Ladies riding to fight Prostate Cancer / AZ Bike Week 18

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
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Comments • 138

  • Scootering Across America
    Scootering Across America 2 months ago +1

    Since my ride there, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Had the cancer removed. When I can ride I am riding to the KRIVER for my accomplishments. Ty Adam.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  2 months ago

      I'm so sorry to hear that. Glad things are looking up. Stay strong 👊🇺🇲

  • Dustin Degenhardt
    Dustin Degenhardt 6 months ago +1

    definitely need some ASR bandages!

  • Bob Grabowski
    Bob Grabowski 7 months ago +1

    Laurie is a hottie.

  • Jim Weagant
    Jim Weagant 9 months ago

    Awesome video thanks for sharing

  • NBT 3
    NBT 3 9 months ago

    The look on your face was hilarious. It's not the finger dude! It's the needle!!!

  • ZJ75
    ZJ75 Year ago

    She is super attractive

  • Garry Chaney
    Garry Chaney Year ago +1

    Nice job Sir, early detection is the answer, i am now 13 years cancer free thanks to early detection and my Lord. Keep up the good work and ride free Bro.

  • DieselDaze
    DieselDaze Year ago

    Just catching up on all of your vlogs- Adam, keep it up brother! Always vlogs that get you motivated and ready for the ride.

  • 8lesliedon
    8lesliedon Year ago

    Adam, so happy you and Ronda were there and getting to see Michele was too cool I do miss seeing Scooter with you, but understand he is with Ms. Ashley. You have a great time and sure with you would come to the LGG ladies Rally in Llano, Tx. Sept 28-30th. Great riding there. Ride safe and love Law Tigers, want me some of those glasses, forgot how to order..duh I am a young ole' 67. LOL Rock On Adam...

  • Ohio Trucker
    Ohio Trucker Year ago

    Thank you for everything you do !

  • Jacky P
    Jacky P Year ago +1

    Digging the “Support Blue” bracelet! Ride safe brother!

  • Law Tigers
    Law Tigers Year ago +1

    It was awesome to see you again and to ride with you again, until next time brother! (oh and you can use our bike anytime!)

  • Drew P. Wiener
    Drew P. Wiener Year ago +1

    7:18 - I was starting to get concerned for your safety... It was like a train wreck - I don't want to watch but couldn't look away!

  • Wendy Prince
    Wendy Prince Year ago +1

    Love Arizona! Hope to go back this fall or next spring..... it is snowing at my house today 😥 I may have to move my trip to Arizona to this afternoon!

  • JustAdam83
    JustAdam83 Year ago +1

    Good work bro. 👌🏾🤘🏾

  • sinsick1196
    sinsick1196 Year ago +1

    You have to come to the REAL BIKE WEEK IN CAVE CREEK AZ.

  • Marshall Boyle
    Marshall Boyle Year ago +1

    Come join the Miracle Ride June 3rd Indianapolis IN. Benefiting Riley Children’s Hospital.

  • Kirk Ryan
    Kirk Ryan Year ago +1

    Hand them out at rally's

  • Kirk Ryan
    Kirk Ryan Year ago +2

    Law Tigers need to put out a Emergency kit with their logo on the bandages, along with their number.

  • Kaine Ellis
    Kaine Ellis Year ago +1

    Falcon fury harley davidson in conyers georgia is having a thunder and dice run with our combat veterans April 7th if you would be interested in attending. It's on the website falcons fury harley

  • Spokane Pistol Shooter

    3rd annual fallen heroes ride, June 16th in Hauser Idaho. Hope you can make it.

  • Chad Varnell
    Chad Varnell Year ago +1

    AHH! We need a Jackalope for the house!

  • Joe Nobles
    Joe Nobles Year ago +1

    great post don't worry need to check PSA every year it's only a blood test I had prostate cancer after I retired from the army VA says it's not there fault

  • Mark Zimmerman
    Mark Zimmerman Year ago +2

    HDoS is my dealership ( also HOG Member). Roadrunner is in my neighborhood. Great part of the world for riding and watering holes. Having the free blood test to check for prostrate cancer is VERY important. Shelley always puts on fun rides.

  • Flartz YT
    Flartz YT Year ago +1

    That were I just was a few days ago getting my first harley shirt

  • C B
    C B Year ago +1

    Hello there I hope when you were in Arizona you said hello to the law tigers Kristen elkser there she's great, the law tigers are great thanks again for supporting them

  • Jane Weldon
    Jane Weldon Year ago +1

    Love this video! Another great cause! Thanks Adam for all you do for everyone. Stay safe.❤️

  • hotroder004
    hotroder004 Year ago +3

    ASR Should donate bandages for this great cause !

  • Ontario Andrews
    Ontario Andrews Year ago +2

    I gave this video a LIKE thumbs up even though we didn't get to see the wet t-shirt contest. :)

  • Scott McLinden
    Scott McLinden Year ago +3

    Awesome Video Adam!....Cant wait to see the inside of the dirty dog.

  • George Tammie
    George Tammie Year ago +1

    come and see us in Albuquerque love following you

  • faith biker.73
    faith biker.73 Year ago +1

    I find myself hooked on your videos hope to meet you at a rally in Arkansas this year. Will you be at Bikes blues and BBQ this year

    • faith biker.73
      faith biker.73 Year ago

      Cool I'll try and make that one scoot on brother

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago

      lloyd bodkins I’m not sure about that one but I will be at the spring fling this weekend!

  • Daymaker
    Daymaker Year ago +2

    Hey Adam, Great weather there I was relieved to see it was the blood test, We imagined 150 guys having the digital inspection, even if the Doc buys you few cocktails it is still shocking. Regards.

