8 Kitchen Tips And Tricks

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
  • 8 new kitchen tricks and food hacks for you to try out in your home kitchen.
    The cooking tricks in this video are:
    - How to cook tender chicken every time
    - Simple pan storage solution amzn.to/2ICUWvW
    - Keep bread fresh in the freezer
    - Easy poached egg cooking trick
    - Utensil storage on hooks tip amzn.to/2KBrlEK
    - Organizing everything in trays (think its this amzn.to/2IFkF6G )
    ikea: m2.ikea.com/us/en/p/variera-pot-lid-organizer-stainless-steel-70154800/
    - Storing cutting boards (could not find the same one amzn.to/2KwdZgp )
    - How to cook super tasty carrots
    the ironwood cutting boards:
    big Carolina cutting board: amzn.to/2N9fRtU
    charleston end grain: amzn.to/2IIVFfa

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  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Loved the first tip. I'm sure it will work on other meats also.

  • sharon cooper
    sharon cooper 16 hours ago +1

    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You

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      How To Make Sushi  9 hours ago +1

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  • Jessie May
    Jessie May 5 days ago

    That pans hanging on door would annoy me . It blocks the view.

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  5 days ago

      It depends on the house and what views it has, like mine had nicer views from the living room and bedrooms, the kitchen just had some bushes outside.

  • Angela Falsetta
    Angela Falsetta 7 days ago

    TYSM! It's all good! And the carroty carrots!

  • Maria del Rosario Herrera Moreno

    5 minute crafts is bull

  • gordon kainoa
    gordon kainoa 11 days ago


  • kingtut777
    kingtut777 12 days ago +4

    I hung my pots and pans hanging from my ceiling fan. Two of the ended up down town. I got so upset i hit myself over the head with my frozen bread.

  • Clara Charlottes
    Clara Charlottes 13 days ago

    I love the utensils hooks

  • Clara Charlottes
    Clara Charlottes 13 days ago +1

    Thank you so much......

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  12 days ago +1

      I have to thank you for enjoying the video Clara, please take a second to share this video.

  • Caron Hernandez
    Caron Hernandez 14 days ago

    Thought I'd learn some good stuff, NOT! This guy needs to view a few Konmari videos. 1st he wants to hang pots and pans against a swinging window, then clutter up his walls and back splash with cooking utensils. Also, he wants his over supply of cutting boards on display, and his trays filled with more crap taking up so much space in his cabinets, and one is okay to hang off the edge! Don't even get me started on the raw chicken, poached egg and thawed out bread! Gross! I couldn't wait to read the comments after laughing at this guy.

  • nettyluna
    nettyluna 16 days ago

    How long do I boil the carrots for?

    • Dagmar l
      Dagmar l 15 days ago

      Until they are tender.

  • Diane Willson
    Diane Willson 17 days ago

    I learned nothing

  • Midsouth Homestead
    Midsouth Homestead 18 days ago +3

    Thanks for your tips!.

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  17 days ago +1

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  • Nikki B
    Nikki B 18 days ago +5

    I really don't want gross pans hanging from my beautiful window.

    • Crisini Agustin
      Crisini Agustin 4 days ago

      @Gladys Diasghfhdxxzxhkhhhfdfxghlkoolfcbngxccgmgtghgghnhghhydcxjvcffweschtcggfijjjjjjjķķjihjj pzgcwfzzzzxxcgecczzxkvrvmxxxzgfnc u

    • Gladys Dias
      Gladys Dias 14 days ago

      I too don't want this pans hanging it looks shabby

  • Heidi Wollman
    Heidi Wollman 18 days ago +3

    never cook with a nonstick frying pan on high!!!!

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 20 days ago +4

    Placing raw chicken on a wooden cutting board is a "recipe" for food poisoning.

  • mars hutch
    mars hutch 22 days ago +1

    I love to show your stuff off that and its the only way I know how to save it.

  • Julie Sunshine
    Julie Sunshine 23 days ago

    Why would anybody eat moldy bread ?

  • Arthur Hau
    Arthur Hau 25 days ago

    If you cover the chicken tender with a lid "after" both sides are cooked with high heat first, you end up having both surfaces being soft. You should: 1. turn up the medium heat and cook one side while covering it with a lid. This way the inside of the chicken will be cooked to 80%. 2. Then flip to the other side with high heat. This time not covering with a lid. The inside of the chicken will be cooked to 100% done. This way both surfaces of the chicken tender will be "crispy"!

  • Dollarr sterecher Fantish

    But thanks for the video.

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  25 days ago +1

      Thanks for loving my video @ Dollarr sterecher Fantish, please share this video.

