Do you belive in Ghosts? Camping with The Iron Lillies

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
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  • Nicholas Schiavo,jr
    Nicholas Schiavo,jr 4 days ago

    Thank you adam. My dad had ptsd for 40 years from ww2. No one really knew. He died 2004 not talking to his kids and grandchildren his problem was he had no outlet. I am his youngest son who is paraplegic from spine infection and ended up with stg. 4 renal failure. Still going to dialysis and at 64 yrs young bought a 2017 Harley ultra tri glide. Never rode in my life till i saw your videos. Thanx, Nick Schiavo Rochester,NH. Thanx for what you do

  • brian McCollum
    brian McCollum Month ago +1


  • Timothy Parker
    Timothy Parker Month ago +1

    A Ghost Tour Guide; awesome.

  • Korbon Tisdale
    Korbon Tisdale 3 months ago

    I got goosebumps when the light turned on

  • Korbon Tisdale
    Korbon Tisdale 3 months ago

    Thats a good looking fxr

  • Joe Villareal
    Joe Villareal 3 months ago +1

    Cabron Luv U

  • larry schellhorn
    larry schellhorn 3 months ago +1

    Best yet......

  • Eve
    Eve 3 months ago +1

    Hidden knife is bad ass! Thanks for another great video Adam!

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen 3 months ago +1

    Well there's good and bad but they can't hurt you as long as you don't let them.. like the lady channeling is bad? Because they can use you to do things? like murder, or cause you to have depression or anxiety.. stress etc.. all kinds of bad things can happen or they will cause you to kill yourself even...we have power over them, that's why they can't hurt us.. anything in the spirit realm has to have a welling vessel to use.. and them attaching themselves is oppression not possessed..

  • J.R. Sic
    J.R. Sic 4 months ago

    whats the difference between lifestyle shades and performance shades?

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  4 months ago

      Here's a comparison:

  • SteelerfanMatt T
    SteelerfanMatt T 4 months ago +1

    I may be a little late watching this . I haven’t been subscribed long jus since I started riding again a few months ago however . At 17:36-17:37 mark you got a response of “yes” when she asked if she could ask for it’s name . Listen close it’s there promise. I used my Audio voice analyzer program on my computer and it’s not any of the other Women or Adam speaking cause it’s at a whole other level of sound frequency .. anyway looked like fun times . Enjoyed the post Adam . Your kick ass bro !!

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry
    GaryLordsWayMinistry 5 months ago

    Not buying the spirit and the flashlight. Not for a second.

  • Blain Hawkins
    Blain Hawkins 6 months ago

    used to have a ghost team called 7th sign paranormal,been there and seen that

  • kevin cooper
    kevin cooper 6 months ago +3

    I have had many spirit experiences.....I also speak to my deceased wife every few months through a medium....she changed my beliefs forever

  • John Gorley
    John Gorley 7 months ago +1

    That's cool

  • Donnie Genton
    Donnie Genton 9 months ago +1

    Now I have to say that was cute , and very respectful. But if you really want to get a sense of what the other side has to say, You might want to come to a place where the faith runs deep. As a child growing up in the Appalachian, with a grandmother that was full Cherokee Indian, I always knew this side And I heard the stories. Now if you were to ask me if I’ve ever had a experience .I would say yes, mostly in dreams and premonitions, but I do respect and welcome them. So thank you for the video , it really brought back a lot of memories.

  • Bobby Clayton
    Bobby Clayton 9 months ago +1

    I've been trying to find ast sun glasses

  • reuben vargas
    reuben vargas 10 months ago +1

    Send me a pair I'm a veteran can't work anymore well I hope you see my post I live in Golden valley Arizona will send address when needed thanks, reuben

  • LEVi DO
    LEVi DO 11 months ago

    hi from paris fr

  • Sabastian Wallace
    Sabastian Wallace 11 months ago

    Hey Adam. Great videos.... keep em coming brother. Where can I purchase the mirror knife you showed in this video?

  • M Long
    M Long Year ago

    Cuban ladies are so hot

  • Jim Weagant
    Jim Weagant Year ago

    That was awesome video thanks

  • Brett Octane
    Brett Octane Year ago

    That’s pretty freaky bro ! Fun times 👍🏽

  • O
    O Year ago

    hahaha Adam your reaction when the torch turns on and off!

  • Ride ThePace
    Ride ThePace Year ago

    One of your best, man. Those ladies are cool, but road dog is the shiz. Just a thought on the flashlight, humidity?

  • Juan S
    Juan S Year ago

    Yes i believe in the supernatural, there are ghosts that do not want you near them and there are those that will communicate with you .

  • Nora Mero
    Nora Mero Year ago

    Bye ghost! 👻👻👻👻

  • Cynthia Davis
    Cynthia Davis Year ago

    Loving this. Haha. Thanks.😎😎😂😂🙄🙄👻👀

    • Cynthia Davis
      Cynthia Davis Year ago

      I watch ghost shows and I do believe they exist. Kewl.

