Can These Chefs Create A Kid’s Superhero Dessert?

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Tasty Chefs Alix and Rie compete to turn Eli's superhero serum drawing into delicious, real-world desserts. Who will come out on Gorp-Top?

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  • Miggy _
    Miggy _ 2 hours ago

    When the kid said that he hate comic books, I'm like, WTF? Well maybe he doesn't know how read one😂

  • bacon toe
    bacon toe 4 hours ago

    Boy: Doesn't even put the red melted jolly rancher in his mouth

    Boy: *NOPE*

  • Michael Deokinandan
    Michael Deokinandan 6 hours ago

    I want Alix, Rie, and Alexis to have a cook off

  • Lily Kingston
    Lily Kingston 10 hours ago

    Please like so they can see this

  • Lily Kingston
    Lily Kingston 10 hours ago

    What about a rainbow dessert

  • Meghan Herek
    Meghan Herek 10 hours ago +1

    Alex is soo punny

  • عالم نخلة
    عالم نخلة 11 hours ago

    Alix is so nice with little kids like 9 year old and like Eli

  • Ava Ismair
    Ava Ismair 15 hours ago

    This kid eats a cupcake with a spoon

  • Bambooo!
    Bambooo! 16 hours ago

    This child is very talkative

  • Destiny Forte
    Destiny Forte Day ago

    There is always that one kid in your grade😂♥️

  • Medora Sack
    Medora Sack Day ago

    The kid said comic books are weird, does that include manga? If so I am HIGHLY OFFENDED!!! 😡

  • Aser Youssef
    Aser Youssef Day ago

    I never thought Alex would say what the hell like I had my Volume all the way up I got in big trouble but I will still watch the vid

  • L R
    L R Day ago

    It always looks like the kid wants rie to win cuz they turn to her but Alice often wins

  • joudi sami
    joudi sami Day ago

    the kid is not 9 years old shes 4 she just lie

  • Angela green line mean McMann

    Alexis was better

  • Korana Mićević

    He locks like a 5 year old kid

  • Køøkïê
    Køøkïê Day ago

    9:15 “neither is his *doodle*”
    *me thinking*

    Oh, nevemind.. 😅

  • Link Lukens
    Link Lukens 2 days ago

    Lol Rie still wins yes your a winner

  • Steph Gameplay
    Steph Gameplay 2 days ago

    **hhhhhhhh* this kid*

  • Lili noelle fountain

    Is it me, or do they only pick Chefs that are attractive?

  • Abigail Scaife
    Abigail Scaife 2 days ago

    WTH is Gorpflob -Alix's poem

  • Maria Ruby Dela Cruz
    Maria Ruby Dela Cruz 2 days ago +4

    I was like what did the boy said?
    Boy:If you MIX gorpflog and gorpfrog it will make an EXPLOTION and the buket will melt and it WILL go at the LAYERS OF THE EARTH AND IT WILL EXPLOD.edit:i cant belive this.....

  • Tinaea Turner
    Tinaea Turner 2 days ago

    THE PUNS😂😂😂

  • Wolfe Chan Sharon Ferguson

    What. Can I do to get on this show?

  • A Hoang
    A Hoang 2 days ago

    Wait a minute Rie licked the spoon to test if its good or not
    But did she use the same spoon to do the other thing she needed to do?

  • Itz Jade
    Itz Jade 2 days ago +1

    Was i the only one who thought of pudding when he said “slime”

  • Joanna Valencia
    Joanna Valencia 2 days ago +1

    And give a big dumbs up plz

  • Joanna Valencia
    Joanna Valencia 2 days ago +1

    Love love💜😊😊😊💙💙💙❤❤💗💗💖💕💕💕💕💌💌

  • Cover_by_27 _
    Cover_by_27 _ 2 days ago

    This kids probably the one leading the Area 51 raid

  • yellow_ugh
    yellow_ugh 2 days ago

    Kid:And it's goeey
    Minutes later
    Kid: *EwWWwwW*

  • Nutsa Ushveridze
    Nutsa Ushveridze 2 days ago

    Like the kid is really rude he is like hating everything when rie did a masterpiece!!!

  • Ashley Knauss
    Ashley Knauss 3 days ago

    i love rie's accent omg

  • Alia Bardell
    Alia Bardell 3 days ago

    The cupcake likes like red poop

  • Delaram Safari
    Delaram Safari 3 days ago

    The girl with the black hair I love yours I love the Jolly ranchers melted I am like what is it like melted jolly rancher's I am so mad at target I love yours UGG yes I would love that bitch

  • Mohamed Musa
    Mohamed Musa 3 days ago

    Alix just won because her beauty.

