The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU

  • Published on Jan 13, 2012
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    As the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, Dr. Joseph is often asked what skills he is searching for as a recruiter: is it speed? Strength? Agility? In Dr. Joseph's TEDx Talk, he explores self confidence and how it is not just the most important skill in athletics, but in our lives.

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  • Ina Saeed Abdalle
    Ina Saeed Abdalle 5 hours ago

    Wow, Canada is producing a lot of experts. Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor just to name a few. I used the idea of self talk but will definitely use the technique of praising people's positive contributions. Thank you Dr Ivan Joseph.

  • p
    p 5 hours ago

    Fantastic speech, thank you

  • P M Kushal Kalyan
    P M Kushal Kalyan 8 hours ago

    They don't teach this in school because they're afraid self confident people realize this education system isn't worth the money and they'll lose admissions.
    The whole Education and Healthcare systems work on just one thing "Fear". We pay such huge amounts just because of fear

  • Verna Liao
    Verna Liao Day ago


  • heather hill
    heather hill Day ago

    Soul comes through sun go back though sun

  • heather hill
    heather hill Day ago

    Thank you so much and thank God for the great work you do with TED

  • JanasFreiheiten
    JanasFreiheiten Day ago

    I love his talk so much! That really motivates me. Persistance and repitition!

  • juzell
    juzell Day ago +2

    My parents should teach me this than destroy my confidence

  • Renu Tamang
    Renu Tamang Day ago

    I believe in myself

  • Peace Love
    Peace Love Day ago

    I will call it learning more than self-confidence...self-confidence is another thing

  • Ahmed Imran
    Ahmed Imran Day ago


  • Yogesh Jadhav
    Yogesh Jadhav 2 days ago +1

    i am the greatest

  • Swarnali Roy
    Swarnali Roy 2 days ago


  • Ishita Humnabadkar
    Ishita Humnabadkar 2 days ago

    Repetition repetition repetition

  • Drey Jay
    Drey Jay 2 days ago

    Is he talking to me 🤔

  • Eddie Baray
    Eddie Baray 3 days ago

    This is great, I had been feeling down about my new job and this helped.

    ANTONIO MONTANA 4 days ago

    Glad i clicked!

  • Cường nguyến CF QQ china

    Không có việt hóa

  • Tartaglia
    Tartaglia 5 days ago

    Great Presentation on self-confidence. Whenever I begin to doubt myself I come back to this video to build it back up. Thank you

  • Miara Simpson
    Miara Simpson 5 days ago

    Man this is old but as a behavior analyst! I loved the “catch them being good”!!! I tell this to parents all the time.

  • lijohnjohnson4
    lijohnjohnson4 5 days ago


  • christian kerdock
    christian kerdock 6 days ago

    I wish I had him as a coach all of those years wow

  • christian kerdock
    christian kerdock 6 days ago

    Thank you ❤️

  • i wannabe
    i wannabe 6 days ago

    "praise the positive behavior that we want to reinforce. " super AGREE!! I believe that in order to build a strong self confidence, we need to sorround our selves with people who admire and appreciate our good works, and encourage us when we fail and do better next time. :)

  • paronakian85
    paronakian85 6 days ago

    What a wonderfully inspiring tedtalk. Thank you Dr. Ivan Joseph.

  • Kimi Bonnitto
    Kimi Bonnitto 6 days ago

    Who else realised this is an old clip when he referenced Lance Armstrong as a positive example?

  • Musleh alawadi
    Musleh alawadi 7 days ago

    المطلوب الطب الاصيل النبوي واسلاميات

  • DD
    DD 7 days ago

    need to update the talk. LANCE WAS A CHEATER. REMOVE HIS PART.

    • Agent Coop315
      Agent Coop315 7 days ago

      DD they all were cheating. Ask his competitors who won the race and they all say lance won and deserved the titles.

    VOICEOFSHARK 7 days ago

    Find out How to learn anything at VOS

  • Nicholas Mutch
    Nicholas Mutch 9 days ago

    This guy is great, it seems Ted talks is full of valuable info. Ivan's message about giving positive is outstanding, thumbs up. Negative's are breakers, even constructive criticism in a positive tone is better than just negative.

