• Published on May 3, 2018
  • No wigs getting snatched here gurrrrl!
    Who’s ready to see how I put on my wigs?!
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  • Ashley Hay
    Ashley Hay Day ago

    Like, I mean like. Please work on not using "like" so much.

  • L.A. Hensley
    L.A. Hensley Day ago

    Omg I'm LOVIN that lipstick

  • Rose M.
    Rose M. 4 days ago

    My goodness her makeup! ❤❤❤❤😥❤❤❤❤

  • jspax
    jspax 7 days ago

    Even if I use the hairpins on the silicone cap, they still fly out of my head in a second, and it pulls the wig down too. The woman with a smaller head they have no chance wearing wigs. And I don't even mention the wind

  • Wigs For all
    Wigs For all 8 days ago

    I just opened my wig shop 100% virgin hair handmade design.
    Come see our Instagram for an overview of what I offer ;) French designer

    Have a amazing day

  • Dakiniwoman
    Dakiniwoman 9 days ago

    What do you do to hide the lace where it is cut at the front of any wig?

  • Brandy Lamb
    Brandy Lamb 10 days ago

    I’ve gotten 50$ wigs that looked better

  • onlyinsfc
    onlyinsfc 11 days ago

    That first wig you cut the edges off🤣

  • MsCranberryCookie
    MsCranberryCookie 11 days ago

    For the price of that wig in my country you could literally get a full salon visit with extensions, coloring and like all masks existing on this fucking planet.

  • Monique Douglas
    Monique Douglas 13 days ago

    If you pay $150 for a trip to the beauty parlour why would you not pay $150 for a really great synthetic wig. A cheap wig cannot match a more expensive wig. It will not last as long and will never look as good.

  • Crystal Monique
    Crystal Monique 13 days ago

    She said $150 but website says $69.99

  • Crystal Monique
    Crystal Monique 13 days ago

    Remi sent me!

  • aina computer
    aina computer 15 days ago

    a 20$ wig or a 70$ on sale from beauty supply will be easier and1929349x better than that lux? whatever you said about the second. also you have to create the baby hairs girl

  • Noof K
    Noof K 15 days ago

    Can i use heat on synthetic wig ?

    • Daisy
      Daisy 14 days ago

      If it says heat resistant, yes. If it doesn’t say that, I’d advise you not to unless you have a iron that lets you control the temperature, then you can use it at 150 degrees.

  • Nancy S
    Nancy S 15 days ago

    Girl thank you for giving a tutorial! I have an autoimmune disease that is making my beautiful blondie hip hair fall out!!! I'm SO freaked out I always had people stopping me and asking me how I got my hair so long and asking "is it really your hair?" Can you please let us know where to buy the long blonde one you have. I want to purchase one but want a good reference. Thank you you're so sweet and beautiful!

  • Dave
    Dave 16 days ago

    this wig for 150? girl u dumb

  • Hydie 007
    Hydie 007 18 days ago +1

    Im brand new to wigs too...I'm happy i found this...I have alot to learn! xo Hydie

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    This a dude right?!?

  • Hasna El
    Hasna El 19 days ago

    The cap won’t stay in my head. What can I do

  • Sonny Ryan
    Sonny Ryan 20 days ago

    I’m so impressed with how easy you make it look. I have several wigs, extensions, clip ons , hair pieces etc. Some are human hair and some are synthetic, some are expensive and some are cosplay. I have no problem wearing the cosplay wigs but when I wear the ones I want to look natural i get so overwhelmed I don’t know how to make them look real and I have so much trouble putting them on.

  • Bella Nguyen
    Bella Nguyen 21 day ago

    synthetic wig would cost $10-30 in Vietnam. That is too expensive

  • Petite Vibes
    Petite Vibes 23 days ago +1

    I love you amanda! Im struggling so much with my wigs :( im so use to it because im a cancer patient and i never or have baby hair so the middle part kinda sticks up. Do you have any advice? I hope you see thin ♥️🙏🏽💋

  • cara Jae
    cara Jae 24 days ago

    instagram -@carajaeofficial
    custom units and ready to ship luxury 100% real cashmere hair.
    Newzealand owned and made.

