• Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • These 3D Printed Titanium Trucks were created in partnership with Autodesk and Shapeways.
    Using generative design, Autodesk was able to produce a set of skate trucks 45% lighter than regular skate trucks, and using additive manufacturing, something considerably more durable too!
    Who says 3D printing is fragile?
    Check out Autodesk's video here: ru-clip.com/video/wR-Wic6nGDA/video.html

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  • NateDoesStuff
    NateDoesStuff Day ago

    Aaron: Carlos be careful

    Carlos: Whats careful

  • Brian Goodspeed
    Brian Goodspeed Day ago


    SPYCR 2 days ago

    becouse of you i started skating

  • Jo Maximilian Lie Rønningen

    18:22 Gabe LITERALLY made the sound when you get hit in minecraft wtf!!!!!!

  • Damion Pierce
    Damion Pierce 5 days ago

    What if you put the carbon fiber board and the 3d printed trucks together, wouldn't that equal an extremely durable but insanely lightweight board?

  • VBC films
    VBC films 5 days ago

    This guy reminds me of a hipster Elon musk and I love it

  • TekQ Playz
    TekQ Playz 6 days ago

    I've been practicing ollies for a couple of months and i just cant get the board level i can do it good ish but its the leveling the board part that gets me and i've already seen all of your how to vids multiple times they help a lot but its the back end i cant get level :( Still love skateboarding and your Channel,You guys are the best ;) love you Carlos and everybody else

  • dat meleeuw
    dat meleeuw 6 days ago

    Carlos is fuggin dope 🔥🔥

    • dat meleeuw
      dat meleeuw 6 days ago

      Prob too bright out. Id like to see them do it at night 🤙

  • Ramsey Mann
    Ramsey Mann 6 days ago

    I live in San Francisco

  • goku san
    goku san 7 days ago

    Carlos a jackass tho

  • goku san
    goku san 8 days ago

    Is it heavy tho?

  • MuggsHan
    MuggsHan 8 days ago +2

    name for the trucks : Ultrux :)

    LCD LSD 8 days ago

    $2600 set of trucks that don't grind...

  • unknownfox1994
    unknownfox1994 9 days ago

    5:31 whats going on in the back ground lol

  • Wieslaw Chmura
    Wieslaw Chmura 10 days ago

    18:09 thats hilarious and all, as usual from aaron, but that could've messed him up.. Bad.. Idk never skated a big bowl

  • Kailen Logsdon
    Kailen Logsdon 10 days ago +1

    10:43 for anyone looking for the "the artificial intelligence almost went up my butt"

  • No Body
    No Body 11 days ago

    I’m sure it’s late now but “artificial” would be a cool name for the truck company

  • BudakBudak SG
    BudakBudak SG 11 days ago

    Ok like i need this trucks

  • Literally who
    Literally who 12 days ago

    “The ai almost went up my butt”
    Aaron kyro-2018

    DAMIEN FLORES 12 days ago

    They sounded like robots

  • GameAndBros
    GameAndBros 12 days ago

    How can Ollie the highest? And who can Ollie the farthest?!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 13 days ago

    Why is A.K always high as fuck lol that’s what’s up

  • Mohamed Ouali
    Mohamed Ouali 13 days ago

    I used autodesk inventor in 9th grade DDP wtff

  • tayb5oh4
    tayb5oh4 14 days ago

    Not to be racist but that black guy is really annoying.

  • Skvora Limited Media
    Skvora Limited Media 15 days ago

    Artisans and masters of weight manipulation without even knowing what "weight" is or means. Gotta love skating and our human culture.

  • Logan Lemar
    Logan Lemar 15 days ago

    Carlose lands a 6 ft drop i try i fall flat on my head

  • No Name
    No Name 16 days ago

    Kyro Trucks

  • Dietrich Crenshaw
    Dietrich Crenshaw 20 days ago

    Nah Carlos is just a god

  • kiitian
    kiitian 21 day ago

    its aluminium

  • ClassiC OG
    ClassiC OG 22 days ago

    www.adidas.se/zx-4000-4d-shoes/BD7931.html 3d printed shoes

  • Cole McAlister
    Cole McAlister 22 days ago

    5:06 fetty pulled an Owen Wilson "wow"

  • Hirmutav
    Hirmutav 22 days ago

    3D printed shoes are called yeezys

  • G ryda
    G ryda 23 days ago

    braile crew fyi back in the day a skater named eddie el gato elguera named a trick called the elgueria and thats what carlos did btw eddie is now a pastor and known him for 20 years 50 years old and still rips till this day

  • Jrod 69
    Jrod 69 23 days ago

    That British dudes girl is thick as hell

  • Hayden Trezise
    Hayden Trezise 23 days ago

    Uranium trucks. Wear a radiation suit and go to a nuclear power plant, badass vid idea. But cancerous.

