• Опубликовано: 8 сен 2018
  • These 3D Printed Titanium Trucks were created in partnership with Autodesk and Shapeways.
    Using generative design, Autodesk was able to produce a set of skate trucks 45% lighter than regular skate trucks, and using additive manufacturing, something considerably more durable too!
    Who says 3D printing is fragile?
    Check out Autodesk's video here: ru-clip.com/video/wr-wic6ngda/видео.html

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  • Preston Patterson
    Preston Patterson 14 часов назад


  • daniel stone
    daniel stone 15 часов назад

    Where is Lance ?

  • Booty and Barrels
    Booty and Barrels День назад +2

    19:04 I don't know what this is called in skateboarding, but it looks like Carlos could have a future in surfing. That was so sick

  • Bob DeYoung
    Bob DeYoung 3 дня назад

    That’s not a robot it’s just carlos

  • Carlos Romero
    Carlos Romero 4 дня назад +1

    I'm glad that there's a Carlos out there that isn't a failure like me.

  • Renji Shishigori
    Renji Shishigori 4 дня назад

    Feddy with the "oh wow" meme hells yea.

  • The_4_niglets
    The_4_niglets 4 дня назад

    They should call them SKY TRUCKS because they are light as air

  • boomerfoxy - 07
    boomerfoxy - 07 5 дней назад

    prounounced like * tight-ulm- uh- men

  • boomerfoxy - 07
    boomerfoxy - 07 5 дней назад

    tituliume trucks

  • Kozig
    Kozig 5 дней назад

    What wheels are those they look and sound super soft.

  • um ._. wat
    um ._. wat 5 дней назад

    Is it just me who had a robotic sound or like an echo

  • curtis wolett
    curtis wolett 6 дней назад

    Spider trucks?

  • Chris Carey
    Chris Carey 6 дней назад

    That’s cool! I have 3 certifications through Autodesk for drafting

  • Exclusive Pickle
    Exclusive Pickle 7 дней назад

    why does the dude they had in sound australian american and british all at once?

  • Xi_DowZz
    Xi_DowZz 9 дней назад

    Adidas have 3D printed shoes check them out

  • Crazzy Hellmans
    Crazzy Hellmans 10 дней назад

    It can even print food

  • Achnee 2
    Achnee 2 11 дней назад

    7:10 WTF! this thumb

  • BPE3_TOXIC Clan
    BPE3_TOXIC Clan 12 дней назад +1

    Ayeee I’m from Montana!!!😁

  • Dan Miller
    Dan Miller 13 дней назад


  • Sovereign Beall
    Sovereign Beall 15 дней назад +1


  • David Gebauer
    David Gebauer 16 дней назад

    Pretty interesting video, I have a set of TI-Lite trucks and I was told those were titanium.. do you happen to know anything about the TI-Lite trucks? If you do, could you give me some kind of info on them because I really couldn’t find anything on them.

  • Random Adventures
    Random Adventures 16 дней назад

    sry im new to skating , if that bar isnt for riding then what do people do with it? 10:16

  • charlie sigua
    charlie sigua 16 дней назад

    Put a carbon fiber deck and shark wheels to make your skateboard prrfect

  • Adder314
    Adder314 16 дней назад

    Carlos needs to be a life coach.

  • Douglas Thompson
    Douglas Thompson 16 дней назад


  • Irma van der Heide
    Irma van der Heide 16 дней назад

    Where can I buy these online?? Could they be send to the Netherlands? btw, big fan!

  • David Pimlott
    David Pimlott 16 дней назад

    Look at the girl in the back 0:01

  • Cross Johnson
    Cross Johnson 17 дней назад

    Y’all could call them ait for artificially intelligent trucks

  • Stuart Carr
    Stuart Carr 17 дней назад

    3D printed skateboard wheels

  • PolosoFist
    PolosoFist 17 дней назад

    well ai is dumb if i told kill human it will kill human to infinity and it doesn't know how to stop

  • ShadowFoxy OC
    ShadowFoxy OC 18 дней назад

    I love how Aaron explains the computers and how it works

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez 18 дней назад


  • Airdrifter902
    Airdrifter902 18 дней назад

    What happens when you grind em down?