  • Tanya Reed
    Tanya Reed 26 days ago +2

    looks good on you

  • Ashley Victoria
    Ashley Victoria 28 days ago +1

    Freedom Couture is the Rolls Royce of wigs

  • busie N
    busie N 29 days ago

    4:23 yw

  • shelly hussain
    shelly hussain Month ago

    You’d find a lot of good quality ones on amazon

  • Camila Montoya
    Camila Montoya Month ago

    Sorry but your wig doesn't look real it looks like an actual wig

  • dm4859
    dm4859 Month ago

    I bet you are gorgeous under that ghastly makeup! Your video is great. Just don't do your face so weird!

    • Indigo Detry
      Indigo Detry Month ago

      dm4859 lmaoo she can do whatever she wants. it really boggles me why people leave rude ass comments. like, do you think shes gunna look at ur comment and be like, “huh! the makeup i spent a long time on looks bad. this comment is gunna make me stop doing makeup! because i OnLy wEaR mAkeUP bECaUse iM inSeCuRe.”

  • Pig Princess
    Pig Princess Month ago

    My hair is thick and when I say thick I mean THICK and I really want a wig cuz my hair always gets noted no matter what I do🙁

  • Grace Kathryn
    Grace Kathryn Month ago +2

    I’m losing my hair and I have to get a wig I’m only 13 I’m so happy that I can get them to look soo real thank you 💞💞

  • Jasmin Graf
    Jasmin Graf Month ago +1

    WHICH BLONDE WIG IS THAT ONE ? Can’t find it on the website ?!?!

  • Kathryn Obrien
    Kathryn Obrien Month ago +1

    Send the link for the blonde lace freedom couture's

  • sarahmac
    sarahmac Month ago

    Should I wash my wig? I got it yesterday

  • heather haze
    heather haze Month ago

    150$$$$ girrrlll U got BURNED!!!!

  • David England
    David England Month ago

    😁😁😁😁😁 good video but stay out of those clubs there bad for you 😁 😁😁 😁

  • Carmen Citalia
    Carmen Citalia Month ago

    Can you straighten a wig and then later take it back to wavy?

  • Joanna Kal
    Joanna Kal Month ago +2

    You are like literally a Celebrity with the Pink Wig and this gorgeous make up... ♡♡♡

  • Jie Love life
    Jie Love life Month ago

    I’m a cross dresser love your video on wigs, could you do one on cheap wigs from amazon or eBay please💖xx

  • Beauty Beauty
    Beauty Beauty Month ago +1

    where did u get the blonde wig from????

  • aquarianeh
    aquarianeh Month ago


  • alisha Clarkson
    alisha Clarkson Month ago

    Is it me or does she like to listen to her self talk? Bc she does wayyy to much of it in this video....

  • Sara Bev
    Sara Bev Month ago +1

    I was recently diagnosed with Telogen Effluvium (a form of hair loss) and have been considering buying a wig and stumbled across this video. Thanks for all of the helpful tips! The wigs look great on you!

  • wonhoptoo
    wonhoptoo Month ago

    3:45 u look best

  • cleo rodriguez
    cleo rodriguez Month ago +2

    A lot of taking and no action. Feel sorry for the ones asking for the eye tutorial🤦🏼‍♀️

  • ShanNarnia 007
    ShanNarnia 007 Month ago +1

    the synthetic wigs from Bellami are $69 to $100. The wigs that are $100 come with a nice brush, wig stand, some come with powder, and a dust bag.

    • Nancy S
      Nancy S 15 days ago

      Thanks for that info! Hope I can find a wig shop in Oregon lol!