  • cocosongo1
    cocosongo1 11 days ago +3

    Where were you when I was in school

  • ِAhmed Ebrahim
    ِAhmed Ebrahim 12 days ago +1

    Be honest, be positive, try to provide value to be a true self confident person, this is the only way to make people believe on you.
    It is a long term, not a short term.

  • TheGolden Hour
    TheGolden Hour 12 days ago

    JK Rowling is not a good example she only saw 13 or so publisher, so jobs does the average person apply to ? More than 13....often so no big deal...Lance Armstrong was he not caught for taking drugs to enhance performance...confidence.? Not a wise example. Edison is a good example...good presentation and content...

    • Rafaela Santos
      Rafaela Santos 11 days ago

      She is a good example because her book series is one of the most loved book series in the world, she knew the value of her book she had confidence in it, she knew the value and so didn't accept no for answer.

  • Dhanush Reddy
    Dhanush Reddy 12 days ago

    God... dat actually made a lot of sense

  • A Google User
    A Google User 13 days ago

    12:39 12:43 😆

  • clash of football entertainment

    Still can't be confident I'm literally Destroyed😪

  • Goofy Sean
    Goofy Sean 14 days ago

    this man learned about naruto and made a ted talk

  • Lamiye Abdullayeva
    Lamiye Abdullayeva 15 days ago

    You are great.thanks

  • Mohamed Jama
    Mohamed Jama 16 days ago +4

    One thing I can say to everyone and this is coming from a guy who seat down with V.P of a big company and GM of finance of that same company and presented budget of 10 million usd . With no experience at all and with 0 presentation done before . Just do it . I didn’t prepare for it and I was kinda forced into doing it but guess what I have done it and never being proud of myself . Anything in life is like a fight so what do you !? defend yourself ! . All I had to do was do my part in the bloody budget thing and walk out regardless of what they thought of it . Hope this helps and please people stop over thinking things and what could go wrong . Do what you are suppose to do and walk out that’s it lol .

  • Beerkam Prasad
    Beerkam Prasad 16 days ago +1

    TedxryersonU nice to learn😃😃😃😝😝😝

  • Marc Cox
    Marc Cox 17 days ago +1

    👍😊 Good Advice about Self Confidence comes by practicing the skill .. and ..
    The message of your internal tape is Self-Affirmation
    As a coach by
    Catch them being good,
    Positive examples ONLY

    AKACS 17 days ago

    this is true man. your inner voice will depend on how you perform. sometimes i feel confident, sometimes i feel socially awkward. just have to practice the confidence repetitions.

  • Anahoreta Ambiverta
    Anahoreta Ambiverta 18 days ago +1

    This guy has a Denzel Washington voice.

  • co- legend
    co- legend 18 days ago

    Hahah thats me 1:25

  • Melissa Underhill
    Melissa Underhill 18 days ago

    Great point-on advice! Excellent speaker!

  • lakaf mohcen
    lakaf mohcen 19 days ago +2

    Cristiano Ronaldo used to say "im the best player in the world" and ppl thought he's arrogant but actually if u didn't support ur self and believe in no body will .

  • Robert Reeves
    Robert Reeves 19 days ago

    Malcolm X

  • Chico Christe Pace
    Chico Christe Pace 19 days ago

    as an athlete and a coach, translating 'training' to real life self development or acquiring and mastering skills became a lot easy. repetition is really one of the keys. aside from that is increasing the difficulty gradually. also, from point a to point b is a game plan or what we all know as 'training program' where you strictly follow the timeline the best you can. and a few more important things like 'resting' is a huge part of training, and also diet which can be translated as family time, for self or even literally food.