  • Cynthia Davis
    Cynthia Davis Year ago

    Nice. Good shots.enjoy.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor Year ago

    Adam, first off I love your channel. I’m active duty Navy stationed in Fl and I appreciate everything you do. I went to the ciro3d website and cannot find the mirrors you have on your bike. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Colour and Tone
    Colour and Tone Year ago

    I can’t find the knife mirrors on Ciro’s site. Anybody know where they are?

  • Lee Gener
    Lee Gener Year ago

    Motorcycles and ghosts. My two favorite things.

  • David F
    David F Year ago

    Nice video. The maglight thing was busted as a trick back when "Ghost Hunters" was using it. Basically Venison Fajitas has it right, it uses the changing temperature of the maglight reflector after it's been turned on "to test it" and warmed up a bit. There's an explanation of how to do it here:

  • Texas acres Homestead

    I know I'm late to the party. My aunt's house if you put anything on her table, it would vibrate till that item fell off. My uncle put it in the barn 5 times. the next morning it was in the house. So they respected the table and never touched it again. Stayed in their house for 45 years till the house burned down.


    Maybe spirits linger , maybe they don't. But all of the "Mediums" I've ever come across are charlatans in one way or another. That's not to say evil intended but some do pray on the weak minded for $ which I find a bit sleazy. One possible explanation is the cone (reflector) in a Mag Light expands when heated which pulls the cooler bottom away from contact just enough. Or rare earth magnets are involved (suspicious she sat so close to the flashlight.) Another is that the light is random & she alters her speech accordingly. That said, doing this stuff for entertainment purposes is generous & endearing.

  • Lj Gaines
    Lj Gaines Year ago

    Man you're such a cool dude brother since I have been watching your videos I just can't get enough of them thank you for do what you doing for the veterans and especially being a patriot and loving America like you do for sure I live in Fort Worth Texas when will you be coming down to some of these Harley dealers like Harley-Davidson of Fort Worth Stampede Harley-Davidson and Burleson have a great ride brother keep on keep on God bless you and God bless America always

  • Joedee
    Joedee Year ago

    I was a skeptic but now I believe. I ghost hunt with professionals out of Gettysburg PA. We use all of the equipment and I have experience everything from voice, visual, and touch not to mention photos. I must admit, I have never tried the flashlight trick.
    Love watching your videos, I admire what you do keep riding and stay safe!

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg Year ago

    That’s dope! Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ cant we use a different word. Dope is far from cool it’s taking over the US and stripping families from normalcy and loved ones. Please use something else sounds trashy anyway.

  • mahbin
    mahbin Year ago

    I ride a Honda, does that make me a iron poison Oak!

  • Todd Clark
    Todd Clark Year ago

    Love them girls keep on rolling

  • Parker Smith
    Parker Smith Year ago

    Sweet episode but I gotta know how to get those mirror daggers? I looked everywhere on ciro3d website.

  • Jessica Duncan
    Jessica Duncan Year ago

    level 5000 creepy. Shout out to the Iron Lillies puting Orlando on the map for badass biker babes!

  • Trey M
    Trey M Year ago

    Has anyone been able to find the knife?

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar Year ago

    HAHA 😆 come to the Alamo girls

  • Steve Flewelling
    Steve Flewelling Year ago

    Thats awesome

  • John Connor
    John Connor Year ago

    How does this man not have 100K subscribers yet? Come on, people!

  • Tor Blackthorn
    Tor Blackthorn Year ago +1

    ghosts can lie but most often don't.

  • Tor Blackthorn
    Tor Blackthorn Year ago +1

    what she is doing is common, real, and works.

  • JD Younk
    JD Younk Year ago

    Mmmm cuban 😏

  • Noel Espirtu
    Noel Espirtu Year ago +1

    love the music. can i get the mame of the artist ?

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago

      its just a royalty free thing, I don't know any artist

  • Mike E
    Mike E Year ago

    We've stayed at that campground with our 5th wheel and really liked it. You can see dolphins from your campsite also. Something we don't get to see in Michigan.

  • Sandy Mitchell
    Sandy Mitchell Year ago +1

    been there! fort deSoto gotta pass the don ceasear hotel

  • Mark Elgin
    Mark Elgin Year ago +1

    This is very interesting. I'm leaning more towards believing now than ever before.
    Thanks for all you more MIA!

  • - MrRIchBiker
    - MrRIchBiker Year ago +2

    Cool vid ..jezel. has the hottest thighs in the world!
    Luv that girl.
    So cool and Hot...god bless.

  • Matthew Mccomb
    Matthew Mccomb Year ago +2

    dude, chick are cool

  • Ruby Anderson
    Ruby Anderson Year ago +2

    Beyond that those women The Iron Lillie’s seem like an incredible group of women that I’d be honored to ride with

  • Ruby Anderson
    Ruby Anderson Year ago +1

    I just watched this is that ever creepy!!! I do believe in spirits and have had several paranormal experiences on our 120 year old farm.

  • McCrae Conlin
    McCrae Conlin Year ago +1

    Seen the same thing in high school. Although the light came on when asked whether Julia should kiss

  • Doug MacLaren High Voltage Photography

    This was a really fun video to watch. Thank Adam and ladies.

  • Everardo Tafolla
    Everardo Tafolla Year ago