FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    What if I told you it was all a lie...
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Comments • 91 598

  • Adobso
    Adobso 21 minute ago

    He said he was a flat earth person for the girl

  • Adobso
    Adobso 24 minutes ago

    If the earth is flat how do volcanoes form

  • all about bees
    all about bees 24 minutes ago

    Logen what the fuck

  • Adobso
    Adobso 32 minutes ago

    I guess none 9f these people have been in a plane you can see the curve of earth

  • Adobso
    Adobso 35 minutes ago

    Explain places being lighter and darker

  • Adobso
    Adobso 40 minutes ago

    The editing corridor did was nice tho

  • MSG Sean
    MSG Sean 56 minutes ago

    I enjoy flat earth to the edge and back official movie,starring Logan paul

  • Darrow
    Darrow Hour ago

    The 73k dislikes are the round earthers, Insignificant peasants

  • Fan Fan
    Fan Fan Hour ago

    I’m only 12 y’all dumb asses

  • Fan Fan
    Fan Fan Hour ago


  • Fan Fan
    Fan Fan Hour ago

    It’s called gravity

  • Fan Fan
    Fan Fan Hour ago

    Bro easy

  • JORDAN 3033
    JORDAN 3033 Hour ago

    They are actually pretty good at acting

  • Natalie Hicks
    Natalie Hicks Hour ago


  • Natalie Hicks
    Natalie Hicks Hour ago

    I’m not hateing

  • Natalie Hicks
    Natalie Hicks Hour ago

    Are for real are serious

  • liyah caruth
    liyah caruth Hour ago +1

    so earth is like asgard?

  • YAMBOW x
    YAMBOW x Hour ago +1

    We don't fall off cos there's gravity

  • Ameyally Perla
    Ameyally Perla 2 hours ago

    Like is you are here after watching Shane Dawson’s Flat earth theory😂

  • liyah caruth
    liyah caruth 2 hours ago +1


  • Cringey Box
    Cringey Box 2 hours ago

    I'm a round earther

  • Negro Neutron
    Negro Neutron 2 hours ago

    Well made and the ending was funny

  • Mark
    Mark 2 hours ago

    This guy is getting crazier and crazier he is such a fool

  • NoHackJustW
    NoHackJustW 3 hours ago


  • nooby the noob
    nooby the noob 3 hours ago

    The bible tells us the earth is round obviously

  • Jenna Pearson
    Jenna Pearson 3 hours ago

    The problem with flat Earther's are that there are missing pieces, like were dies gravity fit in? Etc.

  • Iz Zy
    Iz Zy 3 hours ago

    I flipping hate nasa

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    This is the funniest shit I've ever seen. I love it when someone works so hard to achieve satire!

  • Ian Chavez
    Ian Chavez 4 hours ago

    I live in Colorado. I thought you would never come here


    I got a question If the sun If BIG and it’s Super Hot can’t it just burn earth?

  • Heather Forster
    Heather Forster 4 hours ago

    Ya need Jesus and my science teacher

  • Erica M. F
    Erica M. F 4 hours ago

    The apple bees was the best part

  • Lyndsey M
    Lyndsey M 4 hours ago

    The girl that played Casey is such a good actress

  • Misbah Khan
    Misbah Khan 5 hours ago

    Cockpit shaped..

  • Evie123Infinity
    Evie123Infinity 5 hours ago

    I actually like this ngl.

  • Joey A Gagliano carmenate

    Every planets are round but not earth

  • Totally Anonymous
    Totally Anonymous 5 hours ago

    Bunch of Neanderthals

  • Rory Coleman
    Rory Coleman 6 hours ago

    This is so cool

  • Ronald Briceño
    Ronald Briceño 6 hours ago

    All I hear him said was AHHHHH

  • pizzaparty2203 channel

    Ohhh my god this is soooo stupid, “the first time I saw the edge of the earth” THE ACTUAL FUCK. You guys are not good at acting.