  • Måtëà Thė kîttÿbįrd

    "shift the sugar"
    *_you mean sift righhht?_*

  • Qaiser RAMEEN
    Qaiser RAMEEN 3 days ago

    Rie was more cooool

  • Minx
    Minx 4 days ago

    Rie is so cuute

  • Christopher Parra
    Christopher Parra 4 days ago

    I'm team Flobgorp :^)

  • Manaz Nariman
    Manaz Nariman 4 days ago +3

    GoRDaN RAmSay Is ThAT YOu?!

  • Genji Playz
    Genji Playz 4 days ago

    I’m ten I want to be Italian make purple fettuccine no sauce make parmasean cheese shaped like stars and make pizza blue with spikes on top

  • JonTheArtist
    JonTheArtist 4 days ago

    I knew Alex would win she remembered the electric fence to seperate the floggorp and gorpflob, everyone knows if they mix the entire earth will explode!

  • grasce
    grasce 4 days ago +2

    When he was first drawing it I was thinking of a milkshake too 😂

  • Elsa_Gamer - Roblox And More

    What is wrong with this child

  • Hayley Nicholson
    Hayley Nicholson 4 days ago

    That kid is so stupid

  • Zayo Bugti
    Zayo Bugti 4 days ago +1

    Rie is the only good chef. alix? More like poppy head

  • Snow The gacha wolf
    Snow The gacha wolf 4 days ago


  • Cappuccino
    Cappuccino 4 days ago +1

    I love Alix but I feel like Rie should have Won this one. Her dish was more Creative and looked better. Maybe Eli didn't like the Milkshake as much as he liked Alix's Cupcakes, but you've got to give Rie some Creativity Points.

  • pekea pie
    pekea pie 5 days ago

    Im I the only one who wonders what they do with the drawing when there done?

  • Boris Busljeta
    Boris Busljeta 5 days ago

    They should make a new series were the adults draw and the kids cook

    Edit: teen cook

  • Maggie Kate Kelleher

    Rie: Yay, I’m happy.
    That’s my mood .

  • Shaneg Praksham
    Shaneg Praksham 5 days ago

    Man I really wanted rie to win because she had the better dish obvo

  • Amara_ art
    Amara_ art 6 days ago

    kid: i like theee... cupcakes! * looks at Rie *
    Alix: YAY!
    kid: ...ok then....oof
    everyone in comments: *doesn't even say anything about it* srry if u did i didn't see it

    but *oof*

  • UV's Food Blog
    UV's Food Blog 6 days ago

    That's the most creative kid I've ever seen

  • La boni
    La boni 6 days ago

    I think rie should have won

  • The Cartoonist
    The Cartoonist 6 days ago

    That looks like alien poop 😂🤣

  • d.arii
    d.arii 7 days ago

    11:18 that UnCuLtUrEd swine eating a cupcake with a spoon

  • tania awwwd
    tania awwwd 7 days ago

    Rie:does he ReALIY want to EAT that nah he is going to drink that!

  • Celyyzz X
    Celyyzz X 7 days ago

    How do I get my child in one of these videos ?? 🤔 lol

  • AdvancedAbbyGames - Roblox & More

    “Neither is his doodle” I’m dead💀💀😂😂😂😂😂

  • india lockett
    india lockett 7 days ago +1

    I would love for rie to cook me a meal

  • Just playing 123
    Just playing 123 7 days ago

    The kid does not act like a 9 year old he acted younger

  • Amelia Knyff
    Amelia Knyff 7 days ago

    This kid went Gordon Ramsay on the judging.

  • MicVlogs E.
    MicVlogs E. 7 days ago

    If i were in this show:
    I like a Round Bread
    Top it off with Cheese
    Or Pizza

  • Alexandria Yeater
    Alexandria Yeater 7 days ago

    I really wish I could get on

  • Capricorn
    Capricorn 8 days ago

    Alix makes so many puns in every single episode XD

  • Hollow Hill Falls
    Hollow Hill Falls 8 days ago

    This kid has radioactive matter and atomic bombs in his mind.

    *I just wanna know who his parents are and what he watches- I just wanna talk.*

  • Chrono Stasis
    Chrono Stasis 8 days ago

    Rie makes savory dishes, which I personally enjoy. As a younger kid I enjoyed sweet foods better. So it’s fine, it’s normal for kids to like sweeter foods then savory foods.

  • Jaslyne Hernandez
    Jaslyne Hernandez 8 days ago

    Rie's was definitely cooler

  • Jeff McMahon
    Jeff McMahon 8 days ago

    People keep saying Rie should win but I think since the kid is the judge and picks the winner, it is not fair to them or Alix