• Published on Apr 13, 2019
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  • MrBrent98
    MrBrent98  Month ago +13214

    HEY HI HELLO❤️ I love you guys so much 💕 thanks for watching!
    Would you ever do this with your mom!? 😂 LIKE this video if you want me to go thru EVAS phone for a video😂😂

    • Jenn A
      Jenn A 17 days ago

      MrBrent98 500th

    • XxXMilo - RobloXxX
      XxXMilo - RobloXxX 20 days ago

      helloo 500th comment

    • Hispanolablante
      Hispanolablante 21 day ago

      Stay Positive With GIANNA is discussing

    • Patricia O'Donnell
      Patricia O'Donnell Month ago +1

      MrBrent98 I only commented because it was at 499 comments and it needs to 500.

      I’m sorry

    • VoldyPoldy
      VoldyPoldy Month ago

      MrBrent98 yeah go though Eva’s phone

  • Jaime Adame
    Jaime Adame 6 minutes ago


  • Dayli Roman
    Dayli Roman 2 hours ago

    I have a I phone x

  • Henry Clark
    Henry Clark 4 hours ago


  • Neruban Navilakumaran
    Neruban Navilakumaran 5 hours ago


  • Noodle Liston
    Noodle Liston 7 hours ago

    You should do a video with Eva going through your phone!!!!!!

  • Jenni Kruse
    Jenni Kruse 7 hours ago

    I'm scared hahaha for his mom and him

  • Sarah Eisa
    Sarah Eisa 8 hours ago

    Hey Brent. i am an old fan . i tried to sub. but my phone was not working but now i subscribed

  • Jana Micic
    Jana Micic 12 hours ago

    Heyyyy LIKE IF YOU BRENT!!!😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💛💚💙

  • Mohamed Alsuwaidi
    Mohamed Alsuwaidi 13 hours ago


  • Jane Aguilar
    Jane Aguilar 13 hours ago

    i sub to your channel and turn the bell on

  • _ Xyyaahh
    _ Xyyaahh 13 hours ago

    Cute. He has a wattpad

  • •The Velvet Planet•



  • Q_Queen_B Roberts
    Q_Queen_B Roberts 20 hours ago

    So I paused it at your favorites and you have

    Alan Stokes But not Alex?!?

  • jhashivani
    jhashivani 20 hours ago


  • Nigishaga Castro
    Nigishaga Castro 20 hours ago

    You and Eva should look through each others phones

  • Maria Zarate
    Maria Zarate 21 hour ago

    ALWAYS LATE😩😠😭😲😯😬

  • Eric Hammond
    Eric Hammond 22 hours ago

    I love this your video, i love your mom! Your my favorite youtuber

  • Aamzz Ahmed
    Aamzz Ahmed Day ago

    Code red was amazing 🤣🤣

  • Aishani GOWTHAM
    Aishani GOWTHAM Day ago +1

    Now What was in the Safari?

  • Aishani GOWTHAM
    Aishani GOWTHAM Day ago

    this video was released on my birthday

    • Jaylea Stringer
      Jaylea Stringer 22 hours ago +1

      Aishani GOWTHAM omg so sorry not you I meant to send that to someone else

    • Jaylea Stringer
      Jaylea Stringer 22 hours ago

      Your so rude 😡😠😑🤬😭🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • nvar 2009
    nvar 2009 Day ago

    Brend is gay

  • Arnold Diggs
    Arnold Diggs Day ago

    Hey Brent you should make a video and give us your number and ava's number

  • Pearl Kirk
    Pearl Kirk Day ago +1

    You should make a video of Eva looking through your phone

  • A R
    A R Day ago

    Is it just me or does his mom looks like shes wearing a wig

  • Arael Deleon
    Arael Deleon Day ago

    Wut did u look up on safari!!???

