Meanwhile in RUSSIA Funny Compilation || Russian Crazy Clips || MIR 2018

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
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Comments • 3 189

  • TJ Knight Researcher

    Ever since I was a kid and until now as a 28yrld man living on our planet I never thought that the western countries including russia are not doing this crazy things like this and not just crazy things but super crazy and weird things

  • chilli pom pom
    chilli pom pom 5 days ago

    Not sure if the last one was human or a typical russian bear

  • Orange thingy
    Orange thingy 7 days ago

    How is this funny its just a normal day

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 8 days ago

    ahh russia the land of crazy white people.

  • Celestia The Umbreon

    hold my vodka

  • igor protopopov
    igor protopopov 11 days ago


  • Pure Gaming Loco
    Pure Gaming Loco 12 days ago +1

    Lost it on the trash can.😂

  • Psycho Insanity
    Psycho Insanity 12 days ago

    2:00 Song?

  • [Fan] T R A S H
    [Fan] T R A S H 12 days ago +1

    Нас тут любят :)

  • Bh SovietBuss
    Bh SovietBuss 12 days ago

    over 1 degrease day *The Heat*
    -50 degrease day. *Normal day*

  • 두다샤
    두다샤 13 days ago

    Why am I watching it LOL I'M RUSSIAN

  • bossboy191919
    bossboy191919 13 days ago

    Let's be real, the russians are the ones keeping the aliens away XD

  • wanted sniper47
    wanted sniper47 13 days ago

    5:30 me when my dogs bark at me

  • Sonia L
    Sonia L 14 days ago

    pizda face

  • Jocelyn Brisebois
    Jocelyn Brisebois 15 days ago

    Мы любим россиян. Из общего числа канадского гражданского населения.

  • WhiteTiger1241
    WhiteTiger1241 15 days ago


    JOKER 16 days ago

    Russia is the best

  • Migs
    Migs 16 days ago


  • Rokus.A.Norkus !
    Rokus.A.Norkus ! 16 days ago

    Never knew Trevor Philips was Russian

  • Tuna Taken
    Tuna Taken 16 days ago +1

    amına koyim abla öyle süt mü içilir

  • glyptodon xd
    glyptodon xd 17 days ago


  • Commander Xananymous
    Commander Xananymous 18 days ago

    0:55 my god are you sure those are milk..?

  • Nick
    Nick 19 days ago

    The key to staying hydrated with only beer is to drink it faster than you piss it out.

  • Nick
    Nick 19 days ago

    5:30 nobody is robbing this guys house

  • Nick
    Nick 19 days ago

    3:56 when your buddy is doing the Edward 40 hands challenge and you need to get him emergency booze.

  • Arley Music
    Arley Music 20 days ago

    You can say many bad things about Russia, but it's my home and I love it anyway :3

  • Yoon- Ussr
    Yoon- Ussr 21 day ago

    Estos rusos.

  • M Bayrak
    M Bayrak 21 day ago

    Watched this a few times, still laughing at the bloke in 2:00 who said ''Girls, please I beg you, don't drink on Fridays''

    And the last video, the guy says ''We woke up and saw this. Snow, as you can see, if we happen to want to step out to the street, we can't. All blocked, I don't exactly know how to go to work''

  • Thrit A
    Thrit A 21 day ago

    What’s the glue milk?

  • ZigZag88
    ZigZag88 21 day ago +1

    0:50....Man c’mon guys...what is that shit frfr😂

  • Mr AngryMan
    Mr AngryMan 22 days ago

    0.49 what is that stuff?

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy 22 days ago

    Bro i'm dead 3:23 LOL

  • Death Fellow
    Death Fellow 24 days ago

    Remember , No Russia

  • Scot-Free
    Scot-Free 24 days ago

    Can someone explain what's happening at 3:45?

    • Scot-Free
      Scot-Free 22 days ago

      @Astom You have a firm grip on the obvious, but where is he? Prison, Crazy house, Someone basement!!!? I'm looking for an answer from a Russian!

    • Astom
      Astom 22 days ago

      Scot-Free he drinks vodka, he is forbidden to go out omg lol

  • YumYum
    YumYum 24 days ago +12

    In japan they have catgirls. In russia they have 5:30

  • Salted Cracker
    Salted Cracker 24 days ago +3

    кто-нибудь передаст мне мою водку

  • Mitza zis Nebunu'
    Mitza zis Nebunu' 25 days ago

    1:53 ;)

  • Toper Stream
    Toper Stream 26 days ago

    Cycka blyat

  • Nokisgp
    Nokisgp 26 days ago

    that why i go out late at night and kill them when i get a chance

  • Nokisgp
    Nokisgp 26 days ago

    russia sucks dick so bad that everyone hates them even their neighbours

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia 26 days ago +1


  • Knights of Christ_1119

    The Florida of europe

  • billy giles
    billy giles 27 days ago

    3.12 the guy on the left is desperate to just get home safely haha

  • Balor Injeski
    Balor Injeski 27 days ago +2

    i hope the last guy had plenty of Vodka to last him

  • pes fan 2035
    pes fan 2035 27 days ago +16

    And these were the first people to go to space btw

  • That guy Keelan
    That guy Keelan 28 days ago

    0:49, mom found the cum carton

  • Rafael Nádasi
    Rafael Nádasi Month ago

    2:03 what are they talking abour?? Someone translate this to me!

    • M Bayrak
      M Bayrak 21 day ago

      Bloke: Are you allright ladies?
      Gal: Dirty bitches are gonna fuck(Not sure whether she says that %100 because it's not that clear)
      Bloke: Okay girls, please listen to me, do NOT drink on Mondays....

    • Nanda Dulal
      Nanda Dulal 28 days ago

      Girls, do not drink too much on Friday

  • Mytical Heart
    Mytical Heart Month ago

    What’s up with the milk???

  • Michael Shawn
    Michael Shawn Month ago

    Не смейся над нами, я убью тебя

  • Mr Game Boy
    Mr Game Boy Month ago

    Eto zayebis

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Month ago +2

    0:52 Looks like they milk the bull instead of cow

  • damej elyas
    damej elyas Month ago

    That juice bottle is having an orgasm

    JENUFOOL Month ago

    What the Fk

  • Emanuel BABA YAGA Ortiz


    Russia rig my elections please

  • Maciej
    Maciej Month ago +2

    Ale te ruski to są głąby... Aż mi ręce opadają... 😂 Hahaha

  • Darth Primus rae
    Darth Primus rae Month ago +1

    2:04 who is this beautiful lady

  • Максим
    Максим Month ago

    3:44 Надо было ещё баночку корнишонов и пакетик анчоусов пропихнуть через глазок для полного счастья. Жена поди в шоке, закрыла трезвого мужика и ушла на работу - пришла, а он в дымину.

  • Rebecca Hanson
    Rebecca Hanson Month ago

    What is that Milk stuff?!

    NEKRUZ TAIROV Month ago

    Russia is pisda

  • luka held
    luka held Month ago

    4:10 Russian Glory Hole

    • Максим
      Максим Month ago

      Ты ошибаешься. В дыру славы суют хуй.