  • Dollarr sterecher Fantish

    I don't like to hang utensils on the wall
    Specially if the kitchen is same room with leaving rooms both for aesthetic and my bacteria will probably will be on it. OK mine is fine but if others. People comes my home? Sorry for my poooooor grammar but you get the idea.

  • Kelly Szymanski
    Kelly Szymanski 25 days ago +1

    1. Do not salt chicken prior to cooking. 2. The chicken was raw. 3. Your headline was spelled wrong. 4. DO not use teflon pans!!!!

  • Lyle Coriz
    Lyle Coriz 25 days ago +1

    how to bust your windows

  • Mona L
    Mona L 27 days ago +1

    My health tip 4u! NEVER ANY1 USE TEFLON, it's known (vapours) to cause serious health risks, plus the linings! use ceramic or glass! google it! ALSO, never use vin or salt in water to poach, Jamie Oliver has a great way to do this, as it's true what he says, that will flavour (& spoil) taste of yr eggs!

  • Paul N/A
    Paul N/A 27 days ago

    you can't steal something that really doesn't belong to someone, if that's so, we guess what, you stole all your stuff, because all your stuff has been around for years, foolmondo

  • Rosemarie Roussel
    Rosemarie Roussel 29 days ago

    The chicken...

  • Rosemarie Roussel
    Rosemarie Roussel 29 days ago

    Did it yesterday perfect merci

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      How To Make Sushi  19 days ago +1

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  • lillian mhandu
    lillian mhandu Month ago +2

    refridgerated bread does not taste good at all atleast for me

  • Mary Kann
    Mary Kann Month ago

    Windows break eating malded bread is bad for your health .this utincels stuckon wall so ugly .stacking chopping boards like that take to much space ,wasted carrots.

  • Anne G
    Anne G Month ago +2

    You're a good organizer! 👍

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  27 days ago +1

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  • SanDap Seepakdy
    SanDap Seepakdy Month ago +1

    Thank you nice comment

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  • Sandy K
    Sandy K Month ago +1

    Eggs look great 👍

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  • Tall Diana
    Tall Diana Month ago

    I always wondered how to make my carrots carrotier. Thanks!
    (While we joke about these tops and tricks, this guy is making hundreds of thousands of dollars on RU-clip, by the way!)

    EDEN ETIENNE Month ago


      EDEN ETIENNE Month ago


    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  Month ago +1

      Im glad you think my kitchen tips as “Wow” 😄👍

  • MAKAB36
    MAKAB36 Month ago

    I think I heard that Teflon becomes toxic and most crappy non stick pans at very high heat, I would probably try my ceramic pan or blue diamond when I finally buy one :-)

  • Jennifer Bolland
    Jennifer Bolland Month ago

    What a waste of carrot juice! - yes but what if I don't want to make soup?!

  • Jacquelyn Ljungqvist

    Why can you not make your packaging out of hemp instead of polypropylene? Henry Ford made an entire car from hemp and it is biodegradable. When you can use environmentally safe packaging I will buy your product

  • helen Bereket
    helen Bereket Month ago


  • Maryanne Nolan
    Maryanne Nolan Month ago

    I found most of theses in a “dollar “ store

  • fahr bloosky
    fahr bloosky Month ago

    aint hendrix

  • Lavenderrose73
    Lavenderrose73 Month ago

    I think that accordion thing you use for your cutting boards would be awesome for multiple pan lids, too! Or maybe just have a tall narrow cupboard (probably intended for cutting boards and sheet pans) where you can place a 2 x 2 block that's almost the width of the cupboard (just short enough to place it in and lie it down flat). Guess that's where that reusable sticky gel tape would come in handy as well. Lol

    I love the heck out of carrot juice, but only fresh and I prefer the juice to _eating_ the carrots by a landslide. I got rid of the juicer I had because I was getting sick and tired of having to whip out the screw driver every doggone time I had to clean the juicer!

  • andres camarena
    andres camarena Month ago

    "Freeze your bread, then throw it in the toaster and it will be like fresh bread"...wtf, where does this guy get his "fresh" bread. That bread dod not revert back to its spongy-ness

  • andres camarena
    andres camarena Month ago

    seriously!? hanging pans on windows? WTF?!

  • avi Lynch
    avi Lynch Month ago

    You should be banned from you tube for all your stupid ideas and methods

  • I wish I knew
    I wish I knew Month ago

    You spelled Cooking wrong. It is not C O O C K I N G. COOKING is the correct spelling.

    • I wish I knew
      I wish I knew Month ago

      @How To Make Sushi I figured you knew. It was a fun video. Thanks

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  Month ago

      I know this... still not sure how it slipped by, but at the time I just finishes many hours of work on this video so I was to tired to change it.