  • Love Kimberley Day
    Love Kimberley Day Month ago +1

    U look amazing in all of them wow x

  • kristin tyler
    kristin tyler Month ago

    i feel like the part in the second wig is reallllly unnatural looking

  • Ashleigh Thompson
    Ashleigh Thompson Month ago

    Worst tutorial ever. Sorry dear

  • Raluca Gliga
    Raluca Gliga Month ago +1

    Can we actually learn here how to put on the dam wig instead of listening to you talking about yourself ?!

  • Kimberly David
    Kimberly David Month ago +2

    The pink wig looks amazing on you

  • Kimberly Norton
    Kimberly Norton Month ago +1

    How do you put the ponytail up with not showing your hair or losing the wig? I'm looking into getting a work wig but my hair has to be in pony tail. And I want to have my pink hair but I can't at my current job so please do a video on putting the luxe up in pony tail an where I can buy one

  • Dana Hicks
    Dana Hicks Month ago +1

    Really LOVE that wig!! You wear it well! Did you say that it's a Luxe brand wig? Let me know cause I want to get one similar, but like in light brown w/blond highlights

  • Jennifer Rose Williams

    I love this eyeshadow look!!!

  • Anastasia Bananastasia

    Can u please discuss partials too? They are so confusing to me ❤️💋

  • Anastasia Bananastasia

    Thank you for this vid ⭐️so excited to get into wearing wigs 💕🌸💕🌸

  • Anna Russell
    Anna Russell Month ago

    could you please post a video wearing a light brown wig?

  • Nirmal Lama
    Nirmal Lama Month ago +1

    If a boy is wearing a female wig should he also wear wig cap?

  • Dragon lold
    Dragon lold 2 months ago

    Я б тебе вдул

  • Fa Ba
    Fa Ba 2 months ago

    this is not a video about advice or tricks to make a wig looks real... it's just a review

  • Melonie Matichak
    Melonie Matichak 2 months ago +18

    Not that hard to make it look natural when it’s a $2k wig lol back to my beautiful black girl channels for the real 101 on it 😆

    • m r
      m r 23 days ago


  • Anela 17
    Anela 17 2 months ago

    I wonder what you look like without that crap load of make up
    People be doing to much

    ELOENIA REYES 2 months ago

    Amazon has good synthetic 39 dollars wigs !!

  • Yessi Martinez
    Yessi Martinez 2 months ago

    How the heck is your hair naturally curly. Sis its more like wavy

  • Kathleen Prens
    Kathleen Prens 2 months ago

    Nice video!

  • Sarah Housler
    Sarah Housler 2 months ago

    5:20 is not too expensive........150!! OMG

  • Vida Maries
    Vida Maries 2 months ago


  • huge dick
    huge dick 2 months ago

    8 Euros my good synthetic big 😎why you give 100,😥😥😥😥😥

  • 3alam jawaher chanteuse

    Oh m'y goode please god give me thés heare iwant ihave problèmesin m'y heare but idont have many iny wan four help me please god blesse you im good women but ihave late problèmes

  • Tieara Scott
    Tieara Scott 2 months ago

    FYI you can def make ur own baby hairs and not even be dramatic

  • Tessa goode
    Tessa goode 2 months ago

    Your eyeshadow looks weird in the middle

  • Raven Rose
    Raven Rose 2 months ago

    Your eyeshadow is FIRE!!!!!

  • Jaidyn
    Jaidyn 2 months ago

    ur gorgeous wow , love your shirt too lmao

  • Adamari Sarmiento
    Adamari Sarmiento 2 months ago

    Omfg girl u look like tana ❤️ btw love u and ur videos 💯❤️

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth 2 months ago

    150 American dollars for synthetic wig?😲😲

  • Joannah Z
    Joannah Z 2 months ago +1

    My God your makeup/ eyeshadow is on point 👑

  • Alexis Samarra
    Alexis Samarra 2 months ago +1

    So where'd u get the wig on the website u listed it doesn't show it

  • nuffflavor
    nuffflavor 2 months ago

    What is a wig.