  • Matthew Webb
    Matthew Webb 24 days ago

    I want to skate a setup with these trucks so bad

  • hunnersmells
    hunnersmells 24 days ago

    theeve had good trucks

  • Seb
    Seb 24 days ago +10

    7:10 is that finger A.I. Printed cause that doesn’t look natural

  • Radio
    Radio 24 days ago


  • FortnutMemes
    FortnutMemes 25 days ago

    the kid on the left at 1:40

  • Ditte Lundberg
    Ditte Lundberg 25 days ago

    Make a try to break the and do those on a lithe board or something

  • Noob Skater
    Noob Skater 26 days ago

    I need these

  • Diamond Wolf Gaming
    Diamond Wolf Gaming 26 days ago

    His thumb is broken

  • pickle jar
    pickle jar 26 days ago +1

    "The artificial intelligent almost went up my butt"

  • Jetwasp
    Jetwasp 27 days ago


  • ITZReZoHn Md
    ITZReZoHn Md 27 days ago +1

    Any one else knowtice the voices sounded matalicy a bit?

  • Donnie H
    Donnie H 27 days ago +2

    No Titanium Sparks? :c

  • Kuroo Tetsurou
    Kuroo Tetsurou 27 days ago

    A robot wouldn't jump for infinity unless you put the jump command inside of a loop for some reason

  • Julien Westman
    Julien Westman 27 days ago +2

    Best part of the whole video 5:05
    Fetty: wowwww

  • Matt Sipe
    Matt Sipe 28 days ago

    I love 3D printing and I use a CAD program that is part of the company Autodesk. Autodesk is one of the best businesses in the field if not the best.

  • Nassim the Dream
    Nassim the Dream 28 days ago +14

    Aaron- “Are you ready?”
    Fetty -“yea I’m fetty” 😭😭😭fetty is a goat

  • slipknot life
    slipknot life 28 days ago

    Kyro trux or

  • slipknot life
    slipknot life 28 days ago


  • michael tuemose
    michael tuemose 28 days ago

    hope aron was trolling thsi video, because wtf?? makes no sense he was so shitty

  • not sure
    not sure 29 days ago

    getting closer to molecular & atomic printing

  • JD Nadeau Lambert
    JD Nadeau Lambert 29 days ago


  • PedriTo Garcia
    PedriTo Garcia 29 days ago

    Where is the full titanium kit ?

  • Sippin Bo
    Sippin Bo 29 days ago

    Can you guys do building a board w everybody in brail. Those would be good episodes

  • Abraham Friend
    Abraham Friend Month ago

    Give me free board :(

    DJFUNGUY Month ago

    Where are you guys from? I think me and my sister got to meet you guys a couple years back after our uncle passed away we went to a closed indoor skate park and I think it was you guys who were there.

  • eclips playz
    eclips playz Month ago +1

    boi i live in montana and that

    is incredibly correct... many Montanans refer to it as aluminum

  • Marcus Klovning
    Marcus Klovning Month ago

    Plz send me a pare cuz my trucks are bendt

  • Jari
    Jari Month ago

    I use autodesk inventor for my job as a CNC operator all the time it’s a great software. This makes the design of the trucks even more impressing to me knowing that they’re probably made with inventor damn

  • Endless B
    Endless B Month ago

    They look like Thanos’ ship lol

  • j102srf
    j102srf Month ago

    Not AI. We are at least 100 years away from true AI. What this man is talking about is Machine Learning and Algorithms/Neural Networks. I am seeing a lot of enterprise use AI as a marketing ploy, a technique to exploit the average Jane/Joe that do not have the computing knowledge to understand Artificial Intelligence as it truly does not exist yet. Why not just say the designs were rendered by a complex algorithm?

  • ChipChiller Nature Phenomene 2019

    Yeah, really nice stuff! I like these trucks really much!!! Nice Video 😉👍 yesterday was my Birthday, 😅 but i don't get so nice trucks😪

  • SpaceCakes
    SpaceCakes Month ago

    Name them AI Trucks co.

