Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories
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    I'm gonna presume that most of you guys live in a city or a town or a village - basically, you live near other people - you don't live in the wilderness. In almost every country in the world, there are forests where nobody lives - sometimes, nobody even goes there - except for Forest Rangers. You may have a different name for them where you're from - but its their job to go into the woods when nobody else will - to investigate disturbances and potentially save peoples lives. I found some of their most shocking tales for our video today - I hope you're comfortable - my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories ...
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    • Exotic_Swaggy999 474
      Exotic_Swaggy999 474 29 days ago

      Danny are u from England bruv?

    • robert clark
      robert clark Month ago +2

      Drew No need for me to look it up you cleared it up by your own reply thank you and have a like .

    • Drew
      Drew Month ago +2

      +robert clark look up what search and rescue is and what they do

    • Sector 888888
      Sector 888888 Month ago

      Hey Danny can you do top 10 scps seen in real life

    • robert clark
      robert clark Month ago

      Drew So you're a ranger yourself ?

  • Jim Moriaty
    Jim Moriaty 9 hours ago

    It's starting to become annoying that I can never really feel fear.

  • ribbit
    ribbit 12 hours ago

    womp womp womp womp womp womp, heyeyeyeah

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    Emelda Dematas 18 hours ago

    Nice video 👍

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    I only like when Danny talks

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    Nash Broughall 19 hours ago

    Get Pewdipie to 100,000,00 before T-series does

  • cian mannion
    cian mannion 20 hours ago

    Great video, lots of scary things

  • Zach Grantham
    Zach Grantham Day ago

    My nearest neighbor is 8 miles away

  • Cheyenne Adams
    Cheyenne Adams Day ago

    Super glad I watched this AFTER I got back from camping! In the middle of nowhere! Didn't even have signal and The bush was full of kangaroos

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  • jjdeath 54
    jjdeath 54 Day ago

    What about the stairs in the woods

  • Rachid Khamlichi

    So he drove himself to the desert and burnt himself to death with no arms or legs.

  • AddaXX
    AddaXX Day ago

    9:04 pls tell me I’m not the only one who heard “the lmao valley”

  • Jason Sidlovsky
    Jason Sidlovsky 2 days ago

    The jungle spirit one could of been a bear

  • tailchaser1100
    tailchaser1100 3 days ago

    number 8 is an advisor from half life 2

  • Russia Did It
    Russia Did It 3 days ago

    Magic is magic. What if the love you want will drive someone crazy and make them leave their own family for someone else. Ahahah magic is magic people who call it black or white or root magic are idiots

  • Squidninja54
    Squidninja54 3 days ago

    Danny: do you believe in spirits in the trees?
    Me: I mean I’ve met Carnan... from middle earth... she’s pretty much the same thing...

  • Spooky Skeletons
    Spooky Skeletons 3 days ago

    No Problem boys!! Luv ya

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  • Sagaycps Policestation

    the guy With a Crow Bar is Gordon Freeman Its Him Cuz He Allways Bring His Crowbar
    in HL1 & HL2

  • Carley Schor
    Carley Schor 5 days ago

    The picture at 0:50 is a picture of the bunkline at my summer camp... 😂

  • George ST2007
    George ST2007 5 days ago

    7 Cthulhu will come

  • George ST2007
    George ST2007 5 days ago

    While i watched this someone threw a rock at my house

  • George ST2007
    George ST2007 5 days ago

    The oh no very original

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  • Ice king Espiritu
    Ice king Espiritu 6 days ago

    Black magic hmmmm is that racist

  • Ansel
    Ansel 6 days ago

    4:50 ish

    I'm pretty happy that at least someone has proper knowledge of magic. I'm going to put some examples here so if someone wants to know more then they can. I'm Wiccan, and root magic is something I practice. I typically try to get a bit of extra luck before telling someone something (eg: coming out) or before a test. I think some Luciferians (Not to be mistaken with Satanists, which are basically atheists but with their own rules) practice black magic. I'm not sure but that's what I've heard.

  • christian doherty
    christian doherty 6 days ago

    We have the opposite of rangers we.have Logan Paul's

  • Memsn Eer
    Memsn Eer 7 days ago

    gorden freeman??? 8:31

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    Tommy Nation _ 7 days ago

    n i c e c r o w b a r

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    Sam Perrot 8 days ago

    I’m officially addicted 2 these kind videos

  • The Flat Earther Hunter

    *Sees tiktok ad*
    "Oh no"

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    "Black slicked black hair" aight

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    Xepter retpeX 8 days ago

    Go commit Danny Burke stories

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    Adan Beltran 8 days ago

    Danny berkes always does the creepy stuff

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    Lynn Ann Williams 8 days ago

    The oh no? OH YEAH

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    ThatSweatSprink 8 days ago


  • Chrissory
    Chrissory 8 days ago

    I did live out in the rural parts of Sweden. The forests don't scare me so i can become a forest ranger. Though, i want to become a farmer.

