Pawn Stars: MILLION DOLLAR Soviet Union Cold War Uniforms (Season 8) | History

  • A guy comes into the shop with two KGB uniforms, but his ridiculously high offer could be too steep for Rick in this clip from Season 8, "Merchant of Vegas". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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Comments • 80

  • MKM
    MKM 47 minutes ago

    Why does the title say million dollar uniforms?

  • Phillip Brown
    Phillip Brown 4 hours ago

    Thats the owner of the toy home alone 2

  • Catastrophic Stupidity

    He had them thinking he said 900 grand. Should’ve stuck with it when Corey offered 800 grand.

  • Based God
    Based God 9 hours ago

    I know it's all fake but I couldn't imagine selling such a historical artifacts for only a couple hundred dollars

  • nightshadecx5
    nightshadecx5 14 hours ago

    MILLION DOLLARS = 450 dollars...

  • mr. egg
    mr. egg Day ago

    If I were you, I kept that thing 100%

  • CarlosChip Morales

    A bottle of wine and a couple of hookers while in Europe

  • Next Level Toys
    Next Level Toys Day ago

    Wow 900,000 to 450 Dollars.

  • dice dragon
    dice dragon Day ago

    4:02 animal hair between ribbon

  • T Tom
    T Tom 2 days ago

    The first time, that miser son gave more than Rick.

  • Blazind 500
    Blazind 500 2 days ago

    I didn't know Larry bird was visiting the pawn shop

  • The Who
    The Who 3 days ago

    Why does the header say million dollar... F******* clickbait that's embarrassing for the history

  • Nita Bear
    Nita Bear 4 days ago


  • Bloody oath mate
    Bloody oath mate 5 days ago

    Sabrina: I have the 3 objects of the Unholy Regalia
    Rick: best I can do is $30 and a cheeseburger

  • TheLucieFurr
    TheLucieFurr 5 days ago

    Corey got these for some Role Play Action in Bedroom.

  • jortalz
    jortalz 6 days ago

    Ion Mihai Pacepa it was an Romanian General in securitate (the Romanian secret service under Ceausescu, before 1990), so, it had nothing to do with Russia and KGB. He defected it to USA and helped CIA to destroy all the Romanian external secret service network around the world. A traitor...

  • Alpha Mega
    Alpha Mega 6 days ago

    That old man looks like Eddie Bracken from Home Alone 2.

  • The UnknownCommenter

    Rick doesnt know what anything is worth I swear

  • killa skrilla
    killa skrilla 8 days ago

    Theyshould have a Pawnstars but @ GameStop called GameStars

  • IIAlleysparksII
    IIAlleysparksII 8 days ago

    Why wouldn't he try to sell them to a museum?

  • GLMV
    GLMV 11 days ago

    rick 450 sounds good to me

  • Use Code Ceedayy
    Use Code Ceedayy 12 days ago

    This dude could’ve gotten 800k for free

  • noah kohs
    noah kohs 12 days ago

    He goes I'll do 800,000 why didn't he take that offer 😂😂😂

    DA CHEESE 12 days ago

    i need this

  • im miata mike
    im miata mike 12 days ago

    why on Earth would you sell thoss

  • Jeff Reynolds
    Jeff Reynolds 13 days ago

    He guy selling the uniform looks like the guy who gave Kevin he 2 turtle doves in Home Alone 2

  • SupremeHoodie
    SupremeHoodie 14 days ago

    900k? Those are worth maybe (maybe) 200 dollars.

  • Den Carl
    Den Carl 14 days ago +1

    The person was one of the good guys. You were the bad guys

  • warrick109
    warrick109 14 days ago

    probably better off keeping them as a conversation starter

  • Xin Grimaldo
    Xin Grimaldo 14 days ago

    "I have the fruit that adam and eve took a bite from"
    Rick: best I can do is $20

  • Your boy TIDAL
    Your boy TIDAL 15 days ago

    The Clickbait is real

  • Riskry
    Riskry 15 days ago

    I wish I can get a dollar for every time he says “I mean I don’t know if there gonna sell”.

  • Grimjow Jaegerjaquez
    Grimjow Jaegerjaquez 16 days ago

    Even if it was a mistake i would take the 800k

  • Augustus Constantine
    Augustus Constantine 16 days ago


  • E J
    E J 16 days ago

    Lol at the end he was gonna say he was going to spend his money on "a couple a.....a.....hookers in Europe" lol

  • Avalon
    Avalon 16 days ago

    Communist General's uniform, sold into the capitalist free market, for probably less than what Russia's version of "Clothing and Sales" (where US Soldiers by their uniforms) would have charged him to replace it if he had lost it.

  • SOVIET_RUSSIA_gaming
    SOVIET_RUSSIA_gaming 16 days ago

    Please give it back to us or we cancel your vodka delivery

  • Ben Fridge
    Ben Fridge 17 days ago

    Hilarious that hes using communist jackets to capitalize on their price

  • Michele Pace
    Michele Pace 17 days ago

    B n. Bkkb

  • Michele Pace
    Michele Pace 17 days ago

    B n. Bkkb

  • Emzthedon
    Emzthedon 18 days ago +1

    Batman: I would like to sell the batmobil
    Rick: 25$ is the best I can do.