  • Ian Malonson
    Ian Malonson 18 дней назад

    what type of wheels

  • stupid Dead
    stupid Dead 18 дней назад

    9:11 skateboarding is a drug for aaron

  • Croti Ladae
    Croti Ladae 18 дней назад

    That's rad. Can't wait until they become more common so the price is reachable for most skaters.

  • jack da savage
    jack da savage 19 дней назад

    Make a golden skateboard

  • B
    B 19 дней назад

    webs ......….they look like webs but make the base plates the same

  • Rodney Adams
    Rodney Adams 19 дней назад

    I name the trucks ti-rucks get it titanium trucks ti-rucks

  • The Pirate's Gaming Life
    The Pirate's Gaming Life 19 дней назад

    Do a 3D printed board

  • grayZy
    grayZy 19 дней назад

    yo what are those wheels they're sick

  • TheScottGillies
    TheScottGillies 20 дней назад

    "If there wasn't enough proof that he's a robot!!!"

  • TheScottGillies
    TheScottGillies 20 дней назад

    "If that's not a dangerous robot..."

  • zzeronerzz
    zzeronerzz 20 дней назад

    2600 yeah fucking right.

  • zzeronerzz
    zzeronerzz 20 дней назад

    damn that noseslide 270 front shuv was the best trick there

  • zzeronerzz
    zzeronerzz 20 дней назад

    3d print mental? The fuck

  • Lewis Ormsby
    Lewis Ormsby 20 дней назад

    He sounds like thor

  • Connor Foley
    Connor Foley 21 день назад

    Everytime u dont break the skate someones watch breaks instead 🔥rip

  • Connor Foley
    Connor Foley 21 день назад

    Somehow i finishe this video i look down my cartier watch is broken at the clasp 😂 noice 👌

  • uwu flaifel
    uwu flaifel 21 день назад

    LMAO NIGEL AT 12:14

  • Matthew Zuck
    Matthew Zuck 22 дня назад

    Aaron if you still have those trucks currently take it down the braille drop

  • Woogoo336
    Woogoo336 23 дня назад

    If you find out that Carlos is a robot you definitely need to put trucks on him and skate him.

  • Lowek
    Lowek 24 дня назад

    he should make a version that already has a groove to lock into crooks lol

  • fight the walrus
    fight the walrus 24 дня назад

    They are overhyping that Carlos and acting like he is a Shane Oneil

  • Fergus Brown
    Fergus Brown 24 дня назад

    This guy is an Aussie or something and then lives in Murica and is blending the accents. Sounds weird

  • Conan
    Conan 25 дней назад

    Dude 1 Kg titan costs about 150$. That’s pretty cheap stuff

  • King_Kong05
    King_Kong05 25 дней назад

    I’m curious what kind of wheels those are cause they look awesome

    ÄŁËX ŔËŃÄĞÄĐË 26 дней назад

    I need this in my life

  • israel 741
    israel 741 26 дней назад

    carlos has sexy steez tricks

  • TheGoldoU
    TheGoldoU 28 дней назад +1

    5:06 wow

  • Tishues
    Tishues 28 дней назад

    Don't be afraid of technology, be afraid of what humans do with the technology. We are the only reason technology can and will harm us.

  • YoMommaSideNigga ?!?
    YoMommaSideNigga ?!? 29 дней назад

    Aluhhhminium headass

  • Robert Hartmann
    Robert Hartmann Месяц назад

    U should put them on a flight deck..Powell makes that be great set up

  • David Watson
    David Watson Месяц назад

    anyone else come here from Minor Details?

  • this gave me cancer!!!
    this gave me cancer!!! Месяц назад

    Who is that thicc girl at the beginning? She hot

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez Месяц назад

    LMFAO that was the best intro in a while xD

  • bari con
    bari con Месяц назад

    13 hundred dollar,, well i need to ask google to understand it,, asian learn english

  • Lizertags GAMER
    Lizertags GAMER Месяц назад

    Anyone Else GOT an 3D printed trucks ad ?

  • Kyle Claflin
    Kyle Claflin Месяц назад

    Call the trucks Skate3D

  • Lenny Brown
    Lenny Brown Месяц назад


  • Kevin Walter
    Kevin Walter Месяц назад

    Adidas already has 3d and 4d printed shoes

  • rallyramone
    rallyramone Месяц назад

    carlos!!! we want more!