  • pizzaparty2203 channel

    I don’t have enough time to watch this, and how stupid do you have to be to REALLY believe that the earth is flat?

  • Tristan Day
    Tristan Day 6 hours ago

    I love how some people don’t understand that this is a joke

  • Itz Reaper_
    Itz Reaper_ 7 hours ago

    It’s not a theory it’s the truth the earth is round

  • Brooklynn Rutledge
    Brooklynn Rutledge 7 hours ago

    Mike is actually a pretty good actor 😂

  • Brooklynn Rutledge
    Brooklynn Rutledge 7 hours ago

    I’m so confused on what I just watched 😂😂

  • Penguins 123
    Penguins 123 7 hours ago +1

    I was literally siring when Logan fell of the chair
    Like if you were the same

  • Babyy Rosee
    Babyy Rosee 8 hours ago

    Im so done💀💀💀💀

  • aneisha powell
    aneisha powell 8 hours ago

    Logan we all know the earth is round like if agree

  • Gracynn Hartley
    Gracynn Hartley 8 hours ago

    I mean if it was flat then where is the magma and crust in the earth if you were to dig through you would go to space

  • Ethan Villanueva
    Ethan Villanueva 8 hours ago

    I am about to get you look then why is my globe of the earth round/sphere

  • Tommy Tracz
    Tommy Tracz 8 hours ago +1

    I actually think that the earth is flat

  • William Dean
    William Dean 9 hours ago

    Flat earthers are so mad at this Logan guy for yanking their chain and lying to them... But they seem to be fine spreading their own lies to simple minded people....LOL

  • Vishrut Shah
    Vishrut Shah 9 hours ago

    Seems like some falling star trying to keep up with daily bills to pay. What a waste

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 9 hours ago

    Plot twist: The earth is a triangle

  • Sana Taffor
    Sana Taffor 10 hours ago

    I literally wasted 50 min of my life

  • Amanda Fontenot
    Amanda Fontenot 10 hours ago +1

    40 seconds in and they show a clip of a ROUND earth lmaoo

  • Mavis James
    Mavis James 10 hours ago

    all i heard him say was "AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa........" omfg this almost killed me XD

  • Joseph Matthew
    Joseph Matthew 10 hours ago

    lol awful actor, those classes didnt help

  • Anthony Cool man
    Anthony Cool man 10 hours ago

    Am I the only person that thinks this is stupid

  • Harmonylane
    Harmonylane 10 hours ago

    Is it just me? Or is this A LOT like Shane Dawson’s editing. Like way to similar. Hmph. No one can replace the conspiracy king😂😂

  • uhhTooSaucy
    uhhTooSaucy 10 hours ago


  • Joshua David
    Joshua David 11 hours ago

    If the earth is so fucking flat how the fuck do you explain mountains how do you explain hills how do you explain any natural thing to be the way it is if the earth is flat if the earth is flat everything would be flat mountains are not flat and neither are hills y’all flat earth believers smd

  • Pz6 Member
    Pz6 Member 11 hours ago


  • muammer akca
    muammer akca 11 hours ago


  • AbruptTV
    AbruptTV 11 hours ago

    That kid from the school that threw the globe off the table, they obviously told him to do that. He was fricking smiling, it’s so plainly obvious that this was for the most part fake and scripted.

    • DupencjoSatani
      DupencjoSatani 11 hours ago

      everybody knows that, you fuckng moron xD

  • im Wurst
    im Wurst 12 hours ago

    Shit is rounder than Kim k's ass ON GOD!!!!

  • Hope Exley
    Hope Exley 12 hours ago +1

    The earth is fkng round , u have alot of money soooo go on a fkng spaceship and see for ur fucking self ok im a round~earther so fuck u , i am a maverick but dude cmon

  • Red
    Red 13 hours ago

    the 50 minute meme I didn't know I needed.

