Salmon Sashimi Spring Rolls @home!! 🍣

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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Comments • 211

  • jmakrosa
    jmakrosa 23 days ago

    What type of salmon do you get? I want to make sure to get the right kind?

  • Zafra Tam
    Zafra Tam Month ago +1

    I love to watch you eating sushi & sashimi 😍

  • Dulce Robles
    Dulce Robles 3 months ago

    The most delicious looking healthy seafood veggie burrito (cause of how you are putting the Sriracha and hoison sauce on top the way we put salsa on a burrito) I can't wait to make these! Thank you for the inspo! 😋

  • françois meunier
    françois meunier 3 months ago

    you are so disgusting. You make me throw out.

  • Adelina Novac
    Adelina Novac 3 months ago

    I never thought I will see keemi doing a muckbang only with three spring rolls and be full. I am happy for you and that you care about your health 😍🤗

  • Saleece’s World
    Saleece’s World 4 months ago +1

    Cuties RU-clipr ever

  • JammoTarts
    JammoTarts 4 months ago

    Are those little sprout things watercress? I really wanna make these ;0;

  • Bella Obregon
    Bella Obregon 4 months ago

    I miss you wearing those cute circle glasses!❤️

  • Jane Louie
    Jane Louie 4 months ago

    Instead of peanut sauce... spicy mayooooo

  • Becca Blanco
    Becca Blanco 4 months ago

    Damnit! I want all this food! Damn pregnancy cravings!

  • mellybear
    mellybear 4 months ago +1

    This looked so good, this girl got me to buy salmon to make my own spring rolls lmao

    • mellybear
      mellybear 4 months ago

      @The Happy Medium It was delicious! The siracha sauce made it even better (:

    • The Happy Medium
      The Happy Medium 4 months ago +1

      what did you think??

  • Blouse Sasha
    Blouse Sasha 4 months ago

    In 4:54, am I the only one that heard poison ☠️

  • Callmemel
    Callmemel 4 months ago

    Seriously loving this new set up keemi 💛

  • edge DIZZY
    edge DIZZY 4 months ago

    I swear she said Poison 4:53

  • Brianna M
    Brianna M 4 months ago

    I haven’t been on your channel for quite a long time now and I’m getting back to watching your videos again and I just wanted to
    say wow! You look AMAZING! You
    Look like you lost a lot of weight and your skin is so glowey and beautiful 😍❤️ go you keemi

  • Violet Rais
    Violet Rais 4 months ago +1

    I would of done wasabi mayo. ^^

  • IAM NOone
    IAM NOone 5 months ago

    Wheres the wasabi.? I think it would complement a lot with wasabi

  • Usako Sarinna
    Usako Sarinna 5 months ago

    Ugh looks so fresh and amazing!

    KADEN FOSTER 5 months ago

    you not stupid

  • alondra lopez
    alondra lopez 5 months ago

    This is the asian version of a burrito and I love it hahaha they're long lost sister

  • Patrick Pham
    Patrick Pham 5 months ago

    If it’s too peanut buttery i would add a bit of hoisin sauce at a time (while heating it) and try adding chopped peanuts to the sauce 😍

    • Patrick Pham
      Patrick Pham 5 months ago

      But also I think dipping a salmon spring roll into soy sauce would be yum

  • Lianna Ho
    Lianna Ho 5 months ago +5

    Peanut Sauce Recipe:
    1 cup of hoisin sauce
    1/2 tablespoons of peanut
    1/2 of lime ( or more if you like it a little bit more sour)
    2 teaspoon of sugar
    And add a 1/3 of hot water
    And mix well until smooth
    (You can microwave it for 30 seconds)
    This is how I make mine peanut sauce!
    Also, you can add sriracha sauce into the peanut sauce if you like.

  • chefpiggy87
    chefpiggy87 5 months ago

    U just need water for the rice paper it can be hot or cold just a heads up.

  • EatingWithFan
    EatingWithFan 5 months ago

    Omg, I need to try this! I love fresh salmon!

  • Gabriela Fernandez
    Gabriela Fernandez 5 months ago

    Your face are shining

  • curlyfriez 96
    curlyfriez 96 5 months ago

    I was asking around for sushi grade salmon and I was told that all salmon is frozen to standards and I could use the frozen bags of salmon from Walmart? Idk if this is true, most people dont know where I can by safe to eat salmon

  • Kris X
    Kris X 5 months ago

    Shrimp so far is my favorite!!!!! My the salmon looks amazing in it!

