John Mayer, 'Recovered Ego Addict' | msnbc

  • Published on Mar 11, 2015
  • 7-time Grammy winner John Mayer breaks a self-imposed exile from the spotlight for an uncensored interview with Ronan Farrow, weighing in on everyone from Iggy Azalea to Taylor Swift and explaining his journey to a brand new chapter in life.
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    John Mayer, 'Recovered Ego Addict' | msnbc

Comments • 2 871

  • Fasya Rizkinazka
    Fasya Rizkinazka 2 hours ago

    Why is he soooo handsome!!

  • Animal Lemonade
    Animal Lemonade 3 days ago


  • ColorCodeTrader
    ColorCodeTrader 7 days ago +2

    Sounds like an ego addict desperately pretending to be a recovering ego addict.

  • Johan G.
    Johan G. 8 days ago

    Pretty sure he did get some good advice from Eric clapton.

  • Faith Oconnor
    Faith Oconnor 9 days ago

    Totally still an ego addict every answer thought out to stroke his own ego

  • Frank DeSalvo
    Frank DeSalvo 9 days ago +1

    If he quit speaking in metaphors, there would be no dialog.

  • wendii duerme
    wendii duerme 10 days ago +11

    Society: Be more confident in yourself! Be more happy in who you are and what you do!
    Society: omh you think so highly of yourself, you have such an ego.

    • Matori Shiro
      Matori Shiro 2 days ago

      Thanos said :"Perfectly balanced, as all things should be"

      You need to be confident but as soon as confidence outgrows your character it shows an inflated ego

  • HairGlitter JessiBlu
    HairGlitter JessiBlu 11 days ago

    Love this!

  • Rozy Roan
    Rozy Roan 12 days ago

    He's into HIMSELF 😆

  • PacificBlu
    PacificBlu 12 days ago +5

    John Mayer being interviewed by Frank Sinatra's son. Epic!

  • Noah Learmonth
    Noah Learmonth 12 days ago

    He’s so arrogant

  • Mosaic Rose
    Mosaic Rose 13 days ago

    Wait. In other interviews, Mayer credits Stevie Ray Vaughan as a massive influence on him. He was even the one who inducted Stevie into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. He has Stevie's guitar technician now, and has said he never drank or did drugs because of Stevie and on and on. Yet he mentions everyone else in this interview...But Stevie? I'm confused....did I miss something?

  • Myfortyfives
    Myfortyfives 13 days ago


  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl 14 days ago

    I can’t say I’d have done much different if I landed in his shoes.

  • Joshua Munn
    Joshua Munn 14 days ago

    When I saw the title, I figured maybe he's changed. Nope.

  • Suzie Paris
    Suzie Paris 15 days ago

    Sorry JM is just not all..thinkin all the time he hung with katy perry her demonic lifestyle rubbed off on him

  • prepro
    prepro 15 days ago

    John, spend some time with hospice or at the childrens hospital and come back down to earth man. I promise, you are not special. A parlor trick at best. Deal with it.

  • prepro
    prepro 15 days ago

    So fullmof himself.

  • Callie Dan
    Callie Dan 17 days ago


  • Patriot 1
    Patriot 1 18 days ago

    Wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about mine oh my...........

  • Simon Brown
    Simon Brown 18 days ago +8

    I think anyone with his talent and looks would inevitably end up with an ego of some size and proportion. You would have to be the Dalhi Lahma to resist the pull of his success. John Mayer has come out of his early days a healthier individual than many other guitarists that came before him. His fame also collided with the explosion of social media, that's not an ordinary mirror that's a mirror that magnifies every blemish and fault.
    I hope we see him age and grow and have a family and prove you don't have to burn out he's already left a great legacy and if we get more great if not then thanks John.

  • Davecm008
    Davecm008 19 days ago +33

    I love John Mayer the musician, but man you can just tell that guy loves to hear himself talk...

  • billville111
    billville111 20 days ago


  • Trane
    Trane 20 days ago

    This man is so shallow but with a desperate need to appear "profound." What a waste of time! The best he's ever done is the bit with Dave Chapelle. "Ego addiction"? Does he mean addiction to attention? But yet, who cares!

  • ivy layne
    ivy layne 21 day ago +1

    Definitely an INFJ/P. I understand him. A lot of people wouldn’t, and that’s ok.

  • Ramesh Thapa
    Ramesh Thapa 21 day ago

    Ego addiction? Wtf is this
    Ego is ego its part of ones conscience

  • Charles Duzzie
    Charles Duzzie 21 day ago

    Hey, he is not alone. Having huge notoriety very early. Now, how do you top that? You don't have to top that. At least you didn't die with your music in your head. Encourage creativity in others. Mentor others. Lead others by example. There is still so much for you to do ......

  • Sea Shift
    Sea Shift 23 days ago

    We are rich people that get to live out their dreams ..,..