  • Jesse Thomas
    Jesse Thomas 13 hours ago

    That was so fucking cringeworthy

  • Crafty Fruit
    Crafty Fruit 13 hours ago

    Man this was such a good video. Most enjoyment I’ve had from a video from RU-clip in a long time. There are now 3 videos that I really really enjoyed on RU-clip. This is one of them.

  • Taylor Kazinski
    Taylor Kazinski 14 hours ago

    Logan just roasted the entire flat earth community in 50 min

  • WhereTheCookieCrumbles
    WhereTheCookieCrumbles 14 hours ago

    This is amazing Logan, I have respect

  • Coraline Bishop
    Coraline Bishop 14 hours ago

    im confused

    like if you are too

  • danielle johnson
    danielle johnson 14 hours ago

    Did anyone really take longer than 2 mins in to recognize this for what it was?
    Not that it wasnt great... but if you've ever seen logan or Mike speak english (and arent a child I guess) it was very obvious within 120 seconds...

  • Gregorio Cordoba
    Gregorio Cordoba 15 hours ago

    its flat,, logan is a Shill

  • Tanvir Lam
    Tanvir Lam 15 hours ago

    When will they know that gravity is there??!!!!

  • Kenedy James
    Kenedy James 15 hours ago

    The globe picture (flat) there is no Indonesia

  • litgaming 45
    litgaming 45 15 hours ago


  • IQVlogs
    IQVlogs 15 hours ago

    this is a joke taken way to far lmao

    DYLAN SWEENEY 15 hours ago +2

    Guys don’t believe him the world is round

  • bmxican
    bmxican 15 hours ago

    he said did the titanic really hit a iceberg omg u stupid

  • Qwer Rewq
    Qwer Rewq 15 hours ago


  • Sarah Straughn
    Sarah Straughn 16 hours ago

    The earth is round the reason we don’t fall off of the earth is because of gravity. The earth is like a magnet. When we jump gravity pulls us back Down so we don’t go flying into space. Gravity is constantly pulling us towards the center of the earth. The earth is round and will always be round .

  • Alexander Whitney
    Alexander Whitney 16 hours ago

    gravity pulls us to the ground BTW im 10 im smarter than a person that is out of school

  • Lil ski
    Lil ski 16 hours ago

    And why when mike had that round beach ball and he drove the car on it and it fell of hadnt he heard about gravity

  • Alexander Whitney
    Alexander Whitney 16 hours ago

    this is stupid the earth is round just took at NASA

  • Lil ski
    Lil ski 16 hours ago

    This is so fake the earth is round

  • Alexander Whitney
    Alexander Whitney 17 hours ago

    oh no no

  • Georgia Dilworth
    Georgia Dilworth 18 hours ago

    Flat earthers: if the earth is round why don’t we fly off?

  • Laura Oikari
    Laura Oikari 18 hours ago

    this really make me think about this and now i don't know what to think about this. is it around or flat

  • Prestonator 29
    Prestonator 29 18 hours ago

    The earth 🌍 is round

  • Pieter-jan Van Gils
    Pieter-jan Van Gils 19 hours ago

    This is a nice one logan good meme

  • crazy pancakes
    crazy pancakes 19 hours ago

    all I heard him say was aaaaaaaah

  • Oewnlk 1723
    Oewnlk 1723 19 hours ago

    If he think the is flat he is a cunt

  • 「 Floek 」
    「 Floek 」 19 hours ago

    0:58 ROUND

  • thatguy noah38
    thatguy noah38 19 hours ago

    You can not be serious logan

  • Tooth Fairy
    Tooth Fairy 19 hours ago

    Logan Paul’s a flat earther. I’m subscribing

    NANDAKUMAR NAIR 19 hours ago

    Logan if you believe in this .then try searching the theory of other space organisation like isro

  • Saad Mishary
    Saad Mishary 20 hours ago +1

    Where is the edge of the earth

  • Nathan Machane
    Nathan Machane 20 hours ago +2

    10:27 killer acting