  • Anne-sophie Laverdure
    Anne-sophie Laverdure 5 months ago

    I love it 🥰

  • Wt Tsan
    Wt Tsan 5 months ago +1

    I loveee Hoisin with Springrolls💖
    First I cut some garlic and put in a pot with a little bit oil and cook that a little,after that I put Hoisin and a little bit water and 1 spoon of ketchup in it!It‘s veryyyyyy yummy
    You can try it if u want
    Greetings from Germany!💖

  • Bryan Dino
    Bryan Dino 5 months ago +4

    That veggie crunch when keemi bites the spring roll is everything! I’ma buy one now near my place hahaha! 😂

  • Zarina Aziz
    Zarina Aziz 5 months ago

    I hate when you talk a lot....can you just eating first..and then you talk

  • Zarina Aziz
    Zarina Aziz 5 months ago

    I hate when you talk a lot....can you just eating first..and then you talk

  • GoodieBakes -
    GoodieBakes - 5 months ago +44

    I’m still shocked she’s not at 1 mil , she totally deserves it ❤️

  • Miss Fruity sweets
    Miss Fruity sweets 5 months ago +2

    I do hoisin and peanut butter and a little bit of warm water, it comes out perfect for my shrimp spring rolls 😊😉

  • Peony Farm
    Peony Farm 5 months ago +4

    I love the idea of spring rolls but it looks like food stuffed in a condom. I just can't.

  • Hennessy.Nicole832
    Hennessy.Nicole832 5 months ago +1

    What i wanna know is how you have such great skin ! 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Melissa Luck
    Melissa Luck 5 months ago

    I need that right now!!😭

  • AudrizzleNizzle
    AudrizzleNizzle 5 months ago +3

    Also, my favorite thing to add to my spring rolls @ home is cilantro :)

  • Mary alsina
    Mary alsina 5 months ago

    So I had some sushi raw and I’m like is this healthy and I see here eating big slices of salmon raw like it can’t be that bad for you 😂🤔lol idk is it healthy ? She makes it look so good I don’t like it

  • AudrizzleNizzle
    AudrizzleNizzle 5 months ago +2

    You look beautiful keemi!! 😍 food looks amazinggggg

  • M_ Elizabeth
    M_ Elizabeth 5 months ago

    Looks so appetizing .. went out and bought everything for spring rolls. Was super excited but the wrap texture I could not get past. The chewy-slimy texture absolutely killed it for me 😕 Wish I could’ve enjoyed it, I was sooo bummed!

  • Brittney Hewitt Crochet

    Your skin is perfect!!!!!

  • Jessa Monet
    Jessa Monet 5 months ago

    Omg I want this..😭😭😭

  • love
    love 5 months ago +2

    Did you add hoisen sauce in the peanut sauce while making it? It makes it less taste like peanut butter. Also some finely chopped or grated garlic

  • miko12 draws
    miko12 draws 5 months ago +1

    It tastes even better if you add rice noodles ❤️Vietnamese spring rolls are the best

  • mari3657
    mari3657 5 months ago +1

    Keemi i’ve been loving your health journey ❤️

  • françois meunier
    françois meunier 5 months ago

    You are so disgusting!!!! you make me vomit.

  • Charmaine Daria
    Charmaine Daria 5 months ago

    Huhu and now 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Cutie Meow
    Cutie Meow 5 months ago

    I always love your meals! Especially the healthy way. I’m at Europe and I miss asian foods! Haha too much carbs and cheese here but it is so good!

  • Rosalita Sugiyama
    Rosalita Sugiyama 5 months ago

    Looks delicious you should open restaurant with your husband we watch you you can cook

  • kxmxnxl
    kxmxnxl 5 months ago


  • Donita Lacy-Alexander
    Donita Lacy-Alexander 5 months ago

    I am going to try this recipe!

  • Kamilee Pascual
    Kamilee Pascual 5 months ago

    That looks amazing craving that now! 😍🤤🤤

  • Katherine Canon
    Katherine Canon 5 months ago

    Nah I'd stick to soy sauce 😂.

  • LovelyDumplings~
    LovelyDumplings~ 5 months ago

    With the peanut sauce, you can probably save it by adding the hoisin sauce to it, heating it also helps to caramelize and makes it more runny to spoon it on.

  • Reytonne Gipson
    Reytonne Gipson 5 months ago


  • Brenda S
    Brenda S 5 months ago +2

    " They didn't really bone this right"!! 🤣 I know you meant deboned the salmon but it was still funny! Lol

  • Amanda Fondow
    Amanda Fondow 5 months ago +1

    Love you, Keemi 🥰

  • krizzie ann rodriguez
    krizzie ann rodriguez 5 months ago +1

    Can you teach us how to make that peanut sauce looks good 😊

  • Thao Tran N
    Thao Tran N 5 months ago +1

    I find that salom pairs better with fish sauce (nuoc mam) or maybe try wafu or spicy mayo??