  • Sherry D
    Sherry D Month ago

    LOL only a man would cover a beautiful view and sunlight from the window with ugly pots and pan. Really stupid.

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  Month ago

      Not the best view in the world, also cooking is more important to me than the view.

  • superpug
    superpug Month ago

    Who would have knew, you can hang things in objects designed specifically for hanging things.

  • Wo0dy Woodstock
    Wo0dy Woodstock Month ago +1

    "! Coocking Tender Chicken."
    Should be:
    "! Cooking Tender Chicken."

  • Sarah Michaels
    Sarah Michaels Month ago

    The chicken was raw

  • Darren Tibbo
    Darren Tibbo Month ago +1

    dont waste the carrot juice allow to cool and place in ice cube tray and freeze to reuse again or in a soup or stew base.

  • zelen plav
    zelen plav Month ago

    Carrots ☺☺☺☺☺

  • zelen plav
    zelen plav Month ago

    You don't know Teflon gives you Cancer?

  • zelen plav
    zelen plav Month ago

    Your. Teflon ( poison) pan has to go.

  • Jus- Sayin
    Jus- Sayin Month ago

    I love this. I fail all the time on poached eggs. I'm wondering if this method will help with poached cod or white fish.?

  • Tim Sauder
    Tim Sauder Month ago

    those are the stupidest toasters ever made in the world. Oven toasters are more practical.

  • Aesthetic Man
    Aesthetic Man Month ago

    Why do you toss the bread into the freezer and on the board instead of just gently placing them wherever you want to place?

  • Aesthetic Man
    Aesthetic Man Month ago +3

    1:43 ~ Oh, yeah, this is a very easy but most dangerous system due to the glass (window), to store a bunch of metal pans.
    Wouldn't you ever open/use the door?
    What if the wind slams the door and all those pans break the window and many pieces of the broken window fall on a child or a pet, or even an adult?

  • Pamela Scherer
    Pamela Scherer Month ago

    6 cutting boards?

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory Month ago

    What bullshit!

  • jules me
    jules me Month ago

    Carroty carrots you'll ever eat 😂

  • anoldladi
    anoldladi Month ago

    raw chicken at 1:08 on thick end..

  • Lee B
    Lee B Month ago

    This video is silly..

  • Georgiana speaks
    Georgiana speaks Month ago

    Those white plastic hooks on the wall and pans on the windows are pure class and style lmao. Book stand idea is good though cheaper than Amazon tray holders

  • Luci W
    Luci W Month ago

    I watch too much Investigation Discovery... Please don’t put knives beside the door and pans on the door window. lol

  • Deep Ocean
    Deep Ocean Month ago

    The door with pan hanger that’s craze the pan will bang every time you open the door

  • Oj Jumean
    Oj Jumean 2 months ago +1

    I never cooked now I want to.....

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  Month ago +1

      You want to cook?, that's the spirit, if you could please take a moment to share this video thanks!

  • Michael Howard
    Michael Howard 2 months ago

    "What I hate most IN THE WORLD is dry chicken!" Not famine, war, murders... dry chicken. Oh and you say you have two kitchens?... maybe you should film in the one that's finished.

  • Sheila M
    Sheila M 2 months ago

    Mean people. See below.

  • Robert S. Cooper
    Robert S. Cooper 2 months ago

    Porn hubs

  • nikhil patel
    nikhil patel 2 months ago

    What aload of shit

  • The Hooeys
    The Hooeys 2 months ago +1

    Finally, someone who has more kitchen stuff than me!!!

  • Chris H
    Chris H 2 months ago +13

    That 'juice' coming out of the chicken is injected water and preservatives to increase weight and shelf life. I prefer to cook mine until that 'juice' doesn't run out.

  • Salwa Shami
    Salwa Shami 2 months ago +1

    Amazing tricks and very clear instructions 👍👍👍

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  2 months ago +1

      Thanks for the positivity Salwa, btw I need help getting to a million subs, could you help me and share this video please? Thank you.

  • TengokuNET
    TengokuNET 2 months ago

    That chicken is still raw... you were able to see a desaturated pink-ish texture in the middle.
    NEVER leave chicken raw. Taking the pan away from the heat makes no sense. Leave it turned off on the hotspot. Don't remove it, for god's sake.

  • Sankie Greyling
    Sankie Greyling 2 months ago +1

    If you stay in the tropics like we in Africa you put everything in the freezer-bread, folls, rice, flour. If you do not do that it spoils within a few days.