  • Stay away
    Stay away 19 days ago


  • Phương Phạm
    Phương Phạm 20 days ago

    To be honest high school is always like killing you, killing your confidence cos it's a small society, so we can learn from it!! See it as smt we can learn from, Don't have to love it tho :))

  • Indy Sahota
    Indy Sahota 21 day ago +1

    dave chapelle in another life

  • bryan john
    bryan john 21 day ago

    A bit of denzel washington

  • TheMajorLife
    TheMajorLife 21 day ago

    I was unable to start something that I cognitively knew is important to me, because of self doubt.
    There is an endless amount of ways to oppose self-doubt, thus by sharing our experiences we can help each other. I share my experience on my Channel

  • Zachary Kariotis
    Zachary Kariotis 22 days ago

    except for his R's, this guy sounds exactly like Will Smith

  • Aman Saraf
    Aman Saraf 23 days ago


  • B- black sheep
    B- black sheep 23 days ago

    Thank you 😎

  • David Carrizo
    David Carrizo 24 days ago


  • pingpingkuin 96
    pingpingkuin 96 24 days ago +5

    "get that glass off the counter, what's wrong with you?"
    I'm dying laughing 😂

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 25 days ago

    1. Repetition
    2. Practice and do not accept failure
    3. We need to get our own self-affirmations
    4. I am the caption of my ship and the master of my fate.
    5. Great job!
    6. Catch them when they are good!
    No one will believe you unless you do

  • Tyrone B. Overman
    Tyrone B. Overman 25 days ago

    It sounds harsh, don’t get me wrong I’m all about positivity. But I think there should rather be a balance between criticizing and complimenting. Just because you say someone didn’t do something right doesn’t mean they did it bad. Rather try and teach kids what they did bad, don’t keep on repeating it tho but let them recognize their own mistakes. Sometimes you got to know what you’re doing wrong in order to move forward. Just complimenting might be the thing that will build up self confidence, it’s alright until reality hits. Critiques will bruise you, but when you start realizing it yourself it will destroy you. So yeah I’d say focus on the good things but don’t forget about the bad ones either.

  • Domonkos Szakály
    Domonkos Szakály 25 days ago

    This guy's speech was phenomenal

  • 육아대통령 똘맘과의 수다시간

    I'm into you!!! :)

  • Fahad Khalaf
    Fahad Khalaf 27 days ago

    very lovely way of thinking for sure

  • Truly Lifted
    Truly Lifted 27 days ago

    That was a beautiful speech. 😥

  • Anton Saraste
    Anton Saraste 27 days ago

    I watch this over and over again.

  • Adhiraj Verma
    Adhiraj Verma 28 days ago

    mark manson would disagree...

  • Kero_ 313
    Kero_ 313 29 days ago


  • Alvin Music Jocuri
    Alvin Music Jocuri Month ago

    My favourite Ted talk, all time!

  • Sage
    Sage Month ago

    thank god for TED talks. life changing

  • Al Galope
    Al Galope Month ago

    Form a goal in life and Execution is Key

  • Manal N
    Manal N Month ago

    No one will believe in you unless you do. So deeply

  • Laurentia Iftode
    Laurentia Iftode Month ago +1

    Hey hey guys🤗 I wanted to invite you to our annual event - Women’s Day - entitled CONFIDENT! It's on Sunday, the 30th of June. My friend Chantelle Anderson will be flying in from LA to speak for the event. She’s an ex WNBA player who now does confidence coaching and has spoken at Google, TedX and several other companies. Her aim will be to help us women find deeper confidence and a lasting security! 🤗🙌🏼
    There will also be other women who will be sharing about the silent battles in life of not feeling like they have been good enough/sharing about several insecurities in their lives and how God has helped them to overcome and embrace His true freedom:)
    It'll be from 5-8PM in Porchester Hall near Royal Oak and we’ll have food provided. The event itself is £15 and we want as many women as possible to come! Would you be free?? I know you would love it! 💕💕

  • craycrayhead
    craycrayhead Month ago +10

    johnny`s crushed.
    i felt that

  • Damon Gregory
    Damon Gregory Month ago

    This Guy has Hit The Target on Everything !!!

  • Posegativity
    Posegativity Month ago

    Beautiful talk right there. I really needed this and I appreciate it SO much.

  • Lujack Shaw
    Lujack Shaw Month ago +5

    Love the speech.
    Edison stole his idea from Tesla though, and JK Rowling lied about her past (what a shocker)

    • Silver
      Silver Month ago

      What she lie about ?

