America's Most HAUNTED Places

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • Many places have their ghosts, and there are some in which the concentration of the undead is a bit on the high side. The locations featured in this video are of the latter category. Which means you should now turn out the lights, put on some creepy music, and tune into America’s Most Haunted!
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    5. RMS Queen Mary
    The RMS Queen Mary is an old, retired British ocean liner whose maiden voyage began on May 27, 1936. During the Second World War, she ferried Allied soldiers and worked as a troop ship, but when it was over, she was refitted for use for passengers and was used for transatlantic crossings. Her last voyage, from Southampton to Long Beach, California, happened in 1967, and then the ship was retired, but stayed in Long Beach and became a hotel with a museum and restaurants. Since her docking, there have been rumors of hauntings, and she quickly gained notoriety as a top haunted tourist attraction. The 1st Class pool, a stateroom, and room B-340 are among the supposed hotspots, and familiar ghosts are a lady in white, an engineer who was crushed in the engine room, and several children. Ships are weird enough, but when you add ghosts into the equation, they get downright creepy!
    4. Gettysburg
    Alright, if this place really is haunted, it would make total sense; we mean, this was the site of one of the most bloody and terrible battles of the Civil War! The Union and Confederate armies began to fight in and around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 1, 1863, and did so for three days straight! At the end of the conflict, some 50,000 young men lie on the battlefield, some fatally wounded, some already gone. Many of the soldiers from the Confederate army never got a proper burial, and, without being laid to rest, it’s said that they wander the battlefield to this day. A farm used as a hospital by the Confederates, the Daniel Lady Farm, is supposedly haunted by an entire corps of 10,000 soldiers, as well as General Richard Ewell. The Gettysburg Hotel is supposedly haunted by Union soldiers and a woman who has been seen dancing in the ballroom. The Baladerry Inn and Cashtown Inn are said to be inhabited by ghosts, and visitors can take a ghost train across the battlefield and learn the entire haunted history of the area. It’s basically a whole town chock full of spirits!

    3. St. Augustine Lighthouse
    This old lighthouse is currently in-service and has been since it was built and lit in 1874. But the current lighthouse is the second, as the first, which was first lit circa 1737, eroded and fell into the sea in 1880. Even before that, the British and Spanish governments had old beacons and watchtowers in the area as far back as 1565, so there’s a lot of history here. An old, passed-on lighthouse keeper is sometimes spotted in spirit form; he died from a fall off the tower while painting it. It’s also said to be haunted by three young girls, who supposedly perished not far from the lighthouse after a cart they were playing with broke and fell into the sea.
    2. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
    The site of one of the most famous and brutal crimes of the 19th century, the Lizzie Borden house is unsurprisingly touted as being the site of a haunting. On August 4, 1892, young Lizzie Borden’s parents were brutally taken out by someone with an ax, and Lizzie quickly became the main suspect. She was eventually acquitted, but that doesn’t mean her house isn’t haunted! The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast is now operated in the original home of the Bordens, and it is here that people experience a bunch of different paranormal phenomena. Shoes will travel across the floor on their own; a woman is heard weeping at all hours of the night, an older woman will tuck guests into bed, lights flicker, electronic devices act strange, and more! So, if you want a spooky night, head to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts!

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  • Mary Lee
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    Jiggity Jiggity.

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    MAD- Raven Month ago

    I’ve stayed in a Historical House in I have heard a child’s footsteps (flip flops)

  • Matthew French
    Matthew French Month ago

    Love haunted places I love to buy and live in a severly haunted house

  • Jeff Mullins
    Jeff Mullins Month ago

    I wonder if Biltmore is haunted.

  • Jeff Mullins
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    I have a spot that's itching on my foot. It's a cat scratch and I'm a little bit allergic to cats. Oh by the way-----I'M BATMAN

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    Lizzy Borden looks just like Hillary Clinton. Hillary has killed way more though.

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      I have a crush on someone named Hillary

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    Pittock, lol.

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    Sorry man i had to tune out, i cant stand your voice. How you ever became a narrator is the biggest mystery here.

  • Maggie Hennessy
    Maggie Hennessy Month ago

    what about the Amityville Horror House

  • Anais Nin
    Anais Nin Month ago

    Spooky weirdness. Me so scared.

  • IG: ohhitznene
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    I really wanna go to these places

  • El Shaitan
    El Shaitan Month ago +1

    Fort Ssntiago Manila Philippines. Ive encountered japanese ghosts in that location

  • Reach For The Sky
    Reach For The Sky Month ago

    Cheeseman Park, Denver, CO - One of the most fucked up places I’ve ever come across.

  • bretmaples
    bretmaples Month ago +3

    Everyone always forgets about the Saint James Hotel in New Mexico.

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    Your voice style made this video funny.

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    I turned off my light and played freak bitch by blueface

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    Amerikaner sind alle verrückt 🤪

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    Videos about haunted places and things always make me smile.

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      Like me, did you have to stifle an out and out fit of laughter when he was describing the birth of the "Jersey Devil?" Must've been a tiny little devil to be able to fly up the chimney immediately after being born!

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      @Pano po'o,
      At least its not one of those creepy A.I. voices. Whenever I hear one of those telling a spooky tale, it makes me feel as if I am in 2070 and robots are telling human children scary stories bc history recorded that parents had done so next to campfires before sleep time.

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