  • Bestdaughterever Ever
    Bestdaughterever Ever 25 days ago

    He lost a little weight.

  • elloco balei
    elloco balei 28 days ago

    The interviewer looks like he takes unannounced, unpublicized trips to Thailand.

  • Rhett Bickley
    Rhett Bickley 29 days ago

    John, you may be up or down, but I see that you are very honest (with yourself). I’m 76, and until tonight, Paul Davids, I did not know your name or musical ability.

  • Filthy Frank
    Filthy Frank Month ago

    love his outfit.

  • Judy Pratt
    Judy Pratt Month ago

    John was the funniest celebrity that tmz ever caught .

  • lostbeyondpluto
    lostbeyondpluto Month ago

    oh my goodness, i'm in love. what a man.

  • networkdeath1
    networkdeath1 Month ago

    Greatest guitarist of our age.

  • Shirley Temple
    Shirley Temple Month ago

    He more sense when he sings his songs than when he talks.

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy Month ago

    The editing cuts on this are horrible, is there a raw and uncut version of this?

  • Julian Ernesto
    Julian Ernesto Month ago +1

    Haha, want to cure this man? Give him something to go bald and something that’ll break him out severely.

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    I could help this guy.

  • TigerChuu
    TigerChuu Month ago

    I think John is pretty is smart and that makes him probably seem a bit more egotistical than he is. I never found him to be so egotistical whenever I’ve heard him. I just see him as being smart in his way.

  • Rick Martin
    Rick Martin Month ago

    Love his music; don't appreciate the interviews.

  • Malcolm Adams
    Malcolm Adams Month ago

    Recovered. Doubtful

  • Michael Blongiewicz

    I wish the host would MSNB-LEAVE

  • David Blair
    David Blair Month ago

    The interviewer just doesn't listen - very annoying, every time John is saying something interesting and is about to expound on it, he's interrupted.

    DRETUBE9 Month ago

    recovered? sounds like the biggest ego talking throughout the whole thing. sheesh

  • Susan Emberley
    Susan Emberley Month ago +1

    He seems like he still needs treatment total narcissist.

  • Roxie Rox
    Roxie Rox Month ago

    John Mayer = false humility

  • Chris Lac
    Chris Lac Month ago

    "men ...he disappeared from the spot light" ....what does that mean?

  • Chris Lac
    Chris Lac Month ago

    lol this interview is wild...."one day we will see one thing....this is why that is that thing...her...on this chanellll....her...we ...go"

  • Melancholy Girl
    Melancholy Girl Month ago

    Celebrity crush. I can't help it .

  • emily h.
    emily h. 2 months ago +1

    he’s controlling the a true egotist. but - hey, the world is going to give you both humility and ego. it’s called balance. let’s see how he is doing 10-20 years from now

  • Sheri A
    Sheri A 2 months ago

    Love from Indiana John Mayer!

  • Jesse Ward
    Jesse Ward 2 months ago

    The irony of going on a national news network to talk about yourself to recover as an ego addict

  • Tre Moo
    Tre Moo 2 months ago

    I like that Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra

  • Slim C
    Slim C 2 months ago

    I blame Georgia..

  • g berry
    g berry 2 months ago

    This interview and comments below makes me realize how many stupid MF are in this world

  • & K
    & K 2 months ago +1

    "Recovered" - ha. Not even close. But this is what makes him, him.

  • Emery Island
    Emery Island 2 months ago

    Very honest! I like what you would say to your young self!

  • Buttercupditto
    Buttercupditto 2 months ago

    This "host" needs to lay off the plastic surgery and lip fillers.. Good God, you're scary af!

  • Saundrya Wankhede
    Saundrya Wankhede 2 months ago +1

    I love this interview

  • Clarissa Nathania
    Clarissa Nathania 2 months ago

    The interviewer is keeping up so hard to understand john mayer.

  • Mary Anne Keena
    Mary Anne Keena 2 months ago +1

    Recovering ego addict heals by.... doing an interview and talking about himself the whole time

  • Norma Gilpin
    Norma Gilpin 2 months ago

    That'll be 325$!

  • Joe Kirby
    Joe Kirby 2 months ago +1

    this brought me back around to being a john mayer fan again, for all the right reasons.

  • Josue2018
    Josue2018 2 months ago

    Ronan Farrow + John Mayer = 😍😍

  • Elizabeth P
    Elizabeth P 2 months ago

    Still douchey...

  • Harry Mellon
    Harry Mellon 2 months ago

    This interviewer is awful

  • Debra P
    Debra P 2 months ago

    Happy to see he is growing up...his over the top ego was nauseating, still visible but in check.

  • Quel
    Quel 2 months ago

    I love his pants!