  • Layla Abrahams
    Layla Abrahams Day ago

    The title should be “mom exposes me to ‘girlfriend’”

  • Debbie Ramirez
    Debbie Ramirez Day ago

    Hey Brent I just want you to know I would probably do this with my mom but you are a great youtuber God bless you💖💖💖💕😘😀

  • joseph ghabbour
    joseph ghabbour Day ago

    what is your name on tiktok

  • Nada
    Nada Day ago

    He has Wattpad

  • • Potato Edits •

    All of the “mom goes threw my phone” video Always says BAD IDEA
    and I’m like yeah it is a bad idea why u do it
    1 like u might wonder why u want ur mom to go threw ur phone?

  • Gab. pink
    Gab. pink Day ago

    he didn't hug his mom back :(

  • Skittle 5678
    Skittle 5678 Day ago

    Some of your pictures look like your gay sorry but it’s true

  • Claudia Montes
    Claudia Montes 2 days ago


  • bellarina b
    bellarina b 2 days ago

    alex was right. alan is liked more. alan was in his favorites and alex wasn't 😂😂

  • PumpIn DunkIn
    PumpIn DunkIn 2 days ago

    Your Moment to herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Neil Maher
    Neil Maher 2 days ago

    Brent that was very embarrassing and weird lol and you should maybe go through Ava’s 📞😁😂😂🤣😆

    ÖMER GÜNER 2 days ago +1

    I saw the picture.

  • rashawna Douglass-Watson

    Eva Brent
    Loves u and wants to have kids with u so don't !one the girls or the poop emohi

  • Lainee Esparza
    Lainee Esparza 2 days ago

    CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    i used hearts because i ♡ Brent

  • Isbel Sofia Sanchez Quezada

    I never would not do that never

  • Ljiljana Isailovic
    Ljiljana Isailovic 3 days ago

    What is red code

  • Olivia Dunn
    Olivia Dunn 3 days ago

    Rip Brent

  • Queen B.
    Queen B. 3 days ago

    he used code red bc he knows he watches bad stuff. Lol Hahahha I'm kidding

  • Sophie Shi
    Sophie Shi 3 days ago


  • Someone Crazy
    Someone Crazy 3 days ago

    Your mom's cool.

  • Kaiyue Random
    Kaiyue Random 3 days ago

    How about lexi’s phone?

  • Vladi W
    Vladi W 4 days ago +1

    His moms a milf 🤣

  • Laila Samuel
    Laila Samuel 4 days ago

    I honestly freaked out when I saw he had the DJI go 4 app. He has a drone?? What kind?? I've got the Mavic air

  • Grace Beer
    Grace Beer 4 days ago


  • Emilio Cabrera
    Emilio Cabrera 4 days ago

    What's in his history though

  • Hannie Lucero
    Hannie Lucero 5 days ago

    Omg, you’re reading WATTPAD?!!!

  • Journey Mooney
    Journey Mooney 5 days ago

    Ur beautiful Ava

  • Karm Singh
    Karm Singh 5 days ago +4


  • Mohammed Taki
    Mohammed Taki 5 days ago


    • Mohammed Taki
      Mohammed Taki 5 days ago

      Ur trying to sing roses are red violets are blue why did I fall for u I gave it all for you ur awesome brent

  • Putri Amelia
    Putri Amelia 5 days ago


  • rawan sharif
    rawan sharif 5 days ago

    Whos searching the comments for Eva?????