  • J Embrr
    J Embrr Месяц назад

    "The artificial intelligence almost went up my butt."
    -Aaron Kyro 2018

  • SunnyDeez
    SunnyDeez Месяц назад

    Audio 😬

  • Henrique Bertuol
    Henrique Bertuol Месяц назад


  • John Martinez
    John Martinez Месяц назад

    love your hard work

  • The Outdoor Explorer
    The Outdoor Explorer Месяц назад

    Carlos is probably the best not gonna lie.

  • Anon Ymus
    Anon Ymus Месяц назад

    Cast some concrete trucks?

  • Pneumonoultramicroscopic Silicovolcanoconiosis

    no offense to anyone here, but none of you are gnarly enough to test these trucks, should have sent them to lowcard...then you'd have a real test.

  • Weareallbeingwatched
    Weareallbeingwatched Месяц назад

    World's most expensive trucks.

  • Kevin Speight
    Kevin Speight Месяц назад

    I hate to b a hater but looks like something GRINDKING would make...? Lmk

  • Vixon
    Vixon Месяц назад

    I have Aaron's revive board but it's a fingerboard

  • Liam studios
    Liam studios Месяц назад +38

    Is it just me or is there a echo?

    • Dennis Venegas
      Dennis Venegas 6 дней назад +1

      Nah its they r just robots

    • SmiLe
      SmiLe 16 дней назад +2

      it's because, almost everyone has a mic and they are ON at the same time.

    • M.O.D. mod
      M.O.D. mod 21 день назад +1

      I hear robots

    • blake martsch
      blake martsch Месяц назад +1

      Yes i hear it too

    • M4dM4n
      M4dM4n Месяц назад +1

      Aron sound so wierd

  • catbalzlol
    catbalzlol Месяц назад

    I wonder what pros think about this

  • Matty McPatty
    Matty McPatty Месяц назад


  • Rick H
    Rick H Месяц назад

    Get 3D printed models done of you guys, having pre-warped them graphically or physically melt them into wheel moulds and fill the spaces with transparent urethane, then skate them! Then if they work out OK market them?

  • charlie rhodes
    charlie rhodes Месяц назад

    stay sick records reppin out here in this video

  • Caden Sprowl
    Caden Sprowl Месяц назад

    TT 3D trucks

  • MG
    MG Месяц назад

    1300 is a lot for printed trucks. wouldnt it be stronger if they CNC it from a solid block instead of metal printing

  • MGE ;Money Gang Entertainment
    MGE ;Money Gang Entertainment Месяц назад

    I love Nigel he’s hilarious

  • Sergio Wilson
    Sergio Wilson Месяц назад

    I want just one set, sign, sealed, and delivered.

  • DoJo Starfox
    DoJo Starfox Месяц назад

    Yea AI is not that dumb. It has its quirks, but it could still beat you in a fight.

  • bring ruckus
    bring ruckus Месяц назад

    They look like a pair of grindkings I used to have back in the day. They had a cutout on each side of the truck. Wish grind king was still around.

    EDGY BOI J Месяц назад

    bruh i need them trucks for sure.. i would say they should make it to where the axels are replaceable bc you will break those before you break the hanger body

  • Joe Shmo
    Joe Shmo Месяц назад

    This looks good but I definitely don’t want to risk having a truck break or wear down to the point of breaking while smithing the deep end of a bowl and fall straight on my face. I would skate these flat ground though. Light boards pop into space so that’s good for double flips

  • Bennamon Cinnamon
    Bennamon Cinnamon Месяц назад

    5:47 bless you

  • Alex Kjeldgaard
    Alex Kjeldgaard Месяц назад

    I love how Aaron says he has become a pro and is still scared. Gives me faith in myself. I suck at any trick.

  • Kiwi_91
    Kiwi_91 Месяц назад

    now they have a design it would be cheaper to produce them in a cheaper way than 3d printing

  • Finlay Holt
    Finlay Holt Месяц назад


  • Curly Fry
    Curly Fry Месяц назад

    This ideal for the markforged continuous fiber printing process. You can get it even lighter