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  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • Thank you everyone, especially those that stayed with me through the years.
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  • Knightshade Studios
    Knightshade Studios 48 minutes ago

    When he disses your name but you still hit the like button

  • A magic talking ice cream With a hat

    Everyone is talking about Michael but david is just forgotten about by everyone

  • xTony92
    xTony92 4 hours ago

    Congratulations on 1Million subscribers, you always make me laugh Brewstew,👍👍

  • Nilakshi Changkakati
    Nilakshi Changkakati 8 hours ago

    Love ypu

  • Hazar465
    Hazar465 20 hours ago


  • zakhira nimir
    zakhira nimir Day ago

    Why you never blow out the cuss words

  • Whip Creemy
    Whip Creemy Day ago

    I’ve been here since 300k😭

  • Jackie Trujillo
    Jackie Trujillo Day ago


  • sparkle kitty
    sparkle kitty Day ago


  • youngin Mario
    youngin Mario Day ago

    What the fuck name is stew if he said his name is tyler

  • Memory Hunter
    Memory Hunter 2 days ago

    Alright, alright.

  • super turkey
    super turkey 2 days ago

    I abdoloutly love ur shitty cartoons ur better than theodd1sout

  • Indigo Andromeda
    Indigo Andromeda 2 days ago

    wheres the original commenter?

  • solorgana
    solorgana 2 days ago

    Hey, Tyler/Brewstew!
    Alright! Just got a Google Opinion Rewards survey regarding your videos. Pretty much asked of I liked your videos and/or of I found them offensive. Seriously, not kidding, wish I had taken a "Screenshot." Voted in your favor, of course!
    Love your videos. Keep em' coming. Makes my day.

    LIL BRY 2 days ago

    i remember that video of the wisdom teeth

  • KyloXsogi
    KyloXsogi 2 days ago

    Hey Ferinus... Go fuck yourself! Yeah.. I can be a keyboard warrior too. Ya bitch.

  • Tsunami Ace
    Tsunami Ace 2 days ago

    Man, I love watching your videos they are always so funny, congrats on the milestone 😂🤣😎

  • Ollie Fullerton
    Ollie Fullerton 3 days ago

    You got 1 mil on my b day!!!!

  • SL!NK :.
    SL!NK :. 3 days ago

    Let's drink some beer 🍻🍻🍻💯

  • I F
    I F 3 days ago

    I found the guy that stole your old name

  • starlight x
    starlight x 3 days ago

    been here seen 40k 👏🏽🙃 i feel like a proud mother lmao

  • Alkiviadis Zournatzis

    Dont stop starting the storiea with alright

  • ethan blea
    ethan blea 5 days ago

    5 mil special kill Michael

  • Ian Flexx
    Ian Flexx 5 days ago

    5 million subs: Michaels fake ass Jordan’s merch

  • Murica n
    Murica n 5 days ago

    What about Tommy?

  • Brody Hammond
    Brody Hammond 5 days ago

    i sisy dog dare you to call michle DO IT NOW

  • Surgical witch
    Surgical witch 5 days ago

    Do you still talk to David tommy and everyone

  • Koopii
    Koopii 5 days ago

    I come back to this channel and realise I *missed this!*

  • annie odear
    annie odear 6 days ago

    2mil face reveal

  • Hurricane Dave
    Hurricane Dave 6 days ago

    your animation is actuslly better than the loonie toons. or some sort😂😂

  • Zoey Ezra
    Zoey Ezra 6 days ago

    I cant believe it this really happened. Yessssss!!

  • John Hodges
    John Hodges 6 days ago


  • anthony gryczkowski
    anthony gryczkowski 6 days ago +2

    You’ve been doing these for 7 years and they are just showing up on my feeds now?

  • KXDiaz
    KXDiaz 6 days ago

    You need to call Michael for 2 MIL

  • anonymous cheez
    anonymous cheez 7 days ago

    anyone see jon in the corner? Man I love that video

  • Dylan Klebold
    Dylan Klebold 7 days ago


  • BringBackTheSauce
    BringBackTheSauce 7 days ago

    Michael is probably rich right now🤣

  • Richard Buechel
    Richard Buechel 7 days ago

    1:47 Explain the Video "First Fight" at the end.....

  • Some random Guy
    Some random Guy 7 days ago


  • Mario Hernández
    Mario Hernández 7 days ago

    What happen to David

  • Killerbosswe
    Killerbosswe 7 days ago +1

    You don’t sound exsided

  • Dragon P.
    Dragon P. 8 days ago

    I love your vids

  • cabis910
    cabis910 8 days ago

    I appreciate you making this at a Chuck E. Cheese I’m watching this video in the back of a Chuck e cheese

  • Sleepy Kid
    Sleepy Kid 8 days ago

    2 mil call Michael

  • MorgAnimations
    MorgAnimations 9 days ago +5

    Top 10 sounds that can cure depression:

    1. *"Alright."*

  • Alexandra Zanjani
    Alexandra Zanjani 9 days ago

    Why so much hate to Michael

  • Pj masks yes Elmo no

    Who is Michel

  • Mraques Rogers
    Mraques Rogers 10 days ago


  • 1-800 -lunar
    1-800 -lunar 10 days ago +1


  • Cringy Gingy
    Cringy Gingy 10 days ago

    Congrats been here since 100000

  • Jk Hyper
    Jk Hyper 10 days ago

    0:18 this wasn't the first coment on that video

  • Rodney Smith
    Rodney Smith 10 days ago

    His name is Tyler

  • fionn dalton
    fionn dalton 10 days ago

    Bruh your some legend🤣 and 2.5 mil call david

  • Gabby Garcia
    Gabby Garcia 10 days ago

    I'm proud of you guys

  • Josh D
    Josh D 11 days ago

    271 people are named Stewart and one is Michael

  • cfd -316
    cfd -316 11 days ago

    Did Michaels step dad really whoop him that much and drink that much?

    • Skooter 1993
      Skooter 1993 7 days ago

      cfd -316 probably not but who knows and if he did it explains a lot

  • Anthony Colon
    Anthony Colon 11 days ago

    Love these 🤣

  • Dangthatboyfat
    Dangthatboyfat 11 days ago


  • Linguine Breath
    Linguine Breath 11 days ago

    I must say i love how you say alright at the start of each video

  • John Cena
    John Cena 11 days ago