MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: X-Men Rise of the Phoenix DLC 2 | The Game Awards Trailer

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • On Dec. 23, four more X-Men join the alliance - Phoenix, Gambit, Iceman and Cable - with the purchase of the MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order Expansion Pass.
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Comments • 506

  • Christopher Robinson
    Christopher Robinson 9 days ago +1

    Um... were is Rogue?

  • P E P E G A H O N K
    P E P E G A H O N K 12 days ago

    Bring back my Marvel Heroes Omega you ****heads.

  • Adrián Baráth
    Adrián Baráth 15 days ago

    Piece of garbage, another character pack with salvaged levels and annoying new features. They still haven't addressed the bad framerates, horrific camera angles and the hourlong loading screens... Totally not recommend it. Btw I love how ppl get excited about the characters and don't pay attantion to the fact that they are being scammed. LOL

  • Damian S
    Damian S 15 days ago

    I dont have the season pass but i can select the expension on the menu?

  • Damian S
    Damian S 15 days ago


  • Damian S
    Damian S 15 days ago


  • Halifax
    Halifax 24 days ago

    why not og jean costume

  • ben bulaya
    ben bulaya 24 days ago

    This dlc had me so excited to play again but lacks Story Content. Can we have a story like the main one with cutscenes and a good story please and thank you.

  • Erick Chacon
    Erick Chacon 25 days ago

    Wheres silver surfer Dr Doom Galactus Stan Lee. Other dlc the F4. And last Marvel nemesis Paragon

  • Erick Chacon
    Erick Chacon 25 days ago

    When comes this mua 3 to PS4

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear 25 days ago


  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear 25 days ago


  • Keith McKellar
    Keith McKellar 26 days ago

    Sean Connery in that you??, lol i need to get this

  • Dylan D
    Dylan D 28 days ago

    Hopefully there is another infinity trial

  • ZiggyKick921
    ZiggyKick921 Month ago

    HYPER Viper Beam!
    Arctic Attack!
    Royal... FLUSH!
    Phoenix Inferno!

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo Month ago +1

    Rogue and Jubilee ☹

  • FLY Geara
    FLY Geara Month ago

    I can now complete my X-men team that I have dreamt of since the release of this game Piotr Rasputin, Kurt Wagner, Erik Lehnsherr, and goodbye Miles Moralas Hello Remy Lebeau. see Anthony J. I can do it too.

  • Bradley Forney
    Bradley Forney Month ago

    I 'm hope Carnage DLC will be out soon

  • Spider-Man {Sonic Parker}

    The Danger Room looks interesting.

  • Spider-Man {Sonic Parker}

    I love this game! It’s the best out of the 3 for me!

  • LastGhost68
    LastGhost68 Month ago +2

    No Rogue? Maybe a free dlc?

  • BCDC123
    BCDC123 Month ago +2

    No Bishop? We can’t have Cable and no Bishop. 🙃 that’s like marvels Men in Black team. Smh well at least we have more X-men for me to level up to pretend this game is actually X-men Legends 3 LMAO

  • Morgan August
    Morgan August Month ago

    I bought the Nintendo switch just for this game cable is one of my all time favorites let's go cant wait

  • Legaron Cork
    Legaron Cork Month ago +3


  • Robee Nero
    Robee Nero Month ago

    Will this be on other platforms like XBox and Playstation?

  • dylan lee
    dylan lee Month ago +1

    Funny attacks are literally all copies from Futurefight

  • Jojo S
    Jojo S Month ago +1

    Yoooooooo JEAN GREY!!!!!

  • Racso Zen
    Racso Zen Month ago


  • Romance Romania
    Romance Romania Month ago

    Got some guys who believe Fantastic 4 pack will be Human torch, Mr. fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing and Dr. Doom....... Little did they know, that won't be the case.

  • Q
    Q Month ago +1

    Jean looks dope af 🔥

  • Nick Donato
    Nick Donato Month ago +5

    Remember when marvel was subverting mutants and trying to push for inhumans?

  • shortbread1818
    shortbread1818 Month ago +1

    Instead of Cable they should’ve done Beast 😕

  • Hinatatg Nano
    Hinatatg Nano Month ago +2

    Where is Emma?

