Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories
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    I'm gonna presume that most of you guys live in a city or a town or a village - basically, you live near other people - you don't live in the wilderness. In almost every country in the world, there are forests where nobody lives - sometimes, nobody even goes there - except for Forest Rangers. You may have a different name for them where you're from - but its their job to go into the woods when nobody else will - to investigate disturbances and potentially save peoples lives. I found some of their most shocking tales for our video today - I hope you're comfortable - my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories ...
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    • Charlieputhfan247
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    • Philippe H.
      Philippe H. 5 months ago

      "There is no white or black magic... it's all the same thing"
      - Anton S. Lavey,
      the Satanic Bible
      paraphrased from memory... to retort to your false assesment at 4:40 when you imagine it's good and evil instead of all the same...

    • ItzSwxggy 777
      ItzSwxggy 777 6 months ago

      Danny are u from England bruv?

    • robert clark
      robert clark 7 months ago +1

      Drew No need for me to look it up you cleared it up by your own reply thank you and have a like .

    • Drew
      Drew 7 months ago +1

      @robert clark look up what search and rescue is and what they do

  • Rayne Enyar
    Rayne Enyar 2 days ago

    *nice crowbar*

  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson 5 days ago

    mr crowbar was just happy to have a crowbar... nothing wrong... was so happy that when he saw another guy he wanted to share that he had a nice crowbar i would shout ''thats awesome mate hope you and the crowbar live a happy life''

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    Blobvis Nator 5 days ago

    I got a crowbar i got a crowbar
    I didn't know that The meme is over

  • Screams_Echo
    Screams_Echo 12 days ago

    do part 2!

  • Screams_Echo
    Screams_Echo 12 days ago

    that coyotes thing at number 2 would be awesome if there was only like 5 of them but FORTY? that would be scary

  • Isaia Mcmath
    Isaia Mcmath 12 days ago

    I love most amazing top 10 and I love the stories you guys tell to us

  • reece 111
    reece 111 20 days ago

    Thanks I live out in the country my back yard is basically a forest here and now I'm keeping a 2 knifes on me

  • Girik Bordoloi
    Girik Bordoloi 25 days ago

    dont think u escaped....theres more of us...

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    Renat De Maverick 25 days ago

    F t b f i n

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  • MARSOC Pltn 5 Sniper

    Nutjob: "I've got a crowbar, I've got a crowbar!"
    Me: "mofo I've gotta. 357 Magnum Ruger Blackhawk, let's compare and see who's is prettier!"

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    MystiqueHorizon Month ago

    Danyyyyyy!! 💖

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    Jai7money Month ago

    James Charles “womp” video insert here

  • Jeremy Morris
    Jeremy Morris Month ago

    I've encountered coyotes before. Stay in your tent you'll be fine.

  • Emmi Lou
    Emmi Lou Month ago

    I live in the country so not really people but they are close

  • Tanya Onysko
    Tanya Onysko Month ago

    ( : Hm. I am currently living in my own wilderness.... I 💜 my Mind ! )
    Thanks for this great presentation & beautiful imagery.

  • Mystery Uploader
    Mystery Uploader Month ago +1

    One time when I went to boy scouts I went to archery 🏹 to do extra shooting trying to get my badge. I went there with a other scout hes kinda my friend not really but we were 2 minutes away and we meet up with a other scout this other scout was my friend we got to archery and they canceld it a little early we had the choice go or stay my friends went back to camp which was 20 minutes away i stayed for 10 minutes I know they would be a camp by now because there fast. I headed out in the woods. Alone. I felt like I was being watched i rushed finally when i got to the little bridge the feeling was gone. Was someone actually watching me?

  • CharlieWasHere
    CharlieWasHere Month ago

    The loud womp was probably someone playing Big For Your Boots too loud.

  • The Rocking Volbeat

    Womp could have been a bittern

  • The Skull
    The Skull 2 months ago

    I Have A Weird Story.... A Weird But True Story..... And I Live In Sweden So You Know!

    Me and my Family went to a park with some trees around.... Nothing weird was happening and we had fun... It was starting to get a little bit dark though so we decided to go Home but before we started to walk Home i saw a Head peek out from the side of a tree.... I told my Family and they look and said "Where??" i was not so spooked out cus uí thought it just was an animal or some weird part of the tree.... We started to walk and 10 seconds later i see another head peek from the side of the tree... Now i got little scared and i told my Family and they also got a little scared.... We keept walking and see that head again... But this time i see a smile and a black head... We got so scared we ran! We ran for 59 minutes and we stoped running... We were Home by now but i looked back again i saw nothing... But ever since i hated that park......

    • The Skull
      The Skull 2 months ago

      And.... We Moved House So We Dont Live Near That Creepy Park So.... Im Happy

  • Europe's Adventure with Liam

    We have a house boat and be we’re going down lake Eldon and we stopped at a Forrest strip and I decided to go for a walkThe forest is a really creepy place you always feel like you’re being watched I came to this passing and I decided to go left even though the forest clearly wants you to go right like there is a trail there to make you go right I went down the left for about 500 metres and found a handcrafted wooden tent with close with what looks like blood on them I started to fear for my life when I heard someone coming about 20 yards away but there was definitely daemonic symbols all over the tree and I wonder to this day if it was a human or an animal I was 10 then now I’m 15

  • Anna Steasia
    Anna Steasia 2 months ago

    So ... how does one commit suicide with no arms or legs?