  • AprilRox Studios
    AprilRox Studios 2 months ago

    This interviewer doesn’t let him finish his explanations. Gesssh, man

  • Olivia Rodriguez
    Olivia Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

    Anyone who says they're a 'recovered' ego addict still has a long way to go. Humans are ego addicts. Period. The trick is to learn not to let it control how you behave, perceive everything, and move through life. If he thinks he's "recovered" he's kidding himself.

    • Phillip Roc
      Phillip Roc 2 months ago

      I agree. I feel like this shouldn't really be news. Everyone struggles with letting the ego control their lives. All of the issues he struggles with are pretty normal for most people. Lots of people try on multiples outfits every morning. It's normal to worry about what people think about you, and it's something that people will deal with throughout their school and professional careers. What sounds like "his rock-bottom" or "off the rails moment" is pretty standard for most people.

  • Cale Wright
    Cale Wright 2 months ago

    What about him is so unbearable? He's being honest.. Plus, he seems really intelligent and in touch with who and what he was. I think a lot of people are really jumping on the train and giving him a bad wrap for no good reason. Everyone acts like he's so full of himself but I don't really see it. The man exudes confidence. There's cockiness and confidence and I think John has more of the latter. Give the guy a break

  • Russ Kendrick Martin
    Russ Kendrick Martin 2 months ago

    Good interview. John makes a lot of sense here.

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson 2 months ago

    I love John Mayer and his honesty very self aware

  • JuliansFlightdotcom
    JuliansFlightdotcom 2 months ago

    Room For Squares is hard to top ... a fluke.

  • 80brax04
    80brax04 2 months ago

    John Mayer is great but the interviewer comes across weird and fake to me.

  • Emma Salgado
    Emma Salgado 2 months ago

    Ego indeed

  • matt daily
    matt daily 2 months ago

    #woke lol

  • absolute757
    absolute757 2 months ago

    I seen mayer play side by side with bb king and he made bb king look like an amateur

  • Tonyjarvis Gogi
    Tonyjarvis Gogi 2 months ago

    This must be the most hated video on RU-clip.

    I just feel that.

  • Dane Hottes
    Dane Hottes 2 months ago

    Man this guy really has first world problems...I feel so sorry for him...what a flog

  • Marisa Leoni
    Marisa Leoni 2 months ago

    This is a great interview.. inspiring for all musicians and young students that are trying to find perspective. Thank you.

  • saltyninja
    saltyninja 2 months ago

    Very smart and a little depressed. Or maybe just jaded.

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan 2 months ago +1

    John Mayer sounds like a man who is aware of his faults, went through therapy, and tried to better himself. That's all we can ask of anyone.

  • Rene De La Fuente
    Rene De La Fuente 2 months ago

    Wow.. This interview was really interesting. I think I might be an ego addict myself

  • RicoROfficial
    RicoROfficial 2 months ago

    "I think I've proven in this interview I am not a genuis" Oh boy, that's for sure....the one thing he said that was actually true.

  • Patricia Bartosik
    Patricia Bartosik 2 months ago +3

    I wish that John would have discussed his Ego Addiction more and what is he doing to stay sober. I think he's been in psychotherapy and it's working well.

  • Shine_Spiked ?
    Shine_Spiked ? 2 months ago

    Corvette, good choice

  • John  Pandolfino
    John Pandolfino 2 months ago


  • The Truth Hurts
    The Truth Hurts 2 months ago +5

    Sounds like Mr. John Mayer needs some Auyashca to fix that ego of his.

    • Gryphon
      Gryphon 2 months ago

      Can u imagine how epic that Ego Death would 🤯

  • Joshua Fox
    Joshua Fox 2 months ago

    John Mayer is so amazing

  • steve beard
    steve beard 2 months ago

    You’re “ crafty and clever?” Hmm interesting. Fooled me

  • noworries
    noworries 2 months ago +1

    I don't believe a word he says...that guy is and remains insane...

  • Colette' G.
    Colette' G. 2 months ago

    🎶♥️🎶 Good to be in the place in life where you see things for what they are and you can admit it to the world. Nothing wrong with that . Just shows you’ve got it figured out . Good for you John Meyer !

  • Matt Cottrell
    Matt Cottrell 2 months ago


  • Adam Cogan
    Adam Cogan 2 months ago +1

    Neon is legit one of the most difficult things to play, let alone sing at the same time...

  • PH D
    PH D 2 months ago +1

    Just Play music and shut up. Your mouth and ego ruin everything. In a world of John Mayers, be a Deryck Trucks.

  • Andres Caceres-Soto
    Andres Caceres-Soto 2 months ago
    Im a producer and one chance is all I can ask for

  • Debbie Hughes Art and Illustration

    he still sounds full of himself. I think he needs to wait til he gets older before he talks like he is a an old pro.

  • Gavin Somerville
    Gavin Somerville 3 months ago

    eric clapton is amazing. ed sheeran? no one gives af