUCE Month ago +2

    Danny looks like a mini Lars Sullivan

  • Brand Reest
    Brand Reest Month ago


  • Craig Smart
    Craig Smart Month ago +4

    Who's this flabby old dude?

  • Etinosa Osayi
    Etinosa Osayi Month ago

    This crowd can ruin one's career lol.... boring

  • Kraxos sl
    Kraxos sl Month ago +5

    Everything about Gharza is great except for his finisher

  • Jerry Gmg
    Jerry Gmg Month ago


  • Sakif Ahmed
    Sakif Ahmed Month ago +6

    Lol, by looking at the thumbnail I thought lio rush was having a fight with Hardcore Holly.

  • iconic boy831
    iconic boy831 Month ago

    We want oney lorcan

  • White Walker
    White Walker Month ago +1

    Thought it was gillberg

  • JRA Tu Amigo
    JRA Tu Amigo Month ago +3

    Angel Garza future NXT Cruiserweight Champion

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Month ago +38

    Lio is one of the most talented wrestlers in the wwe.

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black Month ago

      @christophermarang. Oh yeah for sure.

    • christophermarang.
      christophermarang. Month ago +2

      One of the most talented wrestlers in the world. Don’t short change my boi like that.

    • ghgh Morgan
      ghgh Morgan Month ago +2


  • Mukul Rajput
    Mukul Rajput Month ago +3

    Nice crowd😂😂😂😂

  • J C
    J C Month ago +9

    Wtf that crowd is dead

  • Jose Naranjo Mendez
    Jose Naranjo Mendez Month ago +1

    You did lio wrong with that thumbnail

  • Jacob Garvey
    Jacob Garvey Month ago +1

    Didn’t know Ash Williams was a wrestler.

  • Feeling Alive All Over Again

    Why not team up Oney Orcan and Cesaro?

    WWE ALL BAST Month ago

    Please support me

    WWE ALL BAST Month ago