  • Kingdom Come Superman
    Kingdom Come Superman Month ago +1

    Show me X-men and I will buy

  • Nehiel Rivera
    Nehiel Rivera Month ago

    Does anyone know the date? This is soooo exciting!!! The first pack was pretty sweet!

  • spookyboy Benny
    spookyboy Benny Month ago +1

    Were's my girl Rogue?

  • Austin Yanover
    Austin Yanover Month ago +1

    I wonder if that’s Patrick Stewart cause he’s amazing as the Professor.

  • MusaAzimee
    MusaAzimee Month ago +3

    Nice. Just hope we get Doctor Doom also in Fantastic 4 dlc.

    • ZSHANO786
      ZSHANO786 Month ago +1

      Highly likely considering there are 5 slots left, and so far we always have gotten a playable antagonist from these packs.

  • mohammad almasoud
    mohammad almasoud Month ago +3

    i really wanted the juggernaut

  • YouTube Sucks
    YouTube Sucks Month ago

    Gotta be honest, I’m sad that Rogue, Kitty Pryde or anyone like that weren’t in it.

  • DarKKnightt07
    DarKKnightt07 Month ago +1

    Did the level cap get increased? I see gauntlet mode has challenges 160-180, I thought the level cap was 150

  • Dario Castaneda
    Dario Castaneda Month ago +1

    Too bad it not on Xbox one

  • Felipe Augusto
    Felipe Augusto Month ago

    We need this on ps4 guys, c'mon!! 😄

  • Timothy Apollo
    Timothy Apollo Month ago +2

    Yes Danger Room Scenario is back, now I will buy the game I used to love Danger Room on PS3 X-men game😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Julio Cesar Vargas Martinez

    Alguien mas siente que esta franquisia se volvio casual. Se que es normal que una cosa cambie con el tiempo pero, esto es demasiado distinto al primer juego que comenso todo, X MEN Legend.

  • 9577frasier
    9577frasier Month ago

    No ps4 no sale

  • KGM 93
    KGM 93 Month ago +1

    The best DLC they could have possibly chose thanks to gambit 😍😍😍

    ITS PETTY TIME IPT Month ago

    I can’t wait

  • Jules Dedoro
    Jules Dedoro Month ago +2

    Cable psylocke magneto and black panther one of DLC MUA 2 include Gambit,Phoenix,and Iron Fist
    Cyclops,Nightcrawler,Venom,Dr.Doom,Hawkeye,Hulk,and Magneto DLC MUA 1 include Moonknight Blade and Colossus
    Iceman 2 Games MUA then 3rd game is DLC 1st Time.
    Fantastic Four DLC next is Dr.Doom Invasion dr.doom is new boss dlc.
    New mode and Complete New Costume from all heroes.

    • ethan cianfarani
      ethan cianfarani Month ago +1

      Jules Dedoro this is why I wish we got Emma frost or rogue for something new

  • Marcelo Reis
    Marcelo Reis Month ago +4

    I'm a simple man... I see Cyclops/Cable, I click.

  • SuperBadspeller
    SuperBadspeller Month ago

    Marvel TL;DR The Avengers: Emperor Doom

  • anthony de dios
    anthony de dios Month ago +2

    I think I hear David Kaye as Professor X, James Arnold Taylor as Iceman, and Jennifer Hale as Phoenix not too sure about Gambit and Cable but they sound familiar

  • Ice-Cold Overlord Overcold


  • Darryl Davis
    Darryl Davis Month ago +1

    May she have all the glory she deserves.

  • Adrian Aviles
    Adrian Aviles Month ago

    They were so on the nose with the first three. Even though cable was well known they should’ve given either Emma or rogue a chance. They put in Elsa Bloodstone without everyone knowing who she was. Why couldn’t they do that again. It’s all about fan service

  • SirGabiD
    SirGabiD Month ago +1

    No Emma Frost... i'm gonna cry

  • Joseph Usher
    Joseph Usher Month ago +14

    Jennifer Hale voicing Jean so excited

  • Kurt Lim
    Kurt Lim Month ago +3

    Jennifer Hale? Sounds like her to me... Can anyone confirm or deny? 🤔

    • MKGamerDudeCentral
      MKGamerDudeCentral Month ago +3

      Kurt Lim It’s definitely her! Listen to her play as Jean in Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • Jayson Martin
    Jayson Martin Month ago

    except spiderman, marvel games are trash compared to DC

  • King Blandon
    King Blandon Month ago +1