The Most DISTURBING Art Collab Ever. (UPDATE)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2017
  • =====================UPDATE
    Is in federal prison. Has been put away for 8 years. He will be in jail for around 4 more at the time this is posted. If you are following any "How to Draw" channels, I'd look into them and see if they fit the criteria given in this video.
    I sent in 4 total tickets. YT won't look at any evidence. They completely blew me off. YT told the officer they'd "review" it. (NEW) RU-clip -6 months later- responded to officer and told him they're not removing his account.
    Working with 3 officers now. One is the original officer on the case and has been with it from the start. He put in 2 take down requests to remove his channel from YT.
    We wait. When he exits prison he gets to register as a sex offender. If the channel begins uploading again, he may be in violation of orders and the law may do something about it. So that is where we're at.
    *Why did you disable comments?
    People don't listen to me, so I'm going to forcefully stop them. Teasing others and saying, "OH I KNOW WHO IT IS MESSAGE ME AND I'LL TELL YOU," helps nobody. Leaving hints to who he, how you found him, and the title of the articles is not helpful right now. If anything, you're PROMOTING him and his content to NEW people (AND CHILDREN) who may never of seen or will see MY video. Please be considerate of others.
    I'm not protecting him, I'm protecting kids. Let me explain why I am handling this in the way that I am:
    So first off, I don't want to have links to his channel. Obviously, the more people I can keep away from this guy, the better. I'm not going to send people over to him and have them clicking on his videos and leaving comments in them, disliking his videos, upping his statistics, and consequently causing RU-clip's algorithm to PROMOTE HIS PAGE. This would be very BAD. Obviously, we don't want MORE people to find him!
    He has been reported to RU-clip by myself and the arresting officer. (Check above for updates)
    I uploaded this video with the entire story as I know it. The prior video I uploaded was a totally innocent story and I had absolutely no idea what happened to him. When people began bringing forth information on him, I removed the original video because it had his name. Now that I'm aware, I can't pretend like the problem doesn't exist. I wouldn't DO that to you. I then uploaded this video explaining to people who watched the first, what really happened. I'm not going to let several thousands of people assume that guy is innocent and subscribe to him. This is to warn them that he's NOT a good person and to stay AWAY from him.
    I'm trying to resolve this matter in the best way that I know of.
    Let me also phrase this another way, what if I sent everyone to his page? And RU-clip then promotes his content to other children who haven't seen this video? THEN what if we CAN'T remove him from the website? Think about it in those terms and now you'll see why I handled it this way. And also, apparently, the police agree with how I've handled this.
    *Omg you're so offensive to people with disabilities! I'M SO VERY UPSET YOU'RE SO AWFUL! Not all disabled people are pedophiles! You think you're so great!
    Perhaps a little bit of brutal honesty will help clear this shit up for you. Because he was disabled, I was less suspicious of this man. The way he talked, the way he acted, how acted towards others, the topics he covered, and how he behaved in general. I didn't think much of it because I figured that it's just how he was and it was related to his disability.
    This is a cautionary tale. Nobody is saying that all disabled people are pedophiles. But when people say "how DIDN'T you know there was something wrong with him!?" that is my answer. It doesn't matter if someone is disabled or not, you need to be more careful of who you trust and more critical of people's red flag behaviors. If this actually upsets your delicate sensibilities, then I feel sorry for you.
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