How the power of attention changes everything: Jeff Klein at TEDxGrandRapids

  • Published on Jun 17, 2014
  • As CEO of Working For Good, Jeff Klein leads marketing and business development campaigns working with the principles of Conscious Capitalism. He also serves as executive director of The Baumann Foundation and director of marketing & business development for Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
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  • lila 123456789
    lila 123456789 10 days ago

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone
    Yeah when i was still a little younger, attention matters to me. I kinda liked it but only a little bit. I enjoyed the attention from guys because thats what teenage girls secretly like but i dont like being the center of attention.
    Im someone who loves selfies and things like that as well. I see girls taking selfies as their form of self expression and art.
    But as i matured, those kind of things gradually diminish in me. There's still a little but not that much anymore. My priorities changed.
    If i want to achieve something, its not really for the attention. But i can never deny that i like fancy material things because all of us do. Its just that rich ppl have already stopped appreciating fancy things cuz they can easily get them. But its not the fancy things that im really after. Idc about the money lol
    But my dreams sound unrealistic lol, and i dont want to appear like i want to sound charitable or things like that
    I understand and appreciate that you want to be needed by me. Honestly thats sweet. Its just that as much as possible, i want to prevent anything that will happen that might harm others. I know you didnt mean that. I understand that u want to make sure that i will be in your house,its just that, for me, that would be somewhat scary because idk u that much, idk how u will treat me.. Its not that i dont like u, its just that its just really scary to suddenly live with someone that u dont know that much about

    • lila 123456789
      lila 123456789 10 days ago

      And i want to ask u questions abt u too as well that r more personal, its just that i know that i wont get that much answers

  • Brenda B.
    Brenda B. 19 days ago

    Well said❤️

  • Steve Fantazia
    Steve Fantazia Month ago

    Other than saying the word attention half a dozen times in the last two minutes, this talk is great but not appropriately titled.

  • Manuel R
    Manuel R Month ago +1

    I know nothing of this guy but I can tell you he was probably killed.

  • barry weber
    barry weber Month ago

    Great talk Jeff. Thank You...

  • Maria Barraza
    Maria Barraza 2 months ago

    Awesome 👏 thank you so much.

  • Витек Жорикович

    Such a beautiful man...

    RABBY KAZWALA 4 months ago


  • blessedarethebroken
    blessedarethebroken 5 months ago


  • Halar Ali
    Halar Ali 6 months ago

    Good One👍

  • MOBK
    MOBK 6 months ago

    Rest in Peace Jeff. I'm sure you've ignited what needed igniting...and the flame still burns bright in your absence.

  • د.كاظم عبدالله

    Good very good

  • Rajnish Tiwari
    Rajnish Tiwari 8 months ago


  • Kiran S
    Kiran S 11 months ago +1

    Excellent talk. Need of the hour.

  • Ta Ta
    Ta Ta 11 months ago

    Are you right Guy

  • Jenna K
    Jenna K Year ago +1

    I like that he isn't just saying "pay attention", but he explains how to pay attention and why to pay attention and why it is important.
    Very good ted talk to me :)

  • Brian Bailey
    Brian Bailey Year ago

    Conscious capitalism... BS we need regulations on irresponsible industries and to eliminate those companies that are not serving the social good.

  • Brian Bailey
    Brian Bailey Year ago +2

    Tell me how much a company pays its workers and I will tell you if they are loved or not...

    • Noma Dek
      Noma Dek 5 months ago

      This is absolutely true👋💯.

  • محمد العوادي

    It helps a lot. Thanks!

  • lisaandtheword
    lisaandtheword Year ago +1

    Some good wisdom here. I know the dogs on my grooming table (surprise! it's haircut day for Pup!) only relax and quit defending themselves when they see you are paying attention to what they're saying (or trying their best to say, you know?) You give them info to work with and positive feedback, plus a cpl clear boundaries. Then trust builds and they relax enough to play and to think brushing isn't half bad!

  • amin teymouri
    amin teymouri Year ago +1

    great/.thank you very much.

  • Ronald K. Wiley Jr.
    Ronald K. Wiley Jr. Year ago +10

    If only all companies were run as well as those he mentioned, We would have a holistic society that could survive without having Unions . the sad truth is, that's not the world we live in. The world we live in is dominated by greed for-profits.

  • Ofer Bar
    Ofer Bar Year ago +2

    Oh my God! Wonderful and insightful speech! I am so sorry this special man is no longer among us. However, I understand he was a single parent to his daughter... Well, I hope that the daughter will carry on her father's legacy and also enrich it with her own excellence. When you have such a teacher by your side, you are meant to be successful.