  • margo rani
    margo rani 2 months ago

    Where can we order this week

  • Carol Berges
    Carol Berges 2 months ago

    Hi Amanda,
    Where did you get the blonde wig and how much did it cost?? If it was super expensive, do you have any other places to buy real hair wigs that are high quality??

    • It’sEmily
      It’sEmily 26 days ago

      Carol Berges try amazon that’s where I get mine

  • Dian Elmaya
    Dian Elmaya 2 months ago

    Love da wig & da shirt 😻

  • Zin Rona Liza Doyola
    Zin Rona Liza Doyola 2 months ago

    is this really a tutorial video of putting a wig it just a tall show.... she talks so much and it doesn't make sense

  • Silver LALA
    Silver LALA 2 months ago

    Loveeeeeeeeeee❤️. Love loveeeeeeee your wigs!!!!!!
    I wish I could drop 3 grand on a freedom couture long blonde wig like that.

  • Xylia
    Xylia 2 months ago +1

    Bit expensive for a synthetic wig

  • JFoxBeauty
    JFoxBeauty 2 months ago

    How much was the blonde wig? The website had no price

  • Dorothy Campbell
    Dorothy Campbell 2 months ago

    how do you wash your wig

  • chris lobb
    chris lobb 2 months ago

    Wow, girl! You are the sweetest eye candy I've ever seen.👀

  • Tracy L
    Tracy L 2 months ago

    Wigs were more accepted in the 60s and it's taken a long time for them to make a comeback!

  • R. S.
    R. S. 3 months ago

    Great video and great voice..

  • Giovana Samara
    Giovana Samara 3 months ago

    5:17 $150 for a synthetic wig is "not too, too expensive"? 😳
    OMG, I'm feeling like a pauper now!
    I want to get my first human hair wig, but I do not want to spend more than $100 on an 18" wig... 😂

  • RASKL 48
    RASKL 48 3 months ago

    Pls let us know how you did your eyes...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thanks for this video.i bought my first wig, because I need to leave my own hair alone, so I don’t ruin it from dyeing

  • Bridget Barnett
    Bridget Barnett 3 months ago

    Logged off you took to long

  • Lyn Newman
    Lyn Newman 3 months ago +1

    I guess if you're rich, you can afford to experiment with $200 Also, in my opinion the part on the long blonde wig looks awful. I do prefer the black woman vids. I buy the cheapest wigs possible and they look just as real as the expensive ones after I fix them.

  • Christina Rosa
    Christina Rosa 3 months ago

    I don't wear makeup but ❤❤❤❤ that eye look wow!!!!

  • B Hawthorne
    B Hawthorne 3 months ago

    Freedomcouture is so frustrating right now...grrrr😕 they're closed til feburary bc of Christmas...I can't even find prices on their site right now 😥

  • Nikki JAdore
    Nikki JAdore 3 months ago

    $150 for a synthetic? Mmmm....Not sure about that one sis.

  • Óh Dear
    Óh Dear 3 months ago

    *wig snatched*

  • Olea Vlogs
    Olea Vlogs 3 months ago

    is she trans?

  • Caroline Low
    Caroline Low 3 months ago

    U look damm 😍😍 on those wigs

  • katlady5000
    katlady5000 3 months ago

    If your wig doesn't come with the clips she has in the pink wig go to amazon and put in toupee clips you can buy a bag of 50 for less then $15 dollars. You will have to sew them to the cap of the wig but they will keep the wig from sliding back which is a horrible feeling. I'm a fan of adhesives because I feel it keeps my front lace in place all day. When the lace moves around it causes my scalp to get irritated but everyone is different. I went through a brunch of methods before I find the wig technique that works best for me. But these toupee clips will secure the wig pretty damn good depending on how many you use. I've never seen a wig with the clips sewn on the sides it look like an excellent idea. I will try that and then just use the adhesive on the front lace. Very helpful video thank you.