  • Mystic
    Mystic 8 days ago

    Don’t worry guys the oh no is just noahanoah. He is sending his army everywhere

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    Cate The Great 9 days ago

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  • EndermanYT 12345
    EndermanYT 12345 9 days ago

    The 6 one scare me because i live in malaysia and i am still 11 years old

  • Banana Plays
    Banana Plays 9 days ago

    The spirits in the trees = The Lorax

  • YourThoughtsBetrayYou

    Rangers can seriously ruin your day. Constitutional rights dont matter, they have more powers than state troopers and city cops. They can ticket you for looking at them funny.

  • Devin’s An Idiot
    Devin’s An Idiot 9 days ago

    Danny, Yosemite is the park that will blow up not Yellowstone

  • Jessica Fain
    Jessica Fain 9 days ago

    Is it horrible that I won't watch the videos from this channel if Rebecca is the host because I can't stand her voice? Sorry.

  • Ender Ethan
    Ender Ethan 9 days ago +1

    What’s the name of the song that plays at the end of all of your videos?

  • Jolie Kuring-kehr
    Jolie Kuring-kehr 9 days ago +1

    Ok so a couple days ago I was walking to my boyfriends house with my friend who was going to our friends house by my boyfriends house, and we were just walking and talking and we start to hear a siren and we joked about it saying it was the purge or it’s the start of bird box. And she stops walking and says “I can’t walk the sound hurts my ears to much” so we wait there for like 4 mins and it still doesn’t stop and it gets louder then it starts to stop and gets loud and so on, and so we just started walking again and it stops as soon as we get to my boyfriends house...spooky...

  • observantdeath
    observantdeath 9 days ago

    *_Logan Paul has entered the chat_*

  • Drew Macleod
    Drew Macleod 9 days ago

    I live in a village

  • Ven betta
    Ven betta 9 days ago

    6:25 This is way too similar to the Blair Witch project film..

  • Fuzion XM
    Fuzion XM 9 days ago

    Rip Danny Burke why did you leave top ten amazing :(

  • ravan wayne
    ravan wayne 9 days ago

    we don't have forest rangers well what i know off as I'm from Scotland but if anyone knows if there is forest rangers in Scotland it would be good to know.

  • Unknown Clan
    Unknown Clan 10 days ago

    This is why I don’t go outside

  • gideon crider
    gideon crider 10 days ago

    The one from South Carolina is told around here pretty often by the older black folk because of the black magic stuff.

  • Shandra Barnett
    Shandra Barnett 10 days ago +3

    Where are my fellow people who live in forest?! FOREST SQUAD!!!!

    • Shandra Barnett
      Shandra Barnett 13 hours ago

      +Jason Voorhees On the property I live on, we have a pond surrounded by trees and it is amazing!!:D

    • Jason Voorhees
      Jason Voorhees 15 hours ago

      +Shandra Barnett omg yessss and swimming

    • Shandra Barnett
      Shandra Barnett 16 hours ago +1

      +Jason Voorhees I love it as well!!! It is so beautiful, especially when the sun rises and sets, the trees make it so beautiful!

    • Shandra Barnett
      Shandra Barnett 16 hours ago

      +OogaBooga wat lol

    • OogaBooga
      OogaBooga 4 days ago

      ok bigfoot

  • Addy Bored
    Addy Bored 10 days ago +2

    my uncle is a forest ranger

  • Nozami
    Nozami 10 days ago +1

    Whenever I try to take something out the cabinet but then I hear my parent's doors open. "The Oh No"

  • Lori Girard
    Lori Girard 10 days ago

    One time I was hiking and I heard a man grunting, I looked through some trees and bushes and see the man, he looked at me, and when he did I saw blood on his axe , he was also wearing a mask with a stitched together mouth. It was a terrifying experience.

  • Ny Quil
    Ny Quil 11 days ago

    no arms and no legs. hmm. must be a suicide jim. yup joe

  • Ammie X
    Ammie X 11 days ago

    Love you Danny!

  • Constance Mitchell
    Constance Mitchell 11 days ago

    I live in the woods and this is creepy now GREAT!

  • Kiki Lang
    Kiki Lang 11 days ago

    Being a Ranger is a dangerous job. They are killed all the time. They have to stop illegal hunters who, have guns, and Rangers generally don't carry. Ask any ranger, and they will tell you stories about dealing with people who are breaking laws, carring guns, and hate you. Typical Ranger stories are, "I see a truck parked in the bushes. I start looking around. I see two guys hiding behind a tree with guns. They are whispering, and they are talking about shooting an animal. As I listen, it's not an animal they want to shoot, but me. They haven't seen me, and don't know I'm standing behind them."

  • Helmy Gaming
    Helmy Gaming 12 days ago

    W O M P

  • Brandon Park
    Brandon Park 12 days ago

    I have only watched 35 seconds of this video and I am so impressed with the way you introduced this video!!! Excellent delivery, I'm hooked!!!!