  • Bonnie & the Beast
    Bonnie & the Beast Year ago +4

    Prostate cancer ride. Riding with all ladies. Makes me chuckle. Yay ladies!!! Save the man parts!

  • brett mccaw
    brett mccaw Year ago +2

    Hi there Adam my name isBrett McCaw I am a prostate cancer survivor here in Calgary Alberta I wanted to say thanks for getting checked and showing the video of the run congrats to you

  • Lynn Michel
    Lynn Michel Year ago +1

    Hey Ronda. Love the sugar skull tat you have. The weather in Ohio is still suckin real bad. Loved seeing everyone ride in the warm sunshine.

  • Thomas Nessman
    Thomas Nessman Year ago +1

    Like guerra379 just said, Nice video Adam. I've been through the Casa Grande and Prescott areas, and it was nice scenery. Can I ask you, how you got started with this?

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago

      Thomas Nessman I have a few videos on here that tell the story, you can also find a book on my website I wrote about it. Sorry way to long of a story to type here. Lol

  • FrankRizzo2002
    FrankRizzo2002 Year ago +1

    Thumbs up Number 777!! lucky for me.... meh.... its April 14th.. and snowing its ass off in Minnesota... ... I just want to ride.

  • john hartigan
    john hartigan Year ago +1

    Great video... know this dealership when.i used to Phoenix 👍👍🏍🏍🤙🤙

  • robert green
    robert green Year ago +1

    is ronda looking for a partner

  • Morten Talbro Hansen

    We are Danish

  • Marty Davis Davis
    Marty Davis Davis Year ago +1

    Who ever gave this a thumbs down is a doush!

  • Tim Davis
    Tim Davis Year ago +1

    I really enjoy you videos and the causes you cover. If you could check out the EOD Warrior Foundation, I would be very grateful. EOD is the only DOD career field that all branches fo to the same training. I wish I would have known about you then. Keep up the great work. God Bless you.

  • Trent Mcknight
    Trent Mcknight Year ago +2

    Cool video! Coming down to Laughlin next week from Idaho.

  • The Gimpy Garage
    The Gimpy Garage Year ago +1

    When I went for a prostate exam the doctor said, “This might feel a little cold.” I said, “I was told you were going to be warm and loving.” He laughed.
    When I was leaving, the nurse told me that she’s never seen him laugh in over five years of working with him. I was proud, and sore! But more proud. Lol

    • Drew P. Wiener
      Drew P. Wiener Year ago

      Did it concern you when both of his hands were on your shoulders?

  • Gerber Baby
    Gerber Baby Year ago +1

    YEE YEE representing Upstate NY!

  • HaXaW
    HaXaW Year ago +1

    Dang I thought I was watching a coffee commercial at first ; ) My soul longs for the west. One day!

  • Bob Langlois
    Bob Langlois Year ago +1

    The Thin Blue Line run is June 3rd in Denver Co. It is a run to support the law enforcement memorial in Colorado. We could sure use your endorsement. We also support C.O.P.S. and families of fallen officers. Google Sentinels LE MC.

  • Peter Balint
    Peter Balint Year ago +1

    Awesome Adam. Hey, got Ciro 3D Bag Blades on my '16 FLTRUSE - they are awesome! Best looking lights ever! Thanks man! Enjoy!

  • Tim Wall
    Tim Wall Year ago +1

    One of my favorite segments Adam. Good one

  • Raw Tee
    Raw Tee Year ago +2

    Hell Yeah!
    For the ZX TOP!
    Great Video. Thanks!

  • John Cole
    John Cole Year ago +1

    you should meet up with some of the SRA (Shadow riders of America) We are a FB group turned family and have a annual get together every year. we are called Crows. Feel free to look up us up on FB and message a admin. I do warn you most of us ride Honda shadows but a few have harleys .

  • Ruben Carlos
    Ruben Carlos Year ago +1

    Now that was funny your brain studered when that pretty lady said you needed a psa prostate exam . You were like what.
    But you recovered nicely when you were disappointed it wasn't digital hahaha keep up the good work some of us live vicariously through you. Ah I mean your riding meeting new people and having a blast

  • Rockin' H Fishing

    I can’t wait to meet you in Eureka Springs!!! Myself, my Wife and my four kids love what you do!!!! See you on the 20th!!!!!! UltraNoob🐝💨💨🇺🇸

  • kadi frederic
    kadi frederic Year ago +1

    hello Adam, always a pleasure to see you surrounded with people committed for a good cause .I hope to see Miss Ashley and your little Scooter with you soon !
    Have a nice day , here in france we like your videos , thanks again.

  • Yaco21
    Yaco21 Year ago +1

    Nice one Adam...

  • R Zuniga
    R Zuniga Year ago +1

    Another Heavy Duty video!!

  • Street Gliden 103
    Street Gliden 103 Year ago +1

    See you in Laughlin. I hope we can ride together.

  • Dino 0762
    Dino 0762 Year ago +1

    Hey Adam... Here Belgium again. Very nice initiative with the Harley community, love it!
    But...yes there is a but...the PSA test is not waterproof or reliable for an indication of having a prostate problem.
    I had a test a month ago, and fortunatly negative, ...the test is just an indication of maybe a problem.
    You could have a low result but still have a prostate problem, or having a high result and have nothing at all.
    The only reliable test is still the physics test and an ultrasound. Not pleasant but worth doing it. the initiative and the things you do for putting it into the spotlight.
    Adam and those lovely rock!

  • Tim Lentz
    Tim Lentz Year ago +1

    Is twisted road going to include Canada at some point?