I Saw A UFO And My Dad Went Crazy

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
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    This is Dana. Her story might sound pretty weird to many of you, and...it is. But it really did happen to her and her parents.
    Dana’s dad is a little bit older than her mom, and he’s now in his forties. His name is Fred, and he’s one of the most exciting people Dana’s ever known. He’s an eighties kid, as he likes to say, and as a boy he just fell in love with sci-fi. It seems that particular era was the best time for it. It all started when he watched his first “Star Wars” movie at the age of five. And after that his love only grew stronger. “Terminator,” “Blade Runner,” “Alien,” and of course, “E.T.”
    He found an old radio receiver in his garage and spent half of his free time trying to catch alien signals. He had a friend named Mike who was also really into sci-fi, and they spent most of their time together.
    For her dad this was not just a game, like it usually is with most kids. He actually believed they were out there.
    And one night things just went crazy. Her dad was thirteen at that time, so this was probably around 1989. He was upstairs in his room playing with the radio waves and not coming across anything extra-terrestrial, as usual. Then suddenly his window lit up as if it was already mid-morning, and her dad saw a massive stream of light coming from somewhere above.
    Totally astounded, he ran down the stairs and out of the house, leapt down the porch to the front yard, and saw a huge flying saucer right above their house! And a huge searchlight on the saucer was shining right at him. He stared at the spaceship in awe, totally shocked - but probably not as shocked as most people would be, because well…he always knew they were out there.
    Within about thirty seconds the saucer just disappeared and never came back; apparently they got all the data they needed.
    So the next day when her dad told his buddy Mike about all of this, he just laughed at him and said he was making it all up. That’s when their friendship ended.
    And throughout his life up to the present, Dana’s dad kept on telling this story to the people he thought were close enough to him to believe it…like really good friends or girlfriends he had…but every time the reaction was like: “O...kay…”. All of them thought he was crazy.
    The first person to believe this incredible story was her mom. That’s probably what you call true love. They actually got married just several months after they met. They’ve been together for years, and Dana’s never met a more loving couple.
    Then the second person to believe the saucer story was born - Dana. Her dad hasn't changed much since then. He has a job and stuff, but deep down he’s still the same eighties kid obsessed with sci-fi and aliens. Over the years hermom has even become pretty passionate too - it’s hard not to, you should see how convincing her dad can be.
    And of course as a child she learned to love it as well. And she still does. It’s way more fun having parents like her than those most people call “normal” (basically, “skeptical” and “boring”). So Dana loves when they sit down to watch “Star Wars” (the original trilogy, of course), even though she’s seen it so many times. And she loves their camping trips, which, of course are always connected to UFO hunting. There’s a whole online community of UFO hunters, and herdad is an active member. So when there’s information that on a certain night a UFO might appear in a certain place, and the place is not too far away from their town - you can be sure they’ll be there with a tent.
    Of course after years of not catching sight of any UFOs, those trips evolved into simple family camping trips, and they’ve always been a lot of fun.
    And this is actually what happened during one of their regular trips. They were alone in the woods with marshmallows and stuff, looking at the night sky - not even for UFOs, instead just because it was so beautiful. Then at one point a mist fell on the forest, so they couldn’t see the sky very well anymore - and it actually became so thick that they could barely see each other.
    The fog sort of ended their skygazing, and they were ready to get in the tent and get some sleep, when suddenly a massive stream of light fell onto the forest and started moving their way. They couldn’t see where it was coming from, but her dad just went crazy. He screamed that it was exactly what he had seen that night in his parents’ front yard. He immediately grabbed his film camera (he always said a digital one wouldn’t capture a real UFO) and started taking pictures, but it was all in vain, since the mist was too thick. But you should have seen his face at that moment. After all those years of doubt and disbelief he turned out to be right...

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  6 months ago +1936

    But Dana still believes aliens exist. She still believes her dad’s story, even though we really can’t know for sure. As they say...the truth is out there!

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    This girl in September 20th

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    squid. whore/ 11 days ago +1

    Area 51

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    Noa Caers 17 days ago

    i believe them UFO,S exit and that what i think and if you dont have seen jt that dont meen it dont exist people

  • Nemk3
    Nemk3 18 days ago +1

    go stupid aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go crazy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Dora Duck
    Dora Duck 19 days ago

    I belive your dad because I saw ufo too

  • Elis Jones
    Elis Jones 26 days ago

    I sneezeed

    Actually happened

  • kiki castaneda
    kiki castaneda 26 days ago

    I believe you. I saw one after work. There was a bit of fog, but the road and street lights were still clear. I took the same route home and saw lights what looked like a cloud. There’s was 7 bright lights in total make a circle in the cloud. I stoped at the red light to look at it. It was gone after a about a minute. Since then, I still believe

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    I’m writing my story to actually happened rn

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    U know that UFO’s are just the U.S. Military’s spy drones...

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    I also saw one with my dad it was ginormous with a bunch of lights

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    I SAW A UFO (A spaceship) AT 3 AM

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  • Matthew the mcool dude

    I have a good story
    Press read more for story

    One night I was getting a glass of water then I looked out the window and saw two U.F.O.s one was blue and red blinking light staying there and I know it wasn't a radio tower because it wasn't there before
    And I saw a red blinking light moving
    And in school I asked my friend if he saw a U.F.O. before
    He said that He saw one land in his front yard
    Like if you believe me

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    I believe in aliens

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    Your dad’s from 80s?
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  • Beau Walker
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    My Dad claims he saw a UFO, but he doesn't believe it was aliens. He thinks it was some kinda secret experimental aircraft. So to him it was just an unidentified flying object.

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