  • RockVoyage68556 _xbox
    RockVoyage68556 _xbox 2 months ago

    Are coyotes even pack animals. I don't think they are

  • Retrac Strebor
    Retrac Strebor 2 months ago

    Where I’m from we call them park rangers

  • BigOlWorm
    BigOlWorm 2 months ago

    The scariest part of these videos is the music for real

  • Thomas Stephens
    Thomas Stephens 2 months ago

    A can I watch this later I'm feeding my Sasquatch

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 2 months ago

    2:25 the cops should interview whoever said "thank the spooky skeleton for good bones and teeth." ESPECIALLY if they haven't caught the murderer yet

  • Dramatic demon10
    Dramatic demon10 2 months ago

    I lived near a forest

  • MrUshtush
    MrUshtush 2 months ago

    Yeah bruh let’s see what that crowbar does when someone whips out a pistol and turns bro into a human showerhead💀💀

  • kathryn Nestrud
    kathryn Nestrud 2 months ago

    I live out in the country

  • Robert E.O Speedwagon
    Robert E.O Speedwagon 2 months ago

    Ranger in my name

  • Chelcie Baker
    Chelcie Baker 2 months ago

    I'm from the southern part of west Virginia and my cousin was murdered by a woman who cut his head off and stashed it in the woods, apparently in some kind of trance and was found wondering out of the woods mumbling about having to go back and get her head. They didn't know at that moment she had done this even though she was covered in blood. But I knew this woman before this happened and I don't understand her being in some kind of trance, she was never crazy before or had never acted this way...... freaks me out

  • Drakeea Games
    Drakeea Games 2 months ago +1

    I live in the middle of the woods tho
    I have a driveway that's super long and it takes you back to a field and there's a house in the middle and it's nice yet creepy cause once I walked outside and I heard a kid screaming

  • Dentlinger Kids
    Dentlinger Kids 2 months ago

    Lol I live in a woods😅

  • reece 111
    reece 111 2 months ago

    So to straighten this out here's your friendly gamer witch bud reece. Black magic is just magic with "color" meaning it's just more complex magic.

  • Luney Royalty
    Luney Royalty 2 months ago

    Good magic is called ‘White Magic’.

  • william peterson
    william peterson 3 months ago

    I live in an extremely small town in north central Wisconsin(Laona) uh oh

  • Phantom Claw
    Phantom Claw 3 months ago

    Those forest ranger stories are rather spooky.

  • gamerdude 64
    gamerdude 64 3 months ago

    I live in the middle of nowhere there's only one other house here that's about eight miles away

  • Crab King
    Crab King 3 months ago

    Me when I saw the video before watching it: Oh it's just Cassius Ohno from WWE!


    Roses are red violets are blue scary things are stupid AND U R TOO🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • JoJo Beast
    JoJo Beast 3 months ago

    Perfectly clean deer head was a prank, its easy to keep a deer head intact

  • JoJo Beast
    JoJo Beast 3 months ago +1

    I live in the forests.... :)

  • SuperWolfFilms HD
    SuperWolfFilms HD 3 months ago

    Danny's back yay

  • xX_LOOt_Xx the Awesome
    xX_LOOt_Xx the Awesome 3 months ago

    The oh no?

  • _T0b14s_
    _T0b14s_ 3 months ago

    _"The oh no"_
    ~ MostAmazingTop10

  • JasonLegendary
    JasonLegendary 3 months ago

    Even tho i have the light on in my room im still scared especially since its 2:19AM 😱😱😱

  • deamonslayer5464
    deamonslayer5464 3 months ago

    Number 6 it was probably just an Ent. Like or reply if you get the reference.

  • SavageReaper 4456
    SavageReaper 4456 3 months ago

    Forest Rangers aka department of forestry

  • Bee Bee
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  • tom quigley
    tom quigley 3 months ago

    Scariest thing in the woods; angry Badger. They make noises like a banshee. Honest to god sounds like a loud screaming witch having her arms and legs torn off for minutes.

  • Steven Peer
    Steven Peer 3 months ago

    I live in an neighborhood

  • WastelandWanderer 76
    WastelandWanderer 76 3 months ago

    4:30 It's pronounced guh-luh

  • Catch-to-Shoot
    Catch-to-Shoot 3 months ago

    Anyone watching before july 4th?

  • Jesse Wiggins
    Jesse Wiggins 3 months ago

    I just found out that I live in the most haunted area in Texas on a farm

  • Rudy
    Rudy 3 months ago +1

    Any kind of magic is witchcraft as much as pagan English might say otherwise

  • L.Tjuston Senack
    L.Tjuston Senack 3 months ago

    i live just two hours from tortoto in kincher and i live near monark woods its a ten minute walk from my huose and a five minute drive from my huose btw ktncher is a city

  • Mookey Mouse
    Mookey Mouse 3 months ago

    They wanted to summon community to go back on the air with black magic

  • kY BuCKley
    kY BuCKley 3 months ago