  • AzUka ChiToMoRi Nokakashi

    If i had the money id pay 1k each

  • joshman0219
    joshman0219 19 days ago

    Word has it Bernie Sanders sold his 3rd vacation house so he could buy this

  • кяож
    кяож 19 days ago

    The look on Rick's face when he said 900,000 killed me

  • Melissa Coomer
    Melissa Coomer 19 days ago

    Those r KGB uniforms they should be worth 600 to 1000 cause you can't find any of them. And it's got the order of Lenin which was a big deal of the ussr cccp KGB gru and the Soviet republic

  • JarOhoney -JRH-
    JarOhoney -JRH- 19 days ago

    Expert: These Uniforms are a huge part of history and there are not many like them

    Rick: Best I can do is 2.50 Pal

  • Maukku 1
    Maukku 1 20 days ago +1

    honestly those look so cool

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 20 days ago

    I got Hitlers white uniform how much would Rick buy it

  • Jones Studio
    Jones Studio 20 days ago +2

    Anyone wanna bring back communism?

  • Dewey Oxburger
    Dewey Oxburger 21 day ago

    Can these tunics be tailored to fit Bernie?

  • TheSeti12345
    TheSeti12345 22 days ago +3

    “Bad guys” perhaps the Russians think the same

  • Ahyman Tanzim
    Ahyman Tanzim 22 days ago +1

    The title say MILLION DOLLARS

  • Chase C.
    Chase C. 22 days ago

    rick literally looks like my dad, but with less hair.

  • Dylan Austin
    Dylan Austin 22 days ago

    Million dollar uniforms?

  • Levi Cohen
    Levi Cohen 23 days ago

    Most insane clickbait I’ve ever witnessed

  • Christopher Jiron
    Christopher Jiron 23 days ago

    Super clickbait. Pass...

  • Geminstrel
    Geminstrel 23 days ago +5

    Seller: I got Stalin's head with lennin's cuban cigar in it's mouth
    Rick: hmm... I'll meet ya at 30$



  • kahlesstiberius
    kahlesstiberius 24 days ago

    Hes not a communist, but the democrat party are, just so you know!

    • A OConnor
      A OConnor 14 days ago

      @CannibalKev trust me, he doesn't know who Pinochet is.

    • CannibalKev
      CannibalKev 22 days ago

      Nice, found the person who thinks anyone to the left of Pinochet is a communist

  • Alejandro Mosquera
    Alejandro Mosquera 24 days ago

    calvo tacano horrible

  • Tony Dope
    Tony Dope 24 days ago

    he looks like the man from homealone

  • TheFoolinthe rainn
    TheFoolinthe rainn 24 days ago

    So old... getting under your desk didn't stop a nuclear bomb. It kept a metal roof over your head if ANY bomb hits. It's called debris, glass, beams coming down
    It shows how humans are sheep... cuz if anyone thinks about it, they already knew nuclear would destroy the world
    Communism & socialism are based on psychological oppression.
    Like Castro teaching people to read his propaganda
    So we laugh at our response to nuclear warfare?
    Commies had Americans running under their desks...
    Obviously it worked
    More likely, they would've bombed, and it wouldn't have been nuclear
    Sitting under an old school metal desk certainly made a great foxhole
    So careful laughing
    It made perfect sense

  • Samuel Strachan
    Samuel Strachan 25 days ago

    Where can I buy a KGB general uniform for 700????

  • Alan Braswell
    Alan Braswell 25 days ago

    Customer says that the order of Lenin is on the jackets when the appraiser just said that the order of Lenin is common.

  • Jose Piedra
    Jose Piedra 26 days ago

    In this world there are no good or bad guys only this and that side

  • khoirul anam
    khoirul anam 29 days ago +1

    lenin will cry see this, "noooooo, don't sell motherland for $450"

  • Bilegsaikhan Munkhbold

    i found the title of the vid as clickbait

  • Butwait There’smore
    Butwait There’smore 29 days ago

    What a lie the title was. Pawn stars is desperate

  • Her Destiny22
    Her Destiny22 29 days ago

    Might get you a bottle of wine??

  • rob sniggers
    rob sniggers Month ago

    decorated Soviet KGB officer and had his coat sold in the most hedonist, freedom loving state and city in the West, Las Vegas. Poetic Justice

  • Christian Hernandez

    I don’t understand how, something like this, can be worth half the price of a Travis Scott Jordan resale value.

  • TheLoneGunman26
    TheLoneGunman26 Month ago +3

    Their expert looks like he’s in the CIA

  • leonard michael mark randrup

    better sell it to putin.

  • Krrrimmi
    Krrrimmi Month ago


  • East Brick
    East Brick Month ago

    Did anybody even notice that he is the guy from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York? Mr. Duncan?

  • John Blackmouth
    John Blackmouth Month ago

    Thought he was the old guy in Home Alone. The guy who gave Kevin the turtle doves

  • Sergio Ochoa
    Sergio Ochoa Month ago

    When he said they were KGB, my instinct was to burn them in front of Putin

  • jjbrown16
    jjbrown16 Month ago

    Burn it

  • Jordyn gonzalez
    Jordyn gonzalez Month ago

    Should have took the 800k

  • Ian Turner
    Ian Turner Month ago +1

    Rick should go to the gulag for this rip-off.