  • Jan Lamberth
    Jan Lamberth 2 months ago

    Chicken looks still raw in places, pans on a glass door? Frozen bread who thought that one up, eggs look good though

  • Debra Rowson
    Debra Rowson 2 months ago

    Is this a joke 😂😂

  • Dee Lake
    Dee Lake 2 months ago

    Dont touch eggs once in water poached eggs. Water at right temp egg never touches bottom if pan as it cooks as soon as it hits water. I can teach you to cook 😀

  • BossFlossy
    BossFlossy 2 months ago

    Fresh moldy bread...lol

  • Lea Rene`
    Lea Rene` 2 months ago

    Talk about pointing out the obvious.

  • Spongebetty
    Spongebetty 2 months ago +1

    I will try your ‘karoti carrots

  • Debbie Huber
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    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  2 months ago

      Thank you Debbie, glad you enjoyed the hacks, please take a second to share this video. Thanks!

  • Lisa Connelly
    Lisa Connelly 2 months ago

    How to advertise to a theif ur window is open just hang a load of pans on a coat hook rail.

  • Paul Warhola
    Paul Warhola 2 months ago

    Is this for real?????

  • Gloria Deliciosa
    Gloria Deliciosa 2 months ago


  • Stephanie Soressi
    Stephanie Soressi 2 months ago +1

    How can you still be using Teflon? Haven't you heard how toxic it is?

  • Movie BuffBabe
    Movie BuffBabe 2 months ago

    this guy is a joke I hope he has good liability insurance he's gonna need it.

  • Ary Rosh
    Ary Rosh 3 months ago

    Poached egg 🥚 made in salty, vinegar water🧐🤪 really?

  • trinjerry
    trinjerry 3 months ago

    normal people will not eat that chicken, chickens around the world are ashamed of that chicken preparation, at least do justice to that chicken. #5 = cluttered kitchen. and I really don't think people will look in to steal your ideas, because mankind has been cooking for over 2000 years now, I'm sure they have their own ideas.

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 3 months ago

    Omg this post a joke. Most of your tips are terrible and the others I've been doing your years. Here a free tip that beats all of your and it is so simple.....half way through a carton of concentrated orange juice (not freshly squeezed juice), simple fill the orange juice carton up to the top with water.....because the juice is so sweet you will not notice the difference in taste. So in a way you are getting 50% extra free. NOW THATS A TIP!!!!

  • marco santana
    marco santana 3 months ago

    A tip do not use teflon

  • K
    K 3 months ago +5

    Chicken tip saved the video from a thumbs down. The rest of the tips were a no go; i.e., don't break the window or block beautiful sunlight hanging pans.

    • Alan Lee
      Alan Lee 3 months ago +2


    • Alan Lee
      Alan Lee 3 months ago +2

      Hanging pans from a window and lose natural light. I bought a expensive house for the views and not to live in a cave.

  • P
    P 3 months ago

    5minute crafts like to come over to my channel to steal his tips for inspiration hahahahaha what a complete dick ! Next he is gonna say YOUTube steal off him for inspiration for new channels... oh and eggs on your mouldy bloody bread .. dis-fucking-gusting

  • P
    P 3 months ago

    Oh my god give the pan window a try if u have windows ? For fuck sake .. then moulded bread? I'd never eat you disgusting thing. Tender and mouldy ... your welcome ! Cheeky fucking bastard.

  • Derry Shore
    Derry Shore 3 months ago

    So u walk out the door and its a windy day. The door slams and ur window cracks. As for putting salt and vinegar water in to a teflon pan. The coating will eventually be ruined. Does this man think that he is educating 6 year olds?

  • P
    P 3 months ago


    • Hawkthorn1
      Hawkthorn1 3 months ago

      Goes to learn chicken, breaks down over spelling. You not be needing a chicken! You, without a doubt!!

  • Jen Dart
    Jen Dart 3 months ago

    Ah yes, open the window for fresh air...a windy day could be very noisy. No one will try to break in 🤣The noise would scare them off.

  • Diamond Jubilee Goldie Shine

    Tip.. Never use bread.. Trow The -Icebox... Out The back Door... eat Cream Cheese's... for 2 yrs... And. Crackers..

    • Angela Falsetta
      Angela Falsetta 7 days ago

      Throw the baby out the window...A piece of bread!

  • Simon Fink
    Simon Fink 3 months ago +1

    Moulded bread? AKA, sliced bread!
    The pan window idea is the most ridiculous 'tip' I've ever heard so congratulations for that!

  • Colin Pill-Grainger
    Colin Pill-Grainger 3 months ago

    Thanks for all the tips. Just about to buy a single induction hob and was wondering if you liked the Caso one that you use?

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  3 months ago

      I like it, its very useful in my studio kitchen since I can place it where I need it.
      Also has nice functions like temperature control in Celsius.