  • Loodoon Amiin
    Loodoon Amiin Year ago +1

    Very good

  • Angelo Jamaica
    Angelo Jamaica Year ago

    Attention, you have an Admiral that wants to take you to WWIII. Attention Attention.
    Lets see how this will work 2/18/2018

    • Manuel R
      Manuel R Month ago

      Angelo Jamaica Admiral? Such a primitive being. Infected.

  • Merlin Mijdus
    Merlin Mijdus Year ago +3

    I already stopped watching after 20 sec, when he said "what an awesome day", "what an awesome community". When a speaker uses these silly platitudes at the start of a talk the rest can not be interesting.

    • Manuel R
      Manuel R Month ago

      Out of hundreds did not expect it to be the best one I’ve ever seen possibly

    • Martha Cassidy
      Martha Cassidy 4 months ago

      Merlin Mijdus û

    • The Jason Knight Fiasco Band
      The Jason Knight Fiasco Band 6 months ago +1

      Well too bad for you, bruh. @ the very end of the video he told viewers how to obtain $1 million. Your loss.

    • Auburn M
      Auburn M Year ago +2

      Merlin Mijdus 😑😑😑

  • Gunn Jaa
    Gunn Jaa Year ago +4

    RAIN method was taught by Buddha long time ago.

  • Wissam Boutros
    Wissam Boutros Year ago

    This is too long...

  • gém ail
    gém ail Year ago

    Lol one man show

  • Matthias Richter
    Matthias Richter Year ago +1

    These Ted talks become more and more boring. 17 minutes talking about the very basics of human communication ???

    • Manuel R
      Manuel R Month ago

      Matthias Richter it is only for real people. Thanks for identifying yourself.

  • Mordechai Weinstock
    Mordechai Weinstock Year ago +1

    Very good!!

  • sdf
    sdf Year ago +2

    Not on point....

  • Neil Grace
    Neil Grace Year ago +5

    Brilliant talk, so insightful, good stuff,.. i was paying attention!

  • Diko Zimasile
    Diko Zimasile Year ago +2

    Wow Thank you so much for the teaching of connecting with people through paying attention.

  • MetraTrebla
    MetraTrebla 2 years ago +27

    He basically just told me to pay attention.

    • MetraTrebla
      MetraTrebla 2 years ago +1

      Don't tell me what to do.
      lol just playin, I'll take a look at that. Thanks, man.

    • Jose Francis
      Jose Francis 2 years ago +1

      read budhism and J Krishnamurthi on attention and aspects of the mind.

  • Felicia Coughlin
    Felicia Coughlin 3 years ago +3

    very well done!

  • Andrew Slowe
    Andrew Slowe 3 years ago +15

    This is amazing! What a powerful speaker with warm hearted, in depth ideas on such a broad spectrum.

  • Patrick Hood
    Patrick Hood 3 years ago


  • Patrick Hood
    Patrick Hood 3 years ago


  • Patrick Hood
    Patrick Hood 3 years ago

    Gay anaesthesiologist.

  • Patrick Hood
    Patrick Hood 3 years ago

    2 fahs

  • Patrick Hood
    Patrick Hood 3 years ago +2


  • Patrick Hood
    Patrick Hood 3 years ago


  • Daulton Baird
    Daulton Baird 3 years ago +9

    looks like Henry Rollins

  • Jyotirmai Babu
    Jyotirmai Babu 3 years ago

    Good stright forward talk.Thank you.

  • Nemaa Shetty
    Nemaa Shetty 3 years ago +4

    amaaaaaaazzzingggggggggggggggg really!
    thank you :)

  • kduich
    kduich 4 years ago +2

    loving you and feeling you, dearest one. miss you so much.

  • Steve Leveen
    Steve Leveen 4 years ago +18

    Jeff, you will be missed. I'm so glad you left this fine example of your wisdom and warmth for us to ponder over the years...

  • Wealthing
    Wealthing 5 years ago

    A sad day indeed.

  • Kimberly Clapham
    Kimberly Clapham 5 years ago +58

    Sharing the Legacy of Jeff Klein, dreamer, entrepeneur and go getter. So grateful he passed Gaia Farm off to me....he passed on in his sleep yesterday to much surprise of his many loved ones. That makes this Monunmental achievement and Ted Talk that much more significant. Posted only 11 days before passing. With great respect and appreciation for having known this man. May he rest peacefully and guide us on.....

  • Mark Christensen
    Mark Christensen 5 years ago +2

    Hey There Jeff!
    Super Great Job and Congrats on the Tedx Talk! Great lead in with your daughter Merrill Faye (sp?)
    We met at Conscious Capitalism 2014 in San Diego...I am a member of the AZ group! I love CC and am dedicated to promoting the movement through our HR Conference in Aug 2014...have infused speakers and theme to follow CC philosophy! I support other large regional conferences across the US...would still love to collaborate with you on speakers and on how I can support movement!