  • Harjono Parhusip
    Harjono Parhusip Month ago

    Thank you

  • Omar Mattar 九
    Omar Mattar 九 Month ago

    2nd time to watch in two years, I need to listen to iy every yearto remind myself how great and a human being I am

  • Ronnie Joe
    Ronnie Joe Month ago +1

    Repetition- practice it over & over until you’re comfortable & fearless
    Persistence - get out there. Do what you want to do and don’t take no as an answer
    Self affirmation- silently reminding yourself of your proudest accomplishments & adding faith into the thoughts that influence your actions
    Interpretation- perceiving experiences for the better chance to grow.

  • icecoo0909
    icecoo0909 Month ago

    We’re a grain of sand in the universe and the world is our oyster

  • Juan More Media
    Juan More Media Month ago

    Woot Woot! Colombia!!

  • Anjas Jati Kesuma
    Anjas Jati Kesuma Month ago

    Believe in Yourself! Noted.

  • Bailey H
    Bailey H Month ago

    I love this speech. Also this man reminds me of Tobias Funke.

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly Month ago +1

    Thank you. Great info

  • Dickson K
    Dickson K Month ago

    Thanks Dr Ivan Joseph for this presentation and TED x for posting it.

  • Tatiana Tatiana
    Tatiana Tatiana Month ago

    Amazing speech!!!

  • Manzambi Andrè
    Manzambi Andrè Month ago

    Great video.

  • aisha alneaimi
    aisha alneaimi Month ago

    Amazing .. thank you for such inspiring speech Dr Ivan

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    no, its simple believe in yourself and dont belittle yourself.

    • Silver
      Silver Month ago

      Hard when you have things like gender dysphoria

  • Santasree Banerjee
    Santasree Banerjee Month ago +7

    I really really really needed to hear this at this point in my life. I cannot thank you(whoever uploads these videos) enough for sharing this. A million thanks, and huge respect for the speaker. Thank you!

  • _ _
    _ _ Month ago

    My best friend is super negative to everyone. Like 90% of people i know or have met, the root cause of this is infiority complex, so...bad parenting is the root cause. Teachers, Colleges, Neighbours just everyone seems to be like this.

    • _ _
      _ _ Month ago

      @Silver no definitely not, he does great in life. I think there is a correlation between being depressed or having high adrenalin.

    • Silver
      Silver Month ago

      Does he suffer depression or anxiety perhaps?

  • مصطفى الحسين


  • Jeffrey Clark
    Jeffrey Clark Month ago

    Repetition Repetition Repetition

  • CoCo Ralte
    CoCo Ralte Month ago


  • AmbientMediaVideo
    AmbientMediaVideo Month ago


  • lithium lee
    lithium lee Month ago

    Well, this man is pretty nervous even though he says otherwise.

    • Luke Davies
      Luke Davies Month ago

      lithium lee well it’s a fuckin TEDX talk, he’s doing fantastic even though he’s nervous

  • Nature Sounds And Songs

    Great Video. It is important to listen to videos like this. It makes you rethink the strategy. Confidence and self belief is so important, no one should ignore it!

  • Khusraw nasim zada
    Khusraw nasim zada Month ago

    Great 😍

  • Blu
    Blu Month ago +11

    I always got nervous whenever I go somewhere new, like when starting a new school year, or going to college, or something like that. I would always get so nervous, my confidence level were always so low. But, as time went on, I became more confident in myself when going to school everyday. I think it was because of repetition. The more I went, over and over again, I just got use to it. That repetition of going to school everyday of, is why I became more confident. This applies for about everything I do. I am always really nervous in the beginning, but if I keep repeating it, it because easy for me

    • Portugal Portugal
      Portugal Portugal Month ago

      Well tell that to someone who changes school twice,very easy when ur there for years but then, when you confront life you'll be the same as all

    • TolisOGTV
      TolisOGTV Month ago

      There is a greek quote for that "Every beginning is difficult" "Κάθε αρχή και δύσκολη." 😂😂

  • Just Kim
    Just Kim Month ago

    Beautiful talk.