DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V
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  • Stan Stray Kids for clear skin

    I listened to day6 for the first time today and i think they're underrated, their music is great, even if i havent listened to many songs yet, but honestly theyre fantasic

    Can anyone recommend me songsss?

  • Jo_osh IsMeh
    Jo_osh IsMeh Hour ago

    May I ask what anime this OST come from?

  • komos
    komos Hour ago

    This is the first time I've checked out Day6 and wow. Why wasn't I here years ago???

  • Tae and Kookies Otaku potato

    My mom now told me how sick she was if hearing this song and told me that I'm at least half of all the v!£w$
    What did I do?

    I put this song on speakers uwu
    But got a scolding >:[ smh

  • Jimin's strawberry jams

    Sounds so anime

  • JamJimin :P
    JamJimin :P 2 hours ago

    Damn their having their time of their life (YEAH BOI'S! )

  • M T
    M T 2 hours ago +1

    Love them

  • Arzu44
    Arzu44 3 hours ago

    Thought this was an anime opening for a sec

  • Hanna Amir
    Hanna Amir 3 hours ago

    Yes our page = Day6&MyDay 🥰 thank you for the meaningful lyrics guys

  • anis khoirunnisa
    anis khoirunnisa 4 hours ago

    Maybe I'll be myday... I wanna listen n listen again they music.. 🤩😍🤩

  • Mary Len
    Mary Len 4 hours ago

    I fall in love with song, this song suit for ost movies or animation so much❤️❤️ their voice are so emotional and sweet when I listen I fell refreshed 😊

  • seungmin soft
    seungmin soft 6 hours ago

    Alto temazo!!!!

  • Haja Laka
    Haja Laka 13 hours ago +5

    New myday here!

  • Enyon Kim
    Enyon Kim 14 hours ago +2

    How can people don’t understand music 😭😭😭 Day6 is amazing why can’t they understand it ❤️❤️❤️

  • lana delevingne
    lana delevingne 14 hours ago +1

    they're avril lavigne of k-pop and i love it. i hope they won't switched to pop like her tho

  • Evelyn Luna
    Evelyn Luna 14 hours ago +1

    No puedo dejar de escuchar esta fantástica canción.
    La amo😍😍😍

  • siaoliao
    siaoliao 18 hours ago +4

    Oh, first time listening to a Day6 song. They really ARE as good as I heard they were

  • monazite548
    monazite548 18 hours ago +1

    wonpil rly feeling himself there 1:16

    and i love it

  • Jaziel Macatbag
    Jaziel Macatbag 19 hours ago +1

    Just wanna comment eventhough i commented already hehehehe 💓💓💓

  • Jaziel Macatbag
    Jaziel Macatbag 19 hours ago +1

    Day6 fighting! 😍😍😍

  • Aliff Rasdan
    Aliff Rasdan 19 hours ago +1

    Korea with feeling of Japan....

  • Markiee Pooh
    Markiee Pooh 20 hours ago +3

    I just decided to check out a song from day6 cause I read somewhere they have great music and I was not mistaken.. This is some great music❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Fabi Queiroz
    Fabi Queiroz 21 hour ago +1

    que issoooooooooooooooo💗💗💗💗💗

    VAPE KUYY Day ago

    Thissss colloorfuulll .. im from indonesia.. love it... ☺

  • house wife Shiggy


  • Amazing Moment
    Amazing Moment Day ago +1

    This MV deserve more than 4,8 million viewers. Please guys, you guys have to listen day6's song and you will fall on another song from them.

  • Inn
    Inn Day ago +2

    This was on 3 Meals A Day and I guess it's signal for me to binged watching day6 mv.

  • Samudera Merah
    Samudera Merah Day ago +2

    JYP need promoting Day6 more..
    I'm a new ONCE..
    I watch this MV bcoz they in sAme agency with TWICE.
    And i like this MV.

  • Cindy Putri
    Cindy Putri Day ago +6

    I love their songs, i love their perfomances, i love their voice, i love them, *I Love Day6*

  • Hya Ramos
    Hya Ramos Day ago +2

    Saw someone mentioned day 6 in a comment section and i immediately searched them...guess what?? Im officially a fan now 😍😍😍

  • jaehyundimplefairy
    jaehyundimplefairy Day ago +1

    Keep streaming mydays!

  • Britaniman Ayu
    Britaniman Ayu Day ago +2

    happy birthday jae!

  • chaallure -
    chaallure - Day ago +2

    still my fave☹❣
    happy birthday jaesix a.k.a chicken little🐓

  • Momo Kassiopeia
    Momo Kassiopeia Day ago +2

    First time listening to them. They are really good. I'm definitely going to listen to more songs by them.

  • Jaebums Toe
    Jaebums Toe Day ago +2

    Happy Birthday Jae💕

  • didz
    didz Day ago +2

    I'm here like... at least once a day? sometimes more? since the day it was released. It's also always on my Spotify playlist. Idk, I love this song so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Yoruka Adams
    Yoruka Adams Day ago +2

    Teacher: Right everybody, time to all play together!
    That one music specialist: 0:02

  • Luna TV
    Luna TV Day ago +2


  • C 3
    C 3 Day ago +2

    4,873,809 GOGO DAY6 GOGO TIME OF OUR LIFE!!!

  • chickenlittle jae
    chickenlittle jae Day ago +4

    Happy birthday to our dear chickenlittle 🐥

  • Stay Stray Kids
    Stay Stray Kids Day ago +2

    Happy birthday, Jae🎉

  • Mimi Oliveros
    Mimi Oliveros Day ago +2

    i thought its an anime ost

  • KimGianBLue Oficial

    Can i have Day6's concert in Mexico please???
    That Dream Can come True???
    Mexico loves Day6

  • Dyna Lim
    Dyna Lim Day ago +3

  • Ralita Tarigan
    Ralita Tarigan Day ago +4

    Jae ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • sarahaa
    sarahaa Day ago +5


  • Mark me in your heart

    People I think it’s time that I stopped sleeping on DAY6

  • JV Albuera
    JV Albuera Day ago +6

    For the first time... I have my favorite boy band now and its Day6... And thanks to that girl who I meet in the beach house, she introduced me to this band.... Thank you ☺

  • 내가 사랑하는노래

    1년을 언제 기다려 나 완전 푹 빠져다뇽 데식이들 다음 노래도 기대할게용 ~

  • Kiaras 777
    Kiaras 777 Day ago +3

    SAMITA xdd

  • itrashcant
    itrashcant 2 days ago +5

    Okay but why does this sound like an opening to an anime? It's awesome

  • Rianza De Wet
    Rianza De Wet 2 days ago +2

    I'm actually a Onewe stan, and I saw a comment in their comment section talking about them and day6, and well...guess I've gotta add a new group to my list

  • Ting Lo
    Ting Lo 2 days ago +7

    Youngk’s voice from the get go just draws me in... it’s so piercing it resonates straight to my heart 😍

  • my day
    my day 2 days ago +3

    happy birthday jae

  • Tae and Kookies Otaku potato

    This is low Kay the best song from 2019 (sorry other fandoms)

  • Alif Suci Miranti
    Alif Suci Miranti 2 days ago +1

    어 좋은데

  • Heppyw Crystian
    Heppyw Crystian 2 days ago +2

    Like a anime melody

  • Sophia M
    Sophia M 2 days ago +2

    2months and this still slaps

  • Nozomi chan
    Nozomi chan 2 days ago +7

    Day6 underrated , they deserve all support and love

  • m.
    m. 2 days ago +3

    this sounds like an anime opening omg