  • Everett
    Everett Month ago

    IndusTRUCKtable Trucks, BOOOOM

  • der spaiderman
    der spaiderman Month ago

    Name: TrAIcks

  • Van Poll
    Van Poll Month ago

    I love these trucks... 2600$ trucks on this skateboard. Insane. Jaws needs some...

  • Holliday Hype
    Holliday Hype Month ago

    Aron sound like ai

  • Brennen Nichols
    Brennen Nichols Month ago

    I think they should 3d print straps that surface the area skaters use mostly. With an imprinted key to replace then and have them strap in an almost figure 8 design across the strings. Would be cool.

  • Jimjolnir
    Jimjolnir Month ago

    Jesus. Carlos is crazy. Crazy Carlos.

  • Jay 2Z
    Jay 2Z Month ago +1

    who could afford a 3000$ skateboard?

  • P85037 L
    P85037 L Month ago

    The Braille drop F that. Carlos is crazy yo. To be fearless like that it’s a damn good thing in skateboarding! Some skaters are nuts like Jaws!!! He hits some big ass shit for real. I dont know how their bodies hold up to that kind of abuse and punishment from the falls and just how big the gaps n drops are. It’s gotta be hard on their bodies.

  • Paulo Petenuci
    Paulo Petenuci Month ago


  • - MyName12345666
    - MyName12345666 Month ago

    Start watching at 5 minutes and wait until they cut out Carlos’s stupid dad joke

  • Mike C
    Mike C Month ago

    12:13 if i heard this nyehgair yell i hate you this loud in public i would uncontrollably have to smack em

  • Victor Santos
    Victor Santos Month ago

    that dumb girl with her phone in the intro

  • Gamer CJ OPS
    Gamer CJ OPS Month ago

    We use autodesk in school

  • The Unholy Sock
    The Unholy Sock Month ago


  • ooo ooo
    ooo ooo Month ago

    Dudes voice is as stupid as it is annoying.
    Braille needs a calmer, more mature brand ambassador.

  • Kyle Crocker
    Kyle Crocker Month ago

    $1300 per.. nah

  • Xyic0re
    Xyic0re Month ago +1

    So glad you guys have Carlos, he cancels out gabes annoyingness

  • Levi G-man
    Levi G-man Month ago

    That was awesome

  • CerberuS.
    CerberuS. Month ago

    6:34 never heard an african american talk like a redneck

  • ITZReZoHn Md
    ITZReZoHn Md Month ago +2

    “Artificial intelligence almost went up my butt” - Aaron kyro

  • Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas Month ago

    OMG thats a teabag going to e3nd the planet like a a wandering jew purple plant! holy fuck!!!!!!!!

    • Tom Thomas
      Tom Thomas Month ago

      its an honor to give a like,, my kitten just tried to rip off my penile gland, omg!!! I used to have titanium trucks like 20 years ago called TITANS, they were badass, well peace out, fun to watch yourchannel

  • Evil D
    Evil D Month ago +2

    Christian Slater really needed these trucks in Gleaming The Cube. They'd go well with that sweet diamond plate deck.

    • Connor V
      Connor V Month ago

      imagine flying into lawndale and hitting him in the face with titanium trucks

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee Month ago

    Spyder trucks

  • Dorfenburg
    Dorfenburg 2 months ago

    if u need sunblock there is something wrong with ur physiology... and its your fault

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    You didn't try to spark the titanium

  • Drake Elliott
    Drake Elliott 2 months ago

    Make for me mini trucks for fingerboards lol :D

  • FogsOzzieMerc
    FogsOzzieMerc 2 months ago

    What about a 3-D printed fist holding the 3-D printed truck Dildo...???

  • Thomas Simpson
    Thomas Simpson 2 months ago


  • SoaringCelery
    SoaringCelery 2 months ago

    what is that flip he did at 5:20 ? shit was low key tight

  • Tink-R-Toys' Will I Am Shark Wheels and Ham

    You ought to do Night Grinding session to get those visuals of them Sparking ⚡️ on the Rails?! 😉

  • semaj UBZ
    semaj UBZ 2 months ago

    Fremont california??

  • yehCraigy
    yehCraigy 2 months ago

    bring back freemont skatepark

  • antell markus
    antell markus 2 months ago

    Give it to Fetty, case closed