  • Aisling De Villa
    Aisling De Villa 5 days ago

    Love you Ava

  • Kariskitty& bruno
    Kariskitty& bruno 5 days ago

    To three ava 's phone

  • brit bowers
    brit bowers 5 days ago

    I would never let my mom to get on my phone

  • Gigi Grace
    Gigi Grace 5 days ago +4

    And it was at this moment he knew he messed up😂😂

  • Jay Mendez
    Jay Mendez 6 days ago

    No Eva going to her phone

  • Jay Mendez
    Jay Mendez 6 days ago

    U know that if ava sees this she will see ellen

  • Aisha M.
    Aisha M. 6 days ago

    Part two part two part two please do a part two

  • Kitty Lundgren
    Kitty Lundgren 6 days ago

    He he

    KIMBERLY KEMP 6 days ago

    I feel really bad for you

    KIMBERLY KEMP 6 days ago

    I feel bad

  • Tm Mm
    Tm Mm 6 days ago +1

    Why is there a bad picture of Lexi :/

  • Olivia Westura
    Olivia Westura 6 days ago

    Why was Lexi’s face blurred off in the picture

  • Tili- An
    Tili- An 6 days ago +1

    *I see Lexi on Brent’s mom’s face*

  • Zunaira Amina Russell
    Zunaira Amina Russell 6 days ago +3

    I'm waiting for the day you'll propose EVA

  • Zunaira Amina Russell
    Zunaira Amina Russell 6 days ago +1

    I want you to go through Eva's phone 😍

  • Hemanjali Dangeti
    Hemanjali Dangeti 6 days ago

    seriously she's the best mom on earth. my mom hasn't given me a phn yet but she busts me up for touching her phn as well!!! uggghhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Brydie Keighley
    Brydie Keighley 6 days ago


  • Tiffany Paracuelles
    Tiffany Paracuelles 6 days ago

    i love your vids

  • kate regencia
    kate regencia 6 days ago

    I saw Wattpad

  • Valeria Salas
    Valeria Salas 6 days ago

    Wait wattpad--?

  • Dinesh Ramroop
    Dinesh Ramroop 7 days ago

    Lol so funny and cute and I think Eva is vex with you

  • don ddavis
    don ddavis 7 days ago

    Cool mom

  • Lucy !
    Lucy ! 7 days ago

    Omg same lol

  • Avalon Magix
    Avalon Magix 7 days ago

    I love his mom lmao

  • music heart 1.0 i luv u

    Anyone else come here cause of the thumbnail? Cause i thought his mom actually found a picture of brent nude. And also anyone remember CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED?!

  • Galaxy Unicorn Playz

    Whos brice rivera???its in brents contacts

  • Nida Zafar
    Nida Zafar 7 days ago

    Wow I hate you! But love Lexi

  • Nida Zafar
    Nida Zafar 7 days ago

    Wow I hate you! But love Lexi

  • Cassie Savidge
    Cassie Savidge 7 days ago

    I love your mums reaction ahahaha 😂❤️

  • jae sweet heart
    jae sweet heart 7 days ago



    One question....... what was on his internet search history? 😐🤔🤨

  • Adrian Gonsalez
    Adrian Gonsalez 7 days ago


  • Joseph Aviles
    Joseph Aviles 7 days ago +2

    Wonder what was in that history hmm Brent we all know what it was 😏

  • Rio Zeta
    Rio Zeta 7 days ago

    0:05 oh thanks for having me brent
    hesitated regretfully'of course'

  • PizzaBoy
    PizzaBoy 7 days ago

    I have a contact named Ava an I putt the 💩 emoji to………lol

  • Dea Qisya
    Dea Qisya 8 days ago


  • Anne Flibbit
    Anne Flibbit 8 days ago +1

    Do you know you can send videos to people and you do mean that you send this to MylifeasAva!

  • Anne Flibbit
    Anne Flibbit 8 days ago +1

    Let your sister see this video

  • Bea Couros
    Bea Couros 8 days ago

    Are you and Ava dating

  • adam levin
    adam levin 8 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violet is blue
    I pressed the like button
    U should try it too

  • sylvie lebeault
    sylvie lebeault 8 days ago

    Family rich😡

  • Precious Daniels
    Precious Daniels 8 days ago +1

    We love you Eva

  • The Truth
    The Truth 8 days ago


  • bighit is noice
    bighit is noice 8 days ago

    I love his mom, she's such a huge breva shipper, I love it. also, brent has wattpad, owo, tea.