  • Just Someone Non-existent

    *N I C E C R O W B A R*

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    {{ тoғυnoodle }} 12 days ago

    the oh no

  • Douglas Landrum
    Douglas Landrum 12 days ago

    Actually I live in the country and my nearest neighbor is 10 miles away

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    Aimee 14 days ago

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    The womp is a wendigo

  • Cris Gonzalez
    Cris Gonzalez 14 days ago

    This is creepy as hell!
    It reminds me of a time when I went hiking, and we ended up leaving the path because we wanted to explore. After a bit of walking, we discovered a steep hill, with items at the base. We walked closer to see what it was, and we found the weirdest things. A dismantled tent, a child's shoe, a piece of a children's foam puzzle, and a piece of clothing. That was it. No signs of anyone around, and everything looked old, like it had been there for weeks. Needless to say, we all left and jumped back on the path.

  • WolvenChimera
    WolvenChimera 14 days ago

    Lamar valley is gorgeous. But I prefer the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Pretty area no matter what

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  • DoodIsRandom Random Gameplays

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    I happen to live in the middle of nowhere

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    some random dude 15 days ago

    2:45 black sun empirealbum cover :)

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 15 days ago

    Hi, I'm Danny from WhatCulture

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    Noxy joxy 15 days ago +1

    Nice crowbar

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 15 days ago

    Just be sure to bring your proton packs when you go into the woods, and a large bore hunting rifle in case one of those non-ghost monsters shows up.

  • ATL Triumph
    ATL Triumph 16 days ago

    If I was invited in these unsolved ones I'd be too curious and want to find out what's going on

  • insane
    insane 16 days ago

    Lol, I guess I live in a village, there is only like 450 people here. (I live in America, Arkansas)

  • SakarhMuwaun
    SakarhMuwaun 16 days ago

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    Willow Bigonia 16 days ago

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    Kayden Hutchinson 16 days ago +1

    U missed my life place I live in the country 15 minutes from any town by driving 100km per hour or 3 hours by walk

  • GreyouTT
    GreyouTT 17 days ago

    I'm pretty sure those kids in the first story encountered The Grinning Man!

  • The yeeted Fetus
    The yeeted Fetus 17 days ago

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    betty og Chr.L 17 days ago

    In Denmark they are Call #skov ridder. A forest knight. Beautyful right.🌲🌳🏹⚔️⚜️🇩🇰

  • Ethan lol
    Ethan lol 18 days ago

    "speed hike" = Thot walk?

  • Definitely Not Michael

    Forests are interesting places everyone that has camped in or near one has a creepy story or two

  • Jane Ebbenhorst
    Jane Ebbenhorst 19 days ago +1

    I got a womp in my ear once too, it was really weird and I tried looking up what it was but I couldn't find anything. My head felt weird after the womp too, maybe because I was just so weirded out about what had just happend.

    • Jane Ebbenhorst
      Jane Ebbenhorst 11 days ago

      +Kaitrin Maughan And also, no one else in the classroom heard it.

    • Jane Ebbenhorst
      Jane Ebbenhorst 11 days ago

      +Kaitrin Maughan No I wasn't, I was in the classroom so I doubt that it was a Wendigo.

    • Kaitrin Maughan
      Kaitrin Maughan 12 days ago

      Jane Ebbenhorst you have to be careful. What you heard was a wendigo. You can look it up. Were you in the woods when you heard the womp?

  • Destroyer_5 Rockz
    Destroyer_5 Rockz 19 days ago

    I went into the woods with my 2 cousins and a good friend that we call a cousin. All girls except me. Names are Kylie, Katry, and Ella. Ella is the good friend/cousin. We were walking really far down into the creek just for fun(it was almost completely dried up minus the big pockets of water). We were about 6 miles in and we decided to stop. Katry(about 9), Kylie(about 15), Ella(about 13), and me(about 12). We had a machete and a backpack full of snacks and other small supplies like knives, phones, etc. We heard a weird knocking sound on our right. Knock knock knock knock knock(about the time it takes to knock on a door). Kylie grabbed two small logs and imitated the sound. The sound replied to the same thing. It wasn’t as fast as a woodpecker, but it wasn’t as slow as some random bird/animal. We decided to leave with Kylie in front, Ella in back, Katry behind Kylie, and me behind Katry for safety. Kylie had the machete. When we were getting close to a little sandbar that we chill at, we heard a loud cracking noise to our left. It was a tree that fell down. We freaked out and we were all asking questions like “Isn’t that a pretty big coincidence for that to be happening?” etc. We started running and Katry was crying. We finally got to the vehicle we drove in (a Polaris ranger, in simpler terms, a bigger stronger golf cart). We sped out of the woods and got home. We haven’t gone since.

  • Destroyer_5 Rockz
    Destroyer_5 Rockz 19 days ago

    I live in the country! Real country, not just a neighborhood in a few grassy hills/plains, I live on a ranch. We have an old barn that is super creepy. My dad said he saw a little girl in a dress dancing around and then tried to lock him out, and I looked up on the wall in the hallway and a picture told me everything... it was my uncle’s daughter... her and her mom were killed in a train crash about 10 minutes